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Safe Driving-L.A #3

The issue of driving and efficient cars has circulated in the news this year in the United States. After the problems Toyota and customers has faced, transportation is looked at more frequently in terms of being safe. Secretary Ray LaHood is in charge of the Department of Transportation. At the “United States Department of Transportation” website, he discuss the problems we face when behind the wheel and under the hood. I would like to lobby about safe cars in general as well as improving the drivers. There should be more regulations and check ups for cars before setting out into the market.
The outcome of more regulations and checkups will help drivers and pedestrians. NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is also working on perfecting laws and regulations of vehicles like cars, trucks, even bicycling. Other allies that can help influence safe driving are insurances that give praise for safe driving and discounts like Allstate.
The crowd I’m trying to influence can vary in all ages. One website called “Faces of Distracted Drivers” shows the emotions of friends and family who lost their loved ones from car accidents. Many accidents can be from a distracted driver, reckless driving, and even damaged cars. is also an organization that gives ideas on how to improve driving and the safety of the people inside. With laws and regulations, having more scheduled appointment to check up on car corporations would be nice.
The Department of Transportation needs a budget to continue working, their time frame of work being accomplish depending on the budget of how much they receive from the government. Here is a picture of how much they will spend in 2011.
Screen shot 2010-11-24 at 11.44.01 AM
In the future, Sec. LaHood considers banning cell phones while driving on a highway or populated areas. This can be a step further for the protection of driving.