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City on the Hill-John Winthrops

Brenda C, Sam S, Tyler H. 

Modern translation: 

To not live a life full of sins, we must give our lives to the way, the truth, and the life the Lord our God for he is the only way. We must follow his words and have fellowship with one another since we are one church, one body. We must rejoice, work together, and if one must suffer, we all suffer. God has made us a promise and will give us eternal life in his kingdom by receiving his salvation. If we chose to look past this, we will perish and not go to the good land. 

Role play: 

Tyler has been living a sinful life, stealing, partying, doing things that were unhealthy in his life. He then lost his best friend from drug abuse and reality hit that he couldn't live like this. He prayed and God came to him in his dream and saved him. Tyler is saved.