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Q1 Art Portfolio

I didn’t think I could draw when I first joined this class, but I wanted to learn. I realized that all you have to do is try, because if you don’t then you will never be able to draw. You need to put in at least some effort for your work to look somewhat nice, but you need to put in a lot of effort if you want your work to look amazing. My father can draw and so can my uncle, and I wanted to be able to do what they do, which is be able to express their thought and feelings through pictures. 

I would have to say that my favorite piece of work from this quarter were my ceiling tiles, because I worked very hard on them and they came out looking great. The hardest thing for me though was the drawing that we got to choose. It was hardest for me because I decided to draw the eiffel tower and it it is very detailed and complicated, but when I finished the drawing it looked almost identical to the eiffel tower. 

I am excited to see what assignments we will have in Q2 and how much more they teach me about art and expressing my feelings through drawing and painting.

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Adam's Quarter 1 Art Gallery

As an artist for "E-Band's" class, I enjoy expressing what my mind visualizes. As I stare into space in class, my mind visualizes images, and those images I make become a reality. Below you’ll find beautiful collection of artwork through different mediums. The design of adam’s artwork is set to inspire others to be creative and imaginative with expression. As you scroll through, you’ll find artwork that represents individuality, objects, and architecture. 
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Q1 Art Assignments

Q1 Art Assignments

I find art to be a therapeutic way to release inner feelings through the various mediums.  I believe that art should be a statement of what you are passionate about. We are all unique individuals with diverse opinions, values and standards.  We are all unrepeatable and I express myself through my sketches and strokes.  Everything I made, I put a little bit of myself into it which helps me relieve stress and feel free to not on by anyone else’s standards.  My art is for me and nobody.  If I cannot be happy with my own individuality, I will not ever be happy.  Art is the perfect outlet to be free in your thoughts and turn them into visuals.

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Molly Olshin- MP-1

During these 10 weeks, we've had a lot of time to create. From charcoals, to watercolors, i've enjoyed this learning experience. The assignment I enjoyed the most was painting the ceiling tile, and also seeing everyone's together and how it really makes the room look a little brighter. The most challenging of these assignments was probably the self-portrait. I expected the self-portrait to be easy and fun, but the essentials to a good portrait slipped my mind: Proportion, shadows, and concentration. Although my self-portrait looks a bit like an alien version of myself, i'm proud of seeing how my portrait drawings have improved over time. 
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Mandingo+English is me!

“Ebieh mou fey,” my mother said to me.

“I want some food from the chinese store,” I replied.

My mom said, “Didn’t I tell you to respond back to me in Mandigo?!”

“No English at all,” mom said.

I said, “How come.”

“You think you American now huh huh,” my mom said.

I replied, “I was always American…”

My Mother Aissata Camara and I always have this argument about why I don’t want to speak our language back to her. She’s always trying to make me speak, for what? I don’t understand the importance of speaking it back to her. Every single time I respond back in English, we always just go back and forth with each other.

Mandigo is a special language that comes from Cote D'ivoire. My whole family speaks that language. The first language I ever learned was English, but I knew how to speak Mandigo like it was my first language and as if I was from Cote D’ivoire. We usually speak in Mandigo to each other whenever we gather together as a family for a whole day.

“Nahya,” my uncle said to me.

“Alright.” I responded back to him

Uncle, “Why you always want to speak english all the time like you american boy?”

“Because I want to speak english,” I said.

“You used to be good good boy until you get older forgetting about our language and hang with them american boys,” My uncle responded.

I said, “I still know Mandigo and I never forgot about it and I’m still a good boy…”

My uncle said, “No, no you want to speak english all the time.”

“Sometimes I respond back in english and sometimes I respond back in Mandingo.” I said.

I also said under my breath, “Maybe I do want to be a fully american sometimes stupid, annoying ass family….”

