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Uhm, So Yea.

So I haven't posted a story in a while and I need to make up alot, so hear ye hear ye. I have some stories to tell.

First is about grown men "basically" having a curfew. I feel like if I don't have a curfew, and I'm sixteen, you shouldn't be 19 and have a bed time. No, I won't stand for it.

 So here's what happened.
I'm on the phone chattin it up and suddenly the line goes dead. I thought nothing of it. So I call back, right thing to to right. WRONG. Wait, lets stop and explain why I called right back. See my phone is usually the one who gets all messed up and such, losing signals and what not. I knew it wasn't my phone but just for good company I decided that I was going to take whatever blame that was dished out. Being the bigger person.

 SO I call, ring ring.
 A lady answers the phone. I'm not sure If anyone has ever had this happen t them before but whne you are talking to a male , with a whole lot of deepness in his voice, then listen to the sudden change in tone and pitch, I was scared for a minute.
So I'm thinking this must be his mom, but I wasn't understanding the reason as to why she decided to up and move our convo that we were having. But I was very respectful and I answered all of her invasive questions like, Whwre are you calling from. . . Uhm southwest, my house, my cellphone lol like I didn't understand what she wanted me to say. the she asked me if I knew what time it was, and I said no. So then she asked me how Old I was, I told her and then she politely asked me to call him at a more decent hour.

 So all the while, I'm calculating his age in his head thinking,
why does this grown man have a bedtime. smh.