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Blog Post #5

(​Blog Post 3)

The status of my issue isn't fully clear but it doesn't seem that it's on the top of the to-do list. On the city council website there are either broken links or misdirected pages to say who's working on what topics and what the facts are. 

For my particular topic the main supporters or allies would be the non-profit organizations that either are in support of shelters or provide the supplies for the shelters. These people care and they are amazing advocates but more importantly they have invested in the well being of the homeless and that makes this topic something they can't just wake up one morning and walk away from like a politician can. Surprisingly my representative Darrell L. Clarke is on the board for ethics, safety and housing and homeless. However in my district alone I witness countless amounts of people everyday sleeping on the sidewalk. 

Broken down by congressional districts, the Philadelphia area ranks in the top 2 highest homeless population percentages.

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Representative Robert Brady & Chaka Fattah, are responsible for these districts and if this information was more widely know I think the representatives would feel a bigger need for change. I think the people to be influenced are the people who dont' realize these things are going on.