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Kingsessing Library Elementary Kids Tutoring!

I am interning at the Kingsessing Public Library in Southwest Philadelphia. I am interning there from 2pm-4pm.  I am mentoring both elementary kids and middle schoolers, however I am mainly mentoring elementary school kids. I started for the first time last week. I really enjoyed it! It was so fun. I worked with two sixth graders and a fifth grader. They were all boys and had me laughing the entire time. They had alot of stories about what school was like, and joked around alot. However, I made sure that they got their homework done and did their work while they talked and laughed. I also met  a Teacher Assisting Leader. Her name was Ms. Kelly. She just finished college, and is going to be helping the kids with their homework as well. She is really sweet. She also helped keep the boys focused while we did work. 
I've been going to the Kingsessing library for years, they have so many fun programs and movie nights that are really fun. I've also known most of the staff my whole life. They have a learning after school program called LEAP, which is where I am interning.  I also have experience working and babysitting kids so I wasn't worried. I am really looking forward to next Wednesday, seeing and working with the kids again. I also look forward to the fun arts and crafts activities I do with them after they are done their homework. So far, the thing that stands out to me so far, is the firs day of my intern and how fun it was. I think that is important that I establish a could connection with each of the kids I am going to be mentoring, so that they can feel comfortable when asking me for help.I also think that t is important that I act mature but also have fun and have a good time. I'm 15 but, I have alot to learn! I look forward to continuing my internship here. I love the fact that it is a combination of three things I love to do : talking, helping, and working with  kids. 
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ILP- Tia Roberts

I volunteer at First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School as an assistant coach of cheer leading. When I go there, I do a lot of leadership, and teaching the 14 girls different cheers and stretches. I feel it goes very well because each week I have accomplished teaching them about 2 cheers a practice. Also, I do a lot of paper work and dealing with contacting everyone and their parents with important information about practicing etc. I am looking forward to continuing working with each and every girl and creating more dances and cheers to teach them each week. 
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ILP Post

I have not met with Jeremy yet because I have started to reach out to someone on my own and am waiting to see if it works and wanted to get soccer done with on Wedsnesday so it could be more convienent for the ILP host. I almost have one and waiting for someone to get back to me. 
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Kaamil ILP 1st Experience

For my ILP I decided to do the theater program here at SLA. So far everything is going great! The teacher is a teacher I had last year for a residency here at SLA! I'm looking forward to going to see some plays next month at the Philadelphia Theater Company. I am also looking forward to making my own play and performing it at the Philadelphia Theater Company. 

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I have an ILP!

I have gone to my ILP for two weeks now. 
I, along with Paul-Ann Whyte, work at the central library in the teen section. Our job for most of this year is setting up and organizing Comic-Con at the library! 
So, we've been working on getting contacts for the event, and finding people that came last year (this year?) to come this year again. (Well, next year.) And just calling people and organizing locations of possible events happening. 
We also have reign over smaller events and just general set up stuff in the library. 
It's so far really fun, and I look forward to hosting Comic-Con.
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First entry

  •  What went well?
I had a discussion with him and we thought out basic lesson plans. We didn't actually do anything last time. but we have a solid idea of what we are doing today. I'm super excited to help teach scratch!!
  • What are you looking forward to?
tEACHING SCRATCH!!!! And also just learning how. And meeting the kids.
  • What stands out that has happened so far?
The awkwardness of going back there, kind of. The person at the front desk was someone that I remember from my school career there. Also Mr.Landis's desk was fantastically messy. 
  • Add what you think is important.
I'm not sure if he emailed jeremy yet.
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For my ILP, I decided to  work at the after school program, Fuel, at my church. Yesterday was my second week and I have a blast there. I get to help the 3-6th graders with their homework and we teach them bible lessons. Then they go to electives. I work in the cooking elective. So far, we've made rice crispy treats and peach cobbler.
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Tech, Jahan Israt, Home Network

Doing this Home network made me realize that My homework is connected to a lots of device like my laptop and computer and 7 phones and my TV and the family Tv and my mom and dad Tv . And with all these devices are connected I realized that how fast my wi-Fi works .
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Home Network, Nicholas Ryan

Home Network, Ryan (1)

1.There are eight devices connected to my L.A.N. They include: my desktop, printer, laptop, kindle, PS4(gaming console), and my two cable boxes.
2. I learned a lot about networks. I learned about the names of the different wires such as the coax and ethernet wires, I learned about what a network consists of in your home, and I learned about the history of the internet.
3. I would tell people there are information that they need to know about their ISP/home network and it would be how they get their internet, what connects to the internet in their homes, and the different ways to improve their internet speed.
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Tech, Lucien Hearn, Home Network