My family and I always have this big huge argument about why I don’t want to speak the language. I know as a kid I used to speak Mandigo all the time, but ever since I started 3rd grade that  was when everything started to changed. I started to speak english on a daily basis. I started to speak Mandigo less and less with every passing every week. My family and I were getting to argument more and more as I started to speak less Mandigo. The argument was about the same thing over and over. I thought they would never stop with arguments in my ear every other day.

I don’t know if I was shy about knowing a whole different language or if I just didn’t want to speak it. Sometimes when my mom speaks to Mandigo to me in public, people always stare at us like we are crazy and we aren’t from this Earth. When my family are together and we are in public and they are speaking Mandigo, I just sometimes space myself away from them like I don’t even know them. It’s not even about being shy, its about being bullied and many other things. Part of the reason I stopped speaking Mandigo is because I used to get bullied because I spoke something different and because it sounded weird to other people who didn’t know the language. I used to get called many different horrible words at school by students.

I was used to getting bullied and getting called horrible names and words, when I used to go to ESL. I was born in the United States of America, but I still had to go to ESL. English was my first language, but I didn’t know much of it. I used to speak more Mandigo than English. Every single time I used to come back to class from ESL or my ESL teacher used to come to my class and pick me up I used to hear them call me out of names. The bullying stopped when I stopped going to ESL classes and started to speak english more and more better. I stopped going to ESL classes because I passed the test and they said I didn’t need it anymore because of my huge improvement.

Why do my family care so much that I don’t want to speak Mandigo? All of these questions zoom in and out of my head. Why, why, why is Mandigo so important to this family? Most other families lets their kids speak in English, most of the kids I know don’t even know how to speak Mandigo. My family should be grateful but all they want to do is argue all the damn time. I understand my family wants me to pass down this language down when they die and when I have kids, but I don’t want my kids to go through what I went through when I was younger.

In the future, as of today, I will start speaking Mandigo more to my family. I won’t be shy and try to hide that I know a different language. I will just be Fodie Camara and just be me and won’t be someone different or even try to. My family and I perhaps will stop getting in huge arguments about how come I don’t speak Mandigo anymore. They won’t have anything else to say about me speaking Mandigo because I will be speaking it more. As far as my future kids, they will be learning this language also so they can pass it down to their families and we’ll keep it going on forever. I finally understand why my family doesn’t want to stop speaking Mandigo.

Quarter 1 Art

This quarter in Art class, students worked on assignments with a certain amount of freedom. While we did have guidelines and specific pieces to complete, how and when we did that was left to the individual. We started the quarter with work in Art History, something that almost none of us had exposure to previously. Though I have always loved art, it has never been something I have considered myself ‘good’ at. However, this quarter, I realized that that’s okay. I don’t have to be naturally gifted at something to enjoy it, and it’s difficult not to enjoy art. This quarter, we covered everything from pumpkin-carving to charcoal still-life to painting ceiling tiles, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I teamed up with one of my classmates, Leah Petty, and created two ceiling tiles this quarter, as well as learned how to carve pumpkins with her. Unfortunately, one of our ceiling tiles is put on hold for a moment until we can bring in some more paint! The most challenging piece for me was absolutely my self-portrait. I’ve never been good at drawing what I see, so trying to draw what I couldn’t see was even more difficult. I look forward to the rest of the year in Art class, I can’t wait to see what other sides of art we explore and I look forward to learning even more.
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Never One Place.

I constantly code switched all the time without even realising. I remember when I was younger having to move all around the country and even outside of it. I also remember throughout all of this my voice changing. It would change from being a VERY strong southern accent to a very moletone casual accent. The part that was exceedingly bad about it was the amount of judgment I received in the process. Everywhere I went they said I had an accent because by the time I truly got used to a certain voice I had to move. It’s amazing how much people’s opinions change of you solely because of the way your voice sounds. Your voice is a tricky thing and can make or break your relationships if the other person isn't very fond of it.

