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Changing The World...

In the last 2 blog post I talked about my Moms condition and I shared a link to my interview that I did with the Doctor, if you didn't get a chance to see the video Here it is. In my first blog I introduced all of you to MS and what it is and how it affects the people around me This my first blog post and My second blog post talks about the Original Research that I did, you can view my 2nd Blog Post here. Things that are being done to help raise awareness for MS, like I mentioned before millions of people have MS and they do know about fundraisers such as Walks throughout Philly starting from the Art Museum. They have a bunch of things that they do throughout the entire year Visit this Website  for more info. Doing these fundraisers they raise thousand and the money goes toward research and maybe one day finding a cure for MS, all hopes are high that one day they will.  

For my Agent of Change my Mom and I and a couple of other family members did the MS walk about 3-4 weeks ago here are some photos that I took from the top of the Art Museum Steps.Screenshot 2015-05-29 at 9.08.59 PM.png

Before the walks start they have little booths set up for your convenience and they give you water bottles. Once you return to the Museum they give you food to take on the way back home. Also for my Agent of change I gave a presentation to my class about MS, basically an overview of what's going on, give some examples of the symptoms that my Mom has and things such as that. I have the video Right here click on the hyperlink to see the video that I did in English and the slides that come with it. I felt like doing this project was very interesting in a way, but what really interested me about this project was that it just wasn't some essay or presentation. Going out into the world and actually making a change really changed my view about Project Learning.This project was like a stepping stone into someday changing the world. The idea and things that other people did like coming up with hashtags and making accounts on Twitter was really creative and I'm actually happy that we did this project because I wouldn't have learned so much about my Mom and the disease that she's fighting. I was also really thrilled about doing the original research part of the project I thought that was really fun and cool to do an interview because I have never did one before.

Things that I could have done better with was giving the presentation. I was a little scared the first time just presenting to the class. I still have a lot to cdo and much more to learn about MS and myself.


Stats Q4 BM Podcast 3

Group members present during this discussion: Raz Reed, William Amari, Edgar Pacio.

What your club discussed: During our third podcast we discussed chapters 8, 9 and 10. Sorry there are so many files, we had to keep stopping the recording because there's no way to pause on QuickTime.

How you discussed it: We summarized each chapter and the examples given in them. For chapter 10, which ended the book with a series of questions each person should ask his or her self when reading a statistic, we explained each question and examples of potential answers.

Points of conflict/disagreement during the discussion: We agreed on pretty much everything.

​Questions that came up as a result of the discussion: Now that we've covered the entire book, is there anything that Mr. Miles wants to tell us about statistical manipulation that we haven't heard?
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 1
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 2
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 3
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 4
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 5
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Sexism Toward men: III

So for blog post one as most of you know I wrote about sexism toward men. With in that blog post I wrote about what sexism toward men is, research on it, how it affected me personally, different scenarios in which sexims toward men took place and group of people who are trying to stop sexism toward men. For blog post 2 I did more research and original research. My original research included a survey which I emailed to people and a field observation In which I went around finding sexim toward men in public. I found at least seven events. I did some more research. I found this article and video about a woman explaining how sexism affects men too. There was also an article on what happens when men experience sexism. After even more research I found that there is a group of people called MRAs. It's an acronym for Men's rights activist. What they do is go around on college campuses, post pictures on the internet and protest about sexism toward men. This group has been around since the 1970s and has been doing a good job at challenging sexism toward men in my opinion. Some people say that MRA is a counter to feminism because ¨men never want to be excluded¨ which is a pretty sexist comment, but hey that's why I'm here.


In my opinion I think this is a pretty good way to change things. It's very similar to what MLK and other Civil Right activist did and that seemed to work out a lot. There is a lot less open racism today than there was 40 years ago. So if MRA's keep this up Sexsim toward men should drop. Right? However I do feel as though they could try to become a lot more popular considering the fact that not many people (that I talk to) know they exist. I myself didn't know they existed until about a week ago. And just to clarify, I am NOT saying that Sexism toward men is as big as racism. For my agent of change I did a presentation in advisory on May 28th. For my presentation I created a powtoon which talked about sexism toward men and gave some visuals. I also got up and talked more about the topic myself and answered questions because there were just somethings that wouldn't fit into the powtoon. I think it went pretty good. The only problems were the music wasn't working in the powtoon and someone asked me a question about the name of my sources and I couldn't remember them all.


So far from doing this project I've only seen two people change. My 16 year old cousin who is a female has become less sexist. She used to only associate with females, except male family members, and would make rude remarks about the male gender. She would also tweet some rude things as well such as ¨all males on planet earth must be eradicated¨ and does not follow any males on twitter. If you ask her about it she says that she means it. But about a month ago after she read both my blog post I saw her with two guys and gave them a hug goodbye (just friends she says). I couldn't believe it. The other change was in my aunt. My aunt will Force males at her house to sit criss cross on the floor to eat but females can sit on the furniture. She makes all her of sons and nephews to go outside and play in 90 degree weather but her daughters and nieces have the freedom to stay inside all day with the AC on and just chill. Her reasoning is ¨girls just need to be away from you filthy boys¨. But the other day after reading my blog posts, she allowed my male cousins and I to stay inside. Great! If my blog post had this effect on two sexist people I should show it to a couple of Feminazis.

To be completely honest I was a little anxious about doing this project. The reason is because my friend Elias and I talked about me doing this project and how it was controversial and how I would negative remarks, and jokes made about it, which I did. Even though I got some negative remarks I was still able to get positive comments and moral support. Remember, light can't exist without darkness.  After doing this project I learned that myself was sexist. The reason is because I used to expect things of men such as toughness, strength, and even expecting men to be straight. Now I don't expect anything of anyone. I also learned some things about my schoolmates. After I emailed my survey I discovered that a lot of people are or were sexist. And I don't mean sexist as in stereotyping even though , I mean sexist as segregation and discrimination which is extremely wrong.

