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Post #3

This week I had very interesting conversation with a friend from Ecuador. His name was Larzon Angulo and we began by speaking about where he was from and he brought up the amount of violence in Ecuador (avoid possibility offending him by asking about how violent his country is.) What I found most interesting was that Larzon asked me what I meant if he didn't understand my Spanish while my last two partners worked around it. I also helped Larzon learn some things in English for instance he called me "gentle" and I told him he should probably say kind. Larzon spoke about how people in Ecuador are poor because they want so much which is an idea that I think can connect to Americans as well. I found that as I spoke to Larzon he shared a lot of the ideas I had about America but with Ecuador. I was intrigued by this because I never thought to countries so far away from each other can be so similar.