During this project, I was greatly annoyed and confused. Up until the last ten minutes when everything came together. I quickly finished my chart, downloaded and uploaded it, and embedded it into this very post. There were many distractions along the way, but I managed to hone my focus and finish it. I come out of this with the knowledge of LucidCharts, and how to embed an HTML code into slate. On the topic of my home network, I have multiple phones and computers connected to my network, owned by my mother and I, along with a TV with a roku box attached, and an Ipad. From this assignment I learned how my router and modem are connected to the internet.
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My Home Network - Vivian Pham

Explaining the network:
My ISP is Comcast and the ethernet cable is made of coax. I have a modem and a router, an ethernet cable connects from the modem to router. The cloud internet comes into the router and it goes to modem and the modem makes the internet in my house wireless. And my router makes internet wireless and there the technology in my house connects to the internet without the use of an ethernet cable unless its through a computer or laptop. 
Something I learned about my home network is that there are two different systems that actually provide the devices in my house with internet, I never that. I thought it was just one system and that was it but its way more than just one. And i also learned to have the modem and the router connected an ethernet cord connects them. I also learned that when we search something or make a request online it goes through many processes and depending on our internet it may come faster or more delayed. 
Something that i would tell other people about my ISP is that sometimes Comcast can have some issues or problems but if you get the right package, the internet is really fast. And that its more simple when it comes to installing the internet using Comcast. And for me, my parents ordered just the internet on Comcast but not cable. 
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kyianna home network diagram

all my devices that connect to my internet is my phones and and my computer and all my game stations. my L.A.N is version. i learned about all my wires and that your home networks really is important because rit lets you know what you are getting yourself into. i would tell people to always know the in's and out of your network.
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Tylier's home network

​1.My L.A.N. is Comcast. All the devices on my internet connection are my phones from my mother, me , my step father. There are two tablets that belong to my two brothers. I have a computer connected to an ether-net cable and my school laptop as well a laptop my parent uses. I also have an Xbox that is connected through WiFi.
2. I learned how to create a PDF file and how the internet, intranet, and the world wide web work and how they differ from each other
3.I would tell other people the difference between the internet and the intranet. Next, i would teach them about how they get internet into their house. Finally, i would show them their connected devices that are connected to their intranet.
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Home Network, Pokora

My LAN network has a lot of wifi connections. I have 4 iPhones, 2 iPads, 2 Laptops, Printer, and an AppleTV. I also have my iMac connected to the internet through an Ethernet cable.

I personally never thought of how many things are on my wifi, I also found it interesting seeing what other peoples networks look like.

Having an ISP is very expensive if you look at the yearly price, but it is all worth it if you use the great internet. Paying for a decent speed is also pretty important, trust me chipping in the extra money is worth saving the anger. With great power comes great responsibility! 
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Eric Valenti Home Network

All the devices on my network are three iphones, two laptops and a tablet they are all connected because they all work off the same network so if the network is slow all the devices will be slow. I learned how networks work they start with a cloud and for my network are connected with a co ax cable to a modem router which sends a signal to all my devices. If I had to tell people about all of this I would tell them that  cables are different when it comes to connecting from the cloud to modem router
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Lauryn's Home Network

I was really surprised to find out how many devices were connected to my network. I learned exactly how the internet comes to my house and into my devices. I would tell everybody step through step on how their internet is set up based on the information they tell me. 
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  1. explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection.
  2. reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if now write about what you learned.
  3. what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?
1) My L.A.N: its a really short "circuit". Its based of a Comcast cable that goes threw behind the wall to the modem/router. The modem/router gives conection to the pc, ps3 and printer by a cable called ethernet cable. Then we have some divies conected by wifi like chromebooks, our phones, tablets, etc.
2)I already studied this in Spain but It was great learning them in English because the names are funny
3)The ISP is the internet service provider like comcast verizon. It cost a large amount of money every month
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Internet Network, Nicolella

1. My Local Area Network is Verizon. I have many devices on this network, and they are: iPhones, televisions, laptops, a tablet, wireless printer, and three game consoles.

2. While learning about networks, an OMG moment I had was that there were different cords for the different networks and there was a difference between Internet and Intranet.

3. I think that I would tell people about how your network has a different cord, and also how everything is connected someway together through either Ethernet or Fiber Optic etc. 
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Wentzell's Home Network

The internet sends information to my Verizon Fios box which accesses different parts of my house using the hub. My hub has four ports, two of which are not used. The first port goes to my Ethernet cable on the top floor of my house and the other goes to the router. The router is then plugged into the TV using an Ethernet cable. The TV also connects to the PS4. The router connects to about 20 devices; including phones, printers, computers, and speakers, via wireless connection. That is my home network.
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Home Network Asfaw

  • I have, in all, about 11 devices connected to my local area network, which is connected to my local router (wirelessly), which connects to my modem, which, in turn, connects to my internet provider via COAX cable to bring me internet
  • Nope, I did not learn anything new, other than what type of cable connects to my internet provider. And that wasn't surprising.
  • Know what type of internet you have, how it connects to your provider, if you have a wireless router, and basically everything to know about it.
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