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Dear Philadelphia,

Jenny Landham

Favorite Spot: Swan Fountain (Logan Circle) 

Neighborhood: Mt. Airy 

Address: Williams Avenue & Sedgwick Street 

I am: A senior in high school, A writer artist and photographer, A crazy Phillies and Flyers fan, A born and raised Philadelphian

Years in Philly: 18

Current Home: Mt. Airy 


Dear Philadelphia, 

You have been my home since I was born. I can’t see leaving you and not being some sort of homesick. You have housed me for so many years and you have taught me all I know. I have learned so much from you. So many thoughts about what you have started as and what you are becoming. Your beautiful central city lights in the night. People come from all around just to view your amazing memorial sites. 

Why do I love you you might ask. You have so many things to give. Your beautiful parks, how can someone not love it. Your city is a memory maker. What about the parades that happen in you, the events, Christmas village. You have so much to teach. Your history, the railroads, the historical homes. 

Dear Philadelphia, I love you for what you have and what you made. 

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Philly Love Note

Gabby Nigro
Neighborhood: Northeast, Philly 
Favorite Spot: New Years Day Parade (mummers) 
I am a senior in high school, a cheerleader, and a future sailor in the United States Navy. 
I have been in Philly for 17 years.

My Love Note: 
Dear New Years Parade,

I love you! I enjoy walking down Broad street every year dressed up in a costume. I enjoy strutting and dancing down to entertain people from all over Philly. The 17 years that I have been in Philly I have not missed one parade. As a little kid my mom would bundle me up and take my sister and I to Broad and Washington to watch all the brigades and string bands. The best part of this day is going to party on 2nd street (two street). Whoever goes to the parade on Broad street, or whoever is in the parade has to experience two street at least once in their life. I was about 13 years old when my mom actually took my sister and I to 2nd street. It was the best experience. I remember dancing all night long with all the drunken mummers. Now I have a different experience because I am actually in the parade. I do not get to see all the mummers until later that night at the party on two street. Philly I love you for having the Mummers Parade every year. I am going to miss you dearly when i leave for the Navy. Thank you for all the memories that I have had from the parades my whole life. 

With complete love,
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Philly Love Note

Taina Rosario

Favorite Spot: Schuylkill Trail  

Neighborhood: Center City

I am: A Senior, A Free Spirit, A Latin Artist, A Daughter of Science, and A Life Long Dreamer

Current Home: West Kensington


Dear, Schuylkill trail


Thank you for always being there for me. When rain patters the streets, your bridged under-paths sheltered me. As the spring flowers bloom along your grassy paths, and the sun sends warming beams through the white clouds, I walk along you breathing in the peace. Even on the coldest of winter days, the river flowing on your side soothes my muddled thoughts. It took me too long to see your beauty, though I have ridden on your paths when I was too young to walk.

Deep with in your tranquility, I have enhanced my passion for art, lived through relationships rising and falling, and learned to be at peace with my self. You have never judged me, nor asked anything of me but to be myself, and for that I thank you. Thank you Schuylkill Trail, I will always love you.

Forever Yours,

Taina Rosario

Photo on 1-26-13 at 6.43 PM #4
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Philly Love Letter


Sports fan, student, computer nerd.


Dear Philly,

Although sometimes my friends hate you, you have never been bad to me. There are many different reasons to love you and the things that are offered. I got to say my favorite people are the sports fans of the different Philly teams. I feel like many people say the fans are the worst, I say they are the best because they pressure the teams of our city to do the right things and give them a piece of there mind. Communication between the team and the fans is important, additionally they are always working to get into the head of the players letting them know if they are doing good or bad. Some other things about the city are all the different areas you have, I live in chestnut hill go to school in Center City and my school plays baseball in south Philly. I get to experience all the different people that you contain, the stories that I can tell when I am old will be great. Also you are in the right place you are close to the beach the mountain's and can do just about anything with in a 2 hour drive, including amusement parks. You have some weird traditions that I do not take place in, but having the window open for when I am older is great. Your dear friend septa is not appreciated by many, but I cannot complain, I have many stories to tell and don't have to go to school when the train breaks down, I meet many different types of people on the train ride to school, but tend not to talk to strangers. I love to ride the Broad Street Line when going to games it makes the game that much better, and people will be chanting for their team before the game starts, and after all the drunks get on the train and many good stories to tell.

