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Macbeth Creative Piece

For a third quarter benchmark our class had to write an essay explaining quotes from Macbeth and also make an original, creative additional project. Shakespeares Macbeth is all about character journey and inner turmoil, and I hope my project captures that.  
The white outer casing represents Macbeth, while the internal organs represents his state of mind in their respective acts. The small brown object is the ‘seed’ of ambition that the witches planted in Macbeth and in each scene that seed grows rapidly until it consumes him. Only by lifting the outer shell can the corruption be seen in the sculpture. This shows that only by removing personal bias can someone what it is they are really causing. 
Photo on 3-21-12 at 9.54 AM
Photo on 3-21-12 at 9.53 AM
Photo on 3-17-12 at 11.04 AM #2