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Blog Three- Red English

This blog three is a post for change i am trying to bring awareness to a topic that affects about 12% of the female population in the united states of america,

To bring awareness to my breast cancer I made a PSA informing people where they can go to get a monogram and that you're never to young to get a mammogram. this is positive because less women will get diagnosed when its at a serous stage and less people will have to worry about such a bad thing like breast cancer.

If you would like to see some information and statistics on breast cancer you can look at my first and second blog.

I think that it's a great idea for women to get mammograms at a younger age and more often because then there won't be as many serious cases and less people will die from it.

so far I have tried to show people the importance of getting a mammogram and how devastating breast cancer is, in some cases the breast has to be removed because the cancer has spread so far

I would like to acknowledge ms dunn for helping me with my blog and brainstorm what to do for my creative piece.

Here is my Bibliography

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Corruption & Censorship Blog #3

Blog #3 - Medium

This whole project has been both interesting to do and fun to learn things that I didn’t really know before. I made this video to bring awareness to people who don’t know about this topic or who don’t care about it. Here is the petition that I would like everyone to sign if they are against corruption and unjust censorship in the world. Here's my survey results if you haven't seen it yet and my bibliography.


After getting enough signatures I want to go and send it to someone like the mayor or even the state representative to show them that some people do care about what happens. So thanks for tuning in to my blog posts and hopefully a change can happen sooner or later. Until then try to make a change of your own and figure out ways to be heard and seen.

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You and The World Blog #3- Jeremiah Cunningham

In my previous blogs I talked a lot about STDs and what goes on in the world. This blog post is a little different. This is a “Post for change”. I will be encouraging the youth and adults to stand up against STDs and the billion of cases in the world today. This topic is strongly considered in medical facilities and a little outside in the streets. Us as people who sit bak and watch cases like this get larger by the day, can stand up and make a stand. Whether it’s going to schools and talking to kids, or just donating to Medical Facilities in order to support studies on finding a cure. WE MUST DO SOMETHING!

There is a lot being done as far as STD awareness goes. There is an annual celebration in April called “STD awareness month” which is dedicated to find a cure for the diseases and educating the youth and raising money for awareness. It also calls attention to the impact of STDs and promote testing. Adolescents and Teenagers are mainly vulnerable to STDs. That is why its important get out the message that Safe sex is much recommended and widely expressed by doctors and healthcare providers. Ages 15-24 are responsible for nearly half of the world cases of STDs.

    Family doctors are supposed to keep up with children’s health. When teens go to the doctor’s, the doctor asks the child are they participating in any type of sexual activity. It is not a guarentee that the child is telling the truth or not when they say no. That’s why the doctor goes on and tells them about the dangers of unprotected sex, and STDs. Although doctors give the child a little 3-5 minute pep talk, it doesn’t work. That is why my Post for change is to try and find a way to get that message out there either by video, Public Service announcement, or even making a pamphlet on the dangers of STDs.

My post for change is that I’m going to make a PSA (Public Service Announcement). This will cover mine and others’ views on STDs and how they affect our world. I will tell what STDs do to you and how we can make a stand. What I’m trying to do is get out and make people care about a subject that I feel strongly about. I was always scared to have intercourse when I heard of these diseases. Now that I have, I am terrified. That was the biggest mistake of my life. I just want to get out to the public the danger of such diseases and if you can PLEASE keep it in your pants. I would like to thank Ms.Dunn, Tyanna Pleasant, Keyaira doughty, and Chaveliz  for helping me with their views on STDs. I also would like to thank my father for telling me the dangers of STDs and how they affect.

New Project 5 - Medium
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Cancer " The Killer" Part 3

         This is the last blog that I will be doing with the “ You in the World Project.” This is the post for change. This project has really opened my eyes to the struggle that people go through with cancer. Not only do they struggle with the sickness its self they have to worry if their health care will cover them. Cancer tears families apart not only in America but the whole world. In my past 2 blogs I talked about how the environment is affecting our health. I also talked a little about the things we do effect our health. In my 2nd blog I talked about how health coverage is in America and how we have to fight so that everyone has equal health care if anything was every to happen to them.

         My Grand- Father was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 67. He had been a heavy smoker all his life, and was diagnosed with lung cancer, which soon spread to his brain and bones. Months before the doctors diagnosed him he was showing signs of some kind of sickness. He wasn’t himself and he became weak quickly when he would be doing any kind of physical activity. The doctors said that the cancer was forming quickly and it was spreading to other parts of his body. My family was trying to understand why doctors couldn’t see any symptoms of cancer before. Cancer forms over time not in a one-week span. Over the next 2 weeks he seemed to be getting a little better, he was taking so many medicines that doped him up it became very hard to talk to him. We wanted to spend as much time as we had left with him. He soon became very sick again and was admitted back into the hospital. That same day he died.

         I tell this story of my grand-pa to say that you have to be screened, for any early signs of cancer. You have to have annual cancer screens. Also you have to make sure that no matter what that you have proper health coverage if you every need it. Also there are so many things you can do to prevent  cancer such a lung cancer by not smoking, even second-hand smoking is very bad (when you are constantly around someone who smokes.) Not having my Grand- Pa still with me tares me up inside. Thinking that if he stopped smoking or took care of him- self a little better he could have been with us for a little longer. If he had went to screenings or the doctor when he didn’t feel good they could have caught the cancer in time so that he could beat it.  



         For my change I want to give back to the cancer community, cause even though my Grand-Pa didn’t really have the chance to fight. I want to make sure that other people have that chance. I am going to volunteer at different cancer events in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. For my change I am going to get a team together and we are going to volunteer to help out for the American Cancer Society 40th annual Bike-a-thon. The date for the bike-a-thon is July 8,2012. 

New Project 2
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My Toast for Change (Infants with Hydrocephalus in Sub-Saharan) (Blog #3)

Hydro Visua limage  .001

Before you Blog #1 and Blog #2 !

Above, is a visual I have made to raise awareness in my school and in my community. This is one of the many ideas I have to not only raise awareness for the children with Hydrocephalus in Sub-Saharan Africa but also to really help them in a straight contact way. I have started a donation fund that I will be posting soon as a blog and also on my twitter ( @nikkiadeli ). Just from a person to person base I have raised 30 dollars in the past 3 days. I am researching different organizations to donate to but hopefully I can get in touch with some as soon as possible. The main idea I have for change now is to create a brace for mothers of infants who have hydrocephalus. In most of the developing affected countries, mothers of the infants are constantly working to provide not only for the baby affected by hydrocephalus but also for her other kids and family. 
In the picture above, a mother is displayed holding her baby with a sling that is tightened around her body to hold the baby on her back. This sort of maneuver of grasping the baby is horrible for babies with Hydrocephalus. As the fluid in the brain gradually increases, the baby's head becomes more heavier for the baby itself to hold up on their own. The mother of the baby usually holds up the head when sitting down or standing. But this isn't an option when farming and harvesting food. Another obstacle the baby and mother must face. But the brace I am designing will give the chance for the mother to harvest, farm, and complete everyday chores without worrying about her baby's head being to heavy for the baby to handle. The brace attached to the sling around the mother will hold up the baby's head comfortably and effectively. If this sling brace actually starts to work, my dream is to produce more for these with a partnership with a charity or a program that would work with me to help change these families lives for the better. 

My Post for Change

There are currently many things being done to raise awareness about teen pregnancy in America. It is talked about in health classes in schools, there are pamphlets about teen pregnancy in doctors' offices all over the nation. There are websites about preventing pregnancy. 

But sometimes teenagers disregard these lessons because they feel that it is unlikely that this will happen and if it does, they can handle the responsibility. They feel "in the moment" and don't care about the possible results of their actions. They don't want to spend the money on contraception so they don't use it. I believe if you are not responsible enough to set aside money for preventative matters or can't afford it, then you shouldn't be having sexual intercourse.

  Also, teen feel pressured by peers to have sex and are not smart about it. This is something I plan I believe I can change. I plan to make shirts with shocking statistics about teen pregnancy on front and the words "STOP TEEN PREGNANCY" and preventative ways listed on the back. This way, teens can where them and other teens can be educated from the shirt and possibly where them too. Here is the link to the prototype of my shirt.

I have not yet made the shirt but I am planning to make them soon. If they come by the time school is over, I will ask some of my peers to wear them.

Here's a link to my first blog and a link to my second blog. Here is a link to my bibliography.


  • I interviewed my grandmother on her experience with teen pregnancy because she had my mother at sixteen years old. Also, I'd like to thank my mother in advance for purchasing the shirts.

    The prototype of my shirt and the interview is below.
Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 1.34.35 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 1.34.52 PM
Movie on 5-29-12 at 4.53 PM
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Media's Idea of 'Perfect': Change Now !

Hello, it’s me again, Kennedy. I’m here today for my Post for Change, my third post about media’s impact on young girls. I’ve posted twice before, with Media’s Idea of ‘Perfect’ and Media’s Idea of ‘Perfect’ 2. In my previous posts, I blogged about the effects of airbrushing in fashion magazines had on teenage girls, leading to all types of eating disorders. Girls strive to be perfect, or close to it. Many girls look at a celebrity in a magazine with unrealistic proportions and thin bodies. The media worships these girls and praise them for being perfect, even though they’re not real and everything is Photoshopped or airbrushed.

In this blog post, I am sharing what I’m presently doing to change this issue and correct it. Currently, I am looking into making a petition to stop airbrushing in magazines. Many people have made and signed petitions, but I'll still make one to get my voice heard. I'll have a link up soon when I make the petition. I want everybody to sign and be apart of my change.

