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Why Did the Shrews Get Married?

Why Did The Shrews Get Married?

           In Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew," A man named Baptista is searching for possible husbands for his two daughters but he has a rule; his eldest daughter must get married first, however, everyone wants the younger daughter, Bianca, because the oldest, Katherine, is a bad-tempered woman, known as a shrew. A man named Petruchio steps in to marry Baptista's Katherine, not for love, but for money. Once she is married Bianca is open to suitors . Throughout the book, Katherine and Petruchio's relationship is tracked as she becomes calmer and actually obeys her husband.

In the movie, " Why Did I Get Married?" , marriages are put to the test when honesty is missing from relationships and deception is present. There are four married couples who go on a retreat every year to strengthen their relationships with their spouse and one another. When first arriving to the retreat, the couples' stereotypical titles are revealed. There's the strong couple, the crazy/arguing couple, the "normal" couple, and the distant couple.

The couple most similar to Katherine and Petruchio's relationship is the crazy/arguing couple, Marcus and Angela. Angela is a shrew like Katherine, but she remains a shrew even after she's married. Marcus doesn't attempt to "tame" her as Petruchio does, for the simple matter of different time periods. All that Petruchio did to Katherine such as starving her is now illegal in America. Marcus on the other hand argues with Angela, only to let her get her way in the end. She whines and complains about her husband's baby mother, with whom he is still secretly sleeping with. If Petruchio cheated on Katherine, it wouldn't have been such a big deal. Katherine didn't love him initially in the marriage since she was forced into it , so she more than likely wouldn't have cared too much about his infidelity. Besides, in those times, a woman was supposed to obey her husband and that is what was mostly enforced, not vice versa.

Although times have changed, deception in marriages always play a role in how strong the relationship is.

"Marry me so I mean, sweet Katherine, in thy bed…. father hath consented that you shall be my wife, you dowry ‘greed on. and will you, nill you, I will marry you"

(Act 2, Scene 1, 82-86 )

Petruchio deceived his wife. Before they were married he attempted to make her believe he was in love with her, and that was his reasoning for marrying her. He actually wanted financial power from their marriage, not her. Still a shrew at the time, Katherine turned him away but her stubbornness was no match for his persistence. His persona was presented as loving and admiral, but that’s not Petruchio’s actual characteristics. He also made Katherine believe her father already consented their marriage, which turn her against her own father for a short period.

While Petruchio’s deception started before marriage, Marcus’ began after.

Like Petruchio, Marcus also deceives his wife by lying to her. He tells her she's crazy and is worried about nothing with his mistress. He encourages the two to get along for the sake of the kids, but little did Angela know Keisha (the baby mother)  was laughing in her face. Angela attempts to believe him ,but she had that “itch” that made her believe everything but what Marcus tells her. Similar to Katherine’s response to Petruchio’s lies, Angela snaps and crabs at Marcus, in an effort to be heard. The difference between Marcus and Petruchio is that Marcus lets it slide, while Petruchio is not afraid to put Katherine in her place of an obedient wife.

"PETRUCHIO: I say it is the moon that shines so bright.

KATHERINE: I know it is the sun that shines so bright

PETRUCHIO:  Say as he says, or we shall never go.

PETRUCHIO:I say it is the moon.

KATHERINE :I know it is the moon.”

(Act 4, Scene 5, line numbers)

As for Katherine, she deceived her husband into thinking he was right at all times. He tamed her to obey and respect him, but she was deceiving him to strengthen their marriage. Katherine knew her husband wouldn't stop forcing her to starve or sleep on the floor if she kept up with her horrible attitude towards him. What he said goes, so even when he was wrong, she would still tell him he was right.

   Petruchio's "taming" process proved to be efficient, as Katherine obeys him over all of the other wives to their husbands. Shocked, everyone watches her come to him the second he summoned for her; when she came, she announced in front of everyone how her feelings for Petruchio changed and she's in love with her husband, that's why she's obedient to him. She understands her wifely duties now, and believes Petruchio's actions towards her were out of love. As far as deception in their marriage, they used it to strengthen their relationship, unlike Marcus and Angela. Petruchio's deceived Katherine into the marriage, but overall made her a better person. Katherine's newly obedient manner caused her to stand by her husband and do as he pleases, even if it's not necessarily right. In the end, they are a happy couple and their deception in their marriage positively affected them.

Petruchio and Katherine’s deceptive tactics had the purpose of strengthening their marriage, but it’s not the same for Angela and Marcus.

    It isn't revealed that Angela was cheating until her and Marcus contracted  a sexual disease, and Angela admits she's already been treated for it. The two get into a physical altercation, but then settles their issues verbally. In this case, their deceiving was hurting their marriage as well as one another; their infidelity was done out of lust, not hatred. After putting all problems caused by deceiving on the table, they still decided to rekindle their marriage. Angela's shrew-like behavior is shortly paused as she shows her soft spot for her husband, admitting she only acts the way she does because she's scared to lose him. In order to be faithful to Angela, he demands his baby mother stops contacting him or visiting him unless it's for the sake of their child. She also talked about Angela in a degrading manner to the kids, which Marcus also demands for her to stop doing. With an attitude, his baby mother unwillingly agrees.

In Taming of the Shrew, the purpose of deception was to strengthen and  create a bond between two who didn’t have one prior to marriage. In the movie, “Why Did I Get Married?” , lust controlled the deception, and hurt the relationship more than anything. While many believe deception is a negative aspect, “Taming of the Shrew” proved otherwise. The portrayals in both the movie and play prove that the purpose behind actions is what is the deciding factor whether it is hurting or benefiting the marriage. As stated, while deception is often connected with negative actions, the purpose behind it could change the direction in what it does for the relationship.

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Reflection #2

Al menos dos heridos en tiroteo en escuela de Colorado

12/15/15: Andrew Roberts

El viernes, hubo un tiroteo en una escuela en Colorado. El tirador no mató a nadie, pero hirió a dos personas antes de suicidarse. Uno de los heridos está en peligro, pero el otro está bien. La policía está investigando el crimen. Escuelas cerca de esta escuela están cerradas hasta que termine la investigación. El tiroteo fue un día antes del aniversario del tiroteo en la escuela primaria de Sandy Hook en Connecticut, cuando murieron veinte niños y sies adultos.

