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Why I write

Honestly I don't know why i write. I write sometimes to show expression, I write to feel something , I wrote to get a thought away from me and out of my head and down on paper. Sometimes when i write it explains the crazy jungle jumble i call my mind. But at times I absolutely have to be forced to write.It's just not in my category. I write to see my thoughts as a movie or a book , when I write it explains me. 

The first time i felt like a writer had to be in the 7th grade.I entered in a essay contest. The contest was about who has the best written essay out of the city of philadelphia. The essay "Does the new President of the united rates inspire you , why ?" Was the best essay i have ever written. I won first place in the entire city. This is the moment i felt superiors to all man kind. i felt like I was the best writer ever and all i had to do was clear my jungle jumble mind and express my self in the best way I could. Which is why I write in expression....