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Journal #43

​"Why do people create art?"

People create art to express themselves, whatever is on their mind they put it on paper, wall, anything basically, doesn't exactly have to be material, It's good to have a background, It can add to the power of art because the setting help express an even deeper emotion. 
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History Journal #13

Considering what you learned and read about Buddhism, what buddhist principles align most with your beliefs?

The quote to the left relates to my beliefs because nothing can affect the morals I have, no outside ideas of the world.

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
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Journal #17

"The 'ideal' spectator is always assumed to be male and the image of the woman is designed to flatter him."
I completely agree with this. If you look at advertisements, like American Apparel ads (which are notorious for being sexually provocative), the woman is rarely portrayed as a whole person but instead fragments of a body. A leg, an ass, a stomach, a breast. In ads, women are depicted as objects to be desired and not as people. This is extremely prevalent in our culture. 
Woman are objectified in nearly all aspects of the media, including music. Rarely do we hear a man sing about a woman's quick wit or expertise in matematics, her body is whats used to quantify her worth. This is evident in the "song" "Birthday Song" by 2 Chainz. In this song, 2 Chainz (A.K.A. "Titty Boi") says "All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe". When he says that he wants a woman as a gift for his birthday, he is objectifying her. When he does not give the woman an identity other than her large butt, he is reducing her to her body. When he acts as though a woman is something to be obtained, he is dehumanizing her. 
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Journal #24

Professional male sports are a big deal because of masculinity and what in means to be a man in our society. Maleness is often portrayed as being strong and tough, and to be successful in sports, you need to be strong and tough.
Women's sports get little to no recognition. The WNBA is often mocked by male NBA fans, and the WNBA has been on the brink of bankruptcy for years now due to a lack of spectators. Women isports are often mocked for a perceived lack of femininity. This is because the woman are not playing sports for the male view, so they are seen as useless. The only professional women's sports league that has spectators is the lingerie football league. What does this say about us as a society?
Feminists often claim that feminism is about liberation for everyone, and that anyone can be a feminist. This is not something I agree with. Feminism should be about the woman as a whole, completely removed from the male. Feminism is for women, and women only. Men can be allies, but men cannot be feminists. It's time for men to move over, they've dominated the world long enough. 
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Journal Entry #9

1) What is orientalism?

the belief of rumors, unintentional racism, ignorance western mentality of anyone who doesn’t follow the western ways are alien.

2) how do we avoid prentalist?

you can be open-minded, question yourself and educate yourself about these things. Think positive and try to look at the different unique side of things.
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English Journal #10

What do you wish for?

I wish I could do so many things, I don't even know here to start. I wish I could spend time with my dad. And I mean a good time. No complaining, no worry, just having fun or relaxing. I wish drugs weren't misused. I wish they couldn't kill you. I wish I could help everyone who has any time of problem. I wish I could fly and go anywhere for free, just to see what it's like there.
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Journal Entry #13

“All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone, everything is in relation to everything else.” - Buddha

After all that I have learned from Buddhism some of their principles that align most with my values are that (referring to the quote) everything is in relation to everything else. I feel like this is saying that everything has some value, some worth, and is there to be here for a reason and that is my personal belief. In the beginning it talks about how everything both appears and disappears for a certain amount of time. Everything has its place in the world and their own amount of time that is sent in the world, which is also what I believe in.


“ There’s silence in our hearts because there’s inexpressive grief and lack of information so the only thing that we don is stream naturally toward a church a mace of spiritual growth”

“I think religion helps us to deal with what we don't understand, with what overwhelms us, with what makes life hard. It helps us gain an another”

“Alongside the prayers, there were angry calls for vengeance”

“Its very very important that we ourselves not become tragically victimized by this in a way that would turn us into any kind of vengeance mob.”

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Journal Entry #31

Up for Trial:

Multinational Corporations.

Us Consumers

Factory Workers

Poor Country Elite

The System of Profit

A Mike Daisy Article

  • Foxconn makes over 15 percent of all the electronics of the world. ( last year they made over 52 percent of them)

  • the foxconn in shenzhen has 430,00 workers (each cafeteria only 10,00 people. Only 25 rooms and they’re always full.)

  • There's always guards at the factories carrying guns

  • There was a photographer taking pictures not at foxconn but near the premises and he was held for two days and beaten.

  • there was a epidemic suicide at foxconn. a month after month of suicide. now theres suicide nets so people can’t jump off the roof.

  • Some factory workers are very young. Youn as the age of 12 or younger.

  • There are inspections on the factories. They inspect under age workers but the factory always change the workers on the day of those inspections.

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Journal Entry #40

Monthly Review Press, New York 1972

Pg. 19-20

"They prove that colonization, I repeat, dehumanizes even the most civilized man that colonial activity, colonial enterprise, colonial conquest, which is based to contempt for the native and justified by that contempt, inevitably tends to change him who undertakes it; that the colonizer, who I order to ease his conscience gets into the habit of seeing the other  man as an animal  accustoms himself to treating him like an animal, and tends objectively to transform himself into an animal."

Amie Cesaire, I agree with everything this man says. He simply takes his idea of colonozation and exaggerates it to get the attention of the audience. No, excuse my language he unrefines it and removes the commonly used word "settlers" inorder to portray crudely how evil colonization is, was, and always will be. This does not only pertain to past even in our histories, but places that are being overthrown today. And you can no tame the untamable unless you become untamable also.

"Colonialism is influenced by racism." 
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