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Correro Electronico -El Bola - Makarechi

Julian Makarechi

El bola Correro Electronico

Mi ensayo estan dos correos electrónicos escrito por Jose (el padre de Alfredo) a los autoritarios. Jose dará información del abuso que Pablo recibe de su padre. Tendra evidencia de este maltrato infantil.

La película “El Bola” es sobre un niño de doce años que esta siendo maltratado por su padre. La historia contiene la amistad entre Pablo y Alfredo pero no estan en el mismo classe social.
Screen Shot 2012-04-06 at 4.29.17 PM
Screen Shot 2012-04-06 at 4.33.05 PM
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~El Bola Correo Electroníco-- Paren el Maltrato Infantil~

Presentacíon Del Proyecto-- Parte 1:

  Esta piesa es para introducir el tema sobre el maltrato infantil. Este proyecto se va a tratar de un correo electronico què fue mandado a una authorizacìon y esa authorizaciòn se llama el FBI o tambièn conocido como el (Federal Bureau Of Investigation- De España). Sin embargo, hacer la vista gorda es muy injustò y entonces el denuncio nunca paso en la vida de el chaval. Despues, el FBI le respondìo a el correo electronico de la madrastra de Pablo, y estaban muy preocupados por su caso pero tambièn ellos dicen què no hay la prueba suficiente. Conluyendo, què El Bola es una pèlicula muy interesante por què toma sitio en España y adèmas, la pèlicula se trata de un chicó llamado Pablo què tiene muchas cicatrizes y moratones en su espalda. Esto es algo permanente en vez de ser temporario y por eso lo encuentro muy triste.Pero, el papa es el qué tiene todo la culpa y el deveria de pagar por este delito.

Screen Shot 2012-04-07 at 1.10.43 PM
Mas abajo estan los correo electronícos y adémas una imajén extra qué es muy ESSENCIAL.
Screen Shot 2012-04-07 at 1.00.37 AM
Como pueden ver hay en ese correo electroníco hay una imajén, y esa imajén es muy ESSENCIAL por qué aunqué es extra es muy importante para informar los ciudadanos de España y los de Estados Unidos qué paren el MALTRATO INFANTIL y claro este mensaje es especialmente para el papa de Pablo por qué por la buenas o las malas el va para la carcel.

También va a ver un evento para el caso de Pablo en el centro de la ciudad aquí en PA.Es para qué marchen y las voces de los seres humanos sean escuchadas...qué el abuso si va a PARAR.
Screen Shot 2012-04-07 at 12.57.02 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-07 at 1.09.50 PM
Recursos: Mini Bibliografía



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Q3 Benchmark Reflection 1-Page Essay

My group completed and had a prosperous final product, before we started we all listed our weaknesses and our strengths and we all split up into different categories for the project. My specific part was the initial planning, of what was going to happen, I was the person who brain-stormed and then would present what I thought was a good idea to the group. For this project I could be considered the person who worked on the Design aspect on the rubric that was given to us.

            The challenges that I believe my group faced was that we had little time to work on the project with all the other projects we had in other classes. We did communicate well and we planned out what our video was going to be, I made the storyboard, Terrance edited it, and then Becca and Terrance made a short video of what we had done on the storyboard. We also tried to implement different ideas around the video, for example we wanted to have a Facebook group related to the video so that people could spread the word and help track how many followers we have. We also had this idea where we would have all the same video and links to them in different places and all the links were all different and we would be able to track how people neglected or watched, how in some places there is more focus than others, a lot like law enforcement. This was one of our challenges was to implement our ideas while working on multiple things such as Math and NHD projects.

            Our biggest success was the background research and working together on the Google document, and sharing links and ideas on how we could make our video better and share statistics. Our biggest success was our video because we worked it out who was doing what and we met our self-induced deadlines, but what would have made our project an A were the little things such as the ideas mentioned before. In all honesty I don’t know what our final product that was implemented into society looked like because I went away on vacation, so what I could have done better was communicate with them on the final day of the project.

