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E1 CLASE/TAREA 16/05/11 (mini-proyecto)

We are now going to add to our collaborative blog our thoughts on the dishes and drinks we tried at Sazón.

1. Log into the blogger account I have given you access to.
2. Add the following information/items en español:

Title of post: (name of dish you're writing about)
In the post:
  • Mi nombre es (your name). Create a hyper link to your name that goes to your ePal letter.
  • (photo of the dish you're writing about - one you took or from googleimages)
  • Opinión: (give your opinion of the dish. use your notes.)
  • (add the video from Sazón of you trying the dish)
3. This last part of the blog post is a reflection in english. You don't need to answer all the question.
  • What was your impression of Sazón and the owners? What were your thoughts when you walked in? How about when you saw the food?
  • What was your impression of this dish? Is it similar to anything you've tried before? Would you order it if you went back to Sazón?
This mini-proyecto is due before class starts on el jueves, 19/05/11. It is worth 50 puntos.
Screen shot 2011-05-16 at 8.08.03 AM