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Germantown 19144

Hello everyone, and welcome to Germantown 19144. What you are about to experience are a series of videos shot directly in Germantown Philadelphia. These videos include much of the areas information. This includes crime statistics, employment statistics, living statistics and more. The project itself was assigned by Douglas Herman to AIR stream, as a quarter one benchmark. The other activities in the benchmark included a timeline, participating and or volunteering with a local civic center in the community, and more. Our local neighborhood representative is Rosita W. Youngblood. Some background on Rosita Youngblood is that she was elected to serve as a representative on April 19, 1994. She created a variety of community outreach programs. She involved in College fairs, Thanksgiving and Christmas basket giveaways etc. She is apart of multiple committees to advocate for some of the issues that are dear to her such as Public Welfare, Domestic Violence, Personal Insirance and many more.Please enjoy the videos.
(The following videos have their titles listed below the Germantown Timeline from the order in which meant to be seen.)

Germantown Timeline Presentation


  1. Introduction
  2. Positive Story
  3. Community & Crime
  4. Businesses & Youth
  5. Conclusion

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Germantown Introduction
Germantown Postive Story
Germantown Crime Information
Germantown Business and Youth
Germantown Conclusion
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