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Post #5

My final blog post dealt with governmental issues in a large countries. I spoke with a girl from Brazil. She told me that the problems are universal and that the government tries to control it but something it doesn't work. I realized that the stereotypes for Spanish speaking countries are not contained in only Spanish countries but it's a worldwide problem that some countries have found a way to handle and some haven't. My partner this week talked about the president trying to handle the problems but not having much control. There was more to our conversation but it did not save.
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Proyecto de Conversación: Slapdash Endings

Annisa Ahmed
Español lll, D Band
Conversation Project: Week Five

Antes de Conversación:
What will your topic of conversation be?
    Either trends/clothing styles or trying to find out what the other does for a living.
What are you looking forward to about this conversation?
    Well, I am mostly looking forward to an ongoing conversations that will hopefully be the longest ones yet.
What are your nervous about?

    Nothing in particular, I just want it to go well.

Después de Conversación:
Who did you speak with and why did you choose them?
     As always, people pop up and I join the conversation.
What did you learn about them?
    I am now aware that Mauro is from Chile and works as a tour.
How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your goal?
    It was more of a dud than what I was used to. Along with the other talks I have had this week, most of the people have asked for my Facebook name or a Skype username, neither of which I have, so yeah.
What did you do well according to your goals?
    Not really. The convo was not really long nor did I get to really ask any of the questions I wanted to. 
What specifically do you need to improve on?
    Staying on task because time and time again, I jump around and never really get on the topics I planned on. Plus, I get distracted pretty easily.
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blog post 4

This week, i talk to my partner about how jobs are over there and how they are different from the American jobs. we also talk about how they work harder the Americans but they get pay less than the  American.This plog post i short because of the disconnection and i was able to get to then again.  

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Blog Post 5

​I finished my last conversation with my partner and I found it to be very interesting. I learned that he is very involved with his church and enjoys working with young people. It helped me realize that lots of people are involved with their church and it is a good thing. I think this was a very strong conversation and I understood a lot more I think.
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Blog Post #5. The Final One!!

For my final blog post I decided to guide my conversation from talking about the types of food he eats in Ecuador to what the culture is like and how the teenage life is like. Like what teenagers do for fun. So when asking him, he tells me that Ecuador is kind of a little more chill than other countries like Brazil. THe drinking age apparently is 15 years old, and they go to "farrear" which seems like it would be a noun in English but really is a verb. To farrear is when teens go out to party, sing, dance, and drink, and you only have to be 12 years old to go farrear. It seems like age really isn't that big of a thing in Ecuador since kids can be so young to drink alcohol. So I guess this also means they get treated like adults earlier meaning they are expected to be pretty independent and help support their families. 
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blog post 3

​my conversation with my person was a very nice one because how we can say things the right way. every time i something, he show me how i can say it bette. The person i was talking to his name is Alexander and he was a big help to me. he really said some things about the way words are said in different oart of the world. it was very nice talking to him.
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Proyecto de Conversación 5

What does education look like in Peru? Conversation with Ximena from Peru.

My partner taught me that school Peru is much like school in America. We both take the exact same classes in high school. I learned that my partner is a very enthusiastic person, as she never lost interest in the chat. I learned that I enjoy talking to others, as the conversation lasted for a while once again. As we spoke more and more, I became increasingly interested in her cultural traditions. Once again, I was surprised that my partner was so friendly. If someone tried to chat with me about a school project, I doubt that I would be as cooperative as she was. I am proud that I learned something about school in Peru from the chat, as education is the key to success. Once again, I had a fear that my partner would suddenly exit the chat from boredom. Luckily, this chat was successful.
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