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Texture, 8.5x11”each (3)

​Below are the texture pieces that I have drawn. I focused on the texture of scales, water, and hair.

This was my favorite piece to draw because I found a beautiful snake to draw and shade. I love the coil of the body and how the body and head of the snake fit together. When focusing on scales, I've realized that it takes a lot of time and patience. This piece took me three days to complete. 
My favorite tool was my finger so I could shade in the scales and make them look connected to the body. My favorite material to use was a dull pencil so I could get the right amount of shading and thickness in between the scales. The best thing about my piece was the body of the snake. The hardest thing to do was draw the scales and have them evenly portioned out. I know when a piece has turned out really well when I can step back and take a sigh of relief. 
When looking at my piece, I see that there weren't really any specific patterns. The scales were just mix matched and connected together. The scales were all a rounded edge shape. In the picture, the lighting is what the snake is looking at. One thing that I would do differently is draw the scales evenly. When I work scales, I am reminded that they have to be consistent. I begin a piece by drawing the bodyWhen people see my work, I'd like them to see the snake and the time I put into the piece.

The next piece I drew was my water piece. My favorite tool was again, my fingers because I felt that shading was an important factor when drawing the water. This is because of where my light reflected and how it would look in real life. The best thing about my drawing was the reflection off the water. The worst thing was probably my swan because it didn't look realistic.
In all I felt that I piece turned out better than I thought because I have never drew water in detailed and didn't know what my outcome would be. When drawing, I factor in the light and the flow of the water., I felt like tose two things would be most important when drawing water realistically. One thing I would do differently is draw the water differently.
When I work with water, I am reminded that it is challenging to draw. I begin a piece by drawing my swan and the setting. I know a piece is done when I can see the reflections in the water. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of relief. When people see my work, I'd like them to see the amount of time and effort I put into the piece.

I didn't really grasp the concept of drawing hair so I spent half of the first class we had googling hair and then I realized that there were four things to focus on: the flow of the hair, the head, lighting, and the shading.
My favorite tool to use while drawing this piece was my thin pointed pencil to represent each strand of hair. I think I did a good job with the shading and the face of the girl. I feel as if I could've blended in her hair better. When it comes to the texture part of the drawing, I feel as if I did her hair justice! My favorite things to shade with was with a dampened clothe and my finger. 
When I work with hair, I am reminded that it is looked at by strand by strand. I begin a piece by drawing the head of the person. I know a piece is done when I can step back and see where the light is coming from and each strand of hair. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of relief. When people see my work, I'd like them to see the strands and shading of hair I drew. 

photo (79)
photo (78)
photo (83)
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Color Wheel, 18x18” - Watercolor

This is the water color wheel that we did. For this art project, I used a cup for water, paint brush, permanent marker, and a ruler. I got everything set up. Then I drew a circle by free hand. I divided the circle into twelve sections so each section could represent the sections on a color wheel. For this project, I only used the colors red, yellow, and blue to make the different colors shown below. I only used red, blue, and yellow because they are the primary colors of the color wheel and that means that they can be combined to make the different colors shown below. 

My favorite tool was the tray I used to mix all of my colors on because I could wash the tray off if the colors weren't right. I could mess up on the tray before I brought the color onto the paper. The best thing about the color wheel is that it shows people what the different primary colors can combine and make. Some patterns that people can spot are the colors and how some of them are darker versions of the other ones. They have a pastel look to them. My favorite color is the teal-blue because it reminds me of the sky on a nice day.

When I work with water colors, I am reminded that they mix effortlessly with each other. I begin a piece drawing a big circle. I know a piece is done when all of the colors above are represented. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of relief...knowing that I did something right. When people see my work, I'd like them to see a completed water wheel.
photo (81)
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Self Portrait, 24x36” Lrg - Charcoal or Pencil

This art drawing was very similar to my previous one because it is a self portrait. The different qualities that this drawing has is the material that I chose to use. For this drawing, I used charcoal on the bottom and then I finished everything off by making fine lines with my color pencils and added a few dark touches to the drawing. I drew all of this on a large piece of paper.

