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Home Network,Negron

Nadya's Home Network
My home network is very simple. The internet comes into my house by fios through a co-axial cable into my moms room and to a modem. My modem is connected to my desktop through a co-axial cable as well. The wifi is connected to all the electronics in my house such as the tablets, iPhones, Laptop,Wii and xbox. That is my home network.
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Home Network, Copeland

​My LAN consists of three electronics, my Chromebook, my home desktop, and my phone, pretty simple. Going through the learning process was quite an experience, for before this I had ever really taken this to detail. If there was one moment that changed things, it was when I learned about how detailed acceptable use policies are. AUP’s are so detailed that whenever I sign up for something now, I always and I mean always now read the AUP. Whenever you get an ISP always make sure you get what you pay for because companies are known for a bait-and-switch tactic.

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Home Network Layton

The I.S.P I have is version Fios, connected to the house through a fiber optic cable in the basement. We have a modem/route combo in the living room and seven devices that use our wifi. Three phones, three laptops and a TV. One thing I realized while doing learning about home networks is how expensive wifi really is. I never really thought about it so, I would definitely mention to other people.  
Home Network Diagram (4)
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Climate Change Monologue Project

[Monologue 1] Earth Speaks

What is wrong with you?

Are you ignorant or just plain stupid?

You know that I was once beautiful? Why did you do this to me?

You know what I mean. For the past 300 years you have been destroying me. You had everything that you needed, but guess it wasn’t enough. I honestly don’t know what provoked you to use me in the ways that you did.

What did you use? You know what you used! Hmm, I guess I’ll start with the fact that you started pulling coal out of the ground. Why in the world would you do that?

Because you were cold?! That’s supposed to happen. I’m not in charge of that! It gets cold, because there are seasons!

But Nothing!

Nevertheless, I have plenty of coal to offer. As a matter of fact, thats not even my main concern.

No I am far from finished! The coal was only the tip of the tip of the iceberg. What I really can’t believe is that you are going deeper into the ground, past the coal for oil! Nowadays you people can’t do anything without petroleum. You take that and make it into oil to heat your homes, and gasoline to drive your cars. Why do you even have cars in the first place?

You mean to tell me that you are polluting my air simply because you are impatient?

Electric cars are available now right?

So why don’t you just drive those so you can stop taking my nonrenewable resources?

You know what I don’t think it would even make that much of a difference when you are constantly spilling petroleum and oil into my water. Did you ever think that i put it so deep into the ground for a reason? I mean come on! I put that stuff at the bottom of the ocean so idiot like you couldn’t go down there and get it, but i guess you weren’t able to connect the dots.

I am not overreacting! You don’t realize that you’re changing my natural climate! Because of you people are dying, and no one is taking responsibility for it. You wonder why parts of the United States got trapped in a polar vortex, and why there are droughts in on the other side of the the U.S. It is not supposed to pour down rain in Arizona, but it is. With that being said I haven’t even told you how all of your factories are causing typhoons and tsunamis in countries that are already on their last leg from all of the pollution that you constantly ignore.

Do you finally understand what I’m trying to say? If you keep this stuff up you will destroy yourself, and me.

Just because you don’t see much climate change in the U.S doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening in other countries around the world.

I warned you with Hurricane Floyd in 1999. I tried warning you every hurricane season since then, but you were still negligent. I really thought that you learned your lesson when I sent Hurricane Katrina through the city of New Orleans, but still you failed to heed my warnings. You should be grateful that I didn’t send any tsunamis your way, or even a massive typhoon. You have the power to stop these disasters from happening in the future. If everyone works together you can make a change. You all have the power to actually make a change. You need to stop climate change before its too late, before you pass the point of no return.

[Monologue 2]A Daughters Enlightenment

(A father and daughter are standing on a crowded bus)

Dad I’m sick of taking the bus, why don’t you just buy a car for Christ sake?

Bad for the environment? How can one lousy car be bad for the environment?