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Sammy's Philly Love Letter

Samantha Zeisloft 

Favorite Spot: The Crik

Neighborhood: Roxborough 

I am: a Philly explorer  

Adress: hermitage 

Roses are red violets are blue, theres no other city, that i love more than you. I've spent the last 18 years in you dear philly, and you have made me nothing less than happy. Your beautiful sunny skies and hectic city life never fail to bring a smile to my face. When I think of my home, I think not of a house or a bed i think of you, and all of your beautiful varying sceneries. From your crazy inner city, to your beautiful, peaceful woods, its nearly impossible to dislike something as amazing as you. <3
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Annotated Bibliography

1. Gavett, Gretchen. "Timeline: 30 Years of AIDS in Black America." PBS. WGBH Educational Foundation, 10 Jul 2012. Web. 12 Feb 2013. <

- This sources is presented as a timeline to when HIV/AID’s was first discovered, to all the important events that happened since 1981-present day. This is important to the project that we are doing because it gives us exact dates and times of the current events that centered around HIV/AIDS. On thing that stood out to me was that this serious infection started out between gay men and then spread out from there.

2. "AIDS Facts." AIDS Fund n.pag. Web. 11 Feb 2013. <>.

- This source is a fund that helps to fight HIV/AIDS. It gives a the reader different organizations that are apart of this fund. This is useful to our project because it gives us statistics on HIV/AIDS. This is also helpful because it gives a list of organizations that are partners with the Aids Fund Foundation.

3. "STD Health Equity - Rates by Race or Ethnicity." CDC(2011): n.pag. CDC. Web. 12 Feb 2013. <>

- From this source I can tell see the different races that are mostly infected with HIV/AIDS. This is essential to the research that we are doing for this project because we can take a lot from this source, we can zoom in on a certain race, or age, if we pleased. One thing that stood out to me was that there was the large amount of African-American women that are infected with the disease over the number of African-American men that have the disease.

Unlike most of our sites, this one is more focused on the wide research of African-Americans.
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¡Mi Escuela!

Me llamo Marcos Cruz a.k.a Marky Mark. Mi cumpleaños es de veinticinco de julio. Yo tengo catorce años. Soy estudiante de Science Leadership Academy. SLA está en Filadelfia, PA. Está cerca de Franklin Institute. Es muy único y especial. Hay cinco pisos, cuatrocientos cincuenta estudiantes y treinta profesores. Tenemos una variedad de actividades, deportes y educación. SLA tiene baloncesto y drama. Baloncesto es mi deporte favorito .Participó en baloncesto porque, yo quiero jugar a la NBA.

Yo tengo un manojo clases. Yo tengo bioquímica, geometría, español, inglés, historia, arte, ingeniería, consejería, y almuerzo. Mi clases favorite son inglés y geometría. Ingles porque es muy interesante y divertido y geometría porque mi profesor es cómico. No me gusta mucho historia porque es muy aburrido. Necesito mi computadora, mi lápiz, mi libro y mi mochila para todas mis clases. Para tener éxito en esta clases, necesitamos tengo que estar concentrado y completar mi trabajo.

Él Señor Kay enseña drama. Él es muy cómico y feliz. Él entrena a equipo de baloncesto de SLA y ejecuta club de poesía. La Sra. Dunn enseña Inglés. Ella es muy agradable y la amo mucho. Ella es increíble. La Sra. Manuel enseña españoles 1. Ella es muy emocionante y divertido. Ella mantiene la clase despierto con ella la energía. Sr. Reddy enseña matemáticas. Es divertido pero serio también. Todos ellos son súper increíble.

Me gusta SLA, ya que es especial y nuevo. Lo que más me gusta son los maestros, mucha de la atención de los profesores acerca de nosotros. No me gustan los puntos de referencia, que no son difíciles sólo consume mucho tiempo. SLA es muy agradable, extraño pero impresionante.


E1 U4 Nashay Day/Serge Mass


Nuestras sequel es Science Leadership Academy.

El nombre de nuestras principio es Señor Lehmann.

Esta es nuestra oficina

Esta es nuestra sala de bioquímica. Su sala número 207. Nuestro profesor de bioquímica se llama es Señor Sherif. Él es muy simpactico. Usted necesita un lápiz y una computadora portátil en su clase.

Esta es nuestra clase de Inglés. Senora Dunn es nuestra professora.Ella trabajó en Nueva York. Ahora ella está en SLA. Me gusta su clase mucho, ella es bonita, y intelligente. 


Korah Lovelace - Annotated Bibliography:

1) Duong , Nghe Ly. "Looking back on racial violence at South Philly High." Philadelphia Public School The Notebook. (2009): n. page. Web. 12 Feb. 2013. <>.

Duong Nghe Ly is a chinese student who immigrated to Philadelphia. He Attended South Philly High School, which was predominantly populated by African American Students. He was one of 30 chinese students who were victims to racial abuse. In this journal entry he recounts on his experience at South Philly High School. This source provided us with a specific example of violence due to race concentration in Philadelphia. Duong Nghe Ly serves as an eyewitness account and represents our perception of the results of racial separation in Philly.

