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i never even liked cupcakes.

i am about so tired of paying for 1 DOLLAR CUPCAKES.
its a scam.
it is . but the sprinkles are so good, and so is the icing
anyway, i used to hate cake. i used to hate CUPCAKES
but now i find myself buying them for a dollar ? like its something i loved all my life.
i dont understand whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it cost so much though?
 soda is a dollar.
cupcakes are a dollar
brownies are a dollar.
everything is  a dollar, no matter the size .
and u know what? thats dead because sometimes, bianca gives me a skimpy piece of cake, and gives someone else a big *** piece of cake. -_- but we BOTH PAYED OUR DOLLARS.

im kinda mad though cuz i never even liked cupcakes. somethings up .