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There has always been mystery and wonder surrounding the existence of antimatter and many theories and ideas as to what it actually is. It takes more than studies and experiments to do so and to actually figure it out would be impossible if not nearly impossible. However, we live with antimatter in existence every day of our lives... we just never realize its importance until it is at risk of being taken away.

Gallix (Matthew Scuderi), a young man who has fallen in love with his best friend Claire (Gisela Giolofina), is thrust into a serious predicament when Claire dies from a mysterious stabbing and the day starts again from the point in which Gallix gives Claire a particular birthday present: a necklace with a antimatter crystal attached. Full of disbelief and thoughts of the whole situation being a nightmare, Gallix finds himself alongside Claire, struggling to end the time loop and save the planet from total destruction as the antimatter of the world is at risk of being taken away by an alien organization.

Group Work Documents (Preproduction, Script, Narration, Etc.:

Main Film Planning & Major Components Doc
Narration Doc 
FLV Version of Film Doc

Thank you for viewing!

UPDATE: It appears that FLV files are really jerky... the audio for both films is an issue and cuts out eventually. However, you can watch the credits and some of each video... sorry for the issues with FLV files... stupid FLVs.
Film Duration: 35 minutes and 18 seconds
*NOTE: There may be errors with the audio and film itself in the FLV versions! The original file is too large is place on the internet at the moment. ALSO, note that this is the original version of our film and not the version that was shown at the film fest. The newer version can be found at this link, but due to technical difficulties of the FLV converter, the audio/video may experience a few errors. HERE is the NEW VERSION
Newer version is only 27.5min and has more editing done as well as enhanced features. 
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Switzerland: Trevor Hinton and Jasmine Gladden

​For this project we were assigned a country to follow and keep tabs on as they went about the months leading up to their elections as well as when their elections were going on. The country me and my partner were assigned was Switzerland and their elections weren't going to be held until early March so me and my partner had plenty time to gather information. I first reached out to a man named Frank Jordans who I had come in contact with after sending him a message on twitter that asked if he would be willing to help me a project I was doing about the Switzerland election system in which he agreed to do and messaged me his email address; although many times time differences effected when I actually read the emails that we were exchanging and when he got the emails he finally responded to one I had sent him regarding how the Swiss election process had changed over time and what he had noticed since he started voting in Switzerland; unfortunately I found out that he wasn't Swiss nor did he vote there but rather a correspondent for the U.N and wasn't really able to help with my questions because he hadn't been over there long enough. I then was given the contact information of a friend of Natasha's (who also attends SLA), she informed me that her friend lives over in Switzerland and she would give me her contact info so that I could directly talk to her; unfortunately with her she was 16 and had no Switzerland nationality so she could vote over there but had been living there for 7 years and told me that she noticed since coming here that they vote constantly and by constantly she means every month and different from other countries when voting they are asked yes or no questions by the government almost like a census or poll so that government can get a clearer understanding of certain things; she also mentioned that different from other countries is you see certain parties lobbying for a certain side sometimes showing advertisements that in other countries might be considered wrong or racist because of the content. Marie which was her name was really helpful in giving me a better understanding of how Switzerland elections were so different from the U.S. and did it in such descriptive and detailed emails. Below are pictures of the different conversations as well as two ad's that Marie sent me that floated around during the year prior's election showing how they could be considered racist in other countries just by the images.

special thanks to Marie Burelli and Frank Jordans who helped with my research and knowledge of the Switzerland election system.

Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 6.37.53 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 6.40.31 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 6.51.53 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 6.55.19 PM
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Art(photos) Q4

​For Q4 art I experienced with photography and I played around with different levels of photos. I also played around with the lighting of my photos so that I could try to to figure out what works for me and my photos. One of the things that I learned throughout this journey was that the lighting really depends on the complexion of the person and the background that they are in. Another thing that I learned was that the background could take away from or add to the picture.
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Tyikenyua: Journal entries

History Journal


How would you define freedom?

I would define freedom as the liberty to do whatever you want, whenever you want under certain circumstances. You’re able to make your own choices and decisions.