I feel as though I could have done blog post 1 better because it was confusing for some people. An example is someone thought I was relating Ray Rice to MRA's which I wasn't. Also some people felt as though I was taking it as joke or trying to troll for some reason even though I was being serious. I also know that my annotated bibliography needed work. I didn't have a lot of resources and I don't think it was even properly made, but I was never taught how to do one and feel as though that's something we should have went over with in class. I also didn't have a lot of time due to family issues and religious reasons. Overall though I think I did a pretty good job though. and remember, Stand up, Stop sexism.


I'm Not Done Yet

Blog Post #3. Wow we are already here. But since it's been a while let's just do a little review. In my first blog post, we learned why I'm here in the first place: To raise awareness for ALL Mental Illnesses. ALL meaning not just Depression, or Bipolar Disorder but also ones like Alexithymia and Hysteria. We learned that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from Mental Illnesses, I being one of them, yet Americans know so little about Mental Illnesses. That brings us to my second blog post which described the little that Americans even knew about a problem that affected around 20% of them. This blog post tried to change that by providing information about Mental Illnesses that seemed to be forgotten, exploited the lies of the myths of Mental Illnesses and all in all just tried to change a small portion of people's perspective on Mental Illnesses. But there was another change that happened that changed a larger portion of people's perspective. My Agent of Change.

My original Agent of Change, as mentioned in my previous blog post, was a walk organized by NAMI Walk. NAMI Walk is the leading Mental Illness Awareness Organization in the United States. This Walk was held on May 16, 2015 and all in all they raised over $80,000 for Mental Illnesses just through that one walk out of their many. My original plan was to be apart of this walk but as fate had it, I was in the hospital that weekend and was not able to participate. This was very unfortunate as this was my main plan for making a change but as I, sadly, cannot rewind time, I knew I just had to come up with a Plan B. My plan B consisted of a presentation to either the two counselors of my school or a class presentation. But as fate would have it, I ended up in the hospital again, the following week. So once again my entire schedule was thrown off track. Although I never got to present my presentation. I shall still link my presentation so you may view what I had tried to do.

This was one of my slides in my presentation and I felt the need to add this because it basically summarizes the main point of my presentation.

This is not the end folks. It's just the beginning. Sure this might be the third and final blog post, but it doesn't mean this cause ends here. You can still help raise awareness for mental illnesses. You can still make a change. I shall not end here. I refuse to let this be a one time thing especially when I didn't get to make a change. I refuse to let this cause end here. I shall make my return so until then, don’t forget that the person next to you may just have a mental illness so be cautious of what you say, because you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Le Annotated Bibliography

To Sum It Up

For my You and the World project, I have been working on the topic of Affirmative Action. For those who aren't familiar, Affirmative Action is the process in which an establishment uses special precaution to create equality between all genders and races. Briefly, for my first blog post, I chose to focus more on the data and statistics that accompany Affirmative Action. Basically bringing out a lot of the actual solid facts that would be used to develop a more well rounded opinion. For my second blog post I chose to invest in a more different approach. Even though I had quality information I wanted to see how real people felt. With this I interviewed four different people, two students and two teachers, to discover their reactions and surprisingly, they were very similar. I found that a general idea was that Affirmative Action is not the best solution, but it's something needed in society at the moment. For my Agent of Change I decided to make a website dedicated to the central ideas of what Affirmative Action consist of and how it works. I did a website because it's something that will always be there, and it would be accessible to the masses.

Image result for affirmative action

( This is an image depicting what a large community of people would consider Affirmative Action to be.)

Before assembling my website I did more research to find if anything is being done in support or in opposition to this issue. I actually found that the main thing being done are protest. At first I didn't think it was that much for trying to fix this issue, but upon thinking about it it's a great idea since attention is being drawn. The more protest that are being done the higher the chances change will occur if there is constant pressure from the public. Look at Black Lives Matter who basically did the same things and are known throughout the nation. I think that is a great way for all of the people who want more attention on Affirmative Action to get it. The best source of change that can be done is to physically going out there and fighting for what you want. I'm in complete support of it.

Back to my own Agent of Change, my website was meant to be a site that would provide viewers with all sides of the Affirmative Action debate. From the time I spent researching, it was evident that most websites were trying to convince you whether Affirmative Action was completely great or should be abolished immediately, but this website more informative than persuasive. Readers learn the ins and outs of Affirmative Action while viewing all sides to help create their own depiction of it. This way a very good way to change this because I got to put some of my own opinion on it but mostly informing those who don't know much about this as to what it is because it's something that's often swept under the rug. I think this has been a good change as long as people are reading it. As long as people are reading it, informing themselves, and leaving with at least more knowledge or a better understanding of the topic it has been a good change because I'm helping those who don't know, know about it.

I feel that doing this project really brought everyone closer to the a certain community, and made them more involved with their issues. Because we have spent so much time working on these issues and learning so much about them we have a more personal connection to them, and even no more than what we did before. While we informed the public and our peers, we did the same thing to ourselves. I also learned that that we have a diverse group of people who are all affected or have a strong connection for a wide variety of things. Most importantly, I learned that my classmates as well as myself a willing to put the hard work in for something we believe in. If I was to do this project all over, I would have given myself more time to do some of the task before they were do. I handed everything in on time, but there were times when I was trapped for time because I procrastinated. The only things that seems to be left are to monitor what our Agent of Change has done to help or bring awareness, and to simply keep following it.

Annotated Bibliography

Image Makes All the Difference

So here we are, almost twenty years into the 21st century. We have touch screen cell phones that double as GPSs and even 3D printers. With this boom in technology and information, you would think that most of the issues we faced in the past would be far behind us, right? Well no. Despite all the problems facing our world today, women’s rights may be one of the most ongoing movements in the past decades. I’ve given a lot of information on this topic and its impact on society, but I struggled a bit with how to tackle it in the real world for my "You and the World" agent of change. How does one girl change an issue that is so huge within a short amount of time? Well if I had Obama’s number maybe I’d only have 98 problems, but I don’t. Even though the internet is a vast plethora of information and discovery, I only had so many resources. Since this is such a general and widespread issue, I figured the best way to create change was to spread awareness. The best weapon against wrong-doing is education. Educating those who have no use of gaining this knowledge otherwise is a more powerful tool that I had to use to my advantage, so I took that and ran with it, resulting in a presentation! I presented a small slideshow in front of my stream mates and it went pretty well...besides me sounding like Porky pig with all the stuttering I did. Other than that, I spread awareness on a topic that I’m very passionate about and hope to do more work to change it in the future. It surprised me how many people were also aware of what was going on in our society as well, because it’s not usually a topic brought up amongst kids and teens. I received great feedback from my very active audience and couldn’t be happier with the turnout. Even Ms. Giknis was inclusive in the discussion and added some really great points. I also referred to some topics I covered in my blog posts 1 and 2 which helped me explain the issue of women's issues even further. I gave some of the statistics about the low numbers of women in certain fields and educational programs, talked about equal pay, and also shared some of the results I collected from the survey I took in my second blog post. One point that I brought up was the issue of the images we