    I remember from the very early stages of my life having a very southern accent. I never truly noticed my voice changing until I moved so while I was in South Carolina (my birthplace) I never noticed anything wrong or different with my voice. Since it was normal for everyone else it became normal for me. Along with the voices I heard there, the culture was very different as well. People down south generally group themselves around their families and the families down south are HUGE. Everyone just seems a lot more connected. Also people down south seem to keep themselves busy a lot more often, they never seem to have nothing to do. They also eat a lot more seafood such as: Crabs, shrimp, and clams. Another thing I found that they cared about more was going outside. They always made sure you had enough time outside each day and made sure you didn't come in.

  The next place I remember moving to was Barbados in the Caribbean. They also like A LOT of seafood, I actually kinda believe they like it more. They also like to have a lot of outside time. They are even very connected with one another however not as strongly as they are in the south. However everything is way more fast paced including the speech. The speech there is very hard to comprehend if you have recently come from the U.S. The language there is very slanged and doesn't even seem like English half the time due to it’s very strong accent although I don’t particularly think the people who live and have grown up there believe so. Plus everything comes out with such speed and aggression that sometimes it can be intimidating. I always thought to myself if there is any accent I would least like to be yelled at it is definitely without a doubt a Barbadian one. It just sounds so fierce and aggressive when they are just trying to be gentle. Then when the first time I got yelled at came I didn't know what do because not only was it scary I couldn't even understand. Barbadian voices completely change whenever they have any kind of strong emotion. You can always tell how one another feels just by the way you sound.


 The next place I remember vividly was when I moved to Washington (State). Washington was a very slow paced take it easy laid back sort of State with a voice to match along with it. Everyone there talked so sslllooowww and melancholy I began losing my mind it felt like. I believe that this was one of the hardest transitions for me primarily due to the fact that no one understood me. To them it was like I was speaking Latin, if you asked them what language I was speaking they probably wouldn't be able to tell you. It was so fast and aggressive to them with a few words only used in Barbados. For a few months I was unable to communicate with most people I encountered wilts I was there. When my voice changed I hadn't even realized it I guess it was just a psychological thing because whenever I ask my Mom about it, it was kinda what I expected to happen. My voice slowed down to be on par with everyone else's however I still said a lot of Bajan words. I also still had the accent but, it was like the perfect mixture of the two.

   A couple months after my brother was born there my family moved to Virginia. Nothing really happened here however their speech was a bit quicker and they said my voice sounded funny. However the real memories were from when I moved to New york. It only took a couple of weeks for my voice to adjust back to being faced paced and I immediately gained friends. It was as if my voice made people dislike me prior to it changing. Although I had gotten used to the speech in New York I remember then having to move to Philadelphia. Philadelphia wasn't too much of a change because speech here hardly differed from New York so it was extremely easy for me to adapt to my new environment and make many friends rapidly. So after thinking back to all of this now as a teen and realising how much peoples views/opinions on me changed along with my voice. My voice now changes extremely fast according to whoever I’m speaking with. Code-switching happens all the time sometimes without us ever even noticing but, it can change your whole relationship with somebody from the very first word you speak out of your mouth.


White Boy

White Boy

Average, bland, plain, boring, and proper english fell out of my mouth every time I talked. It grew into me dashing in a little slang, threw in some philly made words and then add the dominate bland english, congratulations! You have made my voice. My communication tool. I was the white boy, “The inside-out oreo”. I enjoyed it. My friend Vaughn told me “You got the perfect flow of urban and ya whiteness.”

My voice and dialect has changed a tremendous amount for each interaction I have with different people. The interactions are teachers and I, parents and I, family and I, and friends and I. Some interactions with the way I talk has grown more than others like friends and I and parents and I are the two biggest ones that have expanded and grown. A good example of me saying to a friend when I saw him when I was little.

“Hey!” to

“Whats good bro?”

Then the conversation would go something like,

“Want to ask your parents to have a play date after school?”,

and then now it would be

“You wanna chill after school and grub, man?”  

Then my conversations with parents started off as,

“Daddy (or mommy) what’s for dinner?”

and now it would be like

“Yo, what ya gonnna make tonight?”

