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Curfew in Philadelphia

I lobbying changing the curfew enforced due to flash mobs. The city decided to make the curfew laws more stricter due to flash mob being in the raise recently. I fell as though the city could handle this issue of flash mobs a little bit better. I am lobbying to changing the curfew. My motivation to lobby this topic is from my own experiences. I am a responsible teenaged citizen of Philadelphia. I drive around the city and participate in activities with family functions and community service that involves me to be out later than 10:00. The supporter of my lobbying topic is mainly teenagers, mostly who aren't associated with flash mobs like the organization "We are F.L.A.S.H. mobs." A group of young adult who want to discourage the current idea of flash mobs. The main opponent of this law is the police and government officials of the city of Philadelphia. I fell as though the real solution to flash mob, is more penalties for the parents. They have to step up and discipline their children anyway they see fit. Most parents in Philadelphia are below the age 35. And that number is getting smaller and smaller, and the rates for young pregnancies raises. I think the government should talk more time to think out their decisions and stop making radical ones.