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Lobbying Lopic #3-Fracking!

​So far this is an okay year for the people who are saying Frack NO! In Philadelphia we have had a rally, passing out buttons and bumper stickers, gettin the word out with information flyers and pamphlets, etc. but we have not yet reached out goal. Fracking has not come to a complete hault yet, be we are working toward it every step of the way. Working harder and harder so that our water can stay as clean as possible. We are trying to stay as far away from the results the people in the movie-documentary "Gasland

Below is a shocking video of the effects of fracking on local drinking waters.
In order to have a great compacting outcome We need to contact all the oil companies who participate in Fracking. We could also have Senator Vincent Hughes who could guide us in contacting the right people and be by our side with every step of the way with making change. 
We can influence citizens of the community to join us in the movement against fracking in general and show them graphics and videos about what it can do to their drinking water.  
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iHola Andruw Beciera!

Querido Andruw, iSaludos desde Filadelfia!
Hola, me llamo Alejandro. ¿Como estas? Soy tengo quince años, mi cumpleaños es el veintiseis de septiembre. ¿De donde eres tu? Soy de Filadelfia. Hace frio en Filadelfia. ¿Que tiempo hace hoy? ¿Como eres? Me gusta escuchar musica. Me encanta rap y también alternative. Sin embargo no me gusta nada hip hop ni tampoco country. Soy de súper lindo y también comico. Y como si fuera poco, moreno y hablador. Me encanta cantar y también bailar. Además, me gusta cocinar y comer y también relajar en la escuela. También platicar con amigos. Soy perezoso y me gusta mucho pasar un rato con amigos y también salir con mi novia.

Tengo que ir a la escuela, ¡Adios!
Photo on 11-22-11 at 4.44 PM
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Shopping slide

   The way I made my slide was to make people look. The pictures represent stores I like to shop it and they way I arranged them was in a collage form, I chose this because I liked they way it looked, and it’s very creative. I let some of the pictures over flow off the page, I got the inspiration from seeing the IKEA bill bored. I did not really have a color seam because I just did not think it would look right the background ties it all together. 

One slide
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Fracking: Lobbying Blog Post #3

This is actually a very good year for lobbying against tracking. It is actually surprising how well it is going. Awareness of the issue is rising at a very fast rate. More and more people are being affected by fracking and the hardships that it is putting down on them. More people are complaining about water contamination, sickness, and unemployment (as I mentioned n the first blog post) and people are taking action. Fracking is being debated in many places. Recently, in Burmingham fracking was debated in a three hour hearing in which more than 1000 people attended, and only 63 people got to contribute to the decision against fracking. This hearing was one of eight that have happened so far. On top of that, hours before the actual hearing, the crowd rallied against fracking. Some opponents are certain companies and coalitions that are trying to say that all the claims about fracking having negative impacts are all overblown and over-exaggerated. Companies also try to say that fracking has been used safely for years and their is a small chance it has negative affects. Nevertheless, many citizens are fighting against fracking and trying to get their points across.

       Something that is huge in the lobbying against franking topic is just a day ago the Environmental Protection Agency started talking about plans to start developing rules and regulations that require all makers/processors of chemicals used in the oil/gas industry to submit all records on those chemicals. On top of that, they also have to submit health/safety studies on those specific chemicals. The whole thing started with concern on fracking fluid and the chemicals that it is made up of. The EPA also wants specifications on fracking fluid especially to help come to certain conclusions. This is great because it not only will give us more information on the chemicals used in certain fluids, but their will be much more oversight on things such as fracking fluid and may conclude fracking in many areas. Another thing is other areas and states are starting to take action and finally make actual decisions on fracking. There is a decision soon to come from a debate in which fracking would be stopped in the Delaware River Basin. This is good because once one place stops fracking, others may follow.