The transition of our language is just natural, we all do it. We will not live our whole entire life speaking like we are 5 years old but the step into talking like a young adult may be different for all of us. Some people may stick with the complete proper english and talk like that. Some others like me, may make the transition into adding some slang and talking a little more “urban”.

I feel as if the case for me were the multiple transitions of my surroundings. When I was 7 years old I moved from Society Hill where everyone speaks with proper english to West Philadelphia where it starts to get more african american populated. The other big transition in my life was leaving a private school (The Philadelphia School) where everyone responded to proper english. From there I changed schools to a public school (Meredith) where the language completely changed.

There were a lot of things I learned from that school like that South Philly kids talk weird. Water was now “wooder”. I learned what “jawn” meant. “Ratchet” was now a word. Sauce and Gravy had two completely different meanings and “Crayons” was now “Crowns”.

Even the non South Philly kids also had a special way that they talked. “Yo” and “bro” were thrown into every single sentence. We did not eat anymore, we “grubbed”. Wearing nice basketball shoes was now cool and the recess sport was now kickball and not soccer.

At The Philadelphia School, it was only proper english. You never heard “Black English” in the school. It’s not like it was prohibited it was just the amount of african american students in my grade. There were two out of the 36 of us. Then, at Meredith you even heard “Black English” come out of some teachers mouths.  Out of the 62 of us it was probably about around 60% african american and then 30% white. That is when it really started developing into my voice today. It was after the move but when I came to that school it picked up intensely.

I started there in sixth grade and that is the point where we turn into teenagers. It was a really big change for me and I had no clue what to expect from the school. That is when I was “The white boy.” The jokes were all in good fun so that was not a bad thing. As the year went on the way I talked was changing a little bit. I started using some of the slang words, hey turned into yo. He wasn’t my friend, he was my bro. We weren’t a group of friends hanging out, we were homies chilling.

From noticing what everyone has said to me about the way I talk, even things I do notice, I know that I am distinct. I am my self. I enjoy very much being who I am. I come from a proper english Jewish family, and I come from a proper english German family. I am different and it is amazing to know that. Philadelphia itself has made a huge impact on my life. This great, diverse city.

In James Baldwin’s essay; If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is? I have found a quote that ultimately describes why my language has changed and how it has changed. “People evolve a language in order to describe, and thus control their circumstances.” What this quote is saying that a language is evolved based on their circumstances meaning what is going on in their lives. My circumstances were living in a heavily white populated neighborhood and then moving to a greatly diverse neighborhood, those were my circumstances thus my language evolved.


Q1 Art Portfolio

Art has never been a second nature to me. I have never been particularly inspired by charcoal, canvas or colored pencils, but this quarter in art seemed to take a new turn.

By doing unique art projects such as painting ceiling tiles or making some sort of jack-o-lantern, art became fun again. The only art that I practice outside of school is photography but as I continue with this class, I believe that I will become inspired by the other students in this class and by the other artwork that I will create. 

The hardest piece of work that I completed was the self-portrait drawing. I'm not good at making my pencil move in the strokes that my mind thinks of, but I did learn something about myself as an artist: I need to keep trying. Even though it was extremely challenging, I simply kept with it and ended up with a product that while I know is not spectacular, I am proud of.

I am excited to see what the second quarter brings. I am ready to open my heart to inspiration and create artwork that I take pride in.

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Quarter 1 Senior Art

As an artist, the "E Band Senior Art" class has to be my favorite. It's so easy to put your earphones in and get lost in the art work. This quarter my art work varies from paintings, charcoal pieces, and drawings. I'm usually all painting, but how can I be an artist and have no variety? As you view the video below, over time my work gets better and better. Miss Hull allows you to practice individual skills using different mediums and materials.

Although I'm not the best artist around, my classmates and Ms. Hull sure do make you feel like you are. It's good to know that you`ll have the materials and help all at once in one classroom. Scroll below and view the pieces I have created for this quarter. 

Thank you.