2) Caust-Ellenbogen, Celia. " Pennsylvania Hall Association."Quakers and Slavery Digitization Project. (2009): n. page. Web. 12 Feb. 2013. <>.     

Celia Caust-Ellenbogen is a intern for the Quakers and Slavery Digitization Project. Her source gave us a sort of starting point on figuring out why Philadelphia attracted so many races. Celia collected all of her information from primary sources, which she references at the end of her work. Celia gave us a lot of intel on Philadelphia Hall, which was created to be a meeting place for radical topics such as slavery, Indians, and free speech. We relied on Celia’s work to give us details on what could be one of the  historical factors that attracted people to Philadelphia.

3) Denvir, Daniel. "Segregation: New studies show Philly has nation’s most separate and unequal schools, neighborhoods. Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Detroit close behind.." Citypaper Newsletter . (2011): n. page. Web. 12 Feb. 2013. <>.   

Daniel Denvir is a freelance writer and journalist who dared to cover the racial separation in Philadelphia in 2011. This article uses studies from Brown University sociologist John Logan which gives potential causes for racial segregation in Philadelphia. This was important research for our project because it gave us depth on topics we could choose to branch off and study. Daniel also offers many statistics on income levels that compare African American income levels to that of whites. Overall, this source gave us more justification that Philadelphia does have a racial segregation problem.

4) "Bureau of Labor Statistics ." Overview of BLS Demographic Data. 2010. <>.  

While researching we realized we were dealing with a topic that had its own name, demographics. Demographics are statistics and facts regarding populations and groups within a population. The United States  Department of Labor Offered us many demographic topics related to race in the U.S. We were able to use these statistics to compare philadelphia to the rest of the country. We also realized this bureau had a lot of interesting facts and explanations pertaining to of country.

5) Gus Lubin, Christine Jenkins. "The 22 Most Segregated Cities in America ." Business Insider. (2011): n. page. Web. 12 Feb. 2013. <>.   

Gus Lubian and Christine Jenkins are journalist who incorporated many statistics and databases to create a list of the 22 most segregated cities in America. They got their information on Philadelphia from studies done at Brown University. We discovered that Philadelphia is number 7 on this list of 22. This statistic gave us a clear view of where exactly Philadelphia rages in segregation compared to the other very segregated cities in the U.S.

6) Smith, Kathyana. Interview by Jalisa Smith. Your Experience in Philadelphia 12 Feb 2013. Feb . Film.  

This interview contains a personal story described by Kathana Smith. Ms. Smith talks about her experience immigrating to the U.S. Ms.Smith discusses her experience arriving to Philadelphia and why she chose to live in Philadelphia. Ms.Smith also describes her transition from previously living in Barbados to caring for her family in Philly. This interview added depth to our project being providing a persoanl story of immigration to philadelphia.
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Annotated Bibliography

Holes, Jamie “Why Can’t More Poor People Escape Poverty?”, 06 Jun 2011

This artivle talks about why the poor remain poor and how they get their.  People choose the wrong paths at times which can lead them into poverty. Because of the recession and evidence of bad budgeting it is harder now for the poor to get away from poverty.

Odom, Victoria. “Interview” 13 Feb 2013

I interviewed one of my friend’s mother Ms. DeJesus through FaceTime and asked her questions about her job and what she does.  She works for PHMC at a service called Child Link. She works with the welfare of children with special needs. She assists the child and their families by having interventions by teaching the families to interact with child so they can live a normal life. This program is available for all families of any race of household income.

City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Neighborhood Map - Income, House Prices, Occupations, Boundaries 13 Feb 2013

This website shows the average income of the different neighborhoods/areas of Philadelphia. I focused on 2 different areas of Philadelphia Mt. airy and Kensington. Mt.Airy represents a higher income  based on what the average Philadelphian makes and Kensington represents a lower income based on what the average Philadelphian makes.

Herr, Susan. “Google Finds Rich Don’t Help Give to Poor” 10 Oct, 2007. 13 Feb 2013

There were two points found from a study on Patterns of /Household Charitable Giving. It was discovered that less than a third of  American’s donations given to charities actually help and benefit those in poverty. Also wealthier families are less likely to give back and help the needy. Those who make $200.000 - $1 million give back about. 29%, those who make $1 million and up give back about 22% and those who make less than $200,000 give back about 36%.

Neuman, Susan. “One City, Two Libraries, and Ten Years of Watching Inequality Grow”. 

Fall 2012, 13 Feb, 2013.

