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200 Photos & Photoshop


200 Photos

Taken with the Camera from School with my peer Brittany Riggins, and I also used my iPod to take photos.

Edit Photos

Artist Statement for Edited Pictures

Playing with Photoshop, I learned to do some neat things. With each of the photos I have edited I created a unique creation. Some were simple such as my edited Birthday Cake that just displayed an explosion with the balloon holder top center piece and the edited picture I have of an artwork made from one of my peers here at SLA.    There were photos, however that I did completely change the manner of how they look. For each picture I had in mind of what I wanted to do to change it digitally for the better look of it. The tricky part was to actually make that happen with this application. 

As shown with each of the edited pictures, what I had in mind was actually succeeded. The functions of photoshop can be hard to find at first but once you find something that you need you have found the rest in a sense. 

The Five Photos I have Edited are:

A Photo of Myself, Two Art Pieces made from my Peers at SLA, An Exit Sign at SLA, and Birthday Cake that I've Personally Made.

For the photo of myself, the original photo was a picture I'd taken of myself wearing red lipstick. I have taken the neon glow function on Photoshop to create an alien looking effect on the photo. I then took pink to go over the shape of my lips and the eraser tools to put a dot in the pupils of my eyes. 

For the two art pieces that were made from my peers, I choose to make them pop with some more color then the original photo had. For the unique snake looking photo I changed the yellow background to a hot pink and made the black strokes to make the snake bright lime green. For the mosaic piece of art that was created, I chose to make the background of that grain like how televisions go when the alerts come on with the different colors, I also decided to brighten the photo and have a painted style stroke to the actual mosaic piece. It came out really nice and I must say these two were my favorite to edit because they fit my personality so well. They're both simple in a way but very noticeable.

I also have taken a picture of a exit sign at my school  and edited it in Photoshop. This was actually the first photo I played around with so the product was just that. I played around with the different filters on photoshop and this is how it came out and about.

Lastly, with the photo of the birthday cake I have made, that has been edited in Photoshop I actually sat and pondered how I would digitally change this photo. I didn't necessarily know how I exactly was going to do this but then I realized how the cake in the original photo has the top center piece that looks like fireworks, so for the editing I choose to give it a lightening and glow affect to make the top center piece look like an explosion and it actually did come out looking like that. That was great.