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Q2 Media Fluency

When creating my presentation, visual was an important factor. When creating an all about me slide you wouldn't want to create a whole essay. This would only bore the crowd that you are presenting to and confuse them on what your talking about. For instance, my slide below doesn't include a lot of words because I want the crowd to listen to me and take a couple of seconds looking at the slide. In addition to this, COLOR matters. When I created my slide I chose colors that gave a pattern on my slide. I didn't choose to bright or to dark colors together because then it would look a hot mess and would most likely make you color blind! On my presentation, my pictures were divided into portions. For example, one portion talks about my motivation while the other represents my culture or favorite foods. Last but not least, "alpha" was a very important role. The reasoning for this because without cropping your pictures, your presentation would look very tacky and look as if you didn't put any time into it.
adam feliciano
​Slide Reflection:

After my slide presentation, I realized that I had too many pictures too close to each other in which it didn't look organized. In addition to this, I also realized that since this presentation was about me, I should have name in bold and enlarged. Then my first name was the most important to me so it should be unique. Therefore I had the letters in different fonts. Other than that, everything else was okay.