When I work with both charcoal and pencil, I am reminded that I can both shade and color in. I begin a piece by making a back drop and drawing my head, neck, and shoulders. I know a piece is done when I can step back and see where the light is coming from, the shading, and how the final product works. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of relief. When people see my work, I'd like them to know that it is a self portrait. 

The hardest parts were to color over the thick areas of the charcoal because it would either scratch off or fade in with each other. The easiest parts were drawing in pencil and shading with charcoal.

Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at 9.17.05 AM
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El Bola: Maltrato Infantil - SLovett-Pekins

En la clase de Español cuatro, los estudiantes vieron la película El Bola por Achero Mañas. La película se trata de el maltrato infantil de un chaval llamado Pablo, pero su amigos lo llaman Pellet. En la película Pablo vive en una casa con una familia disfuncional. Su padre le pega y azota a Pablo mucho, su madre y abuelo son muy débiles. El conflicto en la película aparece cuando el amigo de Pablo, Alfredo, reconoce los indicios de la crueldad de el padre de Pablo. Finalmente, la familia de Alfredo necesita elegir, denunciar, o hacer la vista gorda sobre la situación de Pablo. La mejor parte de la película para mi fue la enseñanza del tema sobre la verdad del maltrato infantil. Cerca del fin de la película el papá de Alfredo decide ayudar a Pablo y denuncia las acciones de su padre; estoy de acuerdo con su decisión. Finalmente, inaparte muy  importante para mi aconteció en el final de la película; hay un momento qué Pablo expresa sus sentimientos y revela toda la negligencia, las heridas, y el comportamiento negativo que por la cual fue sometido.  En la parte de abajo hay un ejemplo de una persona denunciando el abuso de una estudiante Lily Suárez, la repuesta de la policía y el principal de la escuela.

Solamente el texto

Querido Principal Medellin

           Yo quiero denunciar que una niña en mi clase es víctima de el maltrato infantil. El nombre de la chavala es Lily Suárez y durante el tiempo de sueño, yo note unas cicatrices y moratónes sobre su hombro. Yo pido que tu previenes esto y lo denuncies a la policía para la seguridad de Lily. ¡Denuncia por favor!

-Maestro Carlos

Querido Maestro Carlos.
¡Espere! Yo comprendo que tu quieres promover la prevención del abuso de Lily, pero hay un problema. El papa de Lily da mucho dinero a la escuela, y ni yo ni otras personas sabemos la posición de otras personas en su familia. Además, es importante que tu sepas la posición que tu tienes. Su trabajo es solamente enseñar a los estudiantes. ¡Enseñe! ¡Solamente enseñe!

-Principal Medellin

Querido Principal Medellin  y La Policía
           Yo no estoy de acuerdo con lo que usted escribió en tu último correo electrónico. Yo pienso que eres una buena persona pero, al contrario, tu respuesta sobre la situación es muy preocupante. Cómo puede usted decir que el dinero es mas importante que la seguridad de una chavala. Es terrible! Tu actitud es igual que una persona que pasó un homicidio. Cuando una persona hace la vista gorda, esta hiendo en contra de la ley. ¡Denuncie eso! ¡Enfrente la situación! Nosotros somos personas y somos capases de ayudar. Entonces voy a ayudar mientras tu corres. ¡Corra!

-Maestro Carlos

Querido Maestro Carlos

Nosotros recibimos tu mensaje y queremos apoyar a Lily en la situación. Esta es una lista que nosotros necesitamos:

1) ¡Mira! Busque por prueba suficiente, es importante por una demanda y la convicción de el padre de la chavala. La prueba consiste de fotógrafos de los moretones, las cicatrices, y las heridas, o la negligencia con los otros niños.

2) ¡Averigüe! Averigüe información sobre la vida de Lily. ¿Como es la vida casera de Lily? ¿Como es su relación con su padre? Las dos son preguntas importantes.

- Policía.

