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daily story- april 4

Today in class we journaled for a while about the idea of a hero, so I figured I'd post what I was thinking prior to the class discussion.

A hero is a person that saves somebody. You can't be a hero on your own- it's defined by a relationship you have with somebody else. Sometimes a hero is more literal- a war hero, or a passerby stepping in to save someone's life. Other times, a hero is more metaphorical- somebody that has a huge impact on the life of another person. Sometimes people say their mom or dad is their hero, or maybe someone famous that inspires them. In these cases, a hero is someone to be looked up to- someone that inspires greatness in the lives of others. So the question of how you know what makes a person a hero is somewhat complex. A hero is not part of who someone is, it is who they are to another. So the only way to find out if someone is a hero is to talk to the people who know them.

Also, I thought our discussion was really interesting. What I got away from it was that a hero is someone who:
1. sacrifices a lot
2. influences/saves another person
3. does something unusually "good"