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Quarter 1 Art Portfolio

In grade school I used to be an art major. Unfortunately I did kind lose a little bit of my talent so please don't judge on nothing I created. Anything you make is basically art. What I did in this wonderful, entertaining 1st quarter was 4 different projects. I had to paint a ceiling tile, make a drawing of anything I want to draw, draw a jack-o-lantern in any medium, and finally create a self portrait of myself. Personally it felt great to actually start doing art again, because it feels like a free time for me just to relax and put my mind off of other things that happens in school. My art might not be the greatest but it shows that I actually take the time to make my very own work. 

Ceiling Tile: This was my favorite project. I really love to paint. I decided to go with a Keith Haring painting because I admire his work. I love how the colors stand out in all of his paintings. It might look like something easy to do, but you have to understand I just started doing art again. I feel great on how it came out. I like the bright colors I used. The purple might seem a little dark but I like it stands out because you don't just at everything, your eyes can actually go around in a circle to actually notice everything.

Drawing of anything I want to draw: I really wanted to do a pencil drawing. I remember in grade school art, my favorite project to do was graffiti projects, so I was like why not because it would just remind me of memories. If you cannot make out what the word said, it is "life". I used that word because the word life comes from different aspects of a person's personality.  

Jack-o-lantern: Its another pencil drawing because, like I said I like to make pencil drawings. I don't remember exactly what made me make the face of the jack-o-lantern look evil and happy and the same time. I don't know but it makes me laugh and enjoy it every time. 

Self Portrait: I did my best to draw myself. I using my camera on my phone to look at myself while i was drawing it. My favorite part of the drawing is the outline of my head, hair, and ears because those specific parts actually do look like the actual me. It was a neat little experience of doing the self portrait. I would love to do that again in the future.

In  conclusion I enjoyed making my own art in this 1st quarter. Art makes me feel relaxed and stop thinking about a lot of things in school. I can't wait to see whats going to happen in the second quarter!  

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Art Portfolio

Hello, My name is Mingxue Zheng and the following slides contain five artworks I’ve created in the first quarter of my senior art class. Our class is divided up into three groups, passing, middle, and FAS (future art student). As a "middle" I need to complete...

1.) a ceiling tile by collaborating with a "middle"    
2.) create a drawing (2-3 hrs. to complete) 
3.) create a jack o' lantern 
4.) draw a self-portrait 

The first major project was the ceiling tile. My inspiration comes from Klarissa’s kitten sketch before the project was introduced. The cats was portrayed as being relaxed and playful while taking a “selfie” in the garden. The pastel colors (light purple, pink, and light blue) conveyed a “summer” and youthful feel. 

The second task was to create an artwork that requires three hours to complete. However, the first piece of my artwork (Slide 4) took only two hours to complete. So, I decide to create another piece (Slide 5). For the first piece, I drew Sid from one of my favorite cartoon series, The Ice Age.” I decided not color the picture because I love the sketch lines! However, I don’t think I had capture Sid’s goofiness and comic essence. My inspiration of the second piece comes from the ceiling tile; I drew a delightful, music loving cat. 

The most challenging art piece was the self portrait because I am not good at drawing people. I use my mirror reflection to draw the portrait. My favorite piece was the jack o’ lanterns. I love the scary, crazy pumpkins. It fits the Halloween mood. I add a hint of red to accompany the orange in order to intensify the drawing. 

Even though I do not have any grand goals in art. I do do some drawings to release stress. After I finished my artworks, I noticed that I have a lot to improve. To me, art is a medium that helps me to imagine. Someday, the sometimes obscure imaginations within my brain could be drag into the world of reality. 
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Quarter 1 Art Class

Artist Statement : 

During this first quarter of Ms. Hull’s two day a week art class, has been challenging, entertaining, and fun. What I did during the first quarter was the following; an artistic VANS ceiling tile with a cheetah print design background, a jack o lantern, a realistic drawing of Robert Pattinson and a self portrait of myself. These 4 pieces of art work contain a great amount of time and effort. Personally, collecting all of these pieces of art was very challenging because I always strived for perfection. 