This article talks about how the different classes of families treat there children when it comes to education. In article it compares to libraries and differences of reading levels that people have. One area described as the badlands, an area of poverty, has 42% of the students reading at a level that is lower material. Early teenagers read books like Dr. Seuss when they should be reading something more challenging. To find the answer why is this? They turned to an earlier child, pre-schoolers.

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E1 U4

Nuestras sequel es Science Leadership Academy.

El nombre de nuestras principio es Señor Lehmann.

Esta es nuestra oficina

Esta es nuestra sala de bioquímica. Su sala número 207. Nuestro profesor de bioquímica se llama es Señor Sherif. Él es muy simpactico. Usted necesita un lápiz y una computadora portátil en su clase.

Esta es nuestra clase de Inglés. Senora Dunn es nuestra professora.Ella trabajó en Nueva York. Ahora ella está en SLA. Me gusta su clase mucho, ella es bonita, y intelligente. 

Annotated Bibliography

Philadelhpia. School District of Philadelphia. School District of Philadelphia. Print. <>.
This is the school district of Philadephia’s website.  On the website, if you search “science” you will find out about how many amazing science based schools are located in Philadelphia, but they completely fail to mention any data about their graduation rates or their graduates success rate in the descriptions.

"Obama: 'We Don't Have Enough Engineers'" Computerworld. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Feb. 2013.
This is an article that talks about how Obama recognizes the need for more American engineers.  He isn’t even focusing on engineers with an especially high degree, just a bachelors degree.  This article points out  how just a few changes would increase the number of American engineers by a large percentile, but he fails to mention how the American youth might be left behind by poor high school education.

Gearon, Christopher J. "You're an Engineer? You're Hired." US News. U.S.News & World Report, 22 Mar. 2012. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <>.
This article talks about the need for electrical engineers and other highly skilled working engineers.  It touches on the fact that finding a job as an engineer is extremely easy to accomplish because of the fact that America simply doesn’t have enough of them.

Lehman, Chris. Personal Interview. 14 2 13.
Mr. Lehman discussed how science learning in Philadelphia was good in some areas, but lacked in others.  He talked about the fact that some schools were very successful, but some weren’t.  He also discussed his lack of faith in standardized science tests and their effectiveness.

United States. Educate to Innovate. Print. <>.
This source illustrates the governments plan to increase the number of youths who are innovative science learners through devices that youths usually use, like a television.  It discusses the multiple organizations that have all banded together to try and improve America’s science education system.
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Annotated Bibliography 2/15

  1. Taylor, Daniel. "Teen Pregnanc'ys High Cost." N.p., 30 08 2012. Web. 13 Feb 2013. <>.

This is a magazine article written by Dr. Daniel Tosh, who is a pediatrician at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. In this he is talking about how at his office he sees teen mothers all the time. And even though the teen pregnancy rate in the nation is down from previous years, that the United States is still number one for teenage mothers. And that in Philadelphia it is a major problem. He explains that teenage pregnancy is not good for the mothers or their children for many reasons. This connects to my project greatly because they both are saying exactly what the problem in Philadelphia with teenage pregnancy is, and why it is a problem.

2. Basch, Charles Journal of School Health; October 2011, Vol. 81 Issue 10, p614-618, 5p

This is an article that was written by Charles Basch. He wrote it for the Journal of School Health. In this he is talking statistically about teen pregnancy. Saying things like how a teenage girl is less likely to finish high school yet go on to college. And that for urban youth it is even worst. Also that maybe one of the only ways to prevent is to enforce programs that better educate urban youth on the topic. This is a source that is great for our project. I say this because this article sums up everything our project is trying to show to people. 

3. Weiss, Robin. "Teen Pregnancy." N.p., 01 11 2009. Web. 13 Feb 2013. <>.


This is an article written by Robin Weiss, LCCE. She is  a childbirth and postpartum educator, certified doula, doula trainer, and lactation counselor. In this specific article she is explaining teen pregnancy.  Exactly what risk come along when a teenager has a baby and things of that nature. As well as also explaining the fact that even though there are so many risk that teenage girls are still capable of being suitable mothers. This article is very important to our project. Because it addresses the problem that we are researching as well as give reasons to why it is a "problem".

4. Haswell, Jasmine. Personal Interview. 13 02 2013.

This is an interview that was done with an 18 year old named Jasmine who is my friend. She herself is a teen mother. She is not living with her daughter because she has to finish trade school now. But because she had a child as a 16 year old, she had to stop going to school to become a mother. She is an expert in the area of teen motherhood, and would be very beneficial to the project.

5. Williams, Wanda. 14 02 2013. 02 . Print.

This interview was with my Aunt Wanda. She had two kids as a teenager and still went to college and graduated from there. And a couple of her children had children of their own when they were teenagers. She is an expert because she herself experienced being a teen parent, as well as how the cycle that statistics show that have to do with teen pregnancy are right in some cases. It is because of this that she would be good for our project.