       There is definitely some key players that would be essential to the outcome. One of those people would be Mayor Nutter because it would definitely increase support. His support is very powerful. Also having my Pennsylvania Senate Christine Tartaglione and my House of Representative John Sabatina would increase support especially since they already have had some impact on this subject. Many people are working on this especially some government officials and groups/citizens in support for lobbying against fracking. There are many hearings coming up in the next month or so so that will help clear things up and also the EPA rule that I mentioned a bit earlier will definitely have a good impact in which it would clear up more on the true affect of fracking and whether it should be stopped. Specific dates are yet to be announced, but lobbying against fracking is really heading in the right direction.

crowd attending EPA hearing on fracking in Canonsburg Pa in July 2010[5]
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¡Hola! Alexis Quintero

Saludos Desde Filadelfia 
Querida Alexis,

¡Hola! ¡Buenos Dias! Mi nombre es Richard Yoeun. ¡Estoy muy muy muy muy bien! ¿Qué tal? Tengo quince años. Mi cumpleaños es el doce de noviembre. ¿Y tú? Soy de Filadelfia. Soy asiático, soy camboyano, bastante alto, mucho sociable, por lo generally inteligente, muy serio, siempre simpático, siempre trabajador, e muy muy muy muy encantador. Me gusto mucho leer, estudiar, escribir e relajar. Me encanta bailar, nadar, correr, ir a la escuela e dormir. No te gusta nada ver la tele, ir al cine, hablar por teléfono, jugar videojuegos e ir de compras. ¿Y tú? ¿Cómo eres? Yo incredibly tocarlas baterías , sin embargo cuando tengo tiempo libre surfear la red con amigos. Me encanta Dom Omar y salsa. Responde cuando puedas. Bueno, me voy porque tengo que trabajar. ¡Adios! 

                                                                               Con cariño,
                                                                               Richard Yoeun
Ésta es Filadelfia.
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Betty Louis: Q2 Media Fluency

Of course just by looking at my slide you obviously can guess that I LOOOOVVEEEE Christmas! I choose to put on my slide the subject of Christmas because it my favorite holiday of the year and one of my upcoming events that I am really excited about. The big words that I put in my slide represent that first few words that come to mind when I think of Christmas. The main word I put in the biggest size is family because for me it is the whole point of Christmas. I used the colors red and green because well as you all know they are the main colors of Christmas. I also put pictures of me with family/friends from past Christmas to show you what I look like and to also have a connection to the words family and love in my slide. In doing this project I have learned many things such as how to make the slide eye-catching to a point where you just go “that is just more than great!” You have to make it simple but not to simple that it seems baby-ish. Just simple enough for each and everyone of the audience to understand what you are trying to present to them. You must also make it seem fun and colorful with NOO paragraphs or long bullet points. With stuff like that people are just going to walk away from your slide or turn the other way. So if you want your slide or poster to be heard don’t do that. Put lots of pictures of just one picture that you think and edit it to make it look visual. Meaning it has be noticed that your eyes can’t stop looking or trailing around it. Like making the text of your words really big.  Use up practically all the space and balance out the use of objects in that slide. Also “don’t be afraid to bleed” meaning don’t be scared to allow some of the picture(s) in the slide to appear like it come off the edge to make it seem like it can’t fit. That’s actually good because with it looking like it can’t fit makes it seems like its really big and with things really big allows the slide to be more interesting. All of these things I did.


Me magazine
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¡Hola Carlos!

Querido Carlos, 
¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? Soy Melanie y tengo catorce años. Vivo en Filadelfia con mi familia. Es una ciudad bastante grande entre la ciudad de Nueva York y la capital. Es famoso por sus "cheesesteaks". It's diverso. La gente es muy culta. Se conoce como "La Ciudad de Amor Fraternal". Sebastian y Sean es mi hermanos y Mackenzie es mi hermana. Mackenzie es muy bonita. Soy la mayor. Mi cumpleaños es el ocho de Julio. Estoy muy cansado. ¿Y tu? Hace mucho mucho frio. ¿Qué tiempo hace en Maracaibo? 
Me encanta escuchar en musica y leer. Me encanta la banda Mayday Parade. Uf, no me gusta nada mainstream musica. Me gusta estar de vago con mi amigos y sufear la red.  ¿Y a ti? ¿Qué te gusta hacer en Maracaibo? ¿Qué música te gusta hacer? Qué te interesa? Soy muy intelegente y muy muy peresoza. Soy extraña y habladora. Soy más o menos bajo y morena. ¿Cómo eres?
Bueno, me voy porque tengo que tengo que ducharme. Espero conocerte alqún dia. Responde cuando puedas. ¡Adios!