Also, I want to email the petition to certain magazine editors to ask them to change their ways and to inform their photo-takers to watch what they do to these models and celebrities. 


Heres a video I made:
Post for Change copy
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International Domestic Animal Abuse Final Post (#3)

The last few blog posts, issues of the abuse of domestic animals, cats and dogs more specifically, have been discussed. Some cases of abuse I mentioned in Post #1 included members of the al-Quaeda terrorist group surgically implanting bombs in dogs on airplane flights in America, animals being found in the streets and turned in to shelters or animal patrol, and for fighting. Statistics mentioned in my second post showed reasons as to why families of certain members of a family abuse their pets, such as discipline, to intimidate others, or simply because they do not care enough to make sure their pet it safe and healthy. While it may take a while to reverse all of this cruelty towards innocent animals, the process does start small, and there is really no such thing as small change. 

For the last phase of the You and the World project, there is the last blog post. Referred to as the Post for Change, the final blog post for everyone involves writing about how we all acted on the issues that we researched. Besides writing about the it, students would shoot surveys out to the rest of the school as part of the research, join groups who also wanted to make a change happen, and collect money to donate to their causes.

In the past and still today, commercials, numerous websites, and even television shows and movies are played to spread the news of the cases of domestic animal abuse locally and internationally. In addition to that, there are shelters and societies to join and/or volunteer at to make sure you put in your work towards helping the prevention of animal abuse, or helping an animal recover and feel loved again. I feel as though commercials and television shows are a good way to get out information to everyone about different forms of animal cruelty, because so many people in the world watch television and come across these ads. Lots of people know about those sad animal commercials, right?

For me, however, I like to create media that makes a change. For one, some graphic design for posters (even virtual posters) catch someone's eye, and they have the option to look at it, because it is not an advertisement that is blocking the person from watching the rest of their show. Pushing out emails about the change towards friends first and have it spread on its own is a way I like to make change happen. First, however, I did some personal service to help animals in recovery. A few years ago, I volunteered with a few people from my school with the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and helped get ready for opening by caring for cats, cleaning out their cages, sitting in rooms full of cats to play, and, at the end, donating. Sadly, after sending an email to see if that could happen again, I was informed that volunteers had to be 18, and that I should volunteer at the Philadelphia Zoo or at PSPCA, where younger people can help out. 

That is exactly what I will do to make my change. After donating to PAWS, my original organization of choice, I'm going to volunteer at the PSPCA. Having found out so late about the organization, I haven't gotten a chance to go to a volunteer's orientation (to go to after completing an application form). It might be too late to show you all how I worked for the better, but change is always good and better late than never. 

you&theworld orig. content5.29

My original content for my last blog post is a virtual poster that I created as a bright advertisement against animal cruelty. Featuring a picture I took of my own cat at the top, underneath that, overlapping words written in different fonts and sizes like "alone" and "afraid," words used to describe a pet who is/was being abused and how much that takes from their being. At the bottom is a question in a bolder and bigger font that says: "When will all this change?" I want to put this poster on Tumblr, Facebook, the SLA website, of course, and maybe even get it printed to hang it around the school. The poster doesn't get people to go anywhere in specific, but gets people thinking about animal cruelty and how it's not good at all.

In closing, I'd like to acknowledge my english teacher, Alexa Dunn, for helping me to get involved with fighting animal cruelty with this project, to PAWS for referring me to volunteer at other places to make my change, and also you for reading and commenting on my blog posts. In a bigger perspective, what would you do to stop animal abuse if you saw it? Would you care? It won't stay like this forever. There will be a change.

Bibliography & more here!

Thanks for reading, again!

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Blog post 3 on Food

Here it is, the final blog post on the issue of America’s food problems so far I have addressed some of the key controversial points of the issue. You can see the previous blog post here and the one before that one here.


What have I done to make a change? None so far, however I am going to present to 125 people about my issue and propose a way to change how America eats. I will have pictures and possibly a video of the event soon.


Though, how should people change what products they are selling at the store? There are a few things that you can do to change what food you find in the market. For one, don’t buy anything with high fructose corn syrup in it. If you buy drinks with high fructose corn syrup in them, you are just supporting the people who use it. You as a person can make a much bigger difference than you might think.


Also, try to buy organic foods too. Who really needs all that processed (bad word beginning with an s) anyway? Trader Joe's is a great example, most if not all of their products are organic and do not contain harmful chemicals that are used to sterilize the food more efficiently.


But what about the meat problem?  Think about becoming a vegetarian. Plants need a lot less energy plants take a lot less energy to grow than meat does. You can get protein from other sources than meat, like beans. If you don’t buy met, then you are not supporting the meat packing industry which will require less animals to be slaughtered.


All of these solutions not only provide ways to better your health, but also show that it is the consumer who judges what products are for sale. You can make a difference in what and How America eats. You are what you eat, and if you ask me. Americans can eat better.

picture from:

bibliography here.
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