Aunque esto es solo una ejemplo, el maltrato infantil es un tema muy serio. Una persona puede abusar físicamente, negligentemente, sexualmente, y emocionalmente a un niño. Tres millones y mas personas denuncian abuso infantil en los estados unidos pero es estimado que millones de niños son victimas del abuso. Algunas estadística enseñan que ochenta por ciento de niños en el mundo mueren por el maltrato infantil. Esto incluye niños menores de  cuatros anos. Treinta por ciento  de las personas que fueron abusados en su niñez, abusaran a sus niños. Para mas información, visite

Sitios en el Internet:
- Tiene muchos instrumentos sobre la solución del maltrato infantil y una Chat Room para as victimas que hablan español e ingles.
 -Una petición por la prevención del abuso sexual de los niños.

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The music that I chose to represent my culture is one of my favorite songs by V.Music. The name of this music video is “ Que huong toi” (my mother land). band is a group of 4 Vietnamese boys. band began at the end of 2009/beginning of 2010. The 4 Vietnamese boys are young and very active, who love music and dream to be stars one day. In two years working together they had produced 4 albums and 3 singles. During the year of 2011 was one of the most popular bands in Vietnam.  They had success present “Vietnam ngay moi” album which make them become more popular. Vietnam Ngay Moi had brought so many awards. They also went on tour in Thai Lan for a big night event. Album Vietnam Ngay Moi was a 12-song track about Vietnam from the north to the south and the changing in Vietnam of today and back then. The band put them in different endowment to record the music clip. It shows the beauty of Vietnam and their life growing up.

“Que Huong Toi” is one of the sound track in album that I really like. It not just a regular music clip but also the clip remind me so much of my cultural, Vietnam is part of my culture it’s a place where my childhood memories are. It’s a place that makes me who I am today. The clip was about 4 boys, who go to a different country to get education. In their heart, no mater where they are in this world, the love for their motherland is still there. They never forget their homeland and are never ashamed of it. In the clip they also talk about the different states in the Vietnam. Like Ha Noi, Sai Gon and others. They also show a tradition Vietnamese dress Ao Dai. The clip speaks a lot about Vietnam culture. If you can understand the lyrics of the song you can actually be amazed. It feels like you’re in Vietnam at that moment.

Vietnam is my native land, I lived in Ho Chi Minh and I have so many memories of that place. I had to leave Vietnam for almost 6 years, but there will be nothing that can replace this motherland, even though I’m on the other side of the Earth, 12 hours different. I have friend who I grew up with, who I still talk to today. Memories of being in school, being around those friends. Like the lyrics of the song “ I’m proud to tell people that I'm from Vietnam” a country that will continue to grow and change everyday. People who live in different country will share the same the same culture as I’m.


[ MV ] Qu Huong Ti - V.Music - YouTube1
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Self Portrait, 8x11” Small - Pencil

​Here is a portrait of my self. This was the first art project we did as a class. We had the option of seeing ourself in a mirror or in photo booth. This was a challenging drawing because what I wanted to draw didn't turn out correctly and I missed up on the pupil part on my eyes. Another challenging part was getting my ear to slant perfectly and evenly with my face. The easiest and time consuming part of this self portrait drawing was my hair, I understood where my par was and where my hair curled in, it was just the matter or drawing and shading in my hair correctly. I thought about where the light was coming from and what I could shade lightly or heavily. Another easy piece I drew was my head and the portion size. This is because our student teacher, Emma, couldn't stress enough about how our head was separate in three portions: one for the forehead, one for the eyes, ears, eye brows, and the bridge of the nose, and the bottom portion is for the chin, mouth, and nose. Some areas of improve in is where my vneck shirt comes in and the full shading of the whole picture.