Con cariño,
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Lobbying Blog Post #3: Campaign Finance Reform

                The Fair Elections Now Act was reintroduced on April 6, 2011 by Senator Dick Durbin in the Senate and then by Representatives John Larson, Walter Jones, and Chellie Pingree in the House of Representatives. This reintroduction got a lot of media attention by the 7th, and on April 12, the bill was brought before the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights. Senator Durbin and other sponsors of the bill believe it is a comprehensive response to the recent Supreme Court decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission in 2010. This ruling in this case and in previous cases dealing with similar issues set back finance reform because they agreed that putting a limitation on contributions such as in ads and donations from corporations to candidates hinders their “political free speech.” However, the Fair Elections Now Act would amend the Federal Election Campaign Act so that there would be a public fund set aside for candidates to use in elections. Therefore, neither the “free speech” of corporations and lobbyists hindered nor are politicians that cannot afford to run their own campaign forced to use money from these contributors. Some trust could be restored into politics because disclosure still stands under FECA, and now we would have candidates that will choose not to rely on lobbyists. Under the public eye, these candidates would be the most trustworthy. Therefore, more candidates that wish to gain public favor would use as much public funds as they can. All in all, the election process would just be that much cleaner because a candidate would not be forced to get dirty. So, how are the politicians taking this bill?

                Well, this is not the first time the bill has been introduced. The first time around, it just got pushed around and never really got passed. This time, it garnered more media attention with its reintroduction and more government support. There are currently 13 co-sponsors in the Senate, and 78 co-sponsors in the House working for this bill. Since its introduction, there has been progress in the form of hundreds of messages have been sent to Congress, letters have been written to the newspapers, and there are over 12,500 citizen co-sponsors for the bill. However, there has not been any support from candidates. Also, in recent months, this particular bill has cooled down. It has still not been passed into law. There aren’t any upcoming meetings or dates involving the Fair Elections Now Act. Some fear that once again the bill is just going to sit in committee and never get passed. Maybe if more Republican Senators and Representatives also paid it attention, more could be done with. However, what this bill really needs – and what finance reform needs in general – is bigger government support. I’m not talking about more Senators and Representatives stepping in, I mean that more influential people need to step up. Senator John McCain has been a long-time supporter of campaign finance reform. In fact, after the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United vs. FEC, he did predict a backlash from the public once they realized just how much money lobbyists could control in government. But, where is he on this bill? He isn’t one of the main supporters, that’s for sure. He actually dared to say that campaign finance reform is dead. But, that's only because people like him stopped fighting for it. If bigger name politicians spoke on this bill, whether in support or disagreement, it would at least get more media attention. I highly doubt the public is even aware that a public fund option is even possible in elections.

                Now, I’m not saying we want to drag Obama into this particular bill. He has a lot of big things on his plate that he desperately needs to deal with (the economy, for one). However, he at least needs to have a more noticeable position on the subject. How can campaign finance reform get started if even the president doesn’t pay enough attention? You want to know why this year is a perfect year to get this reform going? There are the Republican primaries and soon there will be the next Presidential election. Any candidate that takes the plunge in public funding and avoids corporation contributions will shine brighter in the public eye. Occupy Wall Street has been going strong for weeks now, and although the protestors are being forced to move, you can bet the sentiment is still there. People want government to clean up. They’re tired of 1% of the population having all the money and power, and using that money and power in government. It is a little sad that there have been a number of Occupy demonstrations in Philadelphia, yet Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey has no connection with finance reform and only Representative Michael Doyle co-sponsors the Fair Elections Now Act. At least a state that deals every day with public frustration towards government would feel a little bit more initiative on reform. These are most likely the men I could most directly influence, but to be honest, the only way anything is going to get done about campaign finance reform is if people are aware of the problems.

