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Rosemary Flite Spanish

Primero, yo me levanto, a las 6:00 de la mañana. Después, me quito el pijama. Me pono la ropa favorita. Entonces, me peino y alisar el pelo. Después, me maquillo. Entonces, me ir el cuarto de baño. En de baño ya cepillo los deintes y lavo la cara, los manos y el pelo. Luego yo voy a  la clase para escuela, SLA. 3:05 o 3:50 yo voy SLA. Por último, en me casa, completare la tarea y duermo.

-Introduction (In English):

  • What was the assignment?  
    We had to write out what our daily routine was and if you wanted, make it into a video. 

  • What did you enjoy about this project?  
    I enjoyed that I could make this my way an be creative with it.

-Reflection (In English): 

  • What did you learn about yourself after mapping out your daily routine?  
    I learned that I don't do as much as I thought I did
  • What skills did you acquire related to the Spanish language?
    I learned how to describe things more then I did before
  • How did you use each of the 5 core values in completing this project?
    We were asked a question. I wrote out what my routine was and found out how to say it in spanish, I worked with my peers to make sure everything was correct. Im presenting this right here now. And this is my reflection.
  • If you could do this over for the purpose of improving your final product, how would you change it or what would you add to it?
    Well my camera wouldn't upload videos and I didn't have time so I would use videos instead of photos