re given about a certain issue or topic within our society. The example I gave was how when women enter the workforce, they are constantly making decisions between family and career, as if there’s no in between. Either you’re a loving mother who would rather stay home and shake formula all day or a hard-working businesswoman who has no time for marriage or children. Why should we have to choose? Why can’t both worlds be blended into one to create a world of working mothers with supportive benefits and stable households? It’s all about image. If the image that society places on what a breadwinner looks is that of a male than that’s what will occur. Women feel that the world isn’t ready for our takeover as presidents, CEOs, astronauts, and even receptionists or painters. We should all be proud of what field we are in and not let gender stereotypes or misogynists hinder us from pursuing our careers, and we also shouldn’t be ashamed if we are making more money than our husbands/partners.

I would use social media as a source of delivery for all this research and information I’ve collected, but it was an idea a lot of people partook of and I wanted to do something slightly original. Even though presentations are somewhat mainstream, I figured it would be the best form of spreading the word.

Currently, there are numerous organizations that run specifically to target the issue that face the female working community. One I found was this website, which spreads awareness on women’s issues and also donates to a number of different causes that support the fight for women’s rights. So far, I think I’ve created a significant change in the women’s rights movement because of my blog posts and also my agent of change. I hope to have my message spread globally, but I would also like to partner with some organizations to create a change that has a huge impact on society and is original in its planning and design. Here is my annotated bibliography.
Screenshot 2015-05-29 at 10.30.17 PM

Sometimes One Must Become the Teacher (Ace Erasure #3)

Hello everyone! We're back for our final post on this little expedition to bring about change! So, previously we've discussed what asexuality is, what erasure means and its effects on people, and we also got a first-hand glance at how well known these topics are. The results were rather interesting. You can read more about those in my first and second blog posts.
Alright! So, recently (May 28th) I gave a visual and oral presentation to my English class. I told everyone what an asexual was, and dived pretty deep into the complex subcategories of this sexual orientation. I also gave them a lesson on what erasure was, why it is important to know about it, and what they can do to make sure they never commit such a hate crime. Surprisingly, the presentation as a whole seemed to go over extremely well with the class. That was great to see! Everyone gave a nice big round of applause, and I even got a few requests to show some people the slideshow again, as well as numerous compliments about how brave and amazing my presentation was. Talk about a humble brag! Sorry about that. Anyways, I think this was a great way to spread some ace awareness, and reminded me of that TEDx Talk about erasure that the wonderful Lisa Zhang put together. There are many things people have been doing to raise awareness for this issue, including that Ted Talk, as well as videos, forum discussions, and full blown websites! It's crazy how much people are willing to spread this information, but equally as crazy is how little people know about it despite all of these efforts.
I believe this may be because it is discussed in locations that center around asexuality, and at that point your kind of preaching to the choir. That's why I chose to present to my classmates, because asexuality isn't a topic that comes up all that often in my school. One thing I wish I had done differently however was to find a way to present to the entire 9th grade, as opposed to just 1/4 of it. Despite that setback, I'm still really happy that I was able to accomplish this, and really hope that aseuxality becomes a relevant topic in our school because of it, especially next year in October during Asexuality Awareness Week. It would be great to see tons of people supporting that. And if there's one thing I've learned about my classmates, it's that they tend to be rather open-minded about that kind of thing.
Screenshot 2015-05-29 at 10.25.32 PM
One of the slides from my presentation

Before I wrap this post up, I feel that I should touch on something that i found in my research for this presentation. As you may or may not know, there are many different types of attraction, other than just sexual. They cover all sorts of ways to interact with other human beings that I found rather interesting. You should definitely check out this site to see a full description of each one.
That's all I have to say. Thanks for sticking around for this! Until next time, CJ out!

A full list of sources can be found here.

Defeating Dyslexia Stereotypes

In my last two blog posts I talk a lot about what dyslexia is and how I was affected by it.  You can click here to look at the first blog post.  You can click here to see the second blog post.  Since my last blog post I was able to actually do my agent of change.  For my Agent of Change I presented to advisories and did a presentation where I tried to destroy all the stereotypes there where on dyslexia.  You can click here to see me present to my advisory (Mr. Ames advisory.) In the the presentation I started off by asking everyone what they thought dyslexia is.  I asked this question to see what stereotypes would come out right away. And I got seeing things backwards and floating off pages.  So then I showed a video to explain dyslexia and then went into the stereotypes.  I think I really got across what dyslexia is and I feel after my project they had better knowledge on dyslexia.  Also after the presentation people presented to me some good questions such as “What is mild dyslexia actually?” To answer, I told them about my dyslexia and how I struggle with reading and writing because I have mild dyslexia.    

Some new resource I looked at to get more information on dyslexia and to add to my presentation was websites that had different pictures that represented dyslexia.  I used this to add more to my presentation.  This is one picture I found: push here to bring you to where I found the picture.


For my Agent of Change I have only done one presentation so far but I am planing to do another one on Monday.  I am excited to see how this turns out and all of the different varieties of questions I will get this time around.  I really want to see the stereotypes being defeated.  I am really happy I did this project to spread the truth to my fellow peers.  I feel as if change has already begun because the questions they asked me were great.  Also, the other day someone said something about dyslexia that wasn't accurate and was a stereotype and one of the students who listened to my presentation corrected them!  When this happened I felt like I really did something important!  And I could see the changing that I have caused happening right then.  What I think I could have changed about the project was asking more advisories to do the presentation or have a big group presentation.  I feel this would have spread the word even more.  What I learned about myself doing this project is that I am good at getting across my point when it comes to dyslexia. What is still left for me to do in this project is do the presentation one or two more times to spread the word and to make sure people understand dyslexia very well.  I am very happy that I did this project and I hope it really affects the people around me.

