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IncidentZ chpt3sec3 (2.27.11)

        “ NO ONE MOVE” everyone was shocked and they turned around to see Julia, who was in the back of the crowd having a gun point at her by a man who got in somehow . no one moved. “we are taking this place now, open the doors for my friends, only one person goes”

            “ill go, ted spoke up, just don’t hurt my sister”  he slowly left. When he was out of sight he ran as fast as he could, but he did not run to the door switches, he went for just “smitty!” he screamed as he opend the door, “you have to come please snap out of it, they have my sister, two guys not zombies, the one has guns pointed at my sister” no response came “damn you, you fucking coward” he slamed the door. Thoughts raced in his mind, he had to do something “..i …I have no choice…I need to open the doors..damnit” ted ran as fast as he could for the switch, reluctly pressed it and made his way back

            when he got there everyone was on their knees and the gunman still had Julia with a gun pointed to the back of her head. Julia was crying.   “ok, your all going to do as I say” the gun man said with a steady and calm voice as though it was an everyday conversation “ there are a few options here” just then a loud pop noise came out of nowhere, the gunman stumbled back to grab his face, another pop and another and the gunman lifted his gun, without looking he shot off his gun, the rounds shot out at rapid fire, everyone dove for the floor, all except ted who rushed at the gun man jumped in the air and kicked the man in the face, he was knocked back and the gun fell from his hand

            “ there is one option and that is to get the fuck out of our house, and if you ever point a gun at her again I will fucking kill you” everyone was surprised to hear the voice of Justin come out of his mouth so loud.  The bigger man wilding the sword stepted forward as to make some sort of move or maybe to talk, but Smitty  took no time off, and shot him in his face, the man seemed little effected and charged him. he shot more with his paintball gun but it did little to stop this man. He was tough, and kept charging, he was fast and when he reached Justin he put the sword on his back, jutin dropped the paintball gun and charged the man who was  huge, way bigger then him, the man grabbed him and put him into a choke hold