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Climate Change Project

​In class we learned about how Climate Change affects people in different places along with the meeting that go on to find ways to stop global warming. Through this project Jelani and I (Antonio) talked to the readers/listeners as different people, and a polar bear, to try to convey the importance of global warming by showing how it affects others in a way that many people can understand and might be familiar with.

George H.W. Bush

(Sitting in desk-chair talking to camera crew)

Ah, I remember when I went to Brazil for that meeting, the uh, Jane what was the meeting I went to back in 92’.... yeah I know it was a climate summit, but what was the name of it...oh. So apparently it was just called an Earth summit and it was about the uh...Jane? What was it...oh, thanks, the Forests of the Future initiative. It was nice to fly to Brazil, I even remember when me and some of my acquaintances stopped by and heard some person ranting on about some Tupac tree or something, it was hilarious to watch, but anyway the meeting. It wasn’t anything special, it was just a meeting unlike that meeting in Panama that one time, they wouldn’t even let me speak, was I not aloud to or somethin’. Well what I am trying to say is Americans need to watch their...uh...consumption of stuff...what do you mean I can’t just say stuff….oh so I have to be more specific, ok ok. SO, America it is up to us to change this world whi-….what do you mean we can’t change the world, is that what you tell your kids….yes I know I can continue talking, thank you. Ok you know what, lets do the whole thing over.

So America, we are all away of the hot topic called Global Warming (leans back and talks to boom operator) see what I did there I used “hot” and “warming” hehe, oh what do you mean it’s not funny, your acting like this is a serious problem. Anyway as you know America we have the power to stop the progression of Climate Change, but only by working together. We have to stop relying on the hazardous things we use now, and we should start considering new energy sources such as earth, wind and fire (leans back again) see what I did there, Earth Wind and Fire is the name of a band (faces forward again). These new ideas can be put into motion by replacing the cars we use now with solar or electric powered cars, the old cars can be sold for scrap and, or recycled to make new cars. Ok Neil do you have everything for your project, good so there is no reason that you shouldn’t get an “A” on this assignment right son? Ok and by the way what did you mean when you said you got allllll of it, hey don’t up and leave like that.

Polar Bear:

(Walking along ice field)

Another night interrupted by part of my home crashing into the blue. Everyday my home seems to get smaller and smaller. There is nothing I can do to stop this, the warming of my home. My home has been changed by the people who visit here. This began long before I was born. The ice everywhere has been melting and I have been seeing camps pop up occasionally. I have also seen great ships pass through the land cutting through it like it was air. I rarely see anybody else around, there seem to be so few of us left.

(Jumps into water/ swimming away from iceberg)

The land isn’t frozen  like it used to be. There is barely any land left to live on, I always have to swim somewhere. The bigger lands that are still frozen are very far apart, but that is where the people sometimes set up camps. Sometimes I see the people walking around digging in the ice and then going back inside. I always wondered what they were doing. Anyway I hope I can find another ice-ber-...what is that sound? It’s almost like a high pitched screech.

(Dives head under-water)

(Sigh )

It seems the orcas found me again. I hope I can swim back and climb up the ice before they move-in. It looks like it is about 4 or 5 of them, but they look like they are just following me.

(Whale rams underside of bear)

There's nothing that I can do but keep swimming, if I stop to fight, they will just pull me under. Almost there, but the whale is turning back around

(Gets front to feet on ice)

(Whale bites hind leg and slowly starts to pull him in)

(Lets go of ice and slashes at nose of whale)

*Ugh* I made it...I can’t move my leg, I can’t swim if I can’t move my leg, I can’t eat if I can’t swim, and I can’t survive if I can’t eat…