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E1 U4 Mi Escuela

Abuhena Hares

Spanish Letter

    ¡Hola! Mi llamo es Abuhena. Mi apodo es Rafi. Soy estudiante de Science Leadership Academy. Está en Filadelfia. Está cerca de una panadería y Franklin Institute. Franklin Institute Es muy divertida y interesante. Los profesores realmente nos ayudan mucho. Hay más de quinientos estudiantes. Hay veinticuatro profesores en SLA. Hay cinco pisos en la escuela. Los profesores son muy divertidos. Tenemos último frisbee y fútbol. Participo en laboratorio de matemáticas porque es útil. ¡Science Leadership Academy es increíble¡    

Las clases que yo tienen inglés, español, bioquímica, ingeniería, arte, geometría. Mi clase favorita son inglés y arte. En el arte siempre tiene un lápiz y papel. Es importante para dibujar. En el inglés es requerido tener un cuaderno. En la clase de inglés siempre escribimos y participamos. No me gusta mucho geometría porque es muy aburrida. En Inglés tenemos que libros. Necesitamos plumas. En geometría tenemos que una calculadora. Es requerido una carpeta. Su importante tener una lápiz y borrador. En la clase de geometría siempre trabajamos duro y intentamos a participar. Siempre prestar preparado en SLA.

    La Srta. Manuel enseña español. la Srta. Manuel le gusta leer. No le gusta nada dormir. Español es muy interesante. La Srta. Manuel es muy divertida. Él Señor Kay enseña inglés. él señor Kay es bastante genial. Inglés es entretenido. Señor Kay es interesante. Él Señor VK enseña ingeniería. Él Señor VK es bastante energético. Él Señor VK ama para comer. Él es un súper profesor interactivo. Ingeniería es más o menos interesante. La srta. Jonas enseña historia. Historia es bastante aburrida. La Srta. Jonas es una profesor trabaja duro. Ella es observante. A ella le gusta que hablar. SLA tiene diversos profesores.
    SLA es un asombroso. Me gusta la libertad en SLA. Es calmante. Lo que más me gusta de SLA es las computadoras. Mi favorita coma sobre SLA son los profesores. No me gusta nada la matemáticas clases en SLA. SLA es muy interesante, divertida, y impresionante.

Video Link:

Annotated Bibliography

​Shah, Anup. "Causes Of Poverty." , 07 Jan. 2013. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.

This source explains the background and reasons for why many people are in poverty. This source shows statistics of children living in poverty, and how many is being spent on useless things other than things that are badly needed. This makes a broad understanding to why many people are in poverty due to bad decision making. People have different opinions and thoughts to why people are in poverty but everyone has a different reason for that, therefore no one really knows the reason why poverty was led in this way.

. "Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2010." , 13 Sep 2011. Web. 14 Feb. 2013.

The Census Bureau stated the amount of people in poverty by race and origin, and the difference between between 2009 and 2010. This may show how people were wealthy and over a year end up in poverty. The reason why this issue may have become this way may be because of different reasons, mainly because of decisions. The main influence on this problem and it's future would be to help these people in poverty to get back on their feet and make the right choices that aren't going to lead them back into poverty, but to have a better outcome for their lives.

Gamble, I. "World Neighbors Finds Solutions to the Root Causes of Poverty." , Web. 14 Feb 2013.

This source explains what poverty is, and how poverty affects people and their daily lives. People who are living in poverty can't afford food which makes them lack from nutrition in their system. The reason why this source helps out the reasons of poverty is because it explains thoroughly what people go through when in poverty and how they can't make decisions that others have opportunities of, they have to live and sacrifice with what they have. People in working neighbors work to find solutions to help improve the causes of the people in poverty.

Holmes, Jamie. "Why Can’t More Poor People Escape Poverty?." , 06 Jun 2011. Web. 13 Feb 2013.

This source explains how poverty is described to be a decision making control of people. People have a hard time deciding what choices that they'd rather choose which leads them in the wrong paths leaving most of them in poverty if they have no support. Statistics and evidence prove that poverty makes it even harder for people to escape it. Many people in poverty have a hard time dealing with money, making wrong decisions because they don't have the same wealth as others do.

Cartagena, Amanda. "Interviewed Chelsea Dawn." , 13 Feb 2013. Web. 13 Feb 2013.

