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Blog Post 5- Education and everything eles

​Hey this is my last bog post! This blog post was supposed to be completely dedicated to education in spain, but the conversations did turn out to be exactly like that. The two people I interviewed were Drake from Colombia and Mariano from Argentina. They were both studying to get a degree in business just in two different ways.

Some Vocabulary-

Secondaria- High school
technio-technical school

aprendar- to learn 
negocio- business
¿tu eres estudiantes de universidad?- Are you a student of a university?
Barato- inexpensive 

colegio- college 

From these conversations I did learn a lot about education. I learned that Drake goes to a technical school that only last 1 year. I also learned that Argentina has a similar school system as ours, they go to school till they are 18 years old. College is also 4 years in Argentina and according to Mariano it isn't that hard to get accepted into.  You can learn more by reading the chats I posted.

Internet Source

From the internet source I found that  public schools in Argentina  are free and similar to America kids have to go to school when they are 6. Also school is only 4 hours a day there and they attend secondary school for 5 years.

"EDUCATION IN ARGENTINA." Argentour. Web. 20 May 2012. <>.

Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.08.26 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.11.24 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.28.29 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.32.55 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.44.39 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.44.47 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.54.29 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.54.37 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 9.00.43 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 9.13.50 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 9.15.53 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 9.29.46 PM
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Las Cazuelas

Mi Plato de Comida de "Las Cazuelas"
The restaurant called "Las Cazuelas" came to SLA to give Spanish 1 students an opportunity to try some of the foods from one of the many Spanish Speaking Regions that we learned about. I attempted to try everything, some things were amazing, while some Entrees were... well... not my favorite.

Aquí estan los platos comí.

​Tacos Derados
Opinión: Está muy bien, pero el pollo esta seque.

Unos ingredients: Pollo y Tortilla.

Comentarios: ¡Me gusta el Tortilla del Tacos Derados mucho!

Pollo Cazuelas

Opinión: Me gusta el pollo mucho, la salsa esta picante!

Unos ingredients: Pollo, Pimienta (Mucho!) y más.

Comentarios: No me gusta comida picante, pero el Pollo Cazuelas es muy differente. Es una comida favorito para yo.

​Tres Leches
Opinión: Es mas o menos, no me encanta comida húmeda.

Unos ingredients: Leches (tres), huevo, crema, y mas.

Comentarios: Tres leches está una comida mas o menos, pero la crema de tres leches es muy bien, me gusta mucho!

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blog post 5

Who did I speak with and why did I choose that person?
I spoke with a boy by the name of Alexis Roldan and he was 17 and from Colombia. I spoke with him because he was my age. It was the youngest person I had talked to and was someone who wasn't yet in college/ university. So i wanted to get their take on why they were learning another language. 

What did you learn about them? What did you learn from them?
I learned that he is doing it because of school. He wasn't very good at english and the entire time i talked to him he was speaking in spanish. When i asked him to speak some english to try and practice he did a little. The only stuff he really knew was the basics such as asking me how old are you and where are you from. 

How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your personal goal?
It enabled me to see why people that are my age are learning a different language.

What specifically did you do well according to your goals/expectations?
Well I was successful in collecting the information that I needed and spoke mainly spanish for the majority of the conversation. 

What specifically do you need to improve on? (Quote specific things you said or did and what you would have done or said if you could do it again)

Getting better at not using things like word reference. It is nice to have but sometimes i need to get better at forming sentences with the words I already know. 

Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 10.45.03 AM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 10.54.47 AM
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Las Cazuelas

We had the great opportunity of having Las Cazuela cater food to our class. The food was very tasty and it was different from what we were used too. The luncheon gave us all a chance to experience different Spanish foods and broaden our horizons. We were encouraged to try everything and learned not to judge just off of looks. I enjoyed all of the dishes but I loved the Tacos dorados the most! 

Nombre del Plato: Sopes de Maiz

Opinión: Es mas o menos no me gusta frijoles

Unos ingredients: los frijoles, el pan, la sal, y la pimienta

Comentarios: No lo recomiendo, no me gusta

Nombre del Platos: Chuletas Tentacion:

Opinión: !Muy Bien!

Unos ingredients: chuleta y la salsa

Comentarios: Lo recomiendo, su muy fantastico!

Nombre del Plato: Tacos dorados

Opinión: Me gusta mucha!

