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The 14th Amendment and Why It Is Important to Me.

For my Quarter Two Benchmark in American Government I choose the 14th Amendment; Section One in the Constitution and relate it to my life. Particularly my work life. I am employed at Rolling Thunder Roller Skating Center. There I must conform to the ADA. Meaning that people of disabilities are by law allowed to skate at the skating rink. The 14th Amendment also proves the ADA to be true. The 14th Amendment in a brief sense is an Amendment, giving all of the citizens of the United States equal rights. Therefore hoping for no discrimination amongst people in the United States. 


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Special Thanks to Michael Coughlin

Reflection: The reason I chose this topic was because I find that people of disabilities surround me and I personally feel like  all people are titled to equal rights and that is stated in the Constitution really clear in the 14th Amendment; Section One. Also the topic was really convenient to relate to my job at Rolling Thunder Skating Rink. Something I liked about this project was the fact that I could relate it to my previous Benchmark for Quarter One. Here is the link. Something that I found to be a challenge for this project was to actually come together and make the final project. I am content with the product but I feel like any and everything can be improved and this project can definitely be improved. However I do feel like the project is up to par academically. The most interesting fact that I have learned doing this project is that the 14th Amendment; Section One, and Americans with Disabilities Act really does affect home base with me. I work at a rolling skating rink that has to abide by these two important pieces of authorized material.  Even when people are blind, in a wheel chair, deaf, etc, it is my duty to accommodate them at my job where I am employed so that they can enjoy their time there. There was no real trouble actually making the project it was just that I know as far as time management went I didn't do so well and by me not doing so I definitely could of came up with a different product.  Something that went well with this project is me creating a piece of work that is relatable. Many people have jobs and have to sign a paper when hired that they're to abide by the ADA. If I had to do the project over, I would take the time I had to actually do it and make more use of it. My time management would definitely be better which would assure me of a better product. I learned that the Constitution really does affect my life and can be presented via video with footage/data from outside sources.