Ok, I get that the exhaust fumes pollute the air, but at least we wouldn’t have to take theses stupid, crowded buses anymore!

Because, it embarrassing! All of my friend’s parents have cars, while we’re stuck here taking the bus!

Dad climate change is not a big deal. It never was, and it never will be.

Look around! The weather is fine here!

How would I know what the climate is around the world? I’m not a scientist.

Fine I’ll research climate change before I go to sleep tonight.

(Daughter sits in her room on her computer)

Oh my gosh… I didn’t think it was really this bad. I never knew that climate change was real. This is terrible.

(Father walks into the room)

Dad I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were serious I thought you were just being cheap and making excuses.

If pollution can cause massive typhoons and tsunamis why are we even still polluting the air by driving traditional cars?

How could people be that cruel and heartless?

Millions of lives have been lost to what we call ¨natural disasters¨, and we stand by and ignore it! Simply because we don’t see any serious climate change here at home.

You’re right. These people don’t even know all of the damage that the’re doing. Just because the climate is fine here doesn’t mean other countries around the world are the same. We need to make a change for the better.

But how will I do anything? I’m just one girl, and even with the help of all of my friends, I doubt we could even get our voices heard. We’d just be making pointless noise that people would ignore.

A climate change rally? Oh yeah that’s right! I completely forgot about that rally! Dad can we please go to New York? I really want to be there to protest.

Sure sure, I don’t have a problem with taking the bus this time around! Could I see if any of my friends are interested in going with us?

Now I understand why you don’t own a car Dad, and I don’t mind anymore. I’d rather deal with being on a bus than be responsible for the devastation of countries. The people at school can say anything that they want, I know what I’m doing is right. When this rally comes, I know that someone will hear our voices.

[Monologue #3] Conversations With Grandma

Hey Grandma, how are you?

Really? Oh my gosh are you okay?

My God, how bad was it?

The entire coast line was decimated? Good you moved away from there.

You can say that again! I remember the storms before we left India. They did a lot of damage, Im glad we got out of there.

I like it here so far, things are really different here though.

Well for starters almost everyone has a home, and car. We get to go to school free too! They even send a bus to the house to pick me up!

The weather? The weather is fine, why do you ask?

Really? I don’t know much about college change, what is it?

Are you serious?

So you mean to tell me that pollution contributes to storms like that one?

I always assumed that storms like that were natural. I never would have thought that they were man made.

So what you’re saying is that those storms are supposed to happen, but just not in those areas. That make sense. I mean if those storms stayed out over the ocean, then there wouldn’t be any lives lost.

How can we stop that from happening?

A climate change rally? Where?

New York isn’t that far from where we live. I think that mother would be willing to make the trip once I tell her what its about.

Okay Grandma, I’ll tell them you said hello. Be safe over there, I’ll call you and let you know how the rally goes.

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Home Network, Mack

1. My devices that are connected to the internet is 3 iphones, 3 ipads, 3 ipods, a playstation 3, 3 laptops, and a printer. The internet provider is Comcast and the internet cable comes through my parent's room on the second floor to a coax cable that connects to a modem. I then have a wireless router. 

2.I learned that the router doesn't have to be connected to the modem. I also learned that it takes a lot of wires to connect to the internet than it looks like. 

3.I would tell other people that when you are ready to have internet, make sure you have a good spot to put all the wires at because you would want  place where you could have wifi connection from everywhere in your house.
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Home Network, Majarucon

My internet service provider is Comcast. The internet comes through a coaxial cable that connects to our modem/router which lives on the second floor which also makes a WiFi signal for all the devices that we use at home such as: our smartphones, laptops, and printer. While the desktop is also connected through a coaxial cable that is connected to the modem/router but not connected through the WiFi . I did not really have an OMG moment. I would tell people to make sure that their ISP is a good one because it sucks to have a slow/suckish internet.