My favorite tool to use was the eraser because I messed up a number of times and took away some hair. This tool allowed me to take away the unneeded and added space for some new pieces I could add to my self portrait. When I work with charcoal, I am reminded that art can be seen in different views. I begin a piece by drawing my outline of the head for the whole sheet of paper. I know a piece is done when I can step back and look at my art and feel proud of it. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of happiness because I want to go home and show my parents so they can be proud of me. When people see my work, I'd like them to have to take a second look and say I did a great job. I am not currently working on anything. 
Although I would love to take some of my drawings and painting back into the art studio and add some finishing touches on my art work so they are perfect when I hang them up.
photo (76)
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Q3 Benchmark Reflection

Throughout this project, I had some challenges, but I also had some cool points. First and foremost, it wasn’t hard for me to do more research on my topic. I was able to have a head start on this project s I was able to help my group mates get a little background check on this topic. That was part of the cool points. I had no problems with my group mates. Everyone knew how to own up to their responsibilities. There were wasn’t one time where either of us had to babysit each other. Our responsibilities were very simple and it didn’t take a lot of time to do so. We came up with this idea of making a video and it never happened because we weren’t able to or something happened. I really wanted t make that video come to life, and I couldn’t make it happen. It really upset me.

My ending piece was not something that I was proud of. The reason why I wasn’t proud of my final piece was because it wasn’t what I wanted it to be. We should have taken the time out of our day to do some interviews, make a video, and check out our final piece before we turned it in. When I saw Cecelia’s group presented their project, I was stunned. It looked so legitimate and when she presented her campaign, I felt the pity for homeless people. And I thought that was pretty awesome because they were able to give the audience an emotion. I think that if you’re able to give the audience an emotion, then your campaign is working.

I felt like my final piece did not offer that. I feel like I didn’t put in so much effort when I should of. I should of spread around the word around and make it happen. All I thought about was “get this project done.” I didn’t think of it as in “this is actually going viral and we need to stop this.” I guess my mindset was more focused on spring break. If I could do this campaign again, I would take my time and put in more effort than I did before. I would actually check my final piece before it got turned in. The only thing was that I wasn’t in charge of putting everything together. Maybe next time, I should be in charge of that job.

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High School Dropout - Reflection

For the quarter three benchmark, my group, Bethany, Rebecca and Serg, were assigned to make a campaign for high school dropouts. Our group had many challenges but eventually it all came together. The four of us split the work but helping each other when we had the time to.

We did not agree on things and that was one of our biggest challenges. We did not agree on the simplest things such as what color, or font to us one our website. Annoying things like that definitely slowed us down. However, as soon as we figured out the design and the layout that we wanted to do, the rest was cake. With the help of Bethany, who worked on this previously, she guided us through the topic, and even showing us her group’s old project.

Also, one of our biggest challenge was communication. Two of our group’s members do not have a phone/facebook/twitter/ichat so it was definitely hard to communicate with them. We had to depend on gmail and the google doc. The google doc was very helpful because you can see who’s online and there’s a chatroom on the sidebar so my group can talk and edit things at the same time.

I felt very confident with my part of the project. Rebecca and I worked on the website, which I thought looked amazing. It was very simply but it still gained the audience’s attention. I also worked on the PSA (which is still pending on SchoolTube), and worked on the article, prevention and the “get back on your feet” sections with my group.

All in all, I enjoyed working with my group. At first, we did not agree on things and we had a lot of challenges but we finished it. We will continue to spread the word to everyone and hopefully our message gets across.
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Music & Culture: An Emotional Connection

I have a culture that I’ve formed through friendships and social interaction, in which an interest in Rock & Roll, as well as a particular band is shared. We all enjoy the music of The Black Keys, and have learned many of their songs on different instruments. We can come together at any time to enjoy each other’s company while playing their music. We all share a common value system that revolves around this type of music and band, and can all connect it to our own personalities and individual lives. Because of this, we can all connect with each other, and reconnect with our roots and how we were raised. Our environments were such that when we were growing up and developing, this type of music was all around us. We were already in the culture of Rock & Roll and Blues from a very young age, and through it have created a sub-culture that is specific to this band. There is a song that we all enjoy and have experienced with one another called Gold On The Ceiling. It is a very unanimously preferred song, and is very adaptable to any situation. Through the music comes an emotion that can only be felt by those in our particular culture, and is shared throughout. It is difficult to express those emotions by one’s self, alone and isolated. It is easy to come together in a culture or group and experience those emotions radiating and connecting you to each person through the music. This is true for many culture groups and communities, but there is a special aspect to music that really brings it out in each individual. The desire to have your views, opinions, emotions, and personal connections shared in a community is a natural human desire, and it drives us to find these people who are alike us in a social environment. This instinct is what influences us to make social connection, and through it expresses even more of these emotions. It is a never-ending cycle that thrives wholeheartedly in the culture of music, whatever your preference may be. Everyone has a personal story that can be told through a song, but the emotion that it expresses is one that can be shared and experienced throughout.