I interviewed Mrs. Dawn from the W.I.C office over the phone and I asked her questions about people in poverty. The main question I had for her was "Why do you think people in poverty have a hard time making decisions?", she replied "People in poverty have a hard time making decisions because they don't exactly know what they want, almost as if they don't set goals out for themselves which is why they have a hard time leaving poverty." As she explained thoroughly it helped me have a better understanding to why so many people are in poverty because of decisions that they make.
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​Annotated Bibliography, . "SEPTA plots to stem crime." (2008): n. page. Print. <>.

This is a journal article and I think its a good source because it tells us what SEPTA plans to do to keep a hold on the crimes. It also gives statistics about the crimes that have been committed compared to how many were committed in 2004. It doesn’t just say SEPTA is trying to fix all the problems. It tells the reader every single thing they are going to try to do in order for passengers to feel safe.

Graphic Video of Sixers Fan Shooting Bulls Fan on SEPTA El. 2012. Video. NBC10Web. 14 Feb 2013. <>.

This video will be helpful because it shows the whole attack. Even though it may be hard for people to watch it shows how well the surveillance cameras work, and also how clear they are. The surveillance cameras definitely helped the boys get caught. This can tie into the future of the problem because if SEPTA were to put more surveillance cameras everywhere maybe the crime rate would go down.  

Nussbaum, Paul. "SEPTA attacker has record of transit terror." N.p., 19 January 2013. Web. 14 Feb 2013. <>.

This article is about the man who recently threw a woman in the railroad tracks. He was also arrested and his bail was set at 2 million dollars. However, as I continued reading it mentioned that he has a record of robbing women and flashing a gun. The article also says that he was arrested in 1996 and was sentenced to 7 ½ - 15 years. You would think someone would learn their lesson but he came out and did the same thing again. I want to use this for future because in this case it seems he did not learn his lesson nor did he care that he spent that long in jail.

Roman, Alex. "SEPTA delves into drivers’ past to improve customer service." Metro. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Feb 2013. <;.

This article is useful because this mentions how the SEPTA drivers have a lot to deal with and how much the violence has gone up from 2010 to 2011. It also mentions how the drivers are all taking a new training method to help protect themselves and the people on the bus. That part of the article has to do with the future of this issue because its how they’re improving and also the current issue, because this is what we’re dealing with.

Hur, Elizabeth. "SEPTA Officials Install Surveillance Video To Crack Down On Injury Frauds." CBS Philly. N.p., 13 Oct 2011. Web. 14 Feb 2013. <>.
Even though this article doesn’t mention anything about violence I still think that it can be useful. I think this article will be useful because it talks about SEPTA installing more surveillance cameras on the buses to stop the injury frauds. However, I think what people don’t realize is that by them installing more cameras maybe people will stop and think about committing a crime. It also says all the different places the cameras are going to get installed.

Jones, Officer. Interview by Drue Boccuti. 12 Feb 2013. Feb . Print.

I spoke to Officer Jones who works in the non-emergency SEPTA department. He told me a lot of ways SEPTA is trying to improve and get all the protection they can. He also told me why he thinks it got this way and he shared some facts about SEPTA that I had no idea about.
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Sean Force's Works Cited

"Effects of Poverty, Hunger, and Homelessness on Children and Youth." Effects of Poverty, Hunger, and Homelessness on Children and Youth. Ferndale, n.d. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <http:// APAEffectsofHomelessness.pdf>. This source lists a rather large list of parameters and categories that different children could fall into to be considered homeless. Then it goes on to list some potential influences that may end up leading to certain youths then becoming homeless youths and finally it lists some potential consequences for such youths either in the near future or later in their lives.

"Homeless Children: America's New Outcasts." Homeless Children: America's New Outcasts. National Center on Family Homelessness, n.d. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <http:// ArchitecturePlanning/ discover/centers/CYE/Publications/ Documents/outcasts.pdf>. This is a pdf published out of the National Center on FamilyHomelessness, and it lists some common causes for youth homelessness and some things that result from being a homeless youth all of which have accompanying statistics. Then on top of that there are some more statistics about homeless youths in general.

Clouser, Leigh. "Child Homelessness In Philadelphia." Message to Leigh. Clouser. 19 Feb 2013. E-mail. This interview took much longer than I had originally expected it to take, I had emailed the organization and then after some time they sent me the name of one of the people that works there. This person got back to me extremely quickly, they have been working with the organization Standup for kids for a total of 4 years now and they have worked in two of the different offices that the organization has.  They talk about some of the problems related to Homelessness of children like those having to do with sexual orientation and informing their parents of this fact. 

"NRCPFC: Homeless Families and Child Welfare." NRCPFC: Homeless Families and Child Welfare. NRCPFC, 2012. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. < homeless-families-and-child-welfare.html>. This is another one of those sites that lists a lot of pdf's that you can go and download so that your average person could go and find more out about the issue of youth homelessness in the country. Also it has some brief explanations of where those pdf's would take you and what they would tell the reader.

