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From Factory to Table: Food Safety in America

Website is viewable here!
         I chose to do my benchmark on food safety in America because I find the issue both fascinating and a little scary.  Food is such an intimate part of our lives, and I think it is a little disturbing how disconnected we are from the origins of our food.  I chose to do a website because my project was composed of multiple, rather distinct parts, different major turning points in the history of the American food industry, which meant that it might get a little confusing.  I felt that a website would allow for better organization and visual representation.  Most of the problems I had were technical, since I do not have much experience with web design, especially using iWeb.  I also had trouble deciding how to convey all the information I had without overwhelming the pages with text.  One thing that did go quite well was gathering resources.  I had an abundance of sources of information, particularly because food safety in America is "history," but it is also "current."
         If I were to do this project again, I would try to find more non-text sources, so that the final product could have a little more variety.  I would also try to get help from someone who had experience with iWeb so that I could do more with the site's design.  I learned quite a lot about the history of food safety in America, as well as about Upton Sinclair and The Jungle.  I also got a handle on the basics of iWeb, which I think could be helpful in the future, and I learned how to present the same information in different ways--turning a wordy thesis paper into a concise web page, for example.