My Body ≠ Your Body

For the final part of my English You and the World project, I decided to help out the American Civil Liberties Union send in a petition to Congress of 25,000 signatures to protect insurance coverage for abortions. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a non-profit organization that, in its words, works to “defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.” My contribution was to get at least one hundred signatures onto the petition from my community. I went around my different classrooms to gather emails and names, and I emailed my family members and friends. When I finished, I felt satisfied and happy to look at the number of signatures go from 23,500 to almost 24,000 (though not all were my work). I felt that I had contributed to this, and I had actually made a change instead of just sitting around and complaining about my issue.

I focused on women’s rights and reproductive freedom for my You and the World project (and more can be found in my first and second blog posts). The topic is one that I’ve cared about and followed for many years. I think that it is unfair that getting an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy is becoming more difficult with each passing day. I think that it is unfair that it is mostly male politicians in our country who control the rules of what happens to my body. I think it is unfair that some people are trying to ban birth control or make it so difficult for women to get access to it. All of these things anger me, and that is why I chose reproductive freedom for my project. Some people argue against abortion because it is “murder” and wrong. If I put myself in their shoes, I can understand why they think that, honestly. Nobody in his right mind would think, “wow, abortions are so nice! They are such pleasant procedures.” However, I believe that every woman everywhere should be able to decide what to do with her baby. Bearing a child and being a mother are such big things that no woman should have to go through if she doesn’t feel ready or able. I think that abortions are actually kinder for the babies since usually the mothers feel they would not care properly for them.

The hypocrisy in the political world of reproductive freedom is jaw-droppingly frustrating and leaves me speechless. Many of the male conservatives (male: gender of the human race who will never be able to become pregnant) who are solidly anti-reproductive rights have been known, in their personal lives, to think otherwise.

            Another thing for these politicians to keep in mind is that birth control and abortions are also in the male population’s favor. Yes, unwanted pregnancies ultimately affect the woman more, but the women are not getting pregnant on their own or with each other - and hopefully, their male partners would stick with them through an unwanted pregnancy (which, presumably, they wouldn’t want any more than the women).

            Maybe this all sounds very negative, like it’s all going downhill. Things are not great right now, but there are some very powerful and admirable leaders and organizations out there that are trying to turn the tide. Organizations and people are creating petitions, marches, and strikes to raise awareness about this topic. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are both powerful organizations that work hard to protect women’s rights. Planned Parenthood gives women access to birth control and abortions for free (and many other things), and the ACLU fights politically for reproductive rights. There are things that are being done right now to help this, but the conservatives are strong and the direction of legislation in most states is going more anti-reproductive freedom. This is why I chose this topic - I want my generation of young women to know exactly what we’re up against, what the current issues are, and what we can do.

(This is the petition for which I gathered signatures.)

Annotated Bibliography

Lyle Seitz signing his name for the petition.

One page of the list of names and emails I gathered for the petition.


Creating Awareness for Teen Peer Pressure...

My Blog Post #1 was focused on introducing my issue I wanted to bring awareness to. I discussed why it interested me and why teen peer pressure is significant to myself, me, and people across the world. I touched on interesting information of teen peer pressure. For example, I explained why many peer pressure professionals and people say that teen girls go through the rough stages of teen peer pressure more often than teenage boys. In my Blog Post #2, I mainly focused on finding new information on my topic and explaining what I learned. I summarized my work from my Blog Post #1 and finally begin telling my readers what my results was from my Original Research, which I created a Teen Peer Pressure Survey. I discussed my results from the survey and gave my opinion on the outcome of it. During my research on this issue, I found out there are more and more organizations going to different schools around the world to talk to the students on peer pressure as a whole and bullying. Like I discussed in Blog Post #2, Connection between Bullying and Peer Pressure. There are many videos on the topic as well to raise awareness. Here go one interesting video I found during my research…Teen Peer Pressure Experiment

Image result for teen peer pressure

Teen Giving Into the Pressure

“Be strong and don’t give into the pressure like this young teen is about do”

I am satisfied with the way the awareness of Teen Peer Pressure is being spread. Teen Peer Pressure mainly happens in school and with professionals going to explain to the students how to do the right thing and learn how to not be another victim to Teen Peer Pressure. For my Agent of Change, I made a website and a presentation to create awareness of this issue. My website consists of many stories that other teens went through, real life stories I found during my research. The presentation I created is linked in my website. In my presentation, I discussed the meaning and significance of Teen Peer Pressure. I also gave three things to do to not get involved with doing negative activities with friends that pressure you into doing.  

For this issue, I have researched and found ways to avoid teen peer pressure. The three steps I found during my research on this topic, which was put out by the American Academy Of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. I emailed this organization multiple times, and unfortunately couldn’t speak to a peer pressure professional, but their website helped me research a lot and learn how to spread more awareness on this issue. Also ways to solve this issue. On my Teen Peer Pressure survey, I made teens open up about their past experiences with this issue and I feel getting those things of their chest and realizing that the pressure isn’t rare, it made them feel better about themselves and who they are as a person. This project was really fun. I had a great time doing research on an issue that affects many people around the world my age, even me. Overall, I strongly agree that this was one of the most compelling projects I did so far at school. I learned that many teens at my school think the same on this topic. My Teen Peer Pressure Survey gave me that conclusion, just what is peer pressure and how they believe it affects teenage boys and girls. This project made me learn where I went wrong and why I got caught in between peer pressure. Not being able to say “NO” to my friends and just not being the leader I always claimed to be. However, experiences like these are always a life lesson and I learned that from different sources that I used to research for my topic.

The only thing I feel I could have done better on this project was reaching out to some more organizations on teenage peer pressure. Yet, I am happy because I did in fact try my best to reach out to American Academy Of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry professionals. The only thing I can say that is left for others and I to do to make a change is to be a leader and a good friend to others who seems to need help standing up for themselves. And this is for Teen Peer Pressure and bully. Like I stated before there is a Connection between Bullying and Peer Pressure


Here is my Annotated Bibliography...