Es muy triste que esto ocurrió. Espero realmente mejoren las personas que resultaron heridas. Esto ha ocurrido muchas veces en el pasado, y ojalá hubiera una manera de evitar que suceda. Podemos poner más seguridad en los lugares, pero no lo impide.  También, me maravilla qué hizo el tirador hacer lo que hizo.  Sólo una persona loca hice que él hizo.

La página web que yo lo obtuvo este artículo dice ochenta palabras sobre este historia.  Pienso que este historia es muy importante, y ¡hay más a decir sobre que ochenta palabras!  Este me enfada.  Un página de noticias puede y debe escribir un historia que describe todos los hechos, no sólo unos pocos.  Escribe historias muy grande para historias menos importante, pero una historia muy pequeño para este.  

Palabras: 209

"Latino News and Opinion." Al Menos Dos Heridos En Tiroteo En Escuela De Colorado - . Ponte Al Día, 13 Dec. 2013. Web. 15 Dec. 2013. <>.

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La Enseñanza Del Español Aún Es Una Asignatura Pendiente En Brasil

Aaron Tang

Q2 #3

Hay doscientos veinte y cuatro Centros de Estudios de Lenguas. El gobierno quiere llevar los estudiantes a Inglaterra y Francia. En dos mil cinco (2005), expresidente Lula queriá que todas las escuelas tener Español. São Paulo tiene cinco mil escuelas y 4.5 millón estudiantes por doscientos veinte y cuatro centros. Araújo, ellos tiene Ingles y estudiantes quieren tener Español.  Estudiantes con no CELS, ellos pueden aprender otros lenguas. En Rio Grande do Sul, ellos no tienen que aprender Inglés.  El gobierno piensa estudiantes cree los estudiantes aprenden rápido en Español.

En SLA, nosotros tenemos Español. Yo quiero otros lenguas porque estudiantes pueden escoger. En mi vieja escuela, yo aprendí chino y es difícil. Español es fácil. Yo quiero aprender italiano y francés. En la universidad, voy a aprender Italiano. Cuando voy a Italia, yo puedo hablar con la gente. También, yo puedo hablar en Español quien yo voy a Brasil. Me gusta viajar y aprender sobre la cultura. Yo no sé francés o italiano y voy a London y Liverpool. Yo pienso escuelas deben tener diferente lenguas. Escuela no deben uno langua. Yo quiero ir CCP y toma un clase.  

"La Enseñanza Del Español Aún Es Una Asignatura Pendiente En Brasil." EL PAÍS. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Dec. 2013. <
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The Taming of a Man

 A comparison of "The Taming of the Shrew" and "Think Like a Man"

In “Taming of the Shrew” we learned that a man’s wife has to cater to his every whim no matter how trivial or important.  In fact, some might say that they were treated as property more than a person.  This was back then in the older times and now things have changed drastically.  Women are very independent and some do not need a man to take care of them.  And if they are in a relationship they take the role of a man in sense because they expect certain things in the relationship.

The characters being analyzed are Petruchio and Katherine from the Taming of the Shrew and Jeremy and Kristen from Think Like a Man.  The reason why is because of their polar opposite relationships.  In older times like the Taming of the Shrew, the husband expects certain things from his wife whether if it was taking care of him or being loyal to him.  Now in the 21st century, women want more from their relationships and they expect men give the same effort that they do.  In the movie, Kristen was influenced by a book called “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”.  The book was written by Steve Harvey and its content include how men think and how to “manipulate” them into getting the most out of them.  

“She will not come. She bids you come to her.”  (Biondello, Act 5 Scene 2, Line 103)

This quote is from the part where Petruchio and a few other men made a bet on whose wife is the most loyal.  The first two men lost the bet but when Petruchio called Katherine, she immediately came to see what he wanted.  In those times, a man’s wife was seen as loyal; a king needs his queen.  In this day and age, women feel that they should not be ordered around.  They want to be respected  and treated as their men would want to be treated.

This scene is from Think Like a Man where the characters discuss their views on relationships.

Kristen and Jeremy are having dinner and having a conversation on what they both want as a couple.  This compares to the play because they are talking about mutual feelings and opinions.  In the setting of the play, it was all about what the man thought and the wife would have no other resort.  Even if the wife did not agree with her husband’s decision, it would not matter and there was a rare chance of them both agreeing on something, unlike in the movie.

“Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper, thy head, thy sovereign, one that cares for thee…” (Katherine, Act 5 Scene 2, Line 163)

The following quote is from Katherine explaining how important women value their husbands.  They view them as their sole caretakers and some women believe that without them, they will not be able to function.  As said in my thesis, the independence of women is becoming stronger and now most women do not think like this.

In this scene from Think Like a Man, the couple split up momentarily showing that the female character does not need her boyfriend but still loves him.

Towards the end of the movie, Kristen finds out that Jeremy was lying to her about a job he applied for.  The analysis is not directly focused on the lying but the break up.  If one reads the sticky note, Kristen breaks up with Jeremy, stating her independence and her intolerance for a “boy who will not grow up”. This proves that Kristen does not need Jeremy because she makes a good living on her own.

Times have changed in relationships and women and they believe that they should have the same rights as men and that they should respect that.  In society, some men believe that women were put on this Earth to feel subservient to men, while others finds as a good thing that their women can handle things themselves.  This portrays to us that society believes that everyone should have their own relationship status.  If some women feel subservient to men or if some feel more independent, society believes that they can do any of these things.  

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Fairytale Endings.

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They live happily ever after. This has been the simple outline of peoples love lives since the beginning of mankind. They say that it takes two to be in a relationship, that the man and the women both dedicate an equal amount of time, and energy to make something work. In the early days, sexism and women rights was a big issue, they weren’t able to make decisions and choices for themselves and the male always seemed to have an upper hand on them and their lives. Today, in a completely time and era, we still see the old ways of men trying to dominate the female and their life choices. 

