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Quarter 3 history benchmark reflection

Our NHD project

My group chose this topic because we saw the important presence that America had in the world, and we knew that America had been through many events that determined the morals and values the country was founded on, and we decided to explore those more in depth and analyze the events, and their effect on the country.

We chose this form of presentation because it was the most direct way for us to deliver our message. We wanted to show people what the events were about in video format, and also be able to write about them to teach both auditory, and visual learners, and the website seemed to be the most direct, efficient way to do that.

We ran into trouble when it came to doing things like collaborating, and making sure that we were all on the same page about everything. It took some talking to explain to one another what we thought the project should be about, and where we should take it.

Everything in the end, ended up going very well for the project. The videos came out as i expected them to, and the analysis of the events went equally well, and overall this is an educational piece of work that I, and my group, are very proud of.

If we had it to do over, i feel as though we would have found better filming locations, even though space was rather limited, and used a better quality camera and editing system, but we did the best we could with what we had, and regardless i am still very proud of the work my group produced.

I learned a lot about history and some small details that i did not think were important before about events, that fit together in the whole and came out in the end to actually mean a lot. I also learned where the politically correct line is, and got some practice in coming close to that line to push the bounds, but still being responsible enough not to cross the line and cause problems.