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Freshman? No Senior.

The freshman in Mr. Kay's drama class had just received an assignment. They were to get into pairs and tell each other about something embarrassing that has happened to them and act out each other's embarrassing moments on stage. I sat and watched them excitedly start to tell their partners their stories, bursts of laughter soon started to fill the room and it was fun to see them so excited. As I continued to watch them I hear somebody sit down and say

"So what's your story?" I turn around and saw a familiar face. 

I had seen this girl around school but didn't know her personally. I gave her a confused look. 

"So what's your story?" she said again 

"Oh, I'm not in this class. I'm a senior. I student teach here." I said

The look of shock and sorrow on her face made me burst out into laughter. She had come in to say hi to Mr. Kay and had thought I was sitting alone missing out on all the fun. Too many times to count I have been asked or it has been assumed that I am a freshman. I feel bad that she felt so bad about it. Because it happens so often all I do is just laugh about it every time it does.