·      No set boundaries

·      No restrictions

·      Ability to obtain life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

·      Just and equal

·      Voice

·      Belief

·      Emotion

·      Not under any one else control

·      To speak or not to speak

·      Privileged

·      Do anything

·      No government oppression

·      Restriction free

English Journal 51

Prison Population rates: x/100,000 

1)    United States (753)

2)    Saint Kits (660)

3)    Russia (609)

4)    Rwanda (593)

5)    Virgin Islands (US) (561)

6)    Cuba (531)

7)    British Virgin Islands (488)

8)    Georgia (483)

9)    Palau (483)

10) Beliz (478)


Reason why prison population numbers are high

·      Strict rules

·      Power

·      Freedom

·      No fear

·      Drugs

·      Violence

·      Property

·      Public order

·      Harsher laws

·      Racial turmoil

·      Murder

·      Sexual offenses

·      Burglary and robbery

·      Theft/identity

History Journal


10 points of interest

·      Race is a modern idea

·      Race had no genetic basis

·      Slavery predates race

·      Race and freedom were born together

·      Race justified social inequalities as natural

·      Human subspecies don’t exist

·      Skin color is only skin deep

·      Most variation is within and not between races

·      Race is not biological but racism is still real

·      Colorblindness will not end racism

One idea that I think strikes, as surprising is the idea that race is modern. Back then they said people were grouped by religion or language or social status. I still consider that happening today. So saying race is modern is sort of a contradiction to all the facts given because people were categorized by race centuries ago.

 Another idea I think that strikes as truth is that race and freedom were born together. Equality and freedom was based on tour race, which helped determine the freedom and rights of people.


“race is a social construction”


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Casa de Kahlo by Emily Jenson

Casa de Frida Kahlo      By Emilia Jenson

La casa tiene dos pisos, es pequena, todavia es conmeda. Es en las montanas, y esta lejos de la ciudad. Tiene balcon- es muy muy relajante! El balcón es simpatica, tiene un mesa. Perfecto para relajar. Que relajar! El bano es limpia, tiene lavamanos y inodoro. El baño es perfecto para limpiar. El baño es pequena. El estudio es diversion. Hay un caballete y taburete. Puede pintar. Es bueno. La cocina es caliente. hay un horno. Tu puede cocinar y comer. Es delicioso! El Dormitorio es confortable. Hay cama y lampadora. Perfecto para dormir. Es sonoliento!

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Kyree Armstrong Capstone 2012

For this project I learned the different methods physical therapist use to diagnose their patients. By looking at the results I gathered I was able to create an exercise program he the Drexel student to help improve her sense of balance. After going over the program the patient was given 5 weeks to continue the exercise program and come back after the 5 weeks to see how much she has improved. Although there were some obvious improvements, there were also some areas where more work was needed.


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Humanities Portfolio 2012

Perspective changes everything and we always need to be aware of how perspective influences us...

 Perspective is always there and what keeps are minds aware. In English class Mr. Block always made sure we as his students always see or look at things in perspective. Perspective is needed when learning because no one can look at anything in one perspective because if you are, then you will really learn nothing at all.

In class we had to use perspective when we were looking through the “Feminist Lenses”. We had to look through situations in history through different lenses because "through different lenses,what do we discover?" We had to look through it as a woman or man. How would they see the situation? It really pulled everyone from their seats because you had to rewire you brain to think as a woman who was all about woman empowerment or as man who saw that all women do was wrong. It helped keep the mind dynamic because you had to switch roles fast when playing in the Feminist Lens.

One of the assignments I had to use perspective was my play I wrote for Philadelphia Young Playwrights.  I wrote about two girls who are a millions miles away from each other and have completely different lives meet and bond over having the stress of SAT. I had to use perspective in this because I am a sophomore and have never taken the SAT before so I had to have my character play the role of someone preparing for it. It was hard at first since I didn’t know how a person would feel. Then I remember watching a documentary about Korean students preparing for the entrance exams in college. I could see the nervