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English Journal #10

I wish could… 

I wish I could be over 21 because I would be able to do whatever I want. I wish I could be in the Bad Girls Club because when I match it on tv it seems so much fun. I wish I could be an accountant because I would make a lot of money. I wish I had tattoos. I wish I could fall in love. I wish I cared. I wish I people will notice me. I wish I could be a singer instead of being so shy. I wish I could be smarter. I wish I could be pretty. 

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Never Shall I Forget Journal Entry

Never Shall I Forget...

Never Shall I Forget the piercing pain that shoots through my system 
as my mom says to me in a calm weird like voice with eyes full of regret 
"Im disappointed in you."
Never SHall I Forget the warmth that spread throughout the house 
when she laughs & tickles my little sister. 
Never SHall I Forget the dark lonely nights 
and hearing the squeaky sound of my door 
as my little sister opens it to lay beside me for comfort. 
Never shall I Forget those hot sizzling days, 
seeing a ritas water-ice in someone's hands 
and just wanting to drown in its cold sensation.
Never Shall I forget the first time I saw you 
and looking back never knowing 
how important you'd mean to me now.
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