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Blog Post #3: Curfew

Only one person from the council didn't approve of the "Curfew" law all of the other council members signed and approved for it. There is support coming from all over the city to back up the "curfew" in a way where they don't approve. When the law was being decided there were signs up stating "Shame ! shame!" That the kids aren't the problem. One woman from the protests against the "Curfew Law" stated, "The kids are not the problem." Jim Lynam is also another person who isn't't in support of the curfew. He states that, "I never had curfews with my kids."

The media is giving into this very much because the people of the city are in support of the law but are also aren't in support. The main focus for the law is to keep kids off of the streets and into well managed areas during a right time. I also believe that the news in particular is really looking into this case because now the law is "more restrictive." Not many people are into the law which, is why the people still have a say in this.

The main opponent in this Law is Mayor Nutter. "There comes a point, whether in the neighborhood or anywhere else, where they basically should either be home or in the care and custody of their parent or guardian.” Mayor Nutter is of great power he is one the most powerful people in the city because he's the mayor. He is the one who believes that teens should be inside by a certain time because of all the trouble that occurs during the night such as "flashmobs." I don't believe that there are any policies regarding the support of no "Curfew" there are many policies regarding the curfew law though. I believe that I would nee to work with someone of great power in order to make this non curfew a policy.
One main stakeholder would be the national youth rights association organization. This organization allows a teen who is oppose of the curfew law to help make a campaign and support and advertise all over their city or state. "Fight Back Against your City's Curfew." I believe that the ones who definitely help support the non-curfew policy would definitely be the one council member who didn't approve of the law in the first place. I believe that this council member would be of great assistance. If I got this one council member to approve of doing a policy or anti-curfew than from there we would be able to move decisions and opinions in a way where the public is aware of the actions that we are making and to also consider other council members to change there mind as well. Sponsoring, convincing  and advertising is all we really need because overall we have a pretty good idea and feel of the overall topic at hand. Everyone has their own opinion.
​The one council member, the organization, those who are in support of no curfew and the public as well. I believe that with the support of all these people also incorporating the support of those who are popular in sports such as Jim Lynam where he can help get the people of the city aware of this. If he gets the "word out" meaning speaks out on this then the people who are for the curfew might have a different view on this topic.
I can influence the people and those of great power such as the mayor to notice what we are trying to do. The entirety of the entire curfew law process has already reached it end basically the law is set and already in progress. There are no deadlines or meetings here right now.
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Mingxue Zheng: Q2 Media Fluency

During the process of creating this slide I’ve learned many important concepts about making an appealing, informative, and awesome slide. From various amount of slide designing sources, I learned that the color and the art of words can help people create a professional slide.

The most important aspect of creating decent slides is its attractive color that will captivate the audience. I use a contrast between two opposite colors. Such as black (in the background) and the bright color of the images and words, so the audience will desguised which things on the slide is more important. 

The front and size of the text is also important. In my slide the text explains the central concept. Therefore, it needs to be in the biggest size (96pts) and the brightest color so it will not be masked by other images. As in the article, made by Zach Holman, he used text sizes that are as big as 300pts!

Slides should be in a condensed form, so the audience will not get confused of the information I want to present. As I read the article made by Zen, it states that it should be simple,repetitive, and visual. Nobody wants to read a paragraph! Also, in my slide, the positions and the line of the angle of the images guides the audience, what the direction they should look at. 

It is important to present a slide that is clear, simple, creative, and visual. The most professional slides are made with images and plenty of empty spaces so it isn’t too overwhelming. So, I used the Rule of thirds and the empty space rule, my slide will be balanced.    