My favorite piece of this first quarter was the realistic drawing of Robert Pattinson. It was hands down the most difficult to finish. I wanted to express an emotion in the drawing so that the viewer could establish a connection right away. That was very hard yet fun. The motivation that made me pick Robert Pattinson as my model was his mysteriousness. I think his eyes contain a story of mysteriousness. I find that very interesting, which is why I decided to draw him. To me, expressing emotions through art is something that’s very important to me as an artist. I think that any artist that can do that are special, which is why I also make art. To transmit that emotion to the people who want to experience it. 
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Q1 Art Creations

Hello, I'm Klarissa Hudson and this is my work from my senior art class. In this class we have students who are "passing", "middles", and "college preps." Each section has different artworks to be completed based on their level. I'm in the "passing" group, so I have the smaller and easier assignments to complete. This quarter I had to:

1. Help create a ceiling tile with a "middle"
2. Draw a still life
3. Make 3 Bats
4. Do a self-portrait of a "middle"

For my first assignment, I worked with Mingxue Zheng to create a ceiling tile. I made the sketch of the picture and then we worked together to draw and paint it on the actual tile. I really like cats so that's what I decided on for our tile. For the second assignment, I drew a koala bear. My boyfriends' nickname used to be koala so I made that my picture. For the third assignment I made bats on construction paper and for the fourth assignment I did a self-portrait of Mingxue Zheng. Please enjoy and comment if you like; thank you for taking time to look at my work.
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Q1 Portfolio

I am not an artist, I am just a person who copies what is portrayed in my head onto paper. My “artwork” is nothing more but an interpretation of how I view the world around me. It is not the most well crafted piece of work, however it is the way I view my surroundings. When I take a pencil in my hand to design a new piece I am not focused on the way to product looks but if it relays the message I want to send. When looking at my work keep in my that I am not composing work that looks nice, but I am composing work that forces my audience to look at it through my perspective.

 I urge my audience to keep an open mind when viewing my work to allow themselves to step into my mindset as the composer. I hope my pieces leaving my audience with room for conversation, I was it to trigger questions and thorough observations. 

Art for me is an outlet, a way to show people what is going on through my head,I feel a personal connection with this work, and hopefully to all of the people who can relate. With this being said, I give you the, the audience to freedom to take my work, and with keeping in my my vision, to make whatever interpretation you would like off of it. 


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Q1 Art Presentation

As an artist, I want to show other people my background and my childhood, but also I want people to think about their life and important events that happened in their life. For the ceiling tile I did Dexter Laboratory because it reminds me of my past when I was in Poland, and the time I spend with my family. My own drawing project had to do with my grandpa who passed away and I decided to draw a rose because he always loved to give my grandma roses, but also he loved music so I combined a rose and a music note together.
I wanted to show people that no matter what if there are happy or sad situations going on in our lives we should always think about happy events or details that had to do with those situations.
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Q1 Art Portfolio -- "Soaring Through Clouds"

I have created and depicted through my art the range of emotions triggered and experienced when gazing at the sky. Whether the sun is throwing itself into the clouds, climbing the tallest mountains or sinking into the greatest oceans, it is painting the sky constantly, both in its absence and its brilliant presence. As thinking and feeling creatures, humans are psychologically affected by that great star, by the flaming magic that grants us life. We inevitably smile upon the sun's art -- the fiery red clouds and infinitely pink sky. And those who capture this magic with canvas and brush? They are the children of the sun, souls burning with a tireless madness -- the need to create. It is the artist who, when all else dies, grows out of the misery as the last flower from the last compost heap. It is the artist who, when the sun falls away from the earth forever, will ultimately recreate our temple of salvation upon his canvas in great strokes of genius. As Love and Death battle eternally, the artist continues, passionately alive.
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Language and Identity

                                          Language and Identity                              

    Language, the way you speak, shows a lot about your identity. Where I live, the way I talk might sound really strange to someone who lives in Canada because they’re both different accents. Language has a huge impact on people’s lives. Say if you were going to a job interview and you talk with a kind of slang and the person who is also going for the same interview talk more “properly”, the person who talks in a proper way is more likely to get the job. Why? Because it is easier to understand what they are saying, and they seem more professional. This might not be fair, it might not be your fault if you talk with slang. It might just be where you grew up or the people you were around most could influence the way you speak.