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Stereotypes: Where do they begin? Post #3

In my first Blog Post I introduced my You and the World project. My topic was stereotypes and how they affect youth. I found that stereotypes have the ability to judge a certain group or class of people based of off multiple encounters. When researching my topic I found that stereotypes are issues involving ignorance, racism, and hypocrisy. I was interested in the topic because it wasn’t something that you heard often.

In my second Blog Post I introduced my plan for original research. I decided to make a survey that was school wide. I only wanted responses from students because this project is based on youth. I have gather some incredible information from the survey. I found that 100% of the people that took the survey were aware of stereotypes. I also found that 91.3% of the people that took my survey used stereotypes.

Since the last post, I had a few thoughts about what I wanted to do for the Agent of Change part of the project. My topic is so quirky that every thought I had was not good enough. They had no effect on the purpose of my topic. It took a while for me to come up with a superior idea for my Agent of Change. After a while I just stopped thinking and went to google for some ideas. I had no luck with that either. An idea of a petition came to mind when I was watching an episode of Zoey 101. I decided to create a petition, but a single question got in the way. “A petition for what?” I did not really know what my petition was going to be for. I had to brainstorm a little more. How do you fight the causes of stereotypes? Well if everyone censored what they say it would not be an issue. I remembered a rule from my elementary school. It was for when you wanted to make a joke or say anything not too appropriate. It was called T.H.I.N.K.!

Untitled drawing

T.H.I.N.K. means to think…

T- is it True?

H- is it Helpful?

I- is it Inspiring?

N- is it Necessary?

K- is it Kind?

By considering these steps not only are people censoring what they say they are also bettering themselves as a person. By signing my petition you are agreeing to T.H.I.N.K. before you speak. After getting the word out about my petition, multiple people asked question about if they could still say what they intended to. I just reply “do what you think is right”. If we all T.H.I.N.K. before we speak the world may become a better (less ignorant) place.

I think that I could have made a better decision on for my Agent of Change. There were only a few choices and I picked the one of best fit. Maybe I could have given a quick presentation about it at TFI like another student did or maybe I should have given a presentation about it during advisory. These thoughts came to mind a little too late. But knowing so much about this topic now, I don’t want to give up on it. I still will be collecting signatures long after this project is over. I am determine to get the word out about stereotypes affecting today’s youth.


Technology Use is Reduced!

In my first and second blog posts I introduced some of the negative side effects that technology has on people. For example, lack of social interaction and joint pains, like carpal tunnel. In my first blog post I spoke about how people don't realize how much technology is hurting them until the aftermath of it. I showed some of the statistics of the average amount of hours people go on their phones or use technology on a daily basis. It is actually quite frightening how much people use technology within a few days.

As I moved on to expand my learning and research I decided to do a field observation on a few people. I asked permission from a few of my friends to observate them but I never told them when I was going to do start my observation. After an hour of observing them I noticed that everyone was using a form of technology within an hour. One person was using a phone and their laptop at the same time. After a few minutes they put away the laptop and sat on their phone for the rest of the time period. My observation provided me with some more knowledge and also proved some of my research to be correct. There was an insignificant amount of social interaction. These people sat at a table together for an hour and rarely said anything to each other because they were so caught up using their phones and laptops. Then I had an idea.

I started to ponder a few ways I could make a change. I knew what I wanted to accomplish I just couldn't decide how I was going to do it. After thinking long and hard about how I wanted to reduce the technology use in my school, I finally found a solution to this problem. I decided I wanted to make a contest where everyone in my class can take part and also challenge themselves. The contest was who could last the longest without using their phone for two days in school. In the end the winner(s) will receive a cool prize. Once the contest started I caught ten people within a period of fifteen minutes. I heard a few people say things like '' I forgot I couldn't use it, I naturally check it every five minutes'' while others said '' I don't really care if the winner gets a good prize I need to use my phone I can't live without it.'' This just shows that people can't handle not using a phone not for even twenty minutes. As the first day ended I caught more than half of the class using a form of technology other than their laptops.

On the second day there were about fourteen others who were not disqualified. One student (Conor Meier) attempted to eliminate everyone else and did a great job resisting using his phone. By the end of the day I had two winners, neither of the contestants would even bother to check their phones. So I had to choose two winners. The victors of my contest were Conor Meier and Jonathan Saldivar. They both did an exquisite job in my contest and really helped me with my change.

I decided to interview each of them asking them both the same question. '' How did you feel not using your phone for two days?'' Jonathan responded with '' It was horrible I wasn't able to use my phone all day, I almost accidentally used it like ten times''. Conor said '' It was not as bad as I thought it would, at times I really wanted to use my phone, especially when it vibrated.'' I asked a few others and someone responded with '' You really made me realize how many times I use my phone in one day, even when I am in school and I shouldn't be using it, I check it so much more than I thought I did''.

A minute after class ended I found both of them pull out their phones right away

and use them.

After my research and being an Agent of Change I found that I really did make a difference. I reduced the amount of technology use in my class by at least 15%. My contest helped two teenagers reduce the amount of technology by almost fourteen hours. I am glad that I did this for my project and am satisfied with all the new things that I learned after researching and writing these blog posts.   

Click here to view my Annotated Bibliography!
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Giving Hope

Giving Hope

Giving back to the ones in need. In my two previous blog posts I gave a lot of information on Homelessness. I gave research that I found on the different kinds of people who became homeless and also explained why I chose to pursue this topic. In addition to my blog post #1, In my blog post #2 I also created my own research to gather information on people's opinions on Homelessness and reflected on it. IMG_1118.JPG

I woke him from his sleep to give him what i wanted to give him

There's many organizations out there trying to prevent homelessness from spreading in the U.S. One organization I found that is working currently in Philadelphia and it is called ¨Project Home¨. This organization helps break the chain of homelessness and gather volunteers to do so. I support this idea of helping to take down homelessness. By Having people volunteer on their own will to help out the homeless people makes my heart filled with joy. They even accept donations, so they can give to the homeless people. For my Agent Of Change I decided to go out and give some poor homeless people some food/snacks. Not only did I give them snacks but I also went and gave them some word of advice. I told them to keep on moving with life and to keep their head up. I told them that i had faith in them. One of the homeless people, responded with ¨I've been homeless for 22 years¨. I was very surprised and that made me question myself. How can you experience homelessness with your family and friends around you? I felt really nervous doing this project because I am not the type of person to go out there and confront a random stranger. When I went up to the homeless person, I felt really conscious of the people around me and what they would think but I overcame that and did what I needed to do. I learned that homeless people are often donated to not like I expected. I expected the homeless to be surprised that I gave them food but they weren't they casually took my food and thanked me.

