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I know a place where the grass is really greener,
There are no clouds to block the shining of the sun,
And no city buildings to block the lights of millions of stars;
It's in your arms; It's home.

For a while I moved through life seemingly happy
With fits of laughter, possibly hinting at hysteria.
I watch you walk by, your soul shining, with anger in my eyes
And a flirtatious giggle aimed at the
Insignificant creatures surrounding me.

You see this and I must be the perfect little actress
Because I fooled you into thinking I was euphoric
When in reality I was barely okay,
I even fooled myself into thinking I was over you.

But you're the true actor.
Your performance is flawless.
Where my act was given away by pain in my eyes
Yours remained empty, like your voice and heart.
If not for your indirect messages of maybe love and regret
I'd believe every sign of hate you throw my way.

Tell me the truth.
If you show no one else your true colors, show them to me.
Maybe we can both live where the grass is greener,
The sun shines without clouds,
The stars shine in the depths of both our eyes,
And we'll finally be home.​