Person Commenting on Barack Obama

So I mean Barack…..  I guess Obama…. is the President of the United States... of the thing we call our country America. You know Obama right? for him to not solve a problem is very critical for all of us. Bruh... President Obama did not show up for a National Worldwide Meeting...let the man enjoy his breakfast and his helicopter probably ran out of fuel you know with him saving the world and everything he finally took a break but you know bruh it’s no days off so you gotta you know reverse time and go back to that meeting and you know attend it because climate and other things environmental worldwide stuff is actually you know pretty important right? If I was the one who could answer that question it wouldn’t be important it’d be pretty unimportant if it was up to me you know other things obama has helped on war is it just pretty/  because he was probably busy handling other things toward helping the world. He was sent a message by  the minister to approach the problem for the call of that meeting ,but President Obama did respond to the problem and it was handles/solved as he said he would do towards the problem. President Obama also made an announcement for the world about the price range for army weapons because it’s more important about the soldiers and troops health then them killing each other. The U.S was called out by China,Asia because the U.S owes China over a Trillion Dollars! Also we’re not in that type of money zone right now to pay China back. Everytime the tax  imports money from our bank accounts and hard our hard earned money some stuff always happens because it’s stolen from us and was never given back. Yup, I guess thats all for today, or for the rest of my life, I mean I wanna thank ya’ll for listening for-real for-real like you feel me or naw?

P.S: Yall suck

Nature Enthusiast:

You know, first off, I just wanna say, OMG, I love them Kapok trees! They are one of my favorite trees in the world because one, I love rain forests, (oh yeah the Kapok Tree located in a rainforest, a freakin Rain forest!) It is such an important part of the rainforest because the best looking tree in the world is the Kapok Tree in the rain forest! Also if you say Kapok Tree you’re exercising your mouth muscles. Come on say it with me KAPOK TREE see that was great wasn’t it (total silence) yeah I bet it was! You know why? Because we’re thinking about the freakin Kapok Tree! (No one paying attention). I just wanna thank you for listening or were you all being idiots and not listening to the good ole Kapok Trees. So let me ask you a question, if you still care: why are you cuttin down my friends. These trees are helping us and the ecosystem, they are THE center(z) of the forest. They are the Washington D.Cs of the United Would you cut down the White House if it was a tree, NO…. well maybe, (under his breath) knowing you guys. SO (claps hands once) “Ceiba Pentandra,” come try to say it (waves at crowd) let the “a” drag: draa….draaaa, Pentandraaaa. This is the scientific name for the Kapok tree, you guys know about science right, I’m sure you know the science behind cuttin down trees and, burnen’ forests and, destroying habitats, but do ya’ll care. Nawwwwwww, you just gotta have your land, cut down “their” homes to make yours, who is them? You know, the animals yall claim to be separate from, your cuttin down their homes for what, FOR what? Ok so you, no don’t crouch down, you what did you say (puts hand to ear and leans over stage) it was fun, ok, ya’ll heard that? (Sarcastic Voice) Johnny Appleseed over here said it was fun, ok...ok (rubs hands together) so, tomorrow night, WHEN, yeah WHEN, I come to your house with a chainsaw, (giggles) hehe, ok, hehehe, ok, ok, will that be fun? No? Come on say it louder, it won’t be? Ok then. So you know what, I’m gonna just stop myself here, cause I don’t wanna make anyone feel bad so goodnight, follow me on Twitter @killmytreeikillyou, so see yall later.

P.S. Trees Hate You

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Home Network, Velazquez-Rivera

My L.A.N. is X-finity Comcast. I have a combination of a moter and router and the co-ax wire conncets it. We have 4 cable boxes they arent connected to wifi,4tvs not connected,1 x-box, 1 wii, arent connected and 5phones and 1ipod is connected 1 computer that is connected. An omg moment that i had was when i found out that the world wide web  and internet are two different things! Some things that people need to know where their internet is and what its connected to; also what wires connect your modum, router or both!
mind mapping software
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Ole Philly...

Philadelphia is a pretty amazing city. Born and raised here, Philadelphia will always be apart of me. I go to school here, I had my first date in this city, my first job and soon I will have my prom here too.

Philadelphia has a lot of great amenities, it’s mostly just a city with tall building and busy streets, but if you wander around, you might find a little pocketful of nature. Besides all the building, and the big city lights, Philly has creeks and woods. One of my favorite spots is the Wissahickon Creek. Trying to find sanity in life, I go to the Wissahickon and climb to the tallest rock to oversee the city… I don’t see much of the city because it’s covered by tall families of trees… just the way I like it. It gives you an opportunity to take your eyes off your sinking feet and the “devil himself”, technology. It directs your senses to the trees whispering, the wind blowing, and the birds singing. In the Wissahickon, you find innocence, that innocence that you once had as a child, when nothing in the world mattered but dancing with the bountiful trees. You’re stepping out of a dream and realizing how wonderful it.   