Unos ingredients: pollo y frito tortilla

Comentarios: Lo recomiendo, es como un taco

Nombre del Plato: Pollo Cazuelas

Opinión: ¡Muy Bien! Me gusta mucho, un poco caliente

Unos ingredients: pollo, la cebolla, y pimiento verde

Comentarios: La comida es muy fantastico 

Nombre del Platos: Jamaica

Opinión: !Muy Mal! No me gusta

Unos ingredients: jugo

Comentarios: No lo recomiendo, no bueno


Nombre del Platos: Tres leches

Opinión: Es mas o  menos, dulce

Unos ingredients: leche, postre, y crema

Comentarios: su muy dulce

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For my fifth and final week I want to focus on the system of education. This time I will be using sharedtalk, as I found it more effective to use than live mocha or friends. My question for this week is "how is education structured?" I don't have anyone from a particular country or background that I want to talk to answer this question, as I'm open to any place to learn.

Que es la sistema de académico evolución en tú país como? Son ahí grado?
Cómo es secundario educación estructura?
Son ahí mandato grado?
Que es la estructura de universidad?
Que es un popular campo de estudiar en universidad?

    Similar to my last conversation I had, one of my questions was wrong, but quickly corrected by the person I was speaking to.  The person I was talking to Alberto was from Guatemala, and explained to me how their education system worked. The question was at first misinterpreted and he told me about his own experience in education in Guatemala, which isn't what I asked, but glad he did say. I meant to originally include a more personal question for the person, as I have done in the past, but it slipped my mind with this one. I found out that the education system is Guatemala is similar to our one. Small children attend something similar to kindergarden and at five begin to enter the basic cycle of education, such as a graded system. Following that, the children's academic life becomes more diversified, as they have more options to expand their education. Children between the ages of 14-17 are trained for a more specific. 17 year olds often then go to college to further their education, graduating when they're 23 or 25, similar to in the States.
    In college, the general structure is that there are 52 courses that are often taken within the five years that someone attends, till they obtain their degree. Much like the credit system that we have our here. I found this interesting, because it seems that there's a similar structure of education that doesn't just exist in the US. My last question for my partner was misunderstood, but I essentially wanted to know what were popular universities, as how in the states we have extremely prestigious ones. I wanted to know if there was anything similar to the Ivy Leagues that we have here, or the Big Ten. I asked my question again, but my partner still did not understand it. I took it upon myself to look up the best university in Guatemala, and found that it was the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, which was a very small school, with only 421 students attending. I found that very interesting, as it's even smaller than some liberal art schools (and even SLA.) Overall, this person was especially helpful with conversation, and I learned a lot about their educational system in relation to our own.
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 6.01.03 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 6.12.22 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 6.12.12 PM
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Las Cazuelas

​ This is a picture of the dish I had at our luncheon, as you can see, I tried everything. I liked everything, except for the Horchata.
My favorite was the little tacos, I had many more than just the one you see there. Thanks to the caterers and Srta Manuel for setting this up!

Nombre del Plato: Todos los platos (Sopes de Maíz, Chuletas Tentación, Horchata..ect)

Opinión: ¡Está muy bueno, Me gusta mucho! (no me gusta Horchata)

Unos ingredientes: Arroz, Pollo, frijoles, Chuletas, maíz..

Comentarios:¡Está perfecto! Muchas Gracias.
Photo May 22, 2 10 11 PM
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Blog Post 5-Spanish Complements

She is a good person.

Ella es buena.
eh-yah ehs bweh-nah.

She is hot. (sexy)
Ella está buena.
eh-yah es-TAH bweh-nah.

He is a good person.
Él es bueno.
EHL ehs bweh-noh.

He is hot. (sexy)
Él está bueno.
EHL es-TAH bweh-noh.

Rico/a with ser means “rich” (wealthy). Rico/a with estar means “cute” or “sexy.”

She is rich.
Ella es rica.
eh-yah ehs ree-kah.

She is cute or sexy.
Ella está rica.
eh-yah ehs-TAH ree-kah.

He is rich.
Él es rico.
EHL ehs ree-koh.

He is cute or sexy.
Él está rico.
EHL ehs-TAH ree-koh.

Usually, in spanish speaking Countries they use complements as a sexy talk of some sorts. The more I researched, the more flirtational it was. 

As you see, El esta rico is he is cute or sexy. Many of the other complements related to this but others for example were: El es rico or he is rich or ella es rico she is rich.

Even the resource was called "Hook ups in Spanish:

Sex in spanish

Good morning, sexy.
Buenos días, sexy.
bweh-nohs dEE-ahs, sehk-see.

