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Malaysia vs. Slovakia - 5 point framework

Link to Prezi for comparison of collapsibility.

For my quarter 3 Globalization Benchmark we had to use Jared Diamond "Collapse" 5 point frame work in order to asses the collapsibility of 2 countries; one that we focused on for an election project and one other that we chose. I compared Malaysia, located in Southeast Asia and Slovakia, located in Europe.
My process was all over the place for this project. I had a lot of different ideas when approaching what I wanted to do. I started out with the website, where I posted all of my information for Malaysia. By doing that, it made the process towards comparing them easier since half of the project was pretty much finished. I ended up making anorexic since I was much more familiar with that than iWeb. Also, I didn't want to have to depend on Dropbox. Creating the prezi was fairly easy. Trying to be as creative as possible was hard. I didn't just want to lay out my information, I wanted to make it a bit more interactive like with pictures and links that will take people to websites full of additional information.
My overall presentation for my project went well. I liked the way I was able to compare the similarities and differences of each of the countries. I was a little hesitant about using prezi, however I am proud of the way I could tell the audience what was happening and definitely have them understand what's going on.
Trying to find all the information I needed was SO hard. Most of the time I did not find anything. Working around that was really difficult just because I was kind stuck between a rock and a hard place tryin to find more information on my coutries. Something else I didn't know go as planned were the urls for my extended sources. I did not know how to embed them into my prezi do when looking at my information, there are these long urls that aren't so appealing.
I guess I would change the way I approached the project. I went in thinking "oh, I'll just google their hostile neighbors and all the information should pop up." But that did not happen, so getting around that made things harder. Next time, I would definitely keep an open mind when it comes to research and look for more outside sources in order to find the information I need to create an informative project.
The five point frame work for both of my countries was prett okay to put together. I did not encounter that many problem except trying to find the information that I wanted. However, I was able to get pass that and pull together all the resources I found. Overall, both countries rated high on the collapsibility scale, meaning they are less likely to collapse. They are solid countries, with similar values, ideas and methods towards success.
I feel like we should go through a test run on how to find the information we need or choose countries where the information is actually accessible and useful.