Philadelphia also has a lot of exposure for cool things. There are a bunch of events and opportunities for you to grow and to gain experience. Small organizations such as “Public Workshop” where it gives you an opportunity to figure out what you want to do in life. Through Public Workshop, I decided that I want to be an Architect and Industrial Designer. I’ve collaborated with some really amazing people to gain lots of experience which colleges LOVE!

When I think of Philadelphia, I think of a Nat King Cole song called “You Stepped Out of a Dream”. It goes a little like this:


Stepped out of a dream,

You are too wonderful

To be what you seem.

Could there be eyes like yours?

Could there be lips like yours?

Could there be smiles like yours,

Honest and truly?


Stepped out of a cloud,

I want to take you away

Away from the crowd,

And have you all to myself,

Alone and apart.

Out of a dream

Safe into my heart.

Philly is truly unique, there’s no other city really like it. It’s like a dream that came to….

Unfortunately, I do plan on leaving Philadelphia simply because I want to experience all the world has the other. I think I have had enough of the city life and I want to move on to more down to earth places, like India or Hawaii or Thailand. I want to meet new people, get to know their struggles and testimonies. I want to become “one with nature”, and live life a little bit not in a concrete jungle but an actual jungle that will never leave me unsatisfied.  

“I should forget but with the loneliness of night I start remembering everything. You're gone and yet there's still a feeling deep inside that you will always be part of me. So now I look for you along the avenue and as I wander I pray that someday soon I'll find you. Somewhere along the way.” - Nat King Cole

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2014 National Day of Writing


Sunrises peeking over the skyline to say good morning,

sunsets dipping under Boathouse Row to say good night.

The row is illuminated without warning,

the eyes of every child reflect the sight.

Drivers rush passed, dismissing the glow that it's adorning,

But we all know here in Philly, the beauty is true beholding.


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National Writing Day 2014


I live in the city of Philly with a community that is much like family,

We love, laugh, struggle, and cry together,

Closely knit like the yarn of a sweater,

The home of many firsts,

Universities, libraries, and even the first school of anatomy,

And mouth-watering delicacies from around the world to indulge yourself in,

A melting pot filled to the brim,

We speak what’s on our mind,

By protests and strikes against “unfair” treatment for our teachers and students alike,

We lay down the road for education of our future generations,

Multiple opportunities to find myself,

Multiple opportunities to experience,

I have been given the paint by the city,

Now it is time to start my picture.

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National Writing Day 2014

If you walked through Cherry Street or the side streets surrounding it, you’d come face to face with rows and rows red brick homes pressed together tightly, decorated with tiny plants, road bikes, and election signs.

Stroll just a block or two north, and you’d get explore the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. You could visit the Central Library, the cornerstone of a gigantic free library system or the Franklin Institute, a world renowned hands on science museum. Or let yourself be amazed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art- home to artistic and architectural achievements from the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

From there, just a SEPTA (the public transit system) ride away is South Street. The long street the divides Center City and South Philadelphia is always teeming with animated hipsters, somber artists and everyone in between. If you like shops or restaurants with character, South Street is full of both.

Finally, yet another short walk or ride east is Olde City, an area highly concentrated with national historic landmarks. Visit Independence Hall to see where the US first established its values. The Constitution Center will teach you about the document that governs the supreme courts and Liberty Places houses the well known Liberty Bell. All of these historic gold mines are situated on cobblestone streets where horse-and-buggies crowd the intersections.


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2014 National Day of Writing

There is a little part of every city known as Chinatown. Within the Chinatown in Philadelphia, there is a little Chinese American community. I am a Chinese American, so I feel like Chinatown is a very important part of who I am and my culture. There is non-profit organization that I am very proud to be apart of that is based in the Philadelphia Chinatown area. This organization is called the Philadelphia Suns, which was established in 1972. The Philadelphia Suns started as a basketball team of youths in Chinatown, which brought the community together. The Philadelphia Suns is a very community based organization. Their goal is to build character within their members. The Philadelphia Suns want to spread positivity within the community, so those people could take it to their personal and professional lives. They want to encourage volunteerism and sportsmanship. Their mission is to advocate athletics, cultural and educational opportunities. As being a member of the Philadelphia Suns I get to, learn so many new things and meet new people inside and outside of the Philadelphia area. I feel like personally I have become a better and more well rounded person every since I have joined the Suns. I feel more than a part of an organization, more like a community that I like to call my family.

