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Stephen & Kenyatta's Dates and Months

What you need to know in order to say the months in spanish:

1. You have to know which month it is at that time
2. You also have to know how to say all the different months
3. You also have to know the different numbers up to 31
4. Lastly you have to know the rules of how to say the different dates

Important Dates& Holidays

1.enero-uno de enero

2. febrero- catorce de febrero

3. marzo- diez y siete de marzo

4. abril- uno de abril

5. mayo- cinco de mayo

6. junio- veinte y uno de junio

7. julio- cuatro de julio

8. augusto- nothing

9. septiembre- siete de septiembre

10. octubre- treinta y uno

11. noviembre- veinte y cuatro 

12.diciembre- veinte y cinco
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Las Messes (Month)

Hola! Today we are going to teach you how to say the months in spainsh. Mind you that some of the months are not similar to the months in the english language but that's okay because that's what we are here to teach you today!

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Spanish Lesson (Anita Hutchins & Maribel Kang)

Asking/Telling Time

What if you were placed in a situation where you had to ask for the time in Spanish or someone who only spoke Spanish asked you for the time? Here is what you would need to know:

What time is it?(English)=¿Que hora es?(Spanish)
If the hour is 1, say "es la".
If the hour is 2-12, say "son las".

1:00=Es la una. 3:00=Son las tres. 5:00=Son las cinco.
If the minutes are 1-30, say "y" between the hour and minutes.
If the minutes are 31-59, state the hour ahead. Then, say "menos". Finally, say how minutes there are until the next hour.

2:12=Son las dos y doce.  7:36=Son las ocho menos veinticuatro.

Additional Information:
-If the hour is 1, say "una" instead of "uno".
-If the hour is on the dot, say "en punto" after the hour.

7:00=Son las siete en punto.


3:15=Son las tres y cuarto. 3:45=Son las cuatro menos cuarto.


7:30=Son las siete y media.


If you want to start, then end a conversation with a Spanish-speaking person, what would you need to know?



-¡Hola!= Hi

-¡Buenos Dias!= Good Morning

-¡Buenas Tardes!= Good Afternoon

-¡Buenas Noches!= Good Night


2.How are you?

-¿Como estas? (informal)

-¿Como esta usted? (formal)

-¿Como estan ustedes? (plural)


3.Responses to “How are you?”

-Feliz= Happy

-Bien/Regular= OK

-Mal/Horrible= Bad/Poorly

-Mas o menos= So so



-Adios= Goodbye (Generic)

-Chao= Goodbye (Slang)

-Hasta luego= See you later.

-Hasta manana= See you tomorrow.

-Mucho gusto= Nice to meet you.

-Un placer= It’s a pleasure.

-Encantada/o= Charmed.

Courtesy phrases


If you want to be friendly with a Spanish-speaking person, what terms do you need to know?


-Gracias. = Thank you.

-Muchas Gracias. = Thanks a lot.

-Mil Gracias. = Thanks a million.

-De nada. = You’re welcome.

-Por favor. = Please.

-Con permiso. (when someone’s standing in your way)= Excuse me.

-Disculpe. (to get someone’s attention)= Excuse me.

-Perdon. (if you accidently bump into someone)= Excuse me.
Basic Conversation

If you want a basic conversation with someone new that speaks Spanish, what questions would you want ask? How do you respond to these questions?


Basic Conversation Questions

What is your name? = ¿Como te llamas? (informal), ¿Como se llama? (formal)

Where do live? = ¿De donde eres?

How old are you? = ¿Cuanto anos tienes?


Basic Conversation Answers

Me llamo es… = My name is…

Soy de (blank) pero vivo en Filadelfia = I am from (blank) but live in Philadelphia.

Yo tengo (#) anos = I am (#) years old.

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Spanish Survival Guide:

Have you ever wanted to speak in spanish? Well, we are here to help you! 
Here's are the words/questions/answers you would need to know to have a conversation with a person in spanish!


Hello: ¡Hola!
Good morning: ¡Buenos Diaz:!
Good Afternoon: ¡Buenas Tardes!
Good night: ¡Buenas Noches!

Conversation questions/answers:

How are you?: ¿Cómo estas?
Happy: Feliz
Great: Excellente
Fine: Bien
So,so: Mas o menos
Sad: Mal 
What's your name? (informal): ¿Cómo te llamas?
My name is...: me llamo es...
What's your name? (formal): ¿Cómo se llama?
My name is...: me llamo..
Where are you from?: ¿De donde eras?
I am from...: Soy de...
I am from (blank) but I live in Philadelphia: Soy de (blank) pero vivo en Filadelfia       


Goodbye (slang): ¡Chao!
Goodbye (generic): Adios
See you later: ¡Hasta leugo!
See you tomorrow: ¡Hasta manana!
Nice to meet you: ¡Mucho gusto!

Here's how to tell time in spanish!

Tips for telling time:

-when you are saying minutes from 10-90 you need to say "y"
-to connect hundreds with 10's you just state the numbers
-15 means cuarto
-30 means media 

To learn how to tell time follow these steps!

(0-30 minutes)
1.Choose between es la (1) or son las (2-12)
2.State the hour
3.If there are minutes say "y"
4.State the minutes
example: 4:30: son las cuatro y media

(31-59 minutes)
1.Choose between es la (1) or son las (2-12)
2.State the hour ahead (if its 9:35, the hour ahead would be 10)
3.To connect minutes and hours say menos
4.State how many minutes it would take to get to the given hour in step 2
example: 8:50: son las nueve menos diez

Here's how to say interrogatives in spanish!


Who: ¿Quien?
What: ¿Que
When: ¿Cuando?
Where: ¿Donde?
Why:  ¿Por Que?
How: ¿Cómo

Here's how to say different types of weather in spanish!


Raining: Esta lloviendo
Sunny: Hace sol
Snowing: Esta Nevando
Windy: Hace viento
Cloudy: Esta Nublado

Here's how to talk about your likes and dislikes in spanish!


I like...: Me gusta...
You like....: Te gusta...
They like...: Le gusta...
I don't like ...: No me gusta...
You don't like...: Que no le gusta...
They don't like...: Que no les gusta....
spanish telling time

Stephen and Kenyattas' Weather condition report

Weather !!!

What you need to learn :
1. all of the weather conditions
2.what the weather looks like
3.what the weather feels like

1. Weather conditions: Sunny- Hace Sol
    Raining- Esta lloviendo
    Snowing-Esta nevando
    Cloudy-Esta nublado
    Windy- Hace viento
2. What the weather looks like:

3.What the weather feels like:
Sunny-feels hot and warm
Raining- can feel warm or cold 
Snowing- When it's snowing it's cold outside or freezing
Cloudy-When it's cloudy it's blocking the sun it's usually chilly
Windy- When it's windy it's extremely breezy and chilly
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