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Our project was about school district funding it was done by Joe w, Mathew Walker, Vincent Russell and myself. We sort of did the project as a group but Joe and I did the website and Mathew and Vincent did the video but we turned it in as one big project.


One of the things that my group could not come up with was what part of the work each person was doing. First Vincent and I were suppose to do the video and the other two work on the website than later on Mathew said that he did not want to do the website and he wanted to do the video with Vincent. I did not know how to make a website so I did not want to make a website either but for some reason I decided at the end to do the website. Thank god Joe had a little experience with (website) so him and I were able to work on the site and we tried to have everything on it.


Our biggest problem was collaboration I feel like as a group we really didn’t collaboration a lot. Some time we will tell each person what they needed to do before the next day and when we get together again and when we ask did anyone do everything they were support to do, some of us be confuse and act like we did not know what were suppose to do. There was one time when Vincent and I try to get every one on the good doc and the others did not feel like getting on or they were to busy with other works.


I think we should have done our project three days before it was due so in that will we could have tell if people our really plying attention to it or not and is it effective or not. It was really hard to figure out if people will actually view our website



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Tell A Story Benchmark

For my benchmark, I raced through a plethora of ideas. I drafted through them, but ended with my emotional state towards an image of a foreign gardner working for Central Park in New York City, New York. From it, I thought out the words for the scene. Combined with a sketch I made of my character. The writing was completed with me actively choosing to avoid punctuation of any form other than periods. Examples of where I contemplated back and forth my decision are seen right at the start. The first being, "34 Meters Above Sea Level Central Park..." where I chose to remove the comma between "Level" and "Central". Thus, breaking the format for most addresses. In cases where adding commas would allow the reader to know the pace and style by which it should be read, I still held firm to my plan. By eliminating the inner punctuation, I felt that I allowed readers to have their own voice, pace, tone, and value of the written lines for digestion. My biggest struggle is right before the last line, which by the way is to show how Sargon has gone from a fisherman in a struggling country and industry to a gardener/street cleaner for Central Park. The line reads, "A face drenched with a bread for sailors." I originally wrote the line as, "A face drenched with a sailors beard." For me the difference was the power to the line. The second version of the line, which was my first, told the reader that he was scruffy and a familiar dweller of the sea. It also states his appearance clear. I revised the sentence to avoid the inner turmoil I felt around not placing an apostrophe "s" after sailor. Even if this could have been left, I decided it worked to change it because now it reads that the beard is for sailors; leaving a mysteriousness between the reader and Sargon's life before the very moment in the piece where he enters this piece of Central Park, merely as a figure.
wfelinski_finaluploadBM_tell a story, Sargon
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Melanie Harrington: "Suspicious Minds" by Elvis Presley. Music and Culture.

Music and Culture

Music is a very important part of my life. It’s always been there for me to pull me back on my feet. Dancing is a very big part of my life as well and it’s one of the very big cultures I am apart of. You can’t have dance with no music. I mean you can, but it’ll be difficult to count and appear to be graceful and flowing. The song that I chose to write about for this assignment is called, “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis Presley. Not only is my uncle a big fan, but I also find his music quite enjoyable. This song plays a very important role in my dancing life this year. It’s the song we are going to dance to at our annual dance recital. The music itself is slow and flowing. The beat of the music helps the dancers to stay on track and count their steps. In the world of dance we count our steps in 8. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…and repeat.  It’s easy for the dancers to get into the song and actually feel it. Plus it’s really easy to choreograph a dance to this song because it’s not too fast nor is it slow and boring. It’s just the right speed for experienced dancers such as myself. 