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2014 national writing day

I have never thought much about

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

During the day I find the city to be a dysfunctional family.

Sounds of a broken home surround the city.

From smashing of a mothers plates

to the occasional curse words thrown in by an older brother.

I have never thought much about

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

The sun blinding your eyes putting you under interrogation.

The city has proved me wrong.

I have never thought much about

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

On my way to West Philly at dusk I see her beauty.

Maybe it's just me but smells seem stronger at night.

Freshly baked pita from the Lebanese restaurant at 4420 and walnut

mix with the smell of

Freshly baked naan from the Pakistani restaurant at 4201 and chestnut.

I have never thought much about

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

Most city skyscrapers light have hidden the stars.

Not in university city.

The buildings have their own stars.

Making the night just the right amount of bright.

I have never thought much about

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

Families are lured out of their homes by the smells that the night brings.

I have never thought much about

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

But the best is the sound.

Whether it be the sound of silence from the near by mosque at prayer

or the sound of Oum Kulthoum from the middle eastern restaurant up the st.

I had never thought much about the city I am from, Philadelphia.

That is until I saw her beautiful west Philly at dusk.

For night is when my city is most alive.

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2014 National Day of Writing

You say coffee, we say ‘cawfee’. You call it a sub, we call it a hoagie. You say “water” we say “wooder”. “Hey! Get that jawn for me over there? No the other jawn”. The thing is, you really can’t experience or understand real “Philly” unless you’ve lived here yourself. Outsiders may be alarmed at how different our lives are from their own. For example, It’s easy for Philadelphians to take SEPTA (public transportation) everywhere, or knowing where to get the best pizza in South Philly, and finding the nearest Wawa to demolish those certain cravings you have throughout the day. With all the social and historical events that went and goes on in the City of Brotherly love, Philadelphia is my home and I’m proud to live here.
All year round, Philly people are so hype whenever our sports teams are playing. Either watching it on live television, tailgating in the parking lot of the stadium, or actually having season tickets, we are the most proud fans and outshines any other fans. Whether we’re cheering for the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, or the Sixers, we go to the extreme and probably voted the best fans any sports team can ever have. When watching a Philly team on t.v with a Philly person, expect to have many snacks, loud voices at the television, and a lot of team spirit.
Historically, Philly is where it’s at. Having the Declarations of Independence signed, to the first post office and university. Greats like Benjamin Franklin resided in Philadelphia and made it a better place to live. We also have a bell, a very cool bell. The Liberty Bell in fact, basically symbolizes our city.

People have many misconceptions about Philly residences, but it’s hard to judge what you don’t know. Philadelphia is an amazing city and should be on everybody’s places to visit list one day in their lives. We love our city and you should too.

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2014 National Day of Writing

Philly is LOVE Park..home of the most beLOVED actors, rappers, artists..

It is a place that is not usually seen for what it is by it’s own community unless we are in the spotlight, which we usually are...for good or bad.

To know Philly is to love Philly, cheesesteaks, South Street, Penns Landing.. is usually where our “magic” happens. We are THE most dedicated fans to our sports teams. The Eagles, Phillies and The Sixers. We look forward to our free coffee after a good win.

Philly is where you’ll hear the most slang used for the simplest things, but we have to add our own kick to everything.

Philly is SEPTA. Like it or not, from The Frankford EL Train to the Broad Street Line Subway. It’s how most of us get around.

Yes, we have our bad reputations from gun violence to a crappy school district but we shut Center City down in a heartbeat because we are passionate about what we deserve.

People still come from all over to observe the famous Art Museum and watch us shut it down for Made In America or Fourth of July at The Ben Franklin Parkway. We know how to throw parties big time!

To know Philly is to love Philly. Philly is home and home is where the heart is.

