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Story Telling.. Literally

My dad told me a story this weekend about an experience he had with his father and a cat in Puerto Rico. He goes, " I was about nine years old when this happened, and let me tell you it was one of the scariest and funniest experiences I ever had. 

My dad had a room filled with fibers (to fill pillows and make blankets.) And non of us ( him and his three brothers and one sister) were allowed to go in there. And my dad bought us a cat, and each of us had the responsibility to take care of her per week.  So it was my week to watch her and after about two days I got tiered of doing it. I decided to just put her in the fiber room so I could go out and play with my friends. Before I knew it a few hours turned into a couple of days and we all figured the cat had ran away. I forgot all about her. The twist was one day my dad woke up because we kept hearing crazy screeching noises from the fiber room. My dad woke us up at like one in the morning  and went down to the street to the church, and I remember this so clearly because the pastor was walking up the street with a gun! (LOL) My dad lead him into the house and towards the fiber room and at the moment I remembered the cat was in there! The pastor opened the door; gun pointed inside the room and before he could do anything the cat jumped on his and started scratching and going crazy! We were all laughing so hard, I will never forget that."