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Alphabet with correct pronunciation/spelling.

“WAIT! Can you spell it for me?”

 (How to learn the alphabet with correct pronunciation/spelling)


In today’s society, you need to know the spanish alphabet and the pronunciation in order to spell something in spanish to someone.


¡EL ALFABETO! ....¿Si?



A (ah)        B (beh)          C (seh)      D (deh)      E (eh)        F (efeh)      

G (HEY!)     H (acheh)           I (eeee)                 J (hota)         K (kah)   

L (eleh)        M (emeh)             N (eneh)          Ñ (enyeh)      O (ooh)



P (peh)         Q (cooo)              R (ereh)            S (eseh)      T (teh)       

U (oooo)       V (beh)              W (doble beh)      X (equis)                  

(eeegriega)   Z (seta)



Whenever you come across someone who speaks Spanish and he/she doesn’t understand the way to say your name, you’ll simply need to spell it out the letters in spanish to them. If you don’t, they might say “¿QUE?”




Stranger: ¿Hola, Cómo se llama?


Me: Me llamo Adam.


Stranger: ¿Qué? No entiendo.


Me: Adam,  ah-deh-ah-emeh  ¿Si?


Stranger:  ¡Muy bien, gracias!

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