In the Taming of the Shrew, a play written by William Shakespeare in the early 1590’s viewers come across the same story of the boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after, however, like many love stories, the boy is in complete control. Shakespeare starts the main story off with introducing two sisters, Katherine and Bianca. Bianca, who is described as sweet and kind with the potential to make a great wife has 2 suitors lined up for her, Hortensio and Gremio. Lucentio who comes into town to attend school, see’s Bianca and is immediately at a loss for words. Lucentio and his servant Tranio develop a grand plan to win Bianca. Lucentio dresses up and plays the role of a school master in order to get closer to Bianca, while his servant Tranio dresses up like him, and takes his place sweet talking Baptista, the father of the two girls, and going to school.  This here marks the beginning of a relationship based on deception. Lucentio went as far as impersonation, in order to win the heart of Bianca. Bianca met and fell in love with Lucentio, the school tutor. Not Lucentio all mighty and powerful, wealthy man from a privileged lifestyle. In the 1590’s when this play was being written, men had an upper hand over women. Females relied on their father to choose who they were to be wed too, and the husband after that point to provide for them. This type of behavior isn’t unusual for that time and era. However, even though time has evolved, people still seem to follow the outline of the old era.  Today, though times are very different, in romantic comedies viewers still see hidden traces of that male dominance. In a more recent movie called The Switch, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman we see a different way the male uses and manipulates the females life. Both texts show how men feel like they have the upper hand in relationships and will doing anything to keep it that way. 

 In the movie, The Switch, Kassie our, female lead, is a middle aged women who is single and ready for a family. She decides she’s not going to find love so she sets out to find a sperm donor. Her best friend, Wally is against the entire thing, he doesn’t want to see her with another man let alone raising his kid. In an attempt to be supportive, Wally attends a party Kassie’s best friend throws the night she is inseminated. Throughout the course of the night, Wally somehow crosses paths with the sperm of Kassie’s donor. A drunk and heartbroken Wally then finds he an opportunity to sabotage Kassie’s pregnancy. Without thinking twice about it Wally destroys Rowland, Kassie’s donors, sperm and replace it with his own. At the point, Kassie’s future is written out for her. Her whole life and this moment is decided for her at the hands of a strong male character. Much like Taming of the Shrew, the female of the text doesn’t have a say in how her life turns out. The next day Wally doesn’t remember anything about the night, or replacing the sperm. The fact that the writers of The Switch made it so the male had no remembrance of doing the deed saves him from being the jealous asshole bad guy. Looking past that, we still see the same theme of the male in control of the women life, whether they are aware of it or not. In both texts the women of the book is still playing with the cards the male lead has delt out. 

Old habits do in fact die hard, the modern day text and the older text seem to compare greatly. In the Taming of the Shrew, William Shakespear does not make any effort to cover up the fact that the women our powerless compared to the men. In Act 2 Scene 1, Baptista shows not shame nor remorse for auctioning off his youngest daughter, Bianca. Gremio suitor number one and Tranio a servant who is pretending to be suitor number two tells Baptista all they can and will offer his daughter if they are chosen to wed her. Bianca has absolutely no control over who her father picks. At the end of their speeches Baptista says, “Well, gentlemen, I am thus resolved: On Sunday next, you know my daughter Katherine is to be married. Now, on the sunday following, shall Bianca. Be bride to you, if you shall make this assurance. if not, to signior Gremio.”103. Baptista is promising his daughter off to Lucentio if his father will agree  to give the wealth and riches offered on Lucentio’s behalf. In that moment, with one short conversation Bianca’s whole life is written out and decided for her without her consent. The time and era this text was written in suggests that this is normal and appropriate behavior. However, nowadays, where women have rights and the ability to speak out and for themselves, this would have caused an uproar in the female society. The writers of the movie The Switch seem to give the male lead a lot of authority and power over the females life, however the way the go about it is subtle and hard to detect. In the movie, Wally is able to writes Kassie’s future for her, similar to the way Baptista does with Bianca. 

Watching The Switch and reading Taming of the Shrew you see subtle similarities on how men have always and still do have the upper hand on females in relationships. Whether its a friendship relationship as the two main characters in The Switch or a romantic relationship like Bianca and her many suitors, evidence of the male dominance society grew up of it still present. Society is trying to move away from a time where women were completely powerless, however from the looks of things it seems like things finding a more hidden way to stay the same. 

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Spanish Reflection Q2 #3

Chris Tran

Srta. Manuel

Halladay es Retiro

Este artículo se trata de un jugador llamada Roy Halladay. Roy Halladay es un jugador por los Blue Jays y los Fillies.Después 16 años de jugó béisbol, él anunció sus retiró con sus equipo de primero, los Blue Jays. Él es mejor en pitching. Él jugó bien en sus 16 años de béisbol. Pero el año pasado, Halladay era herido. Ahora Roy Halladay quiere un lugar en el hall of fame. Pero porque de PED era, jugadores tenía a esperó por un lugar por el hall of fame. Pero Roy Halladay, yo pienso puede obtenido un lugar en el hall of fame porque por 16 años, Roy Halladay es bien en pitching. Ahora yo pienso, él puede retirar el major leagues.   El vocabulario que yo aprendí en el artículo es adolorida. La palabra de adolorida es un lesiones menores. Yo encontrado la palabra en esta sentencia en el artículo. Para evitar una cirugía en su adolorida espalda y el deseo de pasar más tiempo con su familia fueron los factores que llevaron al pitcher Roy Halladay, ganador del premio Cy Young en dos ocasiones, a anunciar su retiro el lunes tras 16 campañas en las grandes ligas”. (Fox Deportes)      

Word count: 200 words

Work cited:

"Halladay Deja El Montículo Luego De 16 Campañas." Fox Deportes. Fox Deportes, 9 Dec. 2013. Web. 14 Dec. 2013. <>.
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Media Fluency

Untitled presentation - Google Drive

Hello my name Kayla Cassumba and I am in Mrs. Hull 9th grade Technology class.For this slide we had to implement lessons we learned on Presentation Zen on not only how to advertise but how we can make engaging slides. While working on my slide, I touched basis on a couple of designing principles. I tried to focus on the 8 concepts on the “ Presentation Zen” article. First, I wanted it to be eye-catching, making sure your mind goes on this image journey with me.  I also played around with the font and font size. The text needed to be simple, yet large and legible. I also used a couple contrast rules. I used black and white even though different articles suggested not to. However Mrs. Hull always says, “You have to know the rules to break the rules.” And that is exactly what I did. I tried to ensure that the font did not clash with the actual image by keeping it simple and to the point.

