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Quarter One Benchmark: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Here's the link to my ToonDoo ToonBook


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Choosing the bill was one of the harder elements of the projects being as though there are so many different things that I find concerning me and that interest me. So, when I do finally come to a conclusion, I decided to do one closest to me physically. Which was the Americans with Disabilities Act. How so? Well, my mother a few years back was in a tragic truck accident where she literally flew across the expressway. Now, she is disabled. That is why I choose the bill of the Americans with Disabilities Act and my decision behind so. I choose to do a comic at first intentionally, although, I realized that I no longer had the program of doing that so I then asked a couple of my fellow teachers and Ms. Laufenberg was at first the one to find it and suggest it, but even when I did research at home I still found myself interested in ToonDoo.Within the project, I did find myself having a few challenges to overcome one of which was actually learning how to use ToonDoo and make the book. Another was actually coming up with a story that wasn't too bland, but still had a significant amount of information to get the point across. I did find myself overcoming both of those things. If I had to the project over again, I definitely could say that I would have thoroughly thought out a story in a more kid friendly way then it already is. Also I would probably make a video, I think that's something would of done differently if I was to do this project over again.The research and investigation of the Americans with Disabilities Act told me about the creation process of a bill to a law by really being a relatable subject to many to most of the people of congress. I knew that it would be passed because of that. Also within the Constitution, the statement of "All men are created equal" really justifies the bill. The process, I would say was harder than I expected it to be based on the bills research. The reason why would have to be is because I founded it harder to put the information together how I exactly wanted it to. Although I am fine with what I have completed for this benchmark. (: