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"Lich" King:Macbeth

Macbeth has been on a journey. A journey full of lies/deceit, blood, and greed. In the picture that I drew I wanted to show Macbeth’s path in one 2-face picture. Macbeth has gone from a noble man to a tyrant. I wanted to portray that in the drawing.  I’m going to start with the right side (or left, from your view). This is Macbeth’s human face, I made him bald because that’s how he looked like in the movie and I thought it was better than what I was going to draw. This side of the face shows his valor, bravery, and honesty. It shows a soldier worthy to fight for his country and will stop at nothing for justice. The skull side has the crown because he turned evil and something so dead after he became king. The blood in his mouth is to show how bloodthirsty he was in order to protect his golden power. The eye socket shows how hollow and lifeless he has gotten and the cracks represent him wearing down to his final fall, the blue paper represents Macbeth’s lost soul hidden away and gone forever.


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