Elvis Presley- Suspicious Minds
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Reflection Paper

This was a pretty cool project. Most of my groups project was collaborative because we didn’t really want to break it up a lot, but instead do it mostly collaboratively. But there were some portions that were individual of course. My individual role was to get statistics and find places that would let us interview a few people and getting my things for the fund raising bake sale. Other than that I contributed to everything else we did as a group like get the slogan, make questions to ask the homeless people, helped with the overall idea, went throughout the city to go to these places…etc. There was a lot that actually went into this project, and there were a lot of challenges, but some could have prevented I guess. The overall design was also collaborative, but the design of the website was Cece’s idea. We had a few challenges with getting the bake sale organized, getting our posters printed, and the biggest challenge was getting in contact with the places and actually getting to interview the homeless people. On one day we traveled all over center city for a couple of hours and had no success.  But in the end we managed to et everything together and present our final project. We also managed to get an interview with a homeless person. We all came together to make the success possible for the bake sale and for the time to go running around the city, and for getting everything we needed to get to make our project a success.



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Reflection Paper

With all projects come challenges and easy points. So, I’d say our group did a fairly decent job. When we first got our topic we told each other what our weaknesses are and our strengths, and planed accordingly. As a group we were split on what medium to use for our project. Eventually decided on using both a video and a website. We then split our group into smaller groups; Mabintu and Joe working on the website while Mat and I work on the video. Collaboratively we all gathered resources to put on both medias and shared the google doc so we could have access to it. 

A challenge for me was finding videos that go along with the facts. It was easy finding out what had been cut but for a video you need someone to say it, to be more believable. Also, I thought communication with in our group was a challenge since some people would be on at times and other not, but we over came that. 

I think our success was knowing what angle we wanted people to view the topic as. It is such a complex and broad problem to talk about so we ended up showing more about the struggles that the district is facing. Not so much that its their fault but its a system that we’re apart of and can improve.

All in all, I think our project was pretty decent. We’ll start getting the word out there this spring break to see the impact, if any, it has. Hopefully there will be. And continue on from there.

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Reflection Paper

For our group’s projects, there were plenty of downfalls but there were also some successes along the way. For example, when we first started planning what we were going to do for our project, everything sounded as if it was going to go well. In the beginning, we wanted to first go around the city and pay homeless people to do an interview with us but we then seen how that could be a problem beings though some homeless people may feel offended to the idea. We then thought of another idea, which was to visit homeless shelters and food distributions. When we visited one of the homeless shelters, we thought it was a hospice because of the sign in the window. We asked one of the few guys who were coming in and out of the building what exactly was the building for and who exactly lived there and the man had said it were for homeless men who were trying to work their way out of homeless. We thought that connected to our slogan since our slogan was  “Homeless not Hopeless”. We then wanted to set up something there so that we could buy them something to eat in exchange for interview questions. The director agreed to let us make sandwiches for them while we interview them and he gave us a set time. Beings though NHD took longer then we expected, we missed the time that the Director told us to come and he was not answering his phone. Another issue we faced was that we wanted to buy stickers with our slogan on it but we couldn’t purchase them in time so we brought posters from staples instead. One of the successes in this project was our fundraising bake sale. We wanted to raise money so that we could buy food for the homeless people who we interviewed and my group nearly sold everything and made a lot of money from it. In the end, our group managed to get interviews with homeless people. Ways that we got our issue out to people in Philadelphia was that we made posters with our slogans on it, both for the city and to put around in SLA as well. Also, we made a website explaining what our organization is and how to help and we also put the stories of the homeless people on the website as well.  

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Temperance, "Take me away", Music&Culture

Hello, my name is Temperance Moore. My culture is Christianity. Christians believe in God. We believe that there is only one God. As Christians we don’t really call it a “religion” but a lifestyle. The artist I chose was Sarah Kelly and the song I chose by her is called “Take me away”.  Sarah Kelly is a gospel rock artist. My history with this song goes back to when I was about 9 or 10. My aunt first introduced me to one of Sarah Kelly’s albums. She would play it out loud in the car and my two favorite songs on that album were “Matter of Time” and “Take me away”.