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Home Network, HAmpton

My home internet service provider is Comcast. Comcast also provides television and a home phone. The wire that connects me to the internet is an ethernet cable that is in my living room.  It connects to my router which distributes the wireless internet. Then the ethernet cable, goes to the third floor and connect my desktop. The wifi provides internet for 3 laptops, 3 smartphones, 2 kindles, 2 gaming systems, and 1 wireless printer. I did not have an OMG moment because I already knew all about my home network since it is 50% of my life. I would tell people that they are probably paying way to much for the wifi.
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Girls Soccer Advances in Playoffs

The girls soccer team took home a 6-0 shutout win versus Furness on Wednesday. Captains, Alyssa Winner and Aateeyah Sharrieff, each had a pair of goals, while Emma Schwingel-Sauer and Hannah Nicoletti knocked in the other two scores. Co-captain, Imani Holness, and defenders, Jackie Middleswarth, Zoe Schwingel-Saur, Hanna Dunakin and Saraa Fadl fought hard to keep Furness out of their end of the field for much of the game. The Rockets advance to round two of the playoffs on Monday where they will play Northeast, who defeated them in a tough battle earlier in the season.
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Home Network, Torres

My Internet service provider would be Comcast Xfinity. The coax wire brings that internet into my bedroom into my modem which is connected to my router through an Ethernet cable. Connected to my router is my xbox. Through wifi ,the phones and laptops throughout the house are connected. I learned that their is a process for internet to come in to your electronics. I thought it was as simple as just tapping ¨Connect to wifi¨ for u to have internet. Illl recommend them to know how their home network is setup ao they can know its not a simple process.
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Home Network,Whyte

This is My Home Network Diagram!! Yay!! My Internet Service Provider is Xfinity. My internet comes through a coaxial cable that enters my house through my living room where my router lives. My mom's laptop, this here Chromebook, my phone, my mom's phone, and my grandma's phone are all connected to this WiFi. OMG moments = 0. I have not really gotten any moments like that and I really don't plan to have any. 
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Home Network, Byrnes

mind mapping software
This is my Home Network.  My Internet Service Provider (I.S.P.) is Verizon and internet comes into my house through a fiber-optic wire to my router which creates a wi-fi signal.  Then, my Roku box, cell phones, laptops and printer are connected to the wi-fi.  I have never had an OMG moment and hope that I can avoid them in the future.  People should mast sure that their Home Network is fast and strong enough to support all of their electronics.
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ILP Reflection

ILP Date: 10/10/14

Today we worked on a clinical study with a patient named Ian. He was around his early 70’s and suffered from a stroke 4 months ago. My instructor, Nick, ran a test that involved a wooden box that had different colored cube blocks. The box was divided into two sections. Ian had to move as many blocks as he could from one side to the other with his left hand (since his stroke happened on the right side of his brain, his left side is affected by it) under one a minute. Being a stroke survivor, Ian completed all his tests very well, and seemed to have no difficulties while doing them. Then, a nurse practitioner came in and tested Ian’s physical abilities and performed brain exercises. She tested his flexibility in both arms, hands, shoulders, and fingers. She then played memory games with him where he had to try to remember words that she said or recite the date and his name. I learned a lot from this experience and cannot wait to continue participating in this research study.
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PSAT - 10/15

​Freshmen NOT taking the PSATs report to the CAFE.
All other students look for the room you are assigned to below.
Breakfasts will be delivered to rooms (do not stop in the CAFE for breakfast)

Schedule -
8:15 - All students report to testing rooms - Non testers to the CAFE
8:15 - 1:00 - Testing
1:00 - 1:20 - Lunch
1:20 - 3:00 - TFI & ILPs
Screenshot 2014-10-14 22.23.13
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Climate Change Monologue Project

Antarctica Monologue

I am hearing applause  Mr, Thamid is calling me to the stage to talk about “Climate change” in Antarctica. I can see that my heart is pumping really hard and I started sweating like everytime I get frustrated. The applause is still going till I walk to the stage. When I started talking, I didn’t hear no sound.