Quarels, Alfred. "Office of Specialized Services." Homeless Children's Initiative. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <http:// homeless-initiative>. This source lists a whole bunch of options and programs that the city has put into place in order to help homeless children go to school and get the things that they need to do well in school. Also It has some things that they can do after  school to help get an edge of sorts and to help them feel like they are actually doing something in the world.

"StandUp For Kids in the News." StandUp For Kids. N.p., 2012. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <>.

This page has a whole host of information about some different programs and organizations related to the subject of youth homelessness. However this page is primarily being used for the picture in the right column that contains a large number of statistics about LGBT homeless youths.

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Philly Love Note from Claire

Dear Philly, 

or Philadelphia, 

whichever you prefer,

I am Claire, and I am your daughter, though you may not know me among your hundreds of other children. 

We walk in the Historic Shadows of your Historic Halls. 

We sit on oversized buttons and under LOVE statues that are perhaps too small.

You may not know me, but I know you. 

So much more than melted cheese on meat in buns,

Even more than history and cobble stones.

Philadelphia, My lovely Philadelphia,

You are murals of trash on walls, Glass becoming sunshine- glowing.

You are gratified South St. where people are not afraid to live, where rainbows fly high, and I have danced in the heaviest of rain.

You are streets lit up with yellow lights sending beams reflecting and refracting on snow, or maybe its just powdered glitter. And under white precipitate blankets that morning- Silence. As even the birds sleep in.

You are Odunde with bright colors flashing and deep rumbling drums bringing the core of other lands to my sidewalk. 

Philadelphia, My sweet Philadelphia,

You are quaker peace, but never submissive. 

You are enduring old and sparkling new.

You are bike rides along muddy rivers and the brightest of the reddest leaves

You are winters much too cold and dry, and summers much too hot and humid.

You are red brick and blue skies and howling howling winds

Philadelphia, My darling Philadelphia,

You are SEPTA which I sometimes hate, but freedom which I always love.

You are more than just a grid

You are so much better than the history books say

Dependable and trustworthy, 

You were always the best of mothers.

Philadelphia, My lovely, sweet, darling Philadelphia 

To the city of brotherly love, here is a daughters feelings, overflowing in blue pencil, too much to fit on a page. 

Philly you are my heart, 

my rock,

my home, 

my guardian, 

Existing above and bellow me in peace and tumult. 

But most importantly,


    You are mine.

                            And I am yours.

Truly and Forever, 


Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 1.15.35 PM

Maggies Love Letter To Philly

Maggie Long

Favorite Spot: Around Northern Liberties
Neighborhood: The whole city 
Address: Currently couch surfing all over philly
I am: A Philly Biker
Current Home: Everywhere, Philadelphia PA

Philly. You have treated me well. Before I came to you, I was only a little girl in the suburbs of Allentown. Now I'm proud to be what people call a "City Kid". I'm a Philly lover, friend, explorer, student, young entrepreneur, writer, actor, and most of all, I am a Philly Biker. I bike around the city like it's my job. It's how I learn. I love biking around and seeing cool new spots to hang with friends at, or see new mosaics, or artwork. God it's beautiful. Looking at the city from a distance is breathtaking. Especially at sunset. At that point in time, the city is yours. It's almost as if the world stops for a second so that you can take a breath and fall in love again with the city. I wouldnt want to ever loose that feeling. Stay safe Philly. 

With love,

A Philly Biker 


With Love

Favorite Spot: Schuylkill River Loop/Trail

Neighborhood: Center City 

I am, a high school senior about to move on to UPenn

Years in Philly: my whole life

Current Home: Roxborough/Manayunk

Dear Philadelphia,

Of all places I love to run, it has to be along your scuzzy Schuylkill River.

I know this path backwards and forwards with my eyes closed. It's there for me when it snows in October and is 90 degrees in February, for a long run or a short one. It has seen me during my best intervals and worst hill repeats. 

While it might flood every now and then or play host to annoying regattas crowding the trail, it's seen my through training for every race I've done. It's the watering hole for amateur and season runners serving a purpose- an occasionally challenging, dependable route with mile markers and drinking fountains along the way (spring to the end of fall, anyway).

My favorite thing along this route is the angels- Three Angels, actually. Really called Playing Angels, they are huge statue angels on high pillars on the banks of the river at the junction of Kelly and Fountain Green Drives. I use them as a mile marker, a rest stop and a lot of time--motivation. I repeat mantras about just getting to 'The Angels' to complete difficult runs. At one time, getting to them was the farthest I'd ever run.