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2014 National Day of Writing

Secrets are shadows hidden to those facing the sun and to native Philadelphians the shadows are all we know. Outsiders know us as a place to visit not a place in need. To us philly isn’t a place to give worship but a battlefield for education and incarceration. The authorities watch over us from a young age trying to encourage us yet unknowingly break us down in the process. Our pubic school foundation is crumbling down on us every year. Moving from one problem to the next. Being in high school I have the abilities to fight for my rights but who will be there for the younger children. To me I don’t live in a historic land, I live in a place of no return. I’ve talked to some of my classmates about what they love about Philadelphia and the only thing they could honestly say was “I love it because it’s where I was born and raised.” But upon further questioning they gave no reason for why they would come back to Philadelphia after  hopefully becoming successful. I believe that it is because of those shadows of secrets that we could not even imagine ourselves returning to a place we once called home.The shadows of secrets isn’t really a shadow or even a secret. It’s just the facts that people skip over when visiting. We’re not the worst city in the country but we could ALWAYS be better.  

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2014 National Day on Writing

I’m from Philly.

Same place where Kevin Hart, Will Smith, Seth Green, and many more grew up.

Reading terminal, South Street, and cheesesteaks.

Lincoln Financial Field, Liacouras Center, and Wells Fargo Center, home to our Eagles, Sixers, and Flyers so go enjoy a game!

Philly has some of the most die heart fans.

That jawn is popping! Go get some wooder!

You’re probably thinking, “What is jawn and wooder?”

We aren’t as dangerous as you may think, come visit!

It’s dangerous wherever you go if you want to be technical.

I don’t know, it doesn’t seem that dangerous to me.

Philadelphia, so historical.

But how many Philadelphians actually go to Old City?

I went!

I live in West Philadelphia.

Busy, but never boring.

The el, the subway, the trolley, the bus.

Currently, the fact that we are rumored to be one of the most dangerous cities, and our educational system is skeptical, is disappointing.

Every city needs work, none are perfect.

But it takes the right people in order to make the change.

Not just a few, but a community.

One day, I will leave my city, but I will come back.

I can’t wait to give back to my city.

I will never forget.

I’m from Philly.

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Home Network, Haye

mind mapping software

My LAN consists of my chromebook, my other laptop, phone, and tablet. This process was quite an experience. My "OMG" moment would have been when I learned and very much understood that Acceptable Use Policies are very important to read and actually understand it. The advice I would give to people is to always read your AUP and make sure you home network is worth it.

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Home Network, Stephens

​My internet service provider is Comcast and the internet enters my house through the second floor closet and is a coax cable. My router is located in the same place and I have two routers. One router uses wifi and connects to my family's smart phones, Apple products, laptops, my tv system(Roku box), and more devices like that. My other router works my blu-ray and tv system not including the Roku service, gaming systems such as the Xbox. 
Through this process of learning about my internet and electronics, although I don't understand much of the way it functions, I did learn what connects to what and how dependent my internet is on other components. I was not surprised by my internet, but more intrigued on how it all works and what each thing does and how it effects the system as a whole. Other people should know which parts of their home internet do which tasks like I learned because it makes the whole system more understandable and can in turn make the system run more smoothly by being informed.

mind mapping software
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The 2014 National Day on Writing

My community is very diverse and has a wide range of cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. Living in Philadelphia I take all of the Historical Monuments and figures for granted. I live in walking distance to everything. Live in Southwest Center city, some people like to refer to to where I live as Center city. My neighborhood is so white. All I see parked outside my door are “Priuses” and “Subarus”. I can’t the closes Poppy store is 4 blocks away.  In the hood there is one within every 3 feet. I love the fact that I live near  near everything, but the only people that live in my neighborhood are middle aged white people . I can walk to the center city in like 10 minutes. I live 10 to 15 minutes away University City.

You always hear about the cliches of living in Philly like, going to the Liberty Bell or eating cheesesteak. To be honest a cheesesteak is not that important to us, its just a thing we eat. I mean I know they taste great, but, who cares.   I never thought about how historic this city was, until I got my 8th grade Final project.  In order to graduate from middle school we were required to visit 12 out of the 15 historical cities or Landmarks in Philadelphia or the Greater Philadelphia area. While taking the tour for that project I learned so much about our city, that I know I would never take the time to learn if it was not a requirement.

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Climate Change Monologue Project

​My goal is to tell people how important the atmosphere is, and also let people know that this awful change is about the climate and it is effecting all of us people in some kind of way shape or form. My monologues are some what simliar in someway. Do you think you know how?