Since adjectives agree with the plural form of the noun they are modifying the plural form of sexy is sexis. Here’s an example of the plural form:

Look at those sexy girls.
Mira a esas chicas sexis.
mee-rah ah eh-sahs chee-kahs sehk-sees.

Body Language

She has sexy body language.
Ella tiene languaje corporal sexy.
eh-yah tee-ehn-eh lahn-gwah-heh kohr-pohr-ahl sehk-see.

She has seductive body language.
Ella tiene languaje corporal seductor.
eh-yah tee-ehn-eh lahn-gwah-heh kohr-pohr-ahl seh-dook-tohr.

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Las Cazuelas

During today's Spanish class we had a luncheon tasting delicious and very tasty. The resturaunt that serves us food is called "Las Cazuelas". This restaraunt's food is the best and their cake will make you go crazy for more.
Sopes de Maís: Me gusta porque es sabor es el punto.
Ingredients: Una tortilla.
Comentario: La comida es muy fantastico.

Tacos dorados: Me gusta porque es muy crujiente.
Ingredients: Un pollo.
Comentario: La comida es muy sabroso.

Pollo Cazuelas: Me gusta porque es muy buena con cobella y pollo.
Ingredients: Una cobella.
Comentario: La comida es muy fantastico.

Chuletas Tentación: Me gusta porque tiene un sabor y los aromas son muy bueno.
Ingredients: Una Chuletas
Comentario: Una chuleta es jugoso.
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Imperfect Tense Post 5

My other posts have been about certain topics, so now I would like to focus on a grammar concept. 

I am going to implement the imperfect tense. I can't remember formally learning about this tense to I will practice it.

I'm wondering if the tense will present itself at all. I don't normally talk about things that require it, but I attempt to use it. 

I have to go into a topic that will force me to talk about actions that occurred repeatedly in the past or actions that are not physical but like feelings. 

I will stick to the basics first like, 

¿Qué tal? and ¿Donde vives?

I was thinking of asking about fun activities that teenagers do because it may lead me to talk about things I do or used to do.

¿Qué se hace para diversión?

I had to research what the imperfect tense was all about.

I like so I used that. 

This page shows the phrases commonly associated with the Imperfect Tense and shows the stem changes. 

Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 3.46.46 PM
I talked to two people, Mariano from Argentina and Sergio from Spain, they were both 19.

I found it hard to find times to use the imperfect. These are two times I did, though.
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 5.12.38 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 5.23.04 PM
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Hospital and Nursing Abuse #2

Since my last blog I have found some new interesting information about Hospital and Nursing abuse and neglect. Researchers say that as elders get older, their abusers get impatient because they are unable to see, hear or think as clearly as they used to, which leaves them vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Also since they are too old to stand up to the bullying, and the constant mistreatment which makes it impossible for them to fight back when they are attacked. 
These elders go through many different types of treatments such as physical, emotional, sexual, neglect by care giver and health care fraud and abuse. The signs to look out for when they are physically abused are unexplained injuries such as broken bones, welts or scars. There has also been reports of drug over dose or failure to regular medication use. With the emotional abuse, the elders can end up with a habit of sucking, mumbling to oneself or pick up a habit that wasn't there before. Lastly with the sexual abuse, you would find bruises around the breast or genitals area. Unexplained genital disease or even torn, stained, or bloody underclothing. 
 Besides Nursing/ Elder abuse, there is also hospital abuse. Abuse of these patients can have to do with birth injuries, misdiagnosis, failure to diagnosis cancer, wrongful death, wrong medicine and blood transfusion. 
One case was when an immigrant baby was born with serve brain injuries due to delay in her mother's proper care. She then suffered additional injury. This happened because the hospital didn't take the proper precaution to care for both the mother and the baby. Missed diagnosis is very dangerous. Both misdiagnosis and failure to diagnosis cancer are basically the same in category. Because of such actions, one case a child loss one of their kidneys and has to face a future of diagnosis. With some cases of detecting cancer can become the biggest problem because if they had of diagnosis the patient with cancer, they could have possibly been cured and they would have received the proper care they needed to treat them. As technology increases and our ability to survive cancer increases, the human lives lost from medical errors are also increasing.
Wrongful death is another thing to take precaution into because patients who need watchful care are placed in the ICU but yet they die under suspicious circumstances. Also with wrongful medicine and blood transfusion. In one case, a husband contracted the AIDS virus from a blood transfusion and then later transmitted the virus to his wife before being diagnosed. Lucky they received a multi- million dollar recovery.  
In conclusion, my opinion behind all this is that the way these people mistreat those who need them most, I find to be heartless, cruel and unfair. These patients are patients for a reason. By not helping their causes and taking advantage of those who are unable to protect themselves, shows how horrible the human race can treat each other. If only these people would treat these patients as if it was someone else watching over the ones they cared for a lot, they would see that what they are doing is something they could never make up for in the future and the guilt that they will have to face when they get into their predicament.   
  For further info here's my bibliography.                                                                Also I'm sorry that I am unable to get visuals up. There was an error with my blog.