Untitled presentation - Google Drive 2

Hello, this is my new and improved presentation slide! Through the critiques of others , a lot of valuable information was gained. The first thing that needed to be addressed was the font. After viewing my slide a couple more times I noticed that the two fonts clashed, so instead I made it one specific font for both words. I changed the color of the font to add contrast. For “fast” it was now a dark gray to resemble the light streaks, without hurting your eyes. “Life” was colored orange and moved closer to the word “fast”. This made the reader concentrate on the words written. I wanted the reader to read the words from left-to-right so I put an effect that has the words moving into the background which is appealing to the eye. Then I adjusted the alignment as well. I increased the size of the font to make the point get across in a matter of 3 seconds, just like a billboard. Last, deleted my name from the top right corner because it was just unnecessary.

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The Diary Of A Shrew

The book “Taming of the shrew” shows a mans perspective on how to  train his women to obey him. In the movie “Diary of a mad black women”, also indeps the idea of how a women should be tamed. The “Shrew” Petruchio married Katherine a young girl who was almost forced

into it. Katherine attitude was no where near the greatest and she was just this mean hopeless

girl. She had a sister who was younger then her who wanted to get married. Because

her father would not accept the youngest to get married before the older, Katherine

had to get married. Inside “Diary of a mad black women” the main character is going threw a

tough divors. The moving guy and her falls in mad love. He calls her this bitter black women

and if kinda makes her more angry. Her character and Katherine has the same personality in a way. Both has this hate and angry for something. Katherine’s is not known why, but brend's is.

"She is my goods, my chattels;  she is my house, my household stuff, my field, my barn, my horse, my ox, my ass, my anything"

(pg. 133 Act 3. sc.2)

When it comes down to the Diary of a mad black women Orlando is playing this rebound person for Brenda who is not only hurt but is shameful. Orlando watched as Brenda is begin not only pulled out of the house she lives at for 18 years but is talked to nasty. His job there was to pack all her stuff up load it onto a truck and then take her on her way. He felt bad for her and wanted to comfort her. But begin "Mad and Black" things didn't work out in his favor.

After Brenda started to fall for Mr/Orlando some more her ex husband got in the way again. He got into the business at the wrong time. When at court begin a lawyer he lost his case and the man was sentenced to jail. The man turned around and shot him, he was rushed to the hospital and poor heart broken Brenda went running after him. Leaving Orlando on the the side lines confused on what needs to do.

After a few weeks went by of no contact of Orlando she finally received that what she was giving up wasn't worth it. She wanted Orlando for the nice he have gave to her and the way he treated her.

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50 First Shrews: How "The Taming of the Shrew" Influenced "50 First Dates"

A popular trend in today’s society is for a group of people, a set of ideals, or a style to return to it’s roots in contemporary culture. It is seen as almost original to bring back a popular catch phrase, wear a 1930’s style suit and tie, or own a vintage automobile. Many modern television shows and movies can be retraced back to their roots in contemporary literature as well. While they may not always directly reflect the plots, themes, or characters of their older counterparts, these pictures are heavily influenced by the works that have come before them. The 2004 film “50 First Dates” reflects Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”, using themes of love and romance, as well as the parental involvement in those affairs, inspired by the late playwright’s comedy.

“The Taming of the Shrew” follows a troupe of men seeking to woo a duo of sisters, one a sweet, fair maiden named Bianca, and the other a seemingly bitter “shrew” named Katherine. Lucentio, the son of a rich man seeks to win the hand of Bianca, but is unable to do so because of a rule set forth by her father, Baptista - Bianca cannot get married before her sister Katherine is wed. Lucentio goes undercover as  a school teacher to woo his love, while a suitor named Petruchio takes a more forward approach in taking Katherine as his wife. In “50 First Dates”, a young playboy, Henry falls in love with a local girl, Lucy who is plagued by a mental condition; unable to form short term memories past a night’s sleep. Lucy’s father, Marlin, forbids her from forming any type of romantic relationship for fear that she may be hurt.

Shortly after Henry learns of Lucy’s mental condition in “‘Dates”, he follows her to her house to try to win her hand, however her father has other plans. In order to protect her from waking up next to a man she does not recognize for the rest of her life, he forbids her and anyone who wishes to be with her, from finding love together. “50 First Dates” reflects society’s need for a safe and comfortable life, just as “The Taming of the Shrew”’s Baptista does for his daughter.

“Gentlemen, importune me no farther, For how I firmly am resolv'd you know; That is, not to bestow my youngest daughter before I have a husband for the elder.”

(Baptista, Act I Scn I)

Baptista will not allow Bianca to marry for fear his eldest daughter will be alone forever. This fear is great enough that he is willing to sacrifice his daughter’s affections to calm his anxieties. Because there are so few suitors for Katherine, Bianca must also wait to be wed. Though this play was written hundreds of years ago, it describes perfectly today’s society’s need for certainty. As outlined by modern media like 50 First Dates, people today are unlikely to make a decision without near-complete certainty. Baptista is uncertain of Katherine’s future, and sacrifices Bianca’s, at least for the time being.

