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Yo soy Sarena.

De Niña

Personalidad era de niña siempre boba,loco, y divertida

De Niña

Yo jugaba tag, corríba, y luchaba con mis amigos

De Niña

Me gustaba jugar juegos con mi familia en la casa.


Yo soy divertida,siempre bailo, y boba.


Me gusta leer, correr, y cocinar.


Me porto bien en la casa. Siempre hablo por telefeño.


Voy a ser divertido, profesional y trabajaro muy duro


Seré muy feliz.


Voy a ser muy profesional y trabajo duro


voy a ser doctora para ayudar a las personas.

Era yo

Esta soy yo

Yo seré

Momentos para recordar

Photo on 3-7-12 at 7.35 AM

The universe, refreshed.

This is a refresher about the solar system because I have forgotten a bit since I came to high school. Press the maximized button if it is messed up on your screen.

Changed the media file to a PDF for convince purposes.

I posted a dropbox link in the comment

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Zac Castro "What If"

Kennedy BM
My project is about what if JFK died during the war? 

The future i visioned was mostly that we would most likely have a different way of war. Cause JFK wasn't president so i would say that we never would've invaded cuba for the missiles. I say there would have been a missile war also if we didn't threaten Cuba and Russia. 
What i like about this project was that i got to change history in my own way even though it didn't happen but i could picture it sorta. I think picturing the future at first was the most difficult cause i mean its kinda hard when you change how something that has happened but not the way history says.
i liked how they gave me detail on my research on how he went to harvard and was forced to leave cause of health problems but then went to Yale and joined all these sports and then out of no where wanted to join the navy and become a leader and he basically did everything he wanted to do. 
I think my project could be improved if i had added a little bit more of details and explained some stuff.
If i had to do this project again i think i would have changed how he was killed or make something like he was captured and held hostage and is still held as a prisoner. and make some exotic crazy story to get people all hyped up.
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"What if" Project

For my "What If" I chose to focus on what life in the United States would be like if Chief Justice Fred Vinson had not died of a heart attack during the Brown V. Board trial. To show life in the US during this time I chose to portray life through the diary of a public high school student from Atlanta Georgia. I envisioned that during this time period, segregation wouldn't be so much of an issue, but things such as jobs and public schools would remain segregated especially in the south. 

What I liked most about this project is how much "imagination" and creativity you have to put into it. For instance, there is no right answer to how you envision life to be like if a key event didn't occur. To see different people's perspectives on some of the same points of divergences is also very interesting. This project causes you to think outside of the box and realize how such small changes in different incidents can drastically change how life is now in the United States. Although this was the most intriguing part of the project, I also found this to be the most challenging as well. Essentially this project is asking us to find a point in history that would change present day life. It's very hard to grasp the concept of a world different than the one that we are so familiar with now. 

I found it interesting how something so unexpected can potentially change the course of history forever. For instance by keeping Justice Fred Vinson alive, the Brown V. Board case was lost. I chose to make this the outcome because while Vinson was still alive the jury was leaning more toward that direction. By making such a subtle change, schools in 2012 (in my opinion) would remain segregated. Of course there would be more cases, complaints, and protests on the topic but I feel like judges would constantly refer back to this trial, similar to how the used the Plessy V. Furgeson case. 

If I could do this project over I would find more ways to get my point of Divergence across, or to make it more clear within the project and not just in the reflection. Another thing I wanted to do was create a documentary of the teenage girl (Liz). However, time was an issue so I just took the potential script and turned it into a firsthand account diary. 

Click on the Diary
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What if? BM - Ryan Harris

Alternate History:Hitler

My point of divergence was having Hitler dying from injuries he sustained in WW1 instead of losing a testicle like he actually did. The way I went about made the world change and excluded many of the really important events of the 1930-1940s. With Hitler gone, the Nazi Party never gains much power but instead the former central power countries (Germany, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey) decide since they've lost so much as a result of the Treaty of Versailles, they should form a new empire with what they have. In doing this, the new empire is able to combine their remaining militaries and begin to take back the countries created from that said treaty. Eventually they conquer all of Europe and then the US. They were able to do this because the U.S. was in a state of turmoil because The Great Depression. Concerning America, any form of independence is lost once again, and America falls under another country's rule, much like the 1700's. A european influence is much more profound in present-day America. 

I really did enjoy this project but at the same it was very stressful for me at certain points. Finding and creating the sources was fairly easy but putting them all together into a coherent project was really difficult. I felt like I was always leaving out a portion of history that seem vital to my project. Although on the other hand, I got to explore the causes of WW1, something I didn't really know. I learned that the catalyst for WW1 was assassination of the prince of the Austria-Hungary Empire: Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian Slavic Nationalist Gavrilo Princip. His death caused the empire of Austria-Hungary to declared was on Serbia, sparking WW1. It certainly shows that an individual's actions can effect history greatly. He didn't suspect Austria-Hungary to start an all out war, he simply doing what he felt his people needed. With the central powers combined they had no problems taking out defenseless countries. 

I feel like this project could be really interesting if the scope of what 2011 would be like was a lot more global. I feel like if we didn't have to connect it back to America we can show how the entire world has been affected as well. If I were given the chance to re-do this project, I definitely would make my final product a lot more visual and interactive. I'd try to immerse the person looking at it into the history was created. 

Alternate History:Hitler
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