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Amor Trágico en WSLA 101.5

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Amor Tragico
This project asked students to create a television or radio show that addresses some sort of relationship problem. Our group decided to create a radio show because we thought that this approach would be different from what some of the other groups were doing and we thought it would be a more enjoyable approach. From this project I learned how to incorporate the verbs ser and estar with an already established understanding various tenses, and a new set of vocabulary to speak to a topic that can be serious or funny. I think our final product came out pretty well. It is light and quite funny. If I could do this project over, I would add more conversation between the charaters experiencing relationship problems. I think that part could have been expanded a bit more. 


classes project!

Hola mi nombre es kenayah cerdan y asistir ciencia líder acdamey. mi escuela está en el centro de la ciudad. Estoy en el grado 9 y me encanta la escuela que voy a porque lo extraordinario de la escuela no mucha gente puede entrar en mi escuela. pero de todos modos sólo hay 500 estudiantes que van a mi colegio y sí mi id de escuela poco pero estamos como una gran familia feliz y peralte realmente decir otra escuela. y puedo decir que me encanta mi escuela

Me gusta mucho inglés, tengo el sr. kay clase el lunes, miércoles, jueves y viernes. el sr. kay es muy divertido y smart. en su clase i aprender a usar el derecho grammer y cómo escribir 
mi storys en mi nota libro! Sin embargo creo que el sr., kay es un agradable y dulce y corazón bondadoso persona.también en inglés necesitamos un libro y nuestro diario y necesitamos nuestras computadoras por lo que podemos conseguir aunque nuestra clase y cómo nos ayuda mejor

en clase de español aprendemos cómo utilizar palabras y frase juntos. realmente de amor a español me gusta ms manuel clase porque en español. Utilizamos cosas diferentes y métodos que nos ayuda a obtener una comprensión bastante, y sin embargo creo que ms manuel es muy bonita e inteligente. Ella tiene ojos marrones y cabello muy largo. También tengo sus clases el lunes, Martes Jueves y el viernes. en su clase, necesitamos nuestro equipo, un bolígrafo y un pices de papel.  

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Business Unit

Candace and I chose to do a power point explaining the views about the essential question of “What causes systematic and individual change”. We used Obama's speech for a systematic change and George Bush's crack addition. We used a power point because it is simpler and it still gets our point across. 

“What causes systematic and individual change”?

-      What causes systematic and individual change is depending on how passionate someone is about a certain topic or idea. Systematic change comes from a group that can agree on something that will either be better or worsen the community. Individual change comes from a person that is willing to take that extra step to change something about them that will help their community.

 What questions do you still have about “Business in America”?

 - How can the value of money in America be compared throughout history?

 - During different time period, how have the lower class adapted to different changes?​
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Help a Kid with a DREAM!

​Marshall would like to go to SPACE! He has applied here and needs your vote.

I am an upcoming freshman from Science Leadership Academy. As I have been growing up the one dream that has refused to vanish from my mind is the dream of going into space. Metro Magazine and their contest is the perfect opportunity to achieve my vision. I have constantly wanted to be a part of the space industry. If I did happen to win the contest and go into space, not only would it be a great achievement for myself, but it would also be a great benefit for Science Leadership Academy. This journey is not just about one person and winning a single contest, this contest is the first of its kind and this will affect the course of the history of humankinds journey into space. It will also benefit all the kids in my school who will be able to have a vicarious experience right along with me. NASA has not sent many people into space lately and the torch has been passed down to organizations such as Metro Magazine to keep the dream of space exploration alive; I want to be a part of that
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