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Advanced Art: Dakota Foster

AdvArt: Quarter 3 - Dakota Foster

Copy the Master & Large Clear Object 

     I am doing the Copy the Master and Large Clear Object because it was assigned to me as a classwork grade. I wanted to try to make it the best projects I did before. For the Copy the Master, I used a picture from a collection by Ali Jabbar called Simple Public Figures. I drew everything with pencil and measured it out. I finished the rest with paint.  For the Large Clear Object, I did a glass. For the background, I shaded it with charcoal, lightly. Then, I drew the outline of the glass darker with a charcoal. I made the inside of the glass lighter by blending with a paper towel. 

     I wanted to make the glass look lighter in the middle because it needed to look like a clear object. I made other parts of the glass darker because the way of the sun hitting the glass. Since, one side of the glass is being hit my sun, the other side of the glass would have a shadow. I wanted the illusion that the glass was clear even though, it was a 2-D drawing. For Copy the Master, I wanted to picture to be an exact copy of the original. The painting wasn't the exact same but, I did the best I could. The color may be off some in the suit area,but it is a good replica.