I started explaining my life to the audience, “ Well, my name is Steven C. Amstrup. I am American zoologist who studies bears, especially polar bears. I was  born in Fargo, North Dakota and I was interested to learn about polar bear. I graduated from the university of Idaho with an masters degree with an wildlife management. In 1980 i started working for united states fish and wildlife in alaska and wyoming and I have also worked for united states geological survey in arctic during his 30 years of career primarily studying about polar bear” Since, the ice is melting in the antarctic, the population of the polar bear is going to decrease each and everyday because of climate change in antarctica. The state of the global climate is shifting dramatically out of proportion with the natural balance of the earth. The Antarctic ice cap is melting and losing mass at a drastic rate. This means that we will see more drastic weather changes and more species of living organisms going extinct. The primary cause for this shift in global climate is the increase in greenhouse gases. Thank you folks and I got a round of applause.

USA Monologue

I was sleeping on my bed, I heard people screaming and shouting I thought that it was on my dream but not really. My mom called me - Aaditya Aaditya, Aaditya…….I abruptly got up and I was told to look at outside. It looks like my house was middle of lake. I saw lot of firefighter’s trying to save people using  boat. We were safe since we lived in second floor. I asked my mom why we were middle of no where, as I was 8  years old I didn’t know that we had flood last night. As I was tired last night because I Worked really hard to help my mom to clean home which took me more than 2 hours . As I was in the room with my mom a firefighter came to help me and my mom like an angel I went to the living room to get my phone so,  I could contact my aunt. He used an boat to help to get to a safe place. When I got to a safe place with my mom I saw many people who were in the flood crying that their house is destroyed. I  asked my mom “Why is happening here? Why is this world like this?” After sometime I called my aunt and told her that we need help…...Our Area is getting destroyed because of the flood. She got a car to pick me and mom to her house. There me and my mom took some rest and ate food. Finally, I realised that “Why can’t I fix this problem when I get older?” I went upstairs to my aunt room to read books about climate change in US. There had an peaceful time.

India Monologue 

  Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

Spring holiday,  me and my cousin were travelling with my grandpa. We were asking him, where we were going. He said ‘surprise,. Yes, it was a surprise , pleasant and wonderful visit. Finally noon, we reached that place. It was a big lake. I asked my grandpa, where we are, he said, it;s “Vedanthangal “ in India exclusive for bird’s  sanctuary. We were happy and jumping up and down.  He said in spring climate from Nov to feb, birds from different country migrate here  and build nest to breed . I saw lot of diverse birds that I ever seen before like pintail, garganey, grey wagtail, blue-winged teal, common sandpiper, etc. We were there till  they close the place and with heavy heart we left from the place. I never forgot that spring in my life. Since, There is always climate change in australia, at the month of Australia, New Zealand and other countries

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Home Network, Linder

mind mapping software
explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection. Take this from the 1st assignment, when I sent you home to list the parts of your network. 

  • My local area network is wireless wifi network system that is connected with phones, ipads , television, and tablets.

 reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if so write about what you learned.
  • In tech class i learned that even if you delete things whatever you deleted isn't really gone because anybody can find it  but it all depends on how hard they want to find what you deleted .
  • what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network
  • I would say that they need to know that they need to know what type of wires they have in their system , if the have a motem router or a motem router combo, they also need to know what's connected to it

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                      Monologue Draft Number 1: Climate Change?

