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Weather: Qué Tiempo Hace Hoy?

¿Qué Tiempo Hace Hoy?


(How to respond when someone asks you what the weather is like today.)


If someone who doesn’t speak English and asks you “¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?” here are a few ways you can respond:



¿Qué tiempo hace?         

What's the weather like?

Hace frío.

It's cold.

Hace calor.

It's hot.

Hace viento.

It's windy.

Hace sol.

It's sunny.

Hace buen tiempo.

The weather is good.

Hace mal tiempo.

The weather is bad.

Hace fresco.

It's brisk.


Other weather expressions use the verb esta along with an adjective:

Está oscuro.

It's dark.

Está nublado.

It's cloudy.

Está lluvioso.

It's raining.


There are also weather expressions that use the verb hay:

Hay niebla.

It's foggy.

Hay neblina.

It's misty.

Hay sol.

The sun is shining.

Hay luna.

The moon is out.

Hay relámpagos.

It's lightning.

Hay humedad.

It's humid.

Hay nubes.

It's cloudy.

Hay lluvias torrenciales.

It's pouring.

Hay un vendaval.

There's a windstorm.

Hay granizo.

It's hailing.

Hay lloviznas.

It's sprinkling.


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