It is not until the plot of “50 First Dates” has progressed quite far that Henry is given permission by Marlin to court the forgetful Lucy. After Marlin realizes that happiness and security for his daughter can be found in Henry, he relinquishes his grip on her love life. Henry and Lucy begin to fall in love, and eventually become married with a child. The last scene finds Marlin, Henry, Lucy, and the couple’s child together on a boat in Alaska, a dream Henry has had for quite some years. The fact that Marlin is present at the end of the film says that he condones their marriage and had a large hand in completing their relationship, just as Baptista eventually finds a husband for Katherine.

“I know not what to say; but me your hands. God send you joy, Petruchio! ‘Tis a match” (Baptista, Act II Scn I)

A rich man, Petruchio, comes to the city where Baptista and his daughter live. Lucentio seize the opportunity and strikes a deal with the young suitor - Petruchio will marry Katherine, thereby freeing Bianca to be married as well. Baptista immediately takes to Petruchio and promises him his bride. Lucentio and Bianca eventually become married as do Petruchio and Katherine, all with the blessing of Baptista. Unlike Marlin from “50 First Dates”, however, Baptista’s rules never changed. He is a steadfast figure throughout the entire play, and holds his standards throughout the storyline.

The film “50 First Dates” by director Peter Segal was written hundreds of years after William Shakespeare’s play “The Taming of the Shrew”, yet it still draws heavily from ideas presented in the play. Both texts describe society’s reliance on control and dependence on certainty through their plots, characterizations, and scripts. Both follow a set of young lovers who need to find approval from the fathers of the women in the text. Though the fathers are reacting to different circumstances, they are doing so with the same intentions, and the same outcome. Maybe our society isn’t much different from that of years gone by. Maybe we’re just all trying to find love and approval for that bond.

Works Cited:

Shakespeare, William. The Taming of the Shrew. Pp. 84. J. Tonson & the Rest of the Proprietors: London, 1734. Print.

50 First Dates. Dir. Peter Segal. Perf. Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore. Sony Pictures, 2004. Netflix.

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Interview Update

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.42.42 AM
To the parents of students interviewing this weekend,

As of now, there is a forecast of snow for Saturday. We are going to make every attempt to have interviews on Saturday, and we will follow School District decisions about activities that weekend. If interviews have to be rescheduled, we will post the information as soon as we have it on and we will send out a mass email similar to this. Please be aware that this is our final weekend of interviews, so if interviews are held and a child does not attend, we will not be able to reschedule.

Reminder: All interviews are at the Center City Campus.

Thank you,
Science Leadership Academy
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Jaiye's Me Slide

Slide presentation (1)
 In tech class, we learned a bit on media fluency. We watched a video on Presentation Zen and read a bit on how slides are designed. Ms. Hull assigned us to create a slide that represents us using different design methods. I decided to use the contrast method. The light bulb contrasts with the dark background, really making the slide pop and it grabs the attention of the viewer. I also did a play on words with bright and light bulb to make a connection with the text and the words. This makes the slide very harmonious. The word bright also flows with the lit light bulb since they are both similar colors.
 This slide represents me because I'm not afraid to be different and be unique. I take interest in quirky things, which makes me, me!
New slide (1)
After presenting my original slide, I was critiqued for the low resolution of the picture and the size of the font. I first found a high resolution version of the picture I used and replaced it with the other one. I also changed the font of the words because I felt that the original font was too boring and didn't add any "oompf" to the slide. I notice how in other posters, they use unique fonts so I replaced it with a a more fun, interesting font. I also moved the word "bright" into the spotlight of the light bulb. I believed that it created a connection between the words and pictures creating harmony. I also made the other words appear over the words bright to create balance.
Ms. Hull set me up to failure by completely making me do this by myself. I couldn't ask any questions and didn't have any help. She introduced us to a new subject that we obviously had no idea about, and had to use online sources to complete the assignment. I learned how to properly create a slide that is appealing to the eye. I plan to use these methods of design in further projects for school such as, Power Points.

Katarina's media fluency

Slide about just and simply me.

My presentation is extremely simple. Totally opposite from me.  That is because no picture can fit what and who I really am.My favorite color is blue and I used it to color my whole name. The design it not too complicated and the pattern is actually pretty noticeable. The background is even more simple than my name, and it is simply shaded on the edges and light in the center.


Looking for Love Based upon The Taming of the Shrew (1593) and Beauty and the Briefcase (2010)

The movie “Beauty and the Briefcase” shows a woman's perspective on looking for the right man based upon her own expectations. With a very similar concept, the “Shrew” tells the story of a man, Petruchio, who is similar to the character in the movie,  finds the woman who meets his expectations and acts upon them to wife her. Both of these stories prove that everyone has expectations of who they want to marry, and if there are obstacles they will do their best to get what they want because they feel the need to be loved.

In the movie “Beauty and the Briefcase”, Lane is searching for her dream guy. A man that meets all her characteristics on her checklist. Lane gets a job offer from Cosmo Magazine to write an article about relationships and elaborate on her “Guy Checklist”. To make her writing more interesting, she applies to work at an office, undercover, to find the man that meets all expectations on her checklist.

While Lane is undercover as an intern at a real estate office she meets a few men but they all don’t meet up to her 10 checklist points, until she realizes that her hyperintellectual, quick-witted boss is the one for her, meeting all her checklist points. Some of those points on her checklist being, “Puts passion above common sense, spontaneous, same taste in food, travels to exotic locations on a whim…”. Her checklist is overall a list of expectations she must see in a man to continue dating them.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 11.47.37 AM

In this scene of Beauty and the Briefcase, Lane (on the right) realizes that her boss meets all the checkpoints on her list.

Similar to Lane in the movie, Petruchio has certain expectations of a women, a women with money. Kate seems to be the perfect for him, although she has a lot of family money, everyone warns Petruchio of her “shrewishness.”, but he disregards everyone else's opinion and falls in love with her by wooing her with reverse psychology. Petruchio has certain expectations for a wife and when he finds the right women, he neglected what his friends warned him. He fought to keep the relationship going.

Act 1.2  Petruchio:

“ And therefore, if thou know one rich enough to be Petruchio’s wife (As wealth is a burden of my wooing dance)...”