   “Ms. Bier told me my legs were completely bent doing basically every trick. Now she’s making me practice pointing and straightening my legs. I my routine was good, she never comments on the good things I do.”

    “Sometimes when you talk your accent gets really bad. It’s so easy to tell you’re from Roxborough. It’s really funny.” My friend Vanessa really confused me when she said that. What did she mean Roxborough accent? Roxborough’s only ten minutes away from where she lived, she talks the same way I do. My friend would make comments like that all the time, she would say I talked almost as if I was from South Philadelphia, which apparently sounds different from other places in Philadelphia. Vanessa said it’s really easy to tell where I live. That got me thinking about the way I speak. It was the first time someone has ever commented on the way I talk. I didn’t think I sounded any different from the way she did. She almost made fun of the way I would say some words, and would repeat them in almost a mocking way. When she would point out the words I would say “weirdly” I would become very aware of the way I pronounced my words. Before I’d say a word I’d make a conscious effort not to sound like I was from Roxborough because my friend almost made it seem like my accent made me sound dumb. I started to listen to the people from my neighborhood speak, and I too began to think they did have weird accents. Because I was so conscious of the way I talked in front of my friends not from Roxborough, I think I trained myself to lose the accent, if you could even call it that. I would also listen to the way my family spoke to see if I could tell a difference in their voices. I noticed my grandma talked different from my aunt. My grandma was raised in North Philly, and my aunt was raised is Wissahickon. My grandma didn’t have a very distinct way of talking, she talked “normally” but my aunt sounded like most of the people in my neighborhood.

    I’m really aware of the way people, including myself, talk now. I don’t necessarily judge them and put labels on them if they speak different then me. I find it interesting when I listen to the way people in my neighborhood speak, if you go down to lower Roxborough a lot of people have a very distinct way of talking. You can really hear it when they say words with r’s because they kind of drag it out in a way. Now that I pay more attention to speech, I’ve noticed that people that are higher up when it comes to jobs, don’t talk with slang. They pronounce every word in a way that is very clear and understandable. You don’t see a lot of people who speak in almost a slang type way in higher up job. When you think of the president, you think of an all American man or woman who is very proper and prosise not someone who . When people hear someone talking with slang, they assume they are not well educated. That could be why people who talk with slang either change the way the speak so they can have to higher job position, or they do not get hired. Just because someone does talk in slang may not mean they are not well educated.

    I never realized language was a part of my identity. Nor did I realize I had an accent, people from places like where I live generally don’t realize that the way we speak is different. We aren’t really known for our accents like other places may be, like some of the southern states, or Boston. I never realized that it was a part of my identity until it was pointed out to me. Of course, I associated accents with the identity of other people because it was so obvious, if english was their second language. Language is a huge part of everyone’s identity. It doesn’t identify how educated someone is, as many people associate the two. It does however show where you live in the world because of the way you talk. Many people never think of language as something you can be identified with, personally I do.

                                                                                               By- Lucia Santaniello
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Quarter 1 Art

​Artist Statement : 

Since middle school I have always involved my art work compared to other historical and famous artist. When I came high school I started to look at myself as an artist and see how I could improve my artistry. I am starting to look at my work and making sure that I have attention from people that have expertise on art work. I also feel that many times I seem to compare my artwork to people that are very advanced and I need to make sure I start on my level.

What influences me the most is the things around me. I look at the cultures and the fads nowadays, and look at what I can continue my artistry on. I also think that the things that I have done in this class is juxtaposition to what I want I think are recent and popular nowadays.

