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Mi Casa

1.     Hay dos ventanas.

2.     Hay  uno el stufa.

3.     Hay una concina bonita.

4.     Hay un techo.

5.     La casa es muy peqina.

6.     La casa   tiene un el baño.

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Mi Casa

Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 12.18.30 PM
1. Tiene dos habatacion
2. tiene un sóntano
3. Tiene un jardin
4. tiene un baño
5. tiene un arbol
6. Tiene un cocina
7. tiene una flor
8. Tiene un ventana en todos la cocina

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Hay poner la en la cocina
no hay sofá y  tele. 
Hay una espejo en el baño.
No hay bicicleta en el jardin.
No hay piscina.

Hay unas escaleras en la casa. 
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Brycen's Casa

Mi casa es largo, tiene cuatro pisos.  Hay uns baños.  La cocina fue reemplazado para una sala.  Tiene un hombre de las cavernas en sótano.  Mi casa no tener un garaje, pero hay un jardín en el cubierta.
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¡La Casa De Adan!

​1. Hay una traducir en frente.

2. Hay tres ventanas grande en porche.

3. Hay tres lámparas en el patio delantero.

4. Hay cuatro pequeños arbustos.

5. La casa es de color marrón y blanco.

6. Hay un acondicionador de aire en el sótano
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En Mi Apartamento...

​En mi apartamento, hay un baño entre los dos habitaciónes (para mi y mi hermana mayor, y mi mamá) en el segundo piso. En el primero piso, tenemos un comedor entre mi cocina. En mi comedor/cocina, hay una mesa, muchas sillas y una estufé, y una nevera con mucha comida eso me encanta comer todos los días. Próximo a mi comedor es mi sala. En mi sala, hay dos sofás, una computadora escritorio (con la computadora de mi familia), una computadora silla, un espejo grande, y un tele grande. Tenemos también muchas juegos en mi sala(Xbox, Wii, PS2). 

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La casa es mas viejo.
Hay seis las aves.
La casa tener dieciséis ventanas.

La casa es hecho de madera.
La casa no agua.
La casa no electricidad.
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Mi casa

Aqui es mi casa. Mi casa es grande y bonito. Tiene bastante largo jardin y garaje. Hay tres baños, cuatro habitacíones, y una grande sala. No hay piscina, pero hay muchas floras. Hay arboles con chimenea.
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La casa de Cierto

Esta es mi casa. Hay cinco ventanas y dos cuarto. El sala tiene tres sofá y un tele. El cocina tiene estufa y nevera. Mi cuarto tiene dos cama y un ventanas, hay un guardarropa. Mi padres tiene un cama con guardarropa.


Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 11.01.08 AM
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Blog #4

  • Who you spoke with and why you chose that partner

    - I spoke with two people, Adri and Ernesto. 
  • What did you learn about them? What did you learn from them?


    How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your personal goals?
  • - To be a little more comfortable with speaking because when he spoke, he was really quickly with it and I don't get what he's talking about so I ask ¿Como? like million times. 
  • What specifically did you do well according to your goals/expectations? What specifically to you need to improve on? (Quote specific things you said or did and what you would have done or said if you could do it again)

    - My last week's goal was to have an actual conversation like audio wise instead of IMs because I wanted to improve my pronunciation as well. 
  • Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 10.12.31 AM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 10.13.09 AM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 10.13.23 AM
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    You and the World (make a change)


    Now since you know what bullying is, I am going to tell you why I want you to know about it. I am telling you because most people don’t think about what they are saying to others. I been bullied and I don’t like it. Now I think about what I say to people and I try to say pleasant things to everyone. I try and say "hey" to everyone I know. I do all of this because you never know if you made someones day by just saying "hi" or "you look nice today."

    I have been bullied in the past. I was one of the tallest girls in my school, so people would make fun of me for it. But what they didn’t know was that it hurt me. I explained this to adults and to hear that they understood, made me stronger. But most kids can’t do that. They might think that people really don’t like them when it's not true and they will, most likely, hurt themselves. I think that bullying is not the right way to go in today's society. If your reading this then you should do something about it. Be kind to people and think about what you say to people. This could be happening to any one you love.

     The change will start with you, not only you everyone in the world can make this change. I want you just to think about it, think about really hard.
    We are the change of 2012 bullying !

    (Blog 1)
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    Conversación 4

  • Who did I speak with and why did I choose that person?
  • I spoke to Melisa from Argentina, she was 19!
  • What did you learn about them? What did you learn from them?
  • I learned that she really like working out! There is this thing called body combat it is this crazy intense work out! We talked about sports and she like baseball!
  • How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your personal goal?
  • The conversation was great, it had a nice flow and it was not awkward. There were some misunderstandings but nothing major. I really liked the conversation we had!
  • What specifically did you do well according to your goals/expectations?'
  • I wanted to discuss sports and exercise and we did, I am really glad I talked to her. She was really into the working out stuff!
  • What specifically do you need to improve on? (Quote specific things you said or did and what you would have done or said if you could do it again)
  • Some vocabulary that she used confused so I had to ask what she meant.
  • Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 10.08.24 AM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 10.21.24 AM

    Blog Post 3

    Blog Post 3

    I was having a conversation with my mother (Anita Rios) and she answer most of my questions that i had. For an example why doesn't every spanish speaking country speaks spanish so we could all understand each other and we wouldn't have any confusion on words that are being said and the agents to get us confused. She told me that it was just the way that they were raised and the style that they grew up with and it just stayed with them. Also, that if she were to have a conversation with someone in Espana they most likely would ask her what is she saying because they both have their own style of spanish speaking and their own words that have different meanings that puerto ricans words mean. 


    Me- Why won't people understand your style of spanish if they are from a different spanish speaking country 

    Her- Por ella hablan un español diferente de nosotros y ay mucha palabras que son diferente y para ello son defcil para entender 

    Me- Do you have a hard time understanding someone from a different country? 

    Her- A veces si porque ella hablan different y el accent es dora para entender 

    Me- Do they ever ask you "what did you just say" 

    Her- Si pero no es nada malo.

    Me- Do it get you mad? 

    Her- No? no es na malo solo lo deci que esta tratando a decir y ya. 

    Me- Do you ever try to change your spanish for them? 

    Her- Mas nunca, no es necesario porque son solo dos o tres palabras que son diferente

    me- Which spanish do you think is the best? 

    Her- Para mi, el español de los borucas porque el acente es lindo no es como otro estilos de español que son feo 

    Me- k

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