           He's been homeless for 22 years.IMG_1124.JPG

Things i could've done better for my agent of change was maybe talk to more homeless and gather more stories. I only gave them some hope and food, I wish I had a longer conversation and gather more information on the homeless and listen to their story on how they got homeless. There's one thing that needs to be done in order for Homelessness to not exist and that is to get the word to the government. In my blog post #2 I talked about how different cities want to drive homeless people out the cities by doing different things like implementing homeless spikes and more. Instead of the government trying to get rid of the homeless people why not help the homelessness by implementing new laws that makes it less likely to be homeless. To rise up together, we need to lift each other up.


Here is my annotated bibliography!


Immigration: More Work To Be Done

After continuing my research with Immigration and getting to know more in my original research, I have begun to get involved in the community around me. I wanted to find a way that I, as a fifteen year old could make an impact on my issue, and I decided that getting involved in with an organization that handles immigrants, and helps them in the process of becoming a full U.S. citizens. There are numerous organizations that are set up around Philadelphia that help immigrants with learning English, U.S. history, and any other information they might need to pass the exam for citizenship. It takes a lot of work to learn this information, and I know most of it by heart, so it may be the perfect fit for me. I found an organization that had a great program for immigrant education, and worked hard trying to contact them, I called two times, and sent an email, but sadly I never received any response from them. I searched for organizations that would be able to take somebody my age to help out and learn something about the immigration process. I searched and searched until I found an organization called PICC or Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition, at 2100 Arch street, right around the corner from my school, Science Leadership Academy.

I contacted the organization over phone and talked with Maria Sotomayor, who told me about all of their volunteering opportunities, and helped me get involved. I volunteered to help sign new citizens up to become voters. On Friday, May 22, I went out to the USCIS building in West Philadelphia, and witnessed a citizenship ceremony where men and women from 38 different countries came to finally become citizens. They went through the process of signing documents, singing the National Anthem, and saying the pledge of allegiance. Finally at the end we went around and helped people register to become voters.

These are two images from my experience at the ceremony

I found this to be a very gratifying experience that made me feel good to know that these people were working so hard to achieve this, and I got to experience it with them. I was able to be a part of their first American experience, and I now know after doing all of my research, what these immigrants have to go through. I would have liked to get involved with illegal immigrants, and help them on the road to citizenship, but that would have been harder for someone my age to do.

There is still a lot more work that needs to be done to help with immigration in the world, and there still is an increasing number of illegal immigrants in the United States. There still is a large problem with immigration law in the United States, and there is a lot of work that needs to be done. I hope that someday there will be someone who speaks up for immigrants in this country, no matter who it may be, it is needed to start filling this bottomless pit of confusion.

Here is my annotated bibliography


Helping Reduce Poverty: Canned Food Drives

On my first blog post , I described how poverty is an issue in Philadelphia, such as people dying everyday. I tried to bring awareness on what we can do to reduce it. On my second blog post, I went into more detail of what we can do to help and basing my information off my research. Many people responded to it as an issue, but many people did not know it was affecting many others. I tried to explain how the struggle was real for people suffering from poverty.

To bring more awareness about this issue, I am currently doing a canned food drive where people who attend SLA can bring in cans to support a charity. This can bring more awareness to them since when they donate cans, they are understanding the issue better and trying to help reduce it. I am currently still doing a canned food drive and will continue until the end of the school year. After I collect enough, I will bring the cans to the “Chosen 300” which is a charity. This can reduce the amount of children starving since they will be able to eat something.

I feel like people should do more about this issue since it is critically affecting many people today. I don’t think enough people are doing this and I want to make a change so that people can bring in cans to help. I believe this is a good way to help because starving children are caused by poverty and we can help reduce it by just donating some cans.

So far for my agent of change, I told my classmates to bring in some cans and to put it in the advisory memo. I am also currently putting around advertisements with the help of my friends. The advertisement is an ad that tells people to bring in cans for a charity in which you can saves lives. I have about 20 cans as of now, and my goal is to receive at least a hundred.

IMG_7091 (1).JPGphoto (12).JPG

This is a image of the cans I received so far. This is the advertisement I put up.

For my canned drived, I have about 20 cans. I feel like people who had donated cans and I are really helping people who are starving and we are helping the community. I learned that people would really help out the world if they know about the issue. I also learned that I can make a change if I put my mind to it. As for this canned food drive, I never thought I will be able to even receive 1 can.

          Something that I can definitely do better was volunteer and do more to help out since it feel like cans won’t be enough to put even a small change in poverty. I think it would have been better, if I had done a presentation along with the canned food drive because that way I could bring awareness to those students who have no clue about poverty. I can teach them about it and tell them to donate some cans for the change. I still need to convince some people to bring in cans and others to contribute and donate the cans so I would reach my goal.

My bibliography.

A Change Is Coming

My previous blogs have both consisted of information pertaining to police brutality in the past and present. Blog post #1 talked about how long Police Brutality among blacks have been going on which has been since the 1900’s ( civil rights era and segregation) and Blog Post #2 focused on the newer cases of Police Brutality like Freddie Gray that sparked rioting and protesting in cities such as Philadelphia and Baltimore. Some other information I found in my second blog post was that several of these new cases involved victims of white race which was something people were ignorant to.


Enough of the negative talk. Let’s converse about a organization called the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU. The American Civil Liberties Union works hard to defend the rights and liberties given to the citizens of America and to make sure those rights do not get supported any less than they should. For my Agent of Change project I was the host of a bake sale where I sold cookies, cakes and brownies in order to make a donation to this organization because not only do they protect rights but they are also against police brutality which my whole project is based about. Donating to them helped me to know that I’d be safe from being brutalized by police and other higher authorities and so will other fellow citizens in Pennsylvania. Along with that, it also helped me know that my rights as a citizen in America will be protected by people who actually care.