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Blog Post #5-Spain's Language

​For this final blog post I wanted to focus on Spain's Language. When I started my research I found a lot of interesting things. Here are my findings:

If you think that Spanish and Castilian are Spain official language your only partially right. Because Spain has actually three official languages(Euskara, Catalan, Galician) which are not only used in Spain. Euskara is the most unusual language in Spain and only about 600,000 speak Euskara. Catalan is not only spoken in Spain but in Andorra(national language) and about 4 million people use it as their first language. Galician is really similar to Portuguese. To understand Galician about 85% people understand it and 3 million of 4 million speak it in Spain.


Thank You(Eskerrik Asko)
Please(Si us plau)




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Corruption and Censorship #2

The world is full of corruption and censorship everywhere. In schools, jobs, television, government, stores, and on the street. It happens every year, everyday, every hour, every minute, and every second. Sometimes it’s subtle so no one notices. It can also be very straightforward, easy to see, and fast to understand.


One thing I’ve found out is why corruption and censorship isn’t stopped. It can be because some people are raised to think that certain things are acceptable. Some only want to do anything they can to make life easy and happy for themselves. There are those who try to go against it but their work doesn’t go that far. Others just simply don’t care because if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind.

There are those who say one thing to make them look good but only do things for themselves, their friends, and their family in the end.
People work hard for money everyday and put it in banks, taxes, fundraisers, and other things thinking that it goes somewhere useful. Not knowing that higher-class people use it for themselves.
There are those type of people that think that chaos, profit, corruption, and politics are more important and better than the law, justice, commonsense, and public opinion.
Adults today like to tell their kids and/or students about history but with their view on it. If a teacher is against women rights he will probably tell history different and try to leave women figures out of it. If a parent is against Islamic or Christian people they might not talk about them when they teach their children about history.
There are those in government who are against making laws and benefits that are good for people in lower classes than them.
Adults say that children should go to college and learn so they can get a job, a house, a car, and create a family. Then we get there and see that we have to pay thousands and millions of dollars just to get a piece of paper saying we’re smart in some subject. How acceptable and right is that? I smell corruption in America’s education today.
Many people get tired of how corrupt and censored the world is today. So it results in them getting violent and causing deaths.


I went ahead and did a survey about this project for my classmates to fill out. Only twelve students filled it out which already began to show me how corrupt some were. I guessed they didn’t fill it out because they didn’t see the survey as important. So I just had to take the twelve responses I got and make it work. Some of the results surprised me and some didn’t.

My Blog Bibliography. <--
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Proyecto de Conversacion - Week 5 (Final)

​In this weeks conversation I took what I learned from week 1, 2, 3, and 4 and put it into my week 5. I learned the order of the sentence, maintaining a conversation, adding detail, replying right away and comprehending easier and I put that all into week 5 to show the knowledge and reflect on to make sure I am using the right verbs and putting them in the correct order in the sentences. Each week was leading up to the big week 5.  

I hope you enjoy. I have had a fun time doing this project and was always excited for my next weeks conversation. I am glad I got to the end and made it successfully!

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Spanglish Blog Post - Racial Understanding

​I'm not going to lie, this doesn't have a lot do do with the spanish language, but read it anyway. 

This blog post is about a person who passes, or can be mistaken for another race. Who is this person?


Martin Sheen, or Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez, is an actor who is known for playing many famous roles. One role he played, has a very personal connection to me. In 1993, he portrayed confederate general Robert E. Lee in the war film Gettysburg


I was confused. If Sheen is Spanish (he's a first generation American, with his mother being from Spain), why is he playing the leader of the Confederate Army? Why also, did he not look Spanish?

After a long time of reading and thought, I've come to an important and personal conclusion. There's nothing wrong with Martin Sheen. There's something wrong with me. I simply don't know what Spanish people look like. 