There were some of the very helpful websites: 

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Aaron Tang, Q2, Media Fluency

In this slide, I did it visual where people can just look at the picture and less words. People can see what the picture is going to be about. You notice that my picture of me is focusing of that. I learned that if they were too many pictures in one slide, it would be too much for people to remember what it will be. I am focusing on one topic/ picture of me about photography. For the past weeks, I have been adding a lot of pictures, but at the end I only did one picture. I chose my words bigger and bigger. The topic of me is “photography” and the biggest text would be “Mr. Tang.” I came up with that because it is about me and I bold it. This will let people read it easier. I learned that adding small text will let people see harder and the slide will be boring. The bigger the words are, the better it is. Also, the words of the colors are blending with my camera and my sweater. It gives people the visual of repetitions. I have learned that people like to match with the same colors. For example, many people match colors with their clothes. So matching with color helps. The background is dark, while the text colors are brighten. The bright texts would help it shine. I put the cameras on the sides and bleed off because it gives people overwhelm and more professional. The bleed off pictures seems cooler. The slide has some empty spaces so my slide which it doesn’t have to be tacky. Also I chose the colors of the camera to fade away because it is part of the background and I don’t want the cameras to be as important. I gave my picture of myself a reflection and it wasn’t fading because it focuses the topic I am talking about.

Reflection: What I learned from this project is not to add a lot of pictures in one slide. As people driving by billboards, some of them had fewer words and one picture. If there are so many pictures in one slide, it will be too tacky.  Adding less word helps because I learn that making slide shows should be simple and it is better. I also learned that I want one picture to be focused instead of other pictures. During the research, I learn that matching with colors with the words and pictures is better. For example, people like to match colors with their outfits. I have nothing to change because I took almost every elements from the website I used to do my slide. I took my critical thinking to make my slide unique. The camera, I fade it; I don't want the camera to be on spotlight. The curve of the camera is facing towards the words so people can read it. I just want people to see the picture on the right. If I can do this project again, I would take all my knowledge from the website I learned from.


Tech. Final 2.
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Pierce Luck ME- SLIDE

    ​My life has a lot to do with sports so, I put all the sports I ever played in my life in this slide. My color scheme was for all the pictures of the sports to have a little bit of yellow. So I put my font writing really big and in yellow so it would go with the color scheme. In my slide I wrote " reach for the stars , all stars" because when I was younger I wanted to be some type of sports star and back then the sky was the limit. For the shape, I made sure  all my pictures were generally the same size, so it won't seem as if one sport was more important then the other. For texture I wanted to make it clear that I love and have played all different types of sports. Also,  I want to be some type of sports star so I wanted to make it clear that the sky is the limit.
TECH Pierce Luck, Orange slide
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RubyJane Anderson Q2 Media Fluency

Ever since I could remember, I have wanted to be an actress. The first musical I was ever in was "Alice in Wonderland" at my theatre camp. I was the deuce of clubs. When I was assigned this role, I was upset and wanted to quit. But, my mother told me that if I stuck with it, I would eventually get a lead role. So, I stuck it out for the summer. 
The following summer, I returned. I auditioned for the role of Lily st. Regis in Annie, and I got it! My mother was right. Since than, I have been in countless productions. Currently, I am in a production of Rent at the Rotunda in West Philly. 
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Lisa Kang, Q2, Media Fluency

Technology Project
I positioned all the pictures and text so that when you look at them, your eyes will follow them around in a circle. I used green, yellow, and red for the colors, but I picked a bright shade of them. I used these colors because they are vibrant can catch your attention. The colors are not that close on the color wheel so that it would be easier to read the words. Another thing I did was made the title really big so that it stands out. I also made the "me" in the title bigger than the rest of the words in the title because the slide is about me. For the two pictures I outlined them in yellow so that they would stand out more. I shadowed all the text and pictures so that it would look like they are popping out of the background. I put the picture of the lion on it because lion dance is apart of my life. Also for the picture of the lion, I chose a picture that has the colors red, green, and yellow in it. I tried to make everything big so that people can see it from far away. I left a lot of empty space and did not have may words on it. 
Tech Project 12-7-11

Some changes that I made were make everything bigger and making the background a solid color. I made everything bigger because if the is a big space and you would want people in the back to be able to see it too and it makes things easier for everyone else. I made the background a solid color because at first I had it fading into a white color and that didn't needed to be like that because it did not match with everything else on the slide. Another change I made was take away my name and make the exclamation point green instead of yellow. I took my name away because it was really unnecessary since I had a picture of me already on the slide. When people look at my slide they can already tell that it is about me and there's no point in having my name there. I also make the exclamation point green because there was no reason for it to be yellow and it would just make people look there right away instead of looking at what is important. I learned that a good slide shouldn't have a lot of words and that making everything big. When things are big, they actually have to be super big and not just a little big. I also learned that the way you arrange everything on the slide really matters and that something that is pleasing to look at is when all the texts and pictures make your eyes rotate in a circle. I also learned that having pictures bleed off of the page makes the slide look more interesting instead of having the full picture there, which makes everything look boring. 
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Dylan Long - Q2 Media Fluency