(Walter the crazy drunk persona)

( Home on Couch talks to friend about climate change)

Sooo, what made you come to me for help about this crap, of all people you chose me to talk about such a sick topic. Woah man i'm so drunk right now how am i supposed to talk to you about such a serious topic and im like the worst drunk on earth right now but you know what, ok i think i got it but, the world seems as if its going through some crazy changes man, but i really dont know whats going on but in the news its some talk about climate.

(PIcks up bottle and starts taking a few sips)

The climate is changing yes! don't you learn about these things in school? Look outside don't you see this piece of land we live on. no no no you dont get it we are here in alaska don't you see that stuff is starting to melt here. we need to leave. does it really matter?? yes it really matters.

Puts down bottle and gets up to go and get another bottle)

You just don't understand what you got till its gone man But um listen just reduce reuse and recycle like if you do that then we will have less problems than what we already have  though! so i think we both should do that though because someday people can look at us and see that we are actually helping the society out, well basically helping the whole world out right about now.


(Future time when Climate change issue wasn't resolved and people couldn't get the things they wanted)

You know i think its time to put an end to this mess. yes! because you people aren't doing anything about this crap. no, the government isn't trying to help neither is olama president of the pupu states. yea we all know thats it isn't fair to us that the people who do recycle and stuff don't get credited for the good things they do. obviously you should think its bad that we don't get this going in the right direction ha ha haha. But you know what it is, it might be that darn Ruler we call President thats not telling us the real deal like come on. All these freaking problems in our society the biggest one has to be about whether the world will end or not. The stuff that goes on in our neighborhood seems like its worse than what the climate change is doing if you ask me. Seriously, we need to leave this piece of crap neighborhood, at least fix it up first but then we just outright leave because it seems like no matter what we change and no matter what we try to fix it always tend to get worse and worse.

(Days later at a bar on 69th and future)

Let me get this straight we actually found a way to solve this issue? I thought that it wasn't possible to fix the damage that has already been done to the world, our culture, etc. We really made a change and hopefully it stays this way. No one likes a dirty neighborhood. In fact, no one likes a dirty anything. things are going good and hopefully this continues to go well!


Have you ever looked up at the moon and realized that whenever its a full moon people tend to go crazy? Im one of those people, i'm not gonna turn into a werewolf or anything haha but Im not that type of crazy. I feel as though I am immortal, unstoppable, I protect myself from harm I cause but the thing is do i really get hurt from this, ehh sometimes but when I wake up in the AM I don't really think about what happen last night. Let me rephrase that, I don't remember what happened last night. It just so happen that it came to me that things was happening to me last night. I think it had something to do with that moon of ours. Its been full lately and its been changing me in all sorts of ways. All of this is from this thing we call climate change and it has been effecting our lives in all types of ways. Hopefully we find a cure for this crap soon because I am tired of going crazy. Im tired of waking up in the middle of the night and not knowing what is happening to my body like I just wonder what it would be like to be in a peaceful environment and not needing to worry about these issues in this world.  

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2014 National Writing Day

For me Philadelphia is almost impossible to describe. It’s been my home for so long that every aspect of the city seems perfectly normal. My best description would be that Philadelphia is a home to an old style quietly breaking down new ideas and innovations. When you look down the schuylkill river trail you see a  completely new design than it was a few years ago. Having lived in Philly almost all my life most of the changes feel like they’ve always been there. The new South Street bridge at first felt like a huge jump from the older version but now I have forgotten what the old bridge had looked like. Places like the Franklin Institute and the Barnes Foundation are always incredible to visit no matter how many times I walk through. For me, Philadelphia feels like the city whose map will always be etched in my brain. For me locations such as the Art Museum and Liberty Place have never been very special compared to locations such as the Central Library, Trader Joes, and Fitler Square. My sister expressed an interest to leave Philly the second she was looking at colleges. She isn’t alone in that belief, many of my friends have also expressed numerous times that they want to leave as soon as possible. I can understand why but I could never see myself doing the same. Philly a place that is so diverse and interesting it’s really about who you are that defines what Philly is for you.
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2014 National Day On Writing