So what did I do? What any person would do. I googled "people from Spain" and found pictures of these people: 


I was confused. If someone told me these people were American, I would believe them. But if someone told me these people were Spanish, I wouldn't. That's because before now, I thought Spanish people looked like this:

I've come to the realization that no mater how true you may think it is, a generalization is bad. Assuming a person looks, dresses, or sounds a certain way just because they speak a certain language is wrong. 

Again, I apologize for this post having nothing to do with the Spanish language, but I felt that this was important nonetheless. 
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School Bullying

The new information I have found is Philadelphia is not the only city that having school bullying. There’s a lot of bullying going on all over the country, little states and cities. According to youthviolence.edschool.virginia 402 students from grades 6,7, and 8 in a suburban middle school in central Virginia, Nearly half of all middle school student report being bullied every month and 15% of those students reported being bullied once a week. 
The information I found by doing more research on bullying is a 13-year-old boy name “Nadin Khoury” got attacked in Upper Darby by six high school kids. After 30 minutes of physical abuse in public, a woman jumped out of her car and saved Nadin Khoury and it happened in January 11, 2012. In fox29 interview Nadin said his family got tarred to leave the school and the country from those same high school students.

My personal opinion after doing research on bullying is that bullying is not the great thing to do. Bullying can cause kids take their life and a lot of kids have tried to take their life because they was being bullied in school and outside the school. So please stop this bullying; nobody is going to get anything out of it. Feedback for the people who want to stop the bullying: If you see anyone getting bullied please try to stop it or immediately call the police.

For my blog post #3; I am going to bring in a lot more Bullying issues and make a poster and talk about what we should do to stop bullying.
Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 9.18.50 AM
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¿Que hacen los jovenes en tu pais?

Por ejemplo: En los Estados Unidos los jovenes jugan fútbol Americano.

My final conversation was about the daily routine of the young people in native spanish regions. Surprisingly the people of the native countries share nearly the same interests as those in the US. In Hispanic regions the young children like to hang out with friends, go to the movie, go to school, go shopping, play soccer/tennis/gym, and go to parties/gatherings. This is nearly exactly the same. The only thing different is the popularity of sports. Baseball, Basketball and football are very popular sports in the US. Soccer is the most popular sport in just about every other region other than the US. 
Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 2.24.51 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 2.25.05 PM
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¿Que es las marcas de moda en tu pais?

Por ejemplo: En los Estados Unidos la gente llevan Armani Exchange y Nike.

My 4th Blog post revolved around the types of clothing is popular in native spanish regions. I posted the question "que es las marcas de moda en tu pais", and got a few valuable responses. The majority revolved around the main brands worn in the region. The types of clothing is very similar to those worn in the United States. They wear many sporty clothing such as Nike, Adidas and other athletic clothing apartments. This seams similar for the majority of clothing brands bought in the US are those of the athletic department. 
Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 2.05.33 PM
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Ybrownlee Blog post 1

 The previous blog post that i had up was deleted as well as the audio that was able to record. So the one for this first week was they way the sports are spoken about in espanol. Being formal or even informal, also some key words used to explain it.
(The screenshots will be uploaded as soon as i get them)
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Media's Idea of 'Perfect' 2

You’ve might have seen my ‘Media’s Idea of ‘Perfect’’ blog post I did a week ago. Since then, I haven’t conducted more research. This is because most of the sources say the same things as others. Basically, everything is just repeated in different words. So currently, I’m quite comfortable with the amount of research I’ve done.

But I have taken a look at some websites I frequent, mainly Tumblr. Tumblr is a blogging website, where one can make his or her own blog. It can range from a blog centered on an item or a band to a random blog, in which you can post whatever you want. A good handful of blogs are personal to the owner, in which they share their struggles with daily life. While browsing some of these blogs, I’ve found what are called ‘Ana’ and ‘Mia’ blogs, referring to Anorexia and Bulimia respectively. These blogs contain emancipated images of girls in fashion shows or even some airbrushes females on magazine covers. The people running the blogs are usually referring to these images as ‘thinspiration or ‘thinspo’.


These girls think that this body is beautiful and attractive.


Common Thinspiration are models in the media and girls from magazine covers and celebrities, who are also under this influence. Even the Internet is becoming a dangerous place for being comfortable with what you look like and who you are. Many celebrities have posed for magazines and complained about the editing they do to their bodies.


I personally think that this is all ridiculous.

What is so wrong with seeing a person with flaws? Does the media know their impact on young girls’ lives?  


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