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Humanities Portfolio 2011

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Society has a huge influence on our identity. Throughout the course of the year, I've learned that our environment is one of the main things that mold us into who we are today. Culture, religion, and society are part of these environmental surroundings that creates us. So let's start with culture. Everyone has their own little culture that they grew up with and sometimes, it sticks with them until they die. And sometimes, people tend to let go of their culture because they're either embarrassed by it or they just don't want to hold on to their culture. 

But, all in all, culture is something that represents who you are. Without our culture, we wouldn't be able to learn about our ancestors and what they did. They created movements that us young adults can be a part of and create a better generation. Religion plays a huge role in our lives. Everyone has their own beliefs and their own God. People judge you based on your religion and sometimes, they misjudge you. For an example, if you're a Christian, people think that all you do is talk about God and you're pure, but in all honesty we're just as normal as everyone else. We don't always talk about God, but if it comes down to it, we will. Well, I can't say everyone, but I don't always talk about God. I'm just like everyone else. I make bad decisions at times, but that's just the human brain and how we are. 

Nowadays, our society is getting tougher and tougher. They judge based on how you look and tell you how you should be. For an example, a lot of young ladies and gentlemen are insecure nowadays because our society thinks that showing off your body is considered beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. I honestly don't agree with society all the time because what they think is right is wrong to me. As I mention above, girls show off their body because they feel as though that that's the only way they can find the "right" one. In all honesty, you can't find the "right" one by showing off your body. I, as a Christian believer, I think that you shouldn't have to show your skin for attention. People should love you for you and not for your body. I love having group conversations in class about society because I can relate to it and it's something I can talk with passion and care. Every time we talk about these situations, I’m able to express my feelings and have a voice in these conversations. 

All in all, this year was tough but I made through it. I learned a lot about my culture, society, and religion. Society shouldn't determine who you are as a person because who are they to judge us? We, as individuals can only judge ourselves.

One of my favorite journal entry I wrote was journal entry 10/12/10. During this time, we were reading the book Lord of The Flies. This book is all about surviving and depending on one another in order for them to make it through another day. Not only did this book deal with surviving but it dealt with society. In the book, Piggy was a chubby kid who had no voice and the boys were teasing him. 

During quarter 2, we were assigned to do a project that deals with the world. Many students chose economy, educations, war, etc. But I chose society and religion. The reason why I chose these two topics is because I'm interested on how people feel about religion and how the society runs. I felt strongly about religion and how it affects our society. During my Podcast, my pastor took it to a different level and she combined those two topics together. 

Oh goodness, the year is almost over. This third quarter was one of the hardest quarter I've ever experienced. It was all about the world's problems and a situation that people deal with it nowadays. We had to choose a country and a problem that the country deals with. For this project, I chose to work with the country Congo and rape. I chose rape because it's something that I experienced and it'll be interesting to write down my point of view. Not only that, but it actually helps me see my situation in a different point of view. So here's a look at my Monologues. I hope you enjoy.

During the third quarter, we also did a portfolio of poetries. I wasn't sure of this project because I'm not poetic and I just didn't feel confident in it at all. But as time goes by, I've began to get the hang of it and I began to get more and more inspiration. Society is one of the things that inspire me to write most of my poems because I just feel strongly about it.