Dylan Long


Tech Script

In this slide, I used what I learned from the articles provided by Ms Hull. I learned to keep it simple, don’t use anything that is distracting the audience from the topic, and get the point across rather quickly. I think I did a pretty good job with using that knowledge and applying to my slide. I posted my name, lots of pictures of things that describe me and that I do, and my favorite quote.

tech slide presentation
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Amy Farrell Q2 Media Fluency

​For my slide, I chose a large font that stood out against the background. I chose a purple color and black as the background because they look classy. The lighting on the pictures also fits in with the color scheme. My slide has pictures of animals that I took, and a quote that I like about animals. I tried to keep it simple so the focus is on the pictures. Animals are my favorite things to photograph because they are all different. The different colors of their coats, feathers, or skins adds contrasts to any picture. 
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Querida, Belisa Jimenez

iHola! Mi nombre es My. Soy Vietnamita pero vivo en Filadelfia. Filadelfia es una ciudad bastante grande. Tengo catorce años. Mi cumpleaños es el veintiocho de mayo. En esta momento del año, hace frío. En Filadelfia ahora es el invierno va a nieve pronto. ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy en Maracaibo? 

Cuando tengo tiempo libre me gusta pasar un rato con amigos. Siempre estoy en mi computadora. No me gusta nada dibujar y tambien no me gusta correr. Soy muy intelligente pero tambien muy perezosa. En la invierno yo siempre jugar con la nieve y yo quiero consturir un muñeco de nieve. ¿Y tu? ¿Qué te qusta jugar? No me gusta comida Americana. ¿Y tú qué no te gusta? Bueno me voy nesecita estudiar responde cuando puedas.

Con cariño, 
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Jordyn Randall's Q2 Media Fluency

I made my slide all about music because I'm always jamin to music no matter what song it is and i love music and music is my life. As you can see I put a couple of the artists that I listen to on the slide. I put a picture of myself to show how awesome I am. I put my name because I love my name and so everyone will know whose slide it is.
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Alexa Eddy Q2 Media FLuency

I made my slide the way it is because its how I envisioned it. I put red and black because deep down those are my two favorite colors. I put the picture of a person writing because I love to write, especially if I’m writing song lyrics because I’m a songwriter. I love songs that are deep and lyrics that really have a deep(or dark) meaning. That’s the reason why I have the saying (I made up) “Secrets lie between the lines” also I put random lyrics from songs I picked out because I love the meaning of them plus my name with the saying and the lyrics have the color red so its like a contrast to the dark surroundings around them. The picture on the bottom left has Ronnie Radke singing and the lyrics (not all the lyrics who ever made the picture didn’t do it right) to this song “Cellar door” by the old ETF. I chose that picture because cellar door is a deep, sad, dark song that is said that it was written because Ronnie’s girlfriend committed suicide. Lastly the pen at the side I put there because as I said before I love to write. For shape I love how squares and rectangles fit neatly so thats why I keep pictures in squares, also it goes with the whole theme....
Alexa Eddy The Secrets
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Max Amar-Olkus Q2 media fluency

For my slide, I chose a large sized font that has high contrast against its' background. I gave the box where the words are a shadow and a mirrored effect. The picture I used is of me at my graduation. I edited the picture so the bow-tie and flower are the only things in color. I put the words where they are because your eye is drawn to them. My eyes in the picture are pointing at the words. I wrote "criticize everything" because that is something I do. I have been told many times to stop being so critical but it's just my nature. This is a part of me and I except it.
tech slide
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Hayes, q2, media fluency