We loved Sarah Kelly and would listen to her all the time. The song “Take me away” is basically about how Sarah loves God a lot and she expresses how much he did for her. Also how she just wants him to take her away so she can just be with him. What moves me about Sarah are the lyrics in her music. To me they are so genuine and true. Just by listening to her music, I can tell she longs for that closeness to God, like that’s all she wants. Also there’s a story behind it all. To me it’s a story that I can relate to.

 What also moves me is the fact that she’s not doing it for show; she’s doing it because she truly loves God. That’s what I really admire about her. This song is an important part of Christianity because it’s a Gospel song so it promotes God. Sarah Kelly is also a Christian who loves God so that’s also why it’s an important part of Christianity. This song shows Christianity because it’s talking about God. Not only is the song based on God but also the person who sings it is a true Christian. The song “Take me away” represents the life a Christian, the life of Sarah Kelly. 

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My song



The song that I have picked to represent my culture is Basketball by Lil Bow Wow. I grew up with him, when he was younger. He had a lot of popular songs, Like bounce with me and puppy love. I think lil romie and him is one of the youngest rappers to rap.


He was in a movie called Like mike. That is where is song came out. This song kinda moved me to go out and play basketball. The thing that moves me about him is that he put different basketball terms in a song to show what they mean. The importance of the rapper to my culture is that he put basketball in a song.


            This song shows represent a big thing to my culture because he is very big.



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Briana Bailey. "Children's story" Music and Culture

Music is important to me for many reasons. It can explain how I feel at any moment in time. Also its just a way of life using music to put yourself Black Star is one of my favorite artists ever. I grow up with a mom who was really into old school hip-hop and a lot of R&B no matter what year it was. So growing up I listening to them, tribe called quest, Indi are, tweet, etc. the way I grew up would be totally different due to music.

In the song “children’s Story” by “Black Star” it’s basically the uncle Mos def telling his nephews a bedtime story. I grew up listening to a bedtime story from my mommy “goodnight moon” and that was like my favorite story of all times. I relate to the little kids at the beginning saying they want a story before they go to sleep. In the song it talks about real life issues and things that some people may go through. As a young teen and child it was important to me to hear stories about these things as long as it bettered me. I am apart of the bedtime specials culture. I read my little sisters, and cousin and sometimes myself.

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My Culture "Chinese"

                        "LOVE HIGH"

My culture is Chinese. I use Korean music to describe my culture because many people think of Chinese people as people who study and who don’t have much fun like other race. In my culture, friendship, family’s bond and dreams are the most important things. We believe that dream is the most important thing because it’s our first step toward a goal and succeeding on becoming something. Our culture is also very big on education. My culture believes that education is the first step in everything because we believe that education leads our future. Our parent always educated us to go forward with our dream. This song called “love high” has no artist because it came from a TV show called Dream High. I found this song important because it is important to express feeling toward one another to make a better and stronger friendship and bond. In my culture we also believe that music is another way to escape darkness. In my culture, we always say, “No matter what stand in the way, always move forward toward that goal.”  Love high is a song about dream and how to always fly up. I choose this song because it motivated other people to fly up to their dream like in my culture.


Through the show called dream high, the two girl who high five each other was rival, but through music like this, it pulled them back together in a inch closer on becoming friends again. And in my household, whenever something happen we use music like Love high to sing and enjoy the time and creating the bond of the family stronger. During Chinese New Year, our family always prays through our god saying something about leading our children into the right path with their dream and let them succeed with that dream. And using that dream to created their future. That’s why I choose this music called “Love high” because it talks about dream, and dream like a key into our future in our culture. 

Here is the picture of one of the person who sing it. Click here for the video on youtube. You need to watch this video in other to understand the last paragraph. 
Thank  you 
Screen Shot 2012-03-30 at 1.55.51 PM
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