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NHD Project: Education: the Pursuit of Justice

I chose to do this topic originally because in my ILP (Marshall Brennan) we were learning about student rights and I thought this could become the perfect topic for my NHD project Donna and I chose to turn it into a documentary together because we originally wanted to incorporate ​my ILP into it but that became an impossibility. 

We chose to do a documentary because we are both very creative and felt we could make this our own. We also wanted to film my ILP. Even though not all of our ideas worked out we still enjoyed making the video.

We ran into trouble when we didn't have enough time to have both of us record. It ended up being that I would record and Donna would just write some of the things out for me. An easy fix but it was difficult at the time.

I feel that besides the ILP aspect it turned out exactly how I imagined it. I don't like some of the pictures we used but they were all that was available. 

I would gather all of the info first before trying to make anything because sometimes we got stuck having to go back and find things we neglected to get before. It made everything take longer.

I actually learned more about my topic this time around. There was a tad more research involved and I also had to listen to the court cases which gave me the chance to understand more of what was going on.