I am very talented, being in rapping, or basketball. Those are things that i excel in. I am good at other things but they don't stand out like my 2 passions. Also i have lots of swag, and i can dress good. Color had alot to do with my picture and the words. For the words i used colors that i had on, or colors in the background. For shape i had to take out other people by cropping the image. For texture it meant how clear the picture was, and how it appeared. So now everybody knows i like basketball, and rapping. I also enjoy having my swag right. 
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Stephen's Q2 Media Fluency

On my presentation I made sure I didn't clash the COLORS like using two bright colors like Green and Yellow. I used one Bright color (yellow) and black as a dull or a shadow for the letters. I made sure the SIZE of my picture was huge by making it my background. I made sure the SIZE of my letters where huge I have a font SIZE of 96. For the SHAPE of my picture I tilted it a little bit to the right. For the PATTERN of my slide I made the text color the same as the color of the wall in the background, also I made the shadow of the text the same color as my shirt. For the TEXTURE I softened the edges of my picture so in comparison the part of the picture I want you to look at looks more sharp. For the EMPTINESS in my slide I just had my picture and the text and left everything else blank. For the ALIGNMENT I made my text go straight down while the picture is tilted slightly so you should see the text first.
Stephen's Slide For Tech
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Hola, Manuel

Hola!, Manuel ¿Que? Tal


Querido, Manuel

Mi numbers es Traevon. Soy de Filadelfia. Mi cumpleaños es el veintiocho de enero. Tengo catorce años. Me gasta cantar, nadar, ver al tele y jugar videojuegos. No me gusta nada escribe, mas o menos leer, dormir estudiar.

¿Y tú? Soy un poquito perezosa, muy inteligente, sociable y cómico. ¿cómo eres tú? Tengo dos hermanos, se llaman Amir y Aaron. Tengo una hermana también su veces hace fresco, hace calor, y hace frío porque los diferente y cambias a veces, a muy estro. Añádeme en FacebookTraevon stickman gray’’.Adiós!Tengo que ir al la baño.


Traevon Gray

Photo on 11-24-11 at 1.01 PM
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¡Hola Stephanie!

¡Hola! Me llamo Penelope. ¿Como estas? Yo soy mas o menos. ¿Y tü? Soy de Filadelfia. Filadelfia es famoso por “cheese steaks”. Tengo un gemelo. Ella nombre Sophia. Tengo catorce años. Mi cumpleaños es viente uno abril 1997 ( 21/4/97). Soy morena y artistica. Tambien, soy simpatica y un poquito boba. Mi favorita color es verde. Soy una mezla de razas: Africano-americana y italiana. Me encanta jugar videojuegos y dibujar. Tambien, cuando tengo tiempo libre pasar un rato amigos. Odio ayudar en casa y trabajar y bailar.  Los fines de semana  me gusta domir.  Depende del dia nadar y ir al cine. Me gusta a veces surfear la red. Cuando tengo tiempo libre Me gusta ir de compras. Mi Facebook: "Julia De".

Lo siento, Tengo ir al baño 

¡Adios amiga!

- Penelope :D
"Cheese steak"
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Mï :)
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Soy y gemelo "Sophia"
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
fences paramore
Stabilo - Flawed Design
Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary
Müsica  :3
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Dibujé esto
Utada - 1. On And On
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Querida Albany Ballestero,

             Hola me llamo Stephanie lin. Estoy de buen humor, tengo dieciséis años, mi cumpleaños es octubre siete. Soy de Nuevo York pero vivo en  Filadelfia. Hace fresco aquí a veces pero también hace calor y hace frío.

Mi interesa surfear la red y estar de vago. No me gusta nada trabajar o practicar deportes. ¿Qué te gusta hacer (en Maracaibo)?

             Mi características, soy baja , asiática , china y tengo pelo negro. ¿ y tú ? ¿ cómo eres?

De vez en cuando mi estar de vago con amigo.  Me interesa dibujar con Qing Chen. Es mi mejor amigo. Ella es baja y Delgada y tímida.

¿qué música te gusta escuchar?  Responde cunada puedas.



                                                                                                            Con cariño,                                                                                                                    Stphane lin

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