This quote from the book proves that Petruchio expects his wife to have money. He creates certain standards for his “dream wife”.

“... I will not sleep, Hortensio, till I see her, and therefore let me be thus bold with you, to give you over at this first encounter.”

Again, this quote from Petruchio shows that once he finds the women who meets his standards, he will do whatever it takes to woo her. In this case, Lane from the move and Petruchio from the book are very similar. They both figured out what the want to see in a lover, and when they find that person they act upon it will full effort. Although, the characters are looking for different things in a person; this is because females have certain expectations in men, that differ from men’s expectations in women.

This movie and the Shakespeare play share a theme of having expectations and standards of love and whom they want to marry. The movies have the same concept. Although the character in the movie is a women, and the character in the book is a man, which shows that they share the same relationship skills but they also have different expectations from each other. Overall, people will overcome all sorts of obstacles to be loved by someone who meets their definition of perfect

Both of these stories prove that everyone has expectations of who they want to marry, and if there are obstacles they will do their best to get what they want because they feel the need to be loved.

Work Cited-

"Beauty & the Briefcase." IMDb., n.d. 16 Feb. 2000.

Shakespeare, William. The Tamming of the Shrew. N.p.: n.p., 1590. Print.

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Me Magazine

Me Magazine

In my me magazine based slide, I wanted to put the most important things that have affected me in life to show how I became the person I am today. I wanted to choose these things and make them look in a way that shows that they bring a positive force in my life which can really hard at times.

I made my slide look this way because I wanted to let the dark slide show the times when my life got hard or it made me really sad. the light represented the good in my life that overcame the bad. As the dark is being lit up, the good pictures were there to show the good things that were important to me. I thought that this was the best way to get my point across and everyone would understand it and what I was trying to do.

After reading the websites that Ms Hull gave us to read, I tried to follow the advice the best way that I could. I tried to make the slide as simple as possible and still get my point across. I also tried to make my slide interesting and unique so that it’s remembered. I tried to make my color choices not really contradict each so the will make the slide look appealing and not look ugly.The pictures I chose were what I wanted to to show what was important to me : music, family , religion, and teachers. The light that is in the middle is supposed to get my whole idea across and make all my pictures look like they were being hidden in the dark but the light is revealing them.Then I put a quote there to try and summarize my slide. That is why my slide looks this way .
New improved slide
What I learned about my previous slide was that there was too much going and my quote could have been a little bigger. What I could have done differently was that I could have taken out all of my pictures except for the glowing hands because it still gets my point across and there won’t be so much going on in the slide. I also need to make the quote bigger so the reader can see and read it easily. I learned that with a slide that less is more and that size is important. These are the thing I took into consideration when I was improving my slide.

Spanish reflection Q2 #2

Chris Tran

Srta. Manuel

Los Eagles Impuso Contra Los Lions

Este artículo se trata de el equipo de los filadelfia Eagles. En la semana pasada, en filadelfia los eagles impuso contra los lions en un épico en la nieve. En este juego, un jugador llamada Nick Foles era jugar el juego bien con 179 yarda y LeSean McCoy un jugador bien corrío por 217 yardas. Hizo el registro por el mejor yardas corr en un juego. Los Eagles, ahora con un registro 8-5 van a jugar con los Vikings a hizo el registro 9-5 van a playoffs. Los Eagles con Nick Foles tenían jugaron bien. Ahora con el playoffs en la imagen por los Eagles. Ellos pueden hacer historia con un temporada ganadora. Yo pienso los Eagles pueden jugaron bueno y impuso el superbowl. El vocabulario que yo aprendí en el artículo es ganancia. Ganancia es un parábola este significa porque es significado para obtener más de algo. Yo encontrado la palabra en esta sentencia en el artículo. LeSean McCoy corrió para ganancia de 217 yardas, la mayor cantidad en la historia de la franquicia, incluidos touchdowns de 57 y 40 yardas, y los Eagles de Philadelphia se sobrepusieron a dos regresos para anotación de Jeremy Ross para vencer por 34-20 a los Lions de Detroit en un juego bajo condiciones de ventisca.” (Fox Deportes)

Word count: 215 words

Work cited:

"Lions Se Vio Superado Por Eagles." Fox Deportes. Fox Deportes, 8 Dec. 2013. Web. 9 Dec. 2013. <>.
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Miriam Sachs Q2 Media Fluency

Hi, my name is Miriam and I am an artist and an athlete. I wanted to combine these two parts of my personality into one phrase. “Stay active” came to mind. I wanted something creative and unique. Creative ended up being the word I used to complete this phrase. I centered the words in the gray area. I made the type size 60 so the words would be big, but still have some empty space around them. I used a gray background so it would easily contrast with the words. I wanted the words to stand out.  I made the letters a shade of red so they would come towards the viewer and contrast from the background. Tahmid pointed out that my words spelled SAC vertically and if I added HS, it would spell my last name. The only thing I could come up with was “has strengths”.  I kept in mind that Zach Holman said to delete half the words on a slide. “Staying actively creative has strengths” sounded strange, so I deleted “has strengths”.  I made the picture a similar shape as my slide (both are rectangular).  I made sure the height of the picture was the same height as the slide so it would combine with the rest of the slide harmoniously.  For repetition, I made both figures in my picture gray silhouettes with few details. When I tried adding facial features to the figures, they were distracting. I made the figure playing soccer taller than the one playing softball and centered the softball player in comparison to the soccer player so it give the illusion that the soccer player is standing closer to the viewer and will not bump into the softball player if they were actually moving forward. I made sure the soccer player’s head was facing in the direction of the soccer ball and the body was moving towards the soccer ball.  I then made a similar connection between the softball’s position and the direction the softball player is facing.  Notice that the softball player has one arm pointing at the softball, as if they just threw it. The shapes of the balls are not round to show that they are moving.   I wanted to bring attention to the sports gear being used. I made the softball glove and soccer cleat orange. This gave them contrast from the figures, repetition (since both are orange), and made them come forward. I made them come forward to bring attention and make the figures seem three dimensional.  I used marker instead of solid shapes to add shading and form and to give the impression that I am still currently drawing. The marker bleeds off the slide. I wanted to show that the marker existed without making the image smaller to fit the entire marker. The thought bubble also bleeds off the slide. The point of this is that I am always thinking with an artist and an athlete’s point of view, but the thought bubble could belong to someone else. Anyone can try to always think creative thoughts, which will help them to imagine drawings such as this one. I had to crop the picture to make the marker and thought bubble bleed off and I should have cut off more of the picture so the edge of the picture would be at the edge of the paper. I drew lines underneath the figures going in the same direction to represent the ground underneath the figures. The lines are curved to show that it is a bumpy field instead of a flat surface. I used multiple lines to show that it is a two dimensional surface.
edited slide
I got rid of the thought bubble because during the class discussion, someone said it was distracting. I decided to write the words by hand so that they would be on the paper. I did this because the first slide had a different shade of gray behind the words than there was where the illustration is. Drawing everything on the paper allowed my new slide to have one background color throughout. I wrote the words diagonally because someone commented that the words looked like an acrostic poem when aligned vertically. I decided to add a figure playing basketball so the slide would be harmonious. It would have looked odd if there were pictures above the words and nothing below. Having figures above and below the words also adds a sense of symmetry. I made the soccer ball and softball orange so that they would be the same color as the rest of the sports equipment. In the first slide, the softball and soccer balls were different colors, which made them distracting. Making all the sports equipment one color (orange) gave the slide harmony and made it easier to see them. Now, everything in the slide looks like it fits together instead of parts being separated by thought bubbles or different backgrounds.