Whoo I'm running late. [5min later]. Hey! How are you. Sorry, im late I was stuck in traffic. Thanks for understanding. So, lets get right into it. By the way I have prepared some things to get us started. Well, let me just jump right into it. I think climate change is a big deal in the world now, well it has been for awhile and humans cause most of the problems. Excuse me, but we are the ones building factories to burn fossil and that causes so much carbon dioxide to pollute the air. And, if we keep burning these fossils then the air will get heated and melt the ice all around the world. What do you mean the water from the ice can freeze back? If the temperature of the air is too high then there won't be any water to freeze. I think we should think of a way that we can teach the people at this protest thats coming up to  change the world for a better impact  because i’m starting to think I don’t want to be here. Excuse me? I’m not suicidal It just sounded bad the way I said it in my head. Well we have 30 more mins. Left of this meeting and I think we need to start planning ideas. What are your suggestions. Ok, greenhouse effect, energy balance, and reflectivity. Wow guys these are some great Ideas and I think we should focus on greenhouse effect, who agrees? Thanks for coming to an understanding. So greenhouse effect is when the Sun  rays shine to earth and when they try to leave they get trapped. And, this causes heat not to leave our atmosphere. That should be the topic, but what things can we teach them and what can we use to teach the public. I like how you said big banners Mark. Bob great Idea with the build boards. Sally maybe you can make posters at your house . . OK, you're right Jim this meeting took way too long its 2:00 now and we still need to come to an agreement. ok ok ok. . . Yes, I love it. Since, we all are young and social environmentalist I think we should start a protest. That way we can make it to the news and people will be hearing about that, that they would want to join. What day should we start preparing and what day should we be ready to protest so we should protest sept 21 of 2014 and then start getting ready about Now. So I’ll guess i see you guys on friday at 12:00 sharp again and next time I wont be late.


                   Monologue Draft number 2: We Need A Change

[Yawns] Its really late. I should have did all of this researching earlier. Lets see whats on tv. [Gets Remote] Just a bunch of bogus shows. Well this was a waste of time. I felt better on my computer. [ Goes back to computer] Lets research green gas house because there have been lots of climate change in the past month. All those polar bears whose lives have been taken for no reason and I think its just wrong. Some of those polar bears had good lives going for them but climate change is really bad nowadays and lots of environments and living beings are affected by it and die for no reason. I can think of all the possible ways that this world can end because of climate change. People don't deserve to die for no reason even all those kids who could die because of climate change. Its a shame that even people expect us to do what they want us to do don't even care but they will care when people decide to take a change. I don't even feel safe anymore. It feels like now someone dies every second because of the lack of food or clean water because of climate change. And, although people want to stop climate change, it can't be stopped because every act of change the more someone decides to pollute.

                                   Monologue #3: The Protest

Testing, Testing 123l 123. Hello everyone My name is Richard Haverford I am a 35 year old socialist and I think matter of fact I know climate change is a big deal in america and all around the world. And, I have a problem with that. I was almost denied clean water myself because there was a drought in Africa and there wasn't enough clean water for everyone to drink. I know how you would feel if your kids were denied an clean water because of a drought. Bet, you wouldn't like it. I know I wouldn't like it. I have a very sketchy background. I am a hard working Nigerian man. I got in lots of trouble when I was younger I stole clean water, I drank clean water, and I smoked clean water, no not really but, only because I was struggling at the moment and I was being selfish because I only drank while my family was in the house dying and suffering from the lack of clean water. and thought .Then one night I decided to sneak into a refuge camp and take a bunch of clean water for my family. I did it and almost got away with a pride of joy. When I got caught it landed me in a juvenile detention center for about a year. I was charged with burglary. Now I didn’t know this at the time but I had landed myself in the stereotypes for nigerians at the time. Dumb and Dirty and Un-Educated. The refuge camp I tried to burglarize was a camp from the red cross and a group of environmental scientist. They were studying how much greenhouse gasses were stuck in our region. After I got caught, one of the scientist decided to talk to me, he told me not to fall into the stereotypes of nigerians these days because people will not want to help you out if your not right minded too many people are dying because of the drought in your reason, and the last thing you want to do is piss the wrong person off and trust me they will make your life hell until this drought is over. They might not give you clean water and food. He told me that he was also nigerian and he was in the same position that I was in when he was younger. The things he did for me was the same thing that someone did to him. He gave me and my family clean water and food for at least a month. After my time in the juvenile detention center me and the scientist stayed in contact, Then I went to college and I got a bachelor's degree in environmental studies and political sciences. Now what I am telling you guys is to not let your kids go down the same paths we went down but to help them to make better decisions in life and stay focused in whats going on in the world around them. So, just because your background is sketchy and because of your race or skin color, you can still make a change and a difference.

