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Incident Z (Chapter3sec2)2.25.11))

“I’m worried about him”

            “I think we are all worried about him” 

            “But he is my brother” Jacob looked up at Jen “iv been a bad older brother, iv been immature and mean” Jen frowned and shook her head in disagreement

            “No, you care about him, maybe you don’t show it, but that’s just how siblings work.” She took his hand “that’s why you never wanted to tell anyone about us, you knew he had feelings for me, and you don’t want to put that on him”  Jacob looked up, he had tears in his eyes “itle be ok”

            “its been two days almost three, he needs to eat”

            “I know, we tried but he wont eat…look for now you need to be our leader, and eventually your brother will snap out of this”

            “I can’t be my brother, im not meant to lead”

            it was two days later and Justin still sat in the dark room.  No one visited him since Chris went in there, and Chris himself was being very quite. Dan and Eve really wanted to see their brother, but Chris told everyone to let him be. No one questioned why.  Jane tried her best to make Chris feel better, but Chris seemed to be in his own world most of the time, although he was not completely shut down like Justin.  John and ted continued practicing parkour in the open parts of the store, everyone knew that they used parkour like a drug. They said that the flow and the movement was more then good exercise and getting better at running away, it was a way of life, it helped get your mind of things. They were parkour high.

            Rob was being quite too but he was never a really loud individual in the first place. He spent most of his time sleeping, and looking around in the parts of the store that no one went to. Julia tried to hang out with Dan and Eve but they were not as interested as they usually were.  

            No one was the same as they usually were, Jen and Jane were the only ones that seemed unaffected. When Jen was not with Jacob and when Jane was not trying to make everyone else feel better they would have their girl talk.  They both had their secrets they kept from the group. No one knew about Jen and Jacob except Jane, and no one knew that Jane was falling for Chris. 

            They talked for a long while about things they should do. Jen wanted to tell Just about how she was going out with his brother, and Jane really wanted to tell Chris how she felt.  

            “just tell him, that’s what I did with Jacob”

            “I don’t know…” Jane looked down. It was now the third day since smitty went into his dark room.  Things were quite

            “ARM YOURSELFs!” came a loud voice, everyone recognized it as robs, who does not talk much but when he does, you know its him. Jane looked up and rob came around the corner with his paintball gun in hand. “there are people not zombies approaching the store!”  both girls got up and ran for their wepons. Soon everyone was gathered at the main entrance. All armed, except for Just, who was still in his dark room.

            Zombies were all around the front entrance, but some of them were turning around to run somewhere. All of a sudden one of the zombies dropped, and then another and another. No one noticed as the zombies dropped the figure charging at the zombies from the other side until a huge buster sword came by and sliced a zombies head off. it was now played out like a show a man, with long hair goggles and what appeared to be a robotic arm came was killing zombies with a sword, and other zombies were falling out of no where.  The slaughter continued unile there were no zombies left. The man now stood in front of the main entrance. He had his massive sword by his side and was just staring in. he seemed to be waiting for something to happen.  It was a stare off