It is probably the best place in the world. We are really passionate and committed people. We love challenges. Philadelphia is also well known its arts and our diverse culture within different races. Personally,the things I know the most about Philly is that we love our food. Any place in the world can make their version of a Philly cheesesteak, but the best ones are in Philly itself. Like Philadelphia’s emblem should just be a cheesesteak or a soft pretzel. But we aren’t just known for our food, but for our sports. Not exactly the teams, but our fans. We have the clearest die hards fans that ever been made. Opposing teams have said that of all places, Philadelphia is not on their top places to play in because of the fans. They say that is gets so loud that they can’t even here their teammates and let alone their own thoughts. Weirdly we have this obsession for the boxer Rocky Balboa. There is this scene of him running up the art museum steps while he was training, We have a statue of him right next to the art museum in the same gesture he made in that scene. There are a lot of interesting thing that Philadelphia has to offer. Our history is very interesting and worth taking a look at while you take a trip here.

But overall,this is the place I call home. I don’t know any other place I would want to be. This place is home. I grew up here, I have family, friends and memories here. If I had ever left Philly, I would count the days until I would take come back.

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2014 National Writing Day

One of the aspects of Philadelphia that I am a part of is a card game community. There are stores around Philly that host tournaments for a card game called Magic: The Gathering. I frequent one store in particular called Redcap's Corner. This store is situated within the Drexel campus so it attracts a lot of college students. They host events five times a week, these events range from fifteen to fifty people. They have an area behind where they sell games that is full of grey folding tables and chairs. This is where games are played. They have an upstairs area as well that they use for other events. In the downstairs area alone they can fit close to eighty people. Everyone who comes to the store is always friendly, and looking to trade cards or get in a game between rounds.
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2014 National Day on Writing

The block that I live on is very diverse and if I were to give it a label, I would label as a melting pot. I love the city of Philadelphia because it’s home and it’s where I was born. Most of my family lives in Philadelphia and the family members that do not live in Philly, live in close proximity to Philadelphia. The images of Philly that are shown on the news are not a full representation of the city. They only show the city through one lense and that is not the lense that I see my city through. The city of Philadelphia should be known for the great colleges that are located here and the history that this city possesses. Furthermore, Philly use to house the White House and most people don’t even know that. Philly is a place for anyone who wants to be a blue collar citizen or wants to be around them. All are welcome in the city of Brotherly Love and Sistely affection.        

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2014 National Writing day

Philly is known as the “City of Brotherly Love”. Philly is a great and bad place. There are so many opportunities in Philly. You learn or see something new everyday. We have the best cheesesteaks here in Philly. It’s crazy to believe that how Philly has so many amazing sights and historical events that took place here.

There are many parts of Philly, such as Southwest, South, West, North, Northeast Philly. Each place has it own feeling.

In Philly, the people here are love their sports team, whether it is basketball, football, hockey or baseball. Their is like a special bond between the fans.

The food in Philly is the best. Everywhere you go, there will always be a food store.

I lived in Philly my whole life so far and it has been a great experience. It is not just because of the sights here but just everything else about Philly makes it great.

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2014 National Day Of Writing

When you hear the word "Philadelphia", some people seem to get mixed reactions about it. Whether its about the cheesesteak, rocky, the declaration of independence, or even the most ignorant responses, such as “Isn’t that a Detroit-like city?” Trust me, Philly is nothing like Detroit. AT ALL. How do I know? Our Basketball Team Is named after a historical Reference, not a car part. Anyway, I'm from a small nook of what was Upper South Philly, Now seen as part of Center City, on the near outskirts. My Neighborhood Is Centered with Broad Street to the east, Washington Avenue to the South, Grays Ferry Avenue to the West, And South Street to the north. That area Is Called Southwest Center City. Prepared to go on a trip in time.

I moved into SW Center City When I was 2. in June Of 2000, onto a side street. At the Time, there was seven empty lots. 14 years later, the seven lots are now new houses. All of my neighbors were nice, for the most part. They were mostly white (I never had an issue with it). However, I had a better time at my great-grandmother's Apartment building. Her Place is off of Pennsylvania Avenue In Fairmount. Right Across the way from the Art Museum and a couple blocks from Eakin’s Oval And the Parkway. In Recent Years, that area has become the place to be. I love it any would never give it up. But Between both of these communities, they're equally home, even though most of the time im up in Fairmount. Thats another majority white area. Most of the time I dont seem to worry about demographics, but they don't matter, as long as you’re genuine, then we’ll be just fine. Besides, Philly Raised and Made Me.


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