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Home Network, Schwingel-Sauer

1. All of the devices connected to the internet connection at my house, my Local Area Network, are: four iPhones (my mom's, dad's, sister's and mine), my sister's laptop, my dad's laptop, my laptop, Roku, and a Wii. My internet service provider is Comcast and my enters my house through a coaxial cable into the office. It is connected with an ethernet cable to a modem router.

2. Something new and interesting that I found when we learned about networks was that one file can go through so many portals through the network just to get to a final destination. The really crazy part though is how fast it happens.

3. What other people need to know about having an Internet Service Provider and Home Networks is that the person who pays for the internet owns the network you connect to at a certain place. They may have certain rules in the Acceptable Use Policy that may be important to know even if the AUP is very long. 

mind mapping software
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My home Network

tech home network (1)
My home network consists of many parts. First, my ISP( Internet Service Provider) is Xfinitity. My internet physically comes into my home through a beige, colored wire, that enters through a tiny hole, in my living room floor.  My modem and router are located in the dining room, behind the computer cabinet. An Ethernet cable connects the two.  I have many devices in my home that run off wi-fi. For example, the phones, apple products, and computers in my house work wirelessly.
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Home Network, Johnson

After doing these assignments I learned more than what I already knew about my home network. One of my old major hobbies was competitive gaming. Since I was to young to actually travel and compete in LAN tournaments, I had to compete in online tourneys instead. Which would basically mean I needed to have an amazing connection to avoid things like lag or framework switches in game. I made it clear to my dad xfinity was clearly not going work for me because it was just simply to slow, and nearly impossible for me to pull host connection. More or else I learned that Fiber optic cables were just better in every way. Another things that I also picked up from this class was the placement of my router. After hearing the wifi/connection falls down I immediately moved my router from the basement to my third floor which is pretty much where technology stops in my house.
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Home network Manns

mind mapping software
 what does that wire look like? can you name that wire

the  home network in my grandmothers house has a co-ax cable that is connected to a  router which is connected to a laptop and other devices.

b. what room does this wire come into?

the wire is coming into my grand mom's bedroom.

c. do you have a modem and a router or a combination modem and router?

I have a router

 e. name all the devices that use WiFi in your home ?

3 phones, 2 laptops,1 tablet 

Who is your ISP? (internet service provider)


a. how much is does the internet cost per month?

$10.00 per month

 multiply the monthly cost by 12. What is that dollar amount?
$120.00 per month 
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Home Network, Taylor

mind mapping software
​My L.A.N consists of my laptop, printer, and cellphone. I have Clear Network as an Internet service provider. During the proccess I was shocked about the price of the internet. Sometimes I forget that the internet costs money. I would tell anyone with an ISP to make sure they make their own acceptable use policy. 
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Home Network,Saldivar

Home Network, Saldivar
​My home network is provided by Verizon which connects to my basement which is connected to a combination of a modem/router.What I learned about networks is that it happens so fast it happens in seconds.I learned that theirs multiples things that happen in the the process of getting into a one website,but it all happens in seconds.I also learned that in the process of getting into a website that it throws certain things out and passes the good things only.What I would like to tell people about a home network is that you should start planning on knowing everything that is connected to your modem or router who's you internet service provider how much do you or you parents pay a month.
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Home Network, Gerveni

My ISP is Comcast. I have a COAX wire that connects from my basement to my modem/router which connect to my PC by a Ethernet wire. My modem router provides me with wireless network and these devices are connected to it: 4 Phones, 2 laptops, a PS3, a TV, an Ipod, a printer and a tablet. An OMG moment was when my parents told me the bill that they pay for the internet. It is too expensive!!!
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