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Quarter Three NHD Benchmark: Gay Rights

Maxime, Julia and I worked together to create this website about the history of gay rights.

I have always been interested in gay rights. I have deep beliefs about the topic and feel personally connected to it, partly because the laws concerning gays have changed so much within my lifetime. I didn't know much about the history, but I was constantly hearing on the news about changes. Also, I knew that it was clearly a debate, so it fit the NHD requirements.
At first, our group chose to create a website. My part was the Prezi and also the conclusion. I wanted to do a Prezi because the idea of a zooming time seemed like a good one and I wanted to try to make one. Once the three of us created our website, we realized that it would not fit the requirements for a National History Day website. Mostly, that was because we had too much video in the site. We realized that our video was easily convertible to a documentary. For our actual submission, we created a documentary.
We ran into trouble with this project when we realized that our product did not fit the requirements for National History Day. I personally had some trouble trying to fit our information into matching circles in the Prezi timeline: some of the events seemed too complicated and others too simple.
Our website turned out well. We all added to it - about evenly - and it ended up looking like the hard work of three people. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing, it also contained all the information we wanted it to contain. I think that my Prezi turned out quite well, too.
I would read the rules for a website much more carefully. Then, knowing about all the restrictions, we would be able to decide between creating a website and creating a documentary. I think that I would have wanted to make a documentary originally. If we had known earlier, I could have made a Prezi that was more suited for use in a video. We also could have put more effort into the documentary and not have wasted time on the website.
I learned that the debate about gays in the military does not go as far back as I thought and that it was much more than just an argument back and forth about whether or not gays should be allowed in the military. There were other aspects to the debate, such as the Solomon decision. I also am able to clearly understand how the laws have changed recently. I learned more about creating Prezis, which is always interesting. I also got a bit more experience with how to deal with suddenly having to change a product. I had to format my project to meet imposed guidelines, which is a skill I will certainly need to have for the rest of my life.