I want to give you a little background information on how I came up with this idea in the first place. I went through millions of ideas before I got to this final conclusion of just donating. The first thought that came to mind when we were given this project was a video, but then I realized that wouldn’t fit because I am just informing, not necessarily making a change. So, then I thought to do a survey, but I realized that probably wouldn’t get my point across. After thinking and thinking I came up with the idea of selling t-shirts but then I realized how much money a single shirt would cost and I also remembered that I was broke. I was feeling defeat until I googled “ Organizations that are against police brutality”. A couple of different organizations popped up that claimed to protect your rights but I was looking for something known by everyone so I could be sure it was the real deal. I finally came across ALCU and researched a little more about it and then after my studies I clarified it was the one for me.

After completing my project, I began to reflect and I started to feel as if I could have brought more awareness to this by sharing all of this information with people in my school or in my neighborhood and I also thought I could have raised a lot more money but as I thought about the moral I got from this project, I learned that you don’t have to go all out and be outrageous in the things you do to get your point across or help shed some light on a serious situation. You can handle it in a simple form like I did, by donating or volunteering to do work or anything of that sort.

In conclusion, me and the rest of this wonderful organization are not yet done with protecting the right of Americans. We will continue to fight daily against the cons of the American government and also protect our rights given by law !

( To find all links you can visit my annotated bibliography )


( Receipt of my donation to the organization )
Screenshot 2015-05-28 at 8.39.14 AM

Sex Slavery 3.0

In Blog Post #1 I talk about my general findings on the topic of Sex Slavery. After that, in Blog Post #2, I furthered my understandings on the issue by constructing an interview to ask an expert. And in this Blog I actually did something about it. Something to help better the issue in the way of bringing awareness.

For my agent of change part, to bring awareness, I have decided to make stickers promoting a website I have discovered in which are experts on the issue. Meaning they specialize in helping victims of Sex Trafficking. They have lots of factual information on their site and they are very honest with their findings. Therefore, I chose to promote them by creating stickers and placing them around the city to bring an incredibly wide range of an audience. My stickers will contain some specific facts from their site directly. I think the stickers will definitely gravitate the viewers’ awarenesses in a way that will make them want to read them and also visit the website. I am hoping for more people to discover the site and to notice that slavery is actually still an issue in the world that people are actually working towards helping.

{Stickers made}

{Stickers I created containing Love146’s quotes}

{Stickers promoting Love146}

I am glad that I was able to further my understanding of the issue that happens today in the world. I am greatly thankful that I was able to share this information to lots of people. I have a lot specifically about the victims of Sex Trafficking and the troubles that have brought them to that particular system. I have learned that this is a huge issue and that a lot of different organizations are looking out to help endangered sufferers. Something I could of done better was probably to make posters along with the stickers to put up in the school. I feel as though a lot of people should realize how much an issue this is and statistics about it. What I have left for other people to do is simply to visit the website present in my stickers in which I was promoting and to share it with others.

Annotated Bibliography


The Variable of the Meme

Hello everyone! I’m back and here to make a change! You might remember what I did in my other two blog posts or you might not, so here is a summary:

Blog Post #1

For this blog post, I discussed a bit about what I wanted to do for this project, what the situation was with memes and that I wanted to raise awareness. People may ask… well what would raising awareness of the most popular thing online accomplish, but that is exactly the problem. Many people use social networks without realizing their power. People just tweet and retweet and before they know it, they caused a huge city-wide protest. Social networks are the backbone of human movement and change, but many people seem to forget that. Therefore, I decided to make sure that people knew, that we all can change the world if we want to.

Blog Post #2

For my second blog post, I decided to conduct some research of my own. I needed to find out exactly how many people knew that memes, messages, and things like twitter can have an impact. I also decided to interview a veteran of the internet regarding this subject. We discussed how exactly social networks work, and also events that are happening in this world which prove exactly what I want to show. To figure out what the majority of people thought of this topic, I sent out an anonymous poll. Here people would be able to answer exactly what their point of view was on some of the key factors of human telecommunication. To my surprise, the people who were misinformed were much higher.

Now that we got that out of the way… We can talk about what I did for my “Agent of Change”. From the start of this whole personal project, I knew that this would be the opportunity to REALLY make a change. And I thought, It would be much smarter if instead of making a change myself, I made sure that other people had the knowledge and motivation to make changes. This whole project is raising awareness that we have a tool to make a change, so that we the people can decide what to do with our lives, how we want our governments to work, and how we want to do so.

For the agent itself, I posted two things online. The first thing that I did was make public an interview which I had with Andrea Mazzucchi (can be found HERE). The second thing which I did to try and raise awareness for this project was to make a short Ad describing the situation. This 1 minute Ad also helps work as a motivation tool for those who are watching, telling them to spread the message and encouraging others to take charge in their lives.

If any of you know me, you should know that I always am unsatisfied with what I do and the works that I publish. I really wish that I would have decided where this project would be headed sooner and maybe to be more interesting. I feel like I am not the only one trying to motivate others to become leaders and doing this project really helped me feel part of a positive movement.

Interview with Andrea Mazzucchi

Make a change Ad

Annotated Bibliography

Blog Post 1

Blog Post 2

Ad Script:

Everyday, hundreds of thousands of messages are being sent through social networks to people all across the world. Whether it is a short video clip, to a picture with a caption on it, we all communicate with multiple people every day… or minute for some of you. But did you know... that social networks and the internet could have a much greater impact? Everyday there are messages online that rally protesters, raise awarenesses, and even messages that actually FORCE laws to change? That’s right. The social networks that you are using right now all have the power to shape the world that you live in, they can raise enough funds to create cures to dangerous diseases, all the way to forcing a nation into ending a war. We all have the power to make a change, so why not start now, by helping raise awareness that there is more to a meme than someone just looking at a picture with a caption.