Q2 Reflection #2: “Así fue el desfile de Victoria's Secret”

Audrey Pham


Melanie Manuel

Word Count: 207

Así fue el desfile de Victoria's Secret”

Todos los años, la compañía Victoria’s Secret tienen desfile de moda para sus bonita ropa interior femenina. ¿Por qué es ropa interior femenina de Victoria’s Secret único? Porque es buena calidad, es muy popular, bonita, muy atractivo y Victoria’s Secret venden otro diferente cosa. Por ejemplo, Victoria’s Secret venden maquillaje, ropa de gimnasia, complementos, fragancia, loción, pijamas y muchos más. Victoria’s Secret es perfecto para presente para Navidad o día de san Valentín para mujeres joven. Muchos de modelos de Victoria’s Secret están actriz y famosas mujeres. Victoria Secret tienen grande fondo. Todos los años, en el desfile de Victoria’s Secret, especial cantante canta en el desfile. Anterior desfiles de Victoria’s Secret, Kanye West y Bruno Mars cantaron en el desfile. El cantantes hacen el desfile más interesante. Sin vivi música, el desfile estar aburrido. Este año, Taylor Swift cantó en el desfile de Victoria’s Secret 2013. Taylor Swift está con otro cantantes tambien. Algunos modelos de Victoria’s Secret llevaron ropa interior femenina con diamante, rubí, zafiro, y más joyas. Algunos sostén con joyas consta diez millones de dólares. Todos los años, millones de personas ver el desfile de Victoria’s Secret porque es muy único. Quero a ver el desfile de Victoria’s Secret cuándo yo más mayor.

"Así Fue El Desfile De Victoria's Secret." CNN En Espaol Ultimas Noticias De Estados Unidos Latinoamrica Y El Mundo Opinin Y Videos RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2013.
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Ameena's Slide

Everyone that truly knows me understands that there is a lot that represents me. So if I designed a slide and included everything that represents me it would be a mix of things that you probably wouldn't understand. So, after trying many options, I had finally created something that easy to see and read. Something simple.

I used a picture of one my closest friends from dance because I believe that she is a model of the saying, "A try is a promise to never give up". In life you can not be scared to try to new things because when you become scared you limit yourself to new opportunities.
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SLA Winter Party

Join The Fun! Come to the last dance of 2013!
Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 7.03.20 PM
$5 for Tickets
$7 at the door


​For Tickets:

Look for Liverpool or River Trip students.

This is also a fundraiser to raise money for both, the Liverpool & River Trip so please support even if you are unable to come.
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Artículo 3: Las Mujeres y Los Coches


Quarter 2

Alejandro Marothy

Señorita Manuel

Las mujeres y Los Coches

Las mujeres se oprimen cada día y en todas partes. La triste verdad es los hombres todavía gobiernan este mundo. Los hombres son crueles y horrible personas. Algunos son buenos pero mayoría son terrible. Como gobiernan que oprimen a las mujeres y quitarle sus derechos. Sólo recientemente las mujeres han tenido los trabajos de los hombres. Este fue un paso de gigante y un salto para la civilización moderna. Pero incluso con los mismos trabajos las mujeres les pagan mucho menos dinero que los hombres. ¡No es bueno!

Cada paso en la dirección correcta es una mejora enorme y debe celebrarse. Recientemente el coche la compañía General Motors anunciaron un nuevo CEO. ¡Y son una mujer! Esto es una buena noticia. No sólo esta mujer hará grandes cosas para GM ella será una inspirará a las mujeres en todas partes. Además la decisión de la compañía inspirará otros para promover igualdad para los hombres y las mujeres.

Muchos tratan de suprimir femenismo y creencias feministas pero al final fallará porque las mujeres son el más fuerte de los dos géneros. Había un tiempo cuando las mujeres eran adoraron no sólo por su belleza pero su increíble habilidad. Para hacer que la vida en este mundo es algo que una vez fue valorado. Ahora parece que ha sido olvidado: el femenino sagrado. 

Número de Palabras: 221

Trabajo Citado

EFE. "Latino News and Opinion." Mary Barra, Primera Latina Al Frente De General Motors - . Al Día, 10 Dec. 2013. Web. 11 Dec. 2013.

