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Internet Censorship

  • Why did you choose this topic?

I picked this topic because I felt like I was greatly affected by it. My school lives on the internet and if everything is blocked, most of my projects would never have gotten done.

  • What did you like about this project? What was most challenging?

Something I liked about this project was that it help me show how I felt about something that was having an impact on me and my classmates. The most challenging about it was putting the info into a video with making it seem like a documentary.

  • Describe the most interesting fact or event that you investigated.

The most interesting fact was that most of congress was with the plan of SOPA, but President Obama was against it.

  • How could this project be improved?

I would make it more of a PodCast so that I can do more talking.

  • Where did you run into trouble with the project?

Trying to find a way to put all our info into the video.

  • What went well with this project?

It was really easy to find info, because the problem was going on as we worked on our project.

  • If you had it to do over, what would you change about your decisions or your process?

Do more on putting the project together then searching for info that was right in front of my face.

  • What did you learn?

That using things such as music, videos that are not original can be you into trouble.

By: Sam Sirochman and Qyidir White