It's an escape from schoolwork and busy city life without going too far from you at all. 

With love,



Mi escuela favorita

Marlyn Mooney
Tiarra Bell
Saul Salas
                            El U4 Banda C Guión  

(Song playing in background flight of the bumblebees )

(The front of the school and the opening of the doors will be shown)


Marlyn Speaking:
Bienvenido a Science Leadership Academy! Está en centro ciudad filadelfia y Norte veintidós calle y abajo de la calle de Trader Joe’s. Sla es muy diferente. Es hace escuela interesante y diversión, y la estudiants es muy extran. Esta escuela es súper divertida con bobos y extraños per sonas.

(Visuals of school/ A video: We begin to walk up the stairs in the front stairway and walk down the second floor highways to the Español class)

(Snapshots of the the Spanish class, students and Srta. Manuel)


Tiarra Speaking:
En la clase Español, estudiantes aprender a hablar español para un segundo idioma. La profesora es Srta. Manuel. En la clase necesito la carpeta, el lapices, los hojas de papel y de no ser llegar tarde!

(A video/ where we walk up the stairs in the first floor stairway up to the third floor. Then we walk down the third floor hallway until we get to the drama studio)

(Snapshot of a drama class, students and Senor Kay)


Marlyn Speaking:

Aqui tengo la clase de drama, El Señor Kay ensana la clase. El es super simpático y cómico, escena muy bien. Tenemos pláticas y la clase bueno y muy interesta. Los estudiantes aprenden to para desarrollar actuando habilidades.


(Snapshots: We take a final look at Science Leadership Academy)

Marlyn Speaking:

SLA es mejor que otras escuelas, en SLA los estudiantes tienen la libertad y nos da una opción pensar y hacer nuestra propia decisiones. El plan de estudios es diseñado para nos permiten ser ocupado en las lecciones través de la discusión y actividades tal como Educon. No puedo decir no me gusta porque me gusta todo de esta escuela.


E1 U4 Banda D

Me llama es Gabby. Soy estudiante de Science Leadership Academy. Esta cerca de una tienda y el Franklin Institute. SLA es una escuela muy trabajadora que es muy sociable, pero pequeña y divertida. Hay cuatro pisos. Hay maso menos 500 estudiantes y treinta y uno profesors y el principal. Tenemos Club de Poesia, paso de equipo, y muchos equipos deportivos. Tenemos el futbol equipo. Me encanta fútbol. Participo en Club de Poesia porque me encanta decir poesia. Es hermosa para mí.

Tengo historia, matematicas, bioquimica, español, ingles, drama, arte, ingenería, y tecnología clases. Mí clase favorita es Ingles y drama por qúe, mi profesor es muy comica y divertida y simpatica. No me gusta mucho matematicas por qúe es muy difícil. Necesitamos en la l clase de ingles los libros y en la clase de matematicas nessecitamos unas plumas y carpeta.

La Srta. Manuel enseña espanol. Ella es baja, guapa, y boba. Ella es morena y le gusta pasar un rato con la familia. La clase de Srta. Maunel es fácil. Ella es un bueno profesora. El Señor Kay enseña ingles y drama. Ello es muy comica y divertida. Ello es muy simpatica y extrãno pero encantadora. La clase de Señor Kay es muy fácil pero más o menos dificil clasificíon. Ello es un gran maestro. Srta. Dunda enseña bioquimica. Ella es a veces seria pero por lo general simpatica. Srta. Dunda’s clase es a veces dificil pero un poquito divertida. Ella es una OK maestra. La Srta. Thompson enseña matematicas. Ella es inteligente y deportista. Ella le gusta ir ciclismo  y correr. La clase de Srta. Thompson es muy dificil pero de costumbre útil.

Me gusta SLA porqúe es muy diverso. Es muy preparacíon por colegio y el mundo real. Lo que más me gusta de SLA es el libertad. Hay nada mi no te gusta en SLA. Puede ser muy duro depende del dia pero sin embargo que le ayudará en la vida. SLA es divertida, una talentosa escuela y una escuela buena.

With love to Philly.

To the city that heard me speak my first words in english. To the city that heard my cry for help. To the city that was able to give me a new outlook on what changes were. To the city that gave me my father back. To my diverse Philly. To the streets that felt me run. To the corner stores that saw me grow up. To the busy city lights that heard my laugh. To my Unique Philly. To the young children running around the corner on hot summer days. To the mini hondas roaring engines. To the splashes of fire hydrants in the hood. To my Loud Philly. To the beautiful late night firework shows at Penns Landing. To the busy streets of center city. To the LOVE statue in the middle of what is true life. To my extravagant Philly. To my my colorful city. To my crazy city. To my happy city. With love to Philly


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