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Spanish journal Q2 #2

Nelson Mandela

El Pais


logros - accomplishments

racismo - racism

en todo el mundo - around the world

ídolo - idol

esfuerzo - effort (n)

en lugar de - instead of

líder - leader

funcionario - official

lucha - struggle

enviar - send

no sé más sobre el presidente de Sudáfrica, solamente que él fue un hombre muy bien. Fue una inspiración a todos nosotros, y estoy triste que nunca aprendía más sobre su vida y logros. Voy a alabarle para trabajando fuerte por sus pasiones. Por lo que he oído, cuando él fue joven estaba trabajando que terminar apartheid y racismo. Eventualmente se convirtió a el primer negro presidente de Sudáfrica. Respeto ese hombre mucho por todos, él se ayuda el mundo con muchos problemas. Hablamos sobre el vida de señor mandela en el clase de Inglés la semana pasada. Personas en todo el mundo hablaron sobre ese ídolo y sus esfuerzos en su país y en el mundo. En Inglés nosotros  hablamos sobre su tiempo en prisión  y como él usio paz y respeto en lugar de venganza. Fue en prison por muchos años en su vida, cuando fue un joven, y todavía no estaba enojado a el gobierno. El es el definición de un líder y más personas en el gobierno aquí deben aprender de el acciones de Nelson Mandela. Si solamente un poco de nuestros funcionarios podria actuar similar que Mandela, este pais funcionaria (trabaja? va a trabajar?) más mejor. Anteayer, mire algo en facebook sobre un funcionario del g.o.p (pienso que era Rick Santorum), él comparó su lucha con “obamacare” al batalla de Neslon Mandela y apartheid.

1. Esto es ridículo porque cuidado de salud no está enviando alguien a prison.

2. Sudáfrica tiene cuidado de salud universal.  

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Long Lived Love

The taming of the shrew portrays that marriage is about control and the male has full control over the female and has to play the more dominant role in the relationship. Romance is nothing but a myth and love doesn’t exist within these relationships. Same as Tim Story’s “Think Like a Man.” Men have certain goals when it comes to relationships with women. In both of these cases, there is no such thing as love, it is only trick that helps someone get what he or she wants out of a relationship.

Think Like a Man was based upon a real book. The main focus of the movie is well, to act like a lady, but think like a man. It's to help women get inside the minds of men and understand what they want, but use that against them to really get what they want. Throughout the movie Cedric, Jeremy, Zeke, Dominic, and Michael all want simple things in life as a man and they are all just looking for that one woman who will please them and accept everything they want out of a relationship that they want. The women who end up with these men Mya, Kristen, Lauren and Candace are all looking for Mr. Right to finally come along after they all have been through pointless relationships. Encountering these men they feel as though this time they will finally find the right guy. There’s a new book that’s being talked about everywhere, but it was first premiered on Oprah’s show introduced by steve Harvey. He began to give insight on the operating system of a man’s brain to help women understand them and get what they want out of them. Throughout the movie the men and women experience ups and downs dealing with situations that are very relatable to today’s society based on love.

The very beginning of the movie Cedric (Kevin Hart) is narrating and talking about heterosexual relationships and how things were leading up to this current time. He began making comments about young boys and the stages they go through when it comes to women. When they're finally full grown men, a man has certain needs that need to be pleased sexually. He mentions how in the old times Women wanted marriage before anything. “Marriage was the only way to get sex.”

Act one Scene two

In “Taming of the Shrew” the men desires weren’t always to get sex, but in some cases it was to be wealthy, or wealthier. Petruchio was a wealthy man and wanted more money.  “I come to wive it wealthily in Padua; If wealthily, the happily in Padua.” SInce Katherine was wealthy, she was the perfect candidate to be Petruchio’s wife. The only way he could get what he wanted was to marry her.  In that time marriage was the Only  gateway To get what men wanted out of their women.

Another moment that happened towards the beginning of the movie, Domonic fell in love with Lauren who is a very wealthy woman and makes 6 figures and has a lot of stuff going for her already. Domonic on the other hand doesn't have much going for him, but he has dreams and aspirations that he wants for himself. Lauren does not know this until after she sleeps with him. She thought that since he chased her down in a jaguar sports car that it was his when he really was valet parking for another gentleman. She wants someone with money and success like her.

Act three scene one

In this scene Petruchio showed up to Kate and his wedding in rugged clothing expecting Kate to still marry him regardless of his looks. Looks aren’t everything his opinion. Everyone was so against his wearing and questioned his decision making. Biondello said to Petruchio, “Not as well apparelled as I wish you were.” This quote can be used in the viewpoint of Lauren. Dominic wasn’t well dressed enough for her. SHe want a man that was just as well dressed as her and Dominic wasn’t that man. Until she realized later on that he was. He may not have had the fancy clothes, but she knew he would in the end and even if he didn’t he was still a great man to be with.

Love is just a form of possession and that possession is never applied to anything. It’s a way to convince people in relationships that what they are doing to these people for their own selfish reasons are ok. Love is nothing, but a myth and in today’s society this has been a big issue not only for adults, but it’s for teens as well.

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Media Fluency

Hi, I am Ebony Ream. In tech we are making one slide that describes us, but we have to make it presentable. Mine however, is quite simple. I just found a picture of a microphone from google and placed a quote of mine on it.

The techniques that I used was making the picture bleed off the page a little, so only half of the microphone is on it. For the wording part, I tried to make my words understandable and brighter than the picture itself, like contrasting. Another strategy I used was “the rule of the thirds”, when the screen is divided in a 3x3 fashion. I just evened the picture and wording out. I also made the picture larger. I learned that if you do that, then it attracts people more. This happens with words too.

Before I made this slide, I did get some tips from reading the Presentation Zen website. His tips really helped me out because before reading them, I had no idea there were ways to make your slide presentable and attractive.

I actually changed my whole slide because my main criticism was about the background being very pix-elated. I couldn't find a more high quality picture, so I changed everything but still based the topic of music.

I learned that if you want to have big words, make sure there’s not a thing called a tangent, which is a tight space between two things. Also, some slides are better to be left empty than busy. There’s also certain fonts used for the “advertisement” business. So, it’s better to use those fonts, in order to catch people’s attention.

Tech Slide
Tech Slide (3)
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