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Why I Write?

Writing is a way of expression. The words of which you can not say come to life on paper. Its a way to bring others into my colorful world. The feelings I feel, the many things i see, everything will come to life and will not only be seen from my point of view. Writing is a way to not only tell , but also vividly show others my many obstacles I face. Verbally speaking is not a way i can tell people the thoughts that run through my brain, the images of which I see, the future of which i seek.Typing up what I feel or even writing it down is the best way for those to get into my head full of ideas. Writing is not just an action that you do in school nor is it just something to do if you have no emotions behind it. Writing is a way you can put yourself in someones shoes. A way to show visual thoughts, feelings and expressions. Those who see me on a daily basis do not see or feel or even understand who I am. This form of releasing feelings helps those who judge me based off of my appearance see who I, Zaria Linton, really am. So why do i write you may ask? I write because to me, writing is life itself.