I want other people to understand that my artwork is very free. It has no constrictions or follows any rules. I like how I can make my art very open to my audience and make them interpret it anyway they want. I also think that I kind of put my twist into my artwork and make it so people know that it is my art work.

Thus making me grow from my artwork. I like that I can change my artist depending on what is popular or how I adapted. I like how I adapted throughout middle school and through high school. I think that my art has been interpreted through the projects I have done this quarter.

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Fashion In Music

Fashion In Music

The way people are is a reflection of someone else or a collection of things deriving from other people. The way hip hop affects violence it also influences many of its sub-cultures. In the 80’s when hip-hop began to take on the face of hardcore rap with groups such as NWA is when rap was born and it completely took over the minds of people. Rap gains more negative attention than it does positive. The way rap artists carry themselves in most cases is considered ‘ghetto’ though they influence more  than just black people that is often the misconception. When the consumer sees something in a magazine naturally someone might want it. Rap music videos have this same affect on the minds of people which helps formulate the minds of them at a young age. Fashion can influence the minds of people Fashion can also make them feel obligated to be a consumer because of popularity of the project.

Artists have casual fans, but also dedicated fanatics who support them despite the ongoing evolution of them. For example, Kanye West is one of the most influential artists of all time; his following of both kinds of fans is huge. Kanye has a large catalogue of not just music but clothing and footwear as well. Kanye arguably has the largest sneaker of all time; the Nike Air Yeezy series has made itself one of Nike’s largest releases besides competitors under Nike such as Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron’s sneakers.  

Recently, the Air Yeezy 2 ‘Red October,’ which retail for $245, caused a lot of excitement to Kanye fans and the sneaker world. There has been much speculation as to whose sneakers are more popular between Kanye and Michael Jordan until Kanye in his song “New God Flow”  silenced all critics when he said “Hold up I ain’t tryin to stunt man but the Yeezy’s jumped over the jumpman, went from the most hated to the champion god flow guess thats a feeling only me and LeBron know.” Here he clearly states that his sneaker has reached  a standard as the “God” of shoes; he quotes his Air Yeezy’s jumped over the jumpman.

In these very instances the consumer does not realize that Kanye is marketing himself and his brand the consumer only hears what he is saying and they feel inclined to have that shoe in addition to the fact Kanye is comparing himself to GOD! He later makes his longing for Godly status more apparent in his most recent 2013 album titled “Yeezus”.  The relevance of Kanye makes him one of the most powerful entertainers on the planet. After the discontinuation of Air Yeezys the Red Octobers released making the value of them extremely high.

The Red October released back in February on selling out worldwide in only 11 minutes. Nike released these shoes in the midst of a feud between they and Kanye; Ye’ later went to multiple radio stations to remind the world of how displeased he was with the release that no one saw coming. Nike’s website along with footlocker were crashed due to sneakerheads and Kanye fans combined itching to be the first with the Red October priced at $245 retail. In consignment stores such as Flight Club NY & LA they carry the Air Yeezy series these sneakers are priced from anywhere to 2,500-1,000,000. The consumer spends their last to afford this shoe just to be like Kanye he projects himself as a godly figure people follow him like he is Jesus which is why he calls himself Jesus.

After the excitement of the Red Octobers went down fans always wanted to know what was next from Kanye. The biggest Kanye fans buy all of his highly expensive clothing whether it be the Yeezys, his A.P.C. line or his collaborations with Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and other big named designers. People feel that the way he projects himself as an artist makes fans feel as though they need his product, his Air Yeezys are so rare that he cannot sell them in stores at that retail price, which is why they were released online. Jordan release lines are often around the corner and down the block but never do they crash twitter and the nike website.

Hip-Hop as a whole has major influence on what its followers feel like they must have in their closets, yet again fashion combined with music influences the minds of people and makes them feel obligated to be a consumer.

If an art has a huge effect on a large group of people it is important that it promotes positive things. In addition to the fact that people will spend their last to look like who they look up to it is important that the consumer understands that the artists specifically are promoting other brands to generate revenue and not to overspend.

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