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In my blog posts one and two I spoke about how unknown Domestic Violence is. It is a sort of hidden, underground issue, yet effects one in four women and one in seven men in America within their lifetimes. It is mostly viewed as a “woman’s issue” because 85% of the abusers are men, and women are more likely to become dominated by an abusive partner. This is not to say that men do not fall victim, domestic violence targets men, women, and children of all races and economic status. One of the primary issues surrounding domestic abuse is that it is extremely hard to inform people that you have fallen victim, sometimes because the bruises are worth the so called “love” they have found. Education is key in stopping this problem facing millions.

Campaigns have been started trying to capture the attention of the people living in a social media dominated world, like Safe Horizon. The campaign is called “#PutTheNailInIt” and teamed up with Miss America 2015, Kira Kazantsev, to help prevent domestic violence by painting your left ring finger purple to pledge against domestic violence. I decided to use this same concept, adapting it to fit my own guidelines. I created my own hashtag, “#NailItPhilly” to track how many people I myself could motiviate to join the movement. I said that we should keep the nail polish movement the same, yet I know many people who are not comfortable painting their nails so I also made it so we could draw a purple X on the same finger. The original campaign also includes donating, and I thought education was most important and most managable for those around me. Domestic violence needs all the attention it can get to help create a brighter future for all of America.

There are many different ways to try and end this issue,

like by using the hashtag by safe horizon and Miss America

I learned a lot through doing this project. I learned that people really look to others for guidance, especially involving this hashtag. At first, no one contributed and posted, but after I got one or two posts, it began to increase the amount of posts. It was hard motivating, and I see how difficult it is for one person to try and spread a hashtag. I would have maybe made it more entertaining for people to want to help if the topic itself was not motivation enough. The ALS ice bucket challenge was very successful and spread through social media very quickly. I could have designed my own challenge which might have turned out with more results. Through this entire project, I learned more about domestic violence and got the amazing opportunity to speak with a representative from a large organization, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and reflect on how much attention this issue truly needs. I feel like I made an impact, and that is a step in the right direction towards ridding this country of domestic violence.

These are some examples of the people who contributed to my hashtag!

Check out my Annotated Bibliography!


The Truth About The Spectrum

My topic is Autism and as I stated in my first blog post. Nobody really knows a lot about it. This is one of the reasons why I chose this topic the second reason is that it is a topic that hits home with me. Scientists are researching what the possible cause of Autism is and if it can be prevented. All this researching has led the general public to see it as a disease. This is wrong I personally consider autism a mutation that can have different effects depending on the level of the spectrum it is on. This article supports my belief, yet the general public has no idea what Autism is. Therefore I decided to raise money for the Autism society. This society uses its donations to spread the awareness of autism and to provide for people with Autism.

To raise money I held a bake sale and passed out flyers. The point of the flyers was to spread knowledge on what Autism itself is whilst the point of the bake sale was to raise money while educating the school. I raised a total of $245.

Screenshot 2015-05-26 at 7.15.03 PM.png


Here is one of the flyers that we passed out. After buying something from the bake sale the buyer would receive a flyer.


Here is the cake that we sold slices of. The cake says Autism Awarness on it

To change the general public's view on Autism is a very difficult task. But I believe that by having a bake sale to attract attention and speaking to the buyers about Autism when they arrived was a very good way to at least educate some students in SLA. As I was doing this project I have learned more about children with Autism. I learned that they have a ¨disability¨ that allows them to succeed farther than others in specific categories. I also learned that we need to expand our knowledge on topics such as autism. If you simply only listen to the news about autism then it will sound like autism is a disease that is causing major problems. This is very wrong because after conducting some research I learned that if a person has Autism that is on the law part of the spectrum it is possible for you to not notice that they are autistic. This project has allowed me to feel very accomplished because I feel as though I have successfully spread the knowledge of what Autism really is.

Annotated bibliography

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Baking a Difference

PIC: Agent of Change

Back in my first two blog posts, I discussed the research I had uncovered on the Syrian refugee crisis. In my first blogpost, I talked about how over 11 million Syrians are displaced outside of their homes, with almost 4 million being outside of the country altogether. I talked about how there are people in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq. I discussed how people are forced out of there country for upwards of 17 years. In my second blogpost I did  my original research, where I interviewed Melissa Fleming of the UNHCR, and found even more information on the crisis. I found that the numbers of refugees is still increasing, showing no signs of slowing down. I found that refugees are having an even harder time getting out of their country, as many of the surrounding countries don’t want to allow too many people over their borders. Many groups, such as the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) and the IRC (International Rescue Committee) are raising money towards helping refugees, and groups such as the IRC have been using social media to raise awareness of the issue. This being said, I still found that too many people know too little on the subject.

With the idea in mind of raising money, I saw that many of the organizations allowed people to donate money to them so they can get blankets, food, clean water, etc. to the refugees. I decided for my agent of change that I should help with this cause and donate money, as well as attempt to raise awareness of the issue. I decided to do a bake sale in my school, Science Leadership Academy, (SLA) to raise money and awareness. Although I only raised a small sum of fifty dollars for the refugees, I also was able to inform more people about the issue, and hopefully make more people realize that this issue is still going on, and that it is a serious problem, with people dying, and losing their families everyday. Although my Agent of Change was small, I hope that it had some impact on the issue.

The donation screen on the UNHCR website.

After working on this project, I’ve learned more about this issue, however, I’ve learned more than that. I’ve also learned that I truly care about this issue, and that I care about other issues that are going on in the world. I’ve learned that other people sometimes care enough to learn about problems, however, sometimes they don’t. This is an issue that can’t truly be addressed, because no one can easily change what someone does and doesn’t care about, however, it’s still an issue. Crisis with people dying across the globe will never be solved if no one cares enough to learn about them. People need to open their minds more to issues outside of their own lives for these issues to be solved. If I have any wishes for what I would have done for this project, it would be that I could have done more. I wish I had raised money in more ways, and more times, so that I could donate more than such a small some of $50. There are still so many people in Syria and it’s bordering countries that are in need of help. On top of that, there are still many people that know nothing about this huge issue. We still need to spread the word, and we still need to do so much to help these refugees whose homes, lives, children, are put in danger. This may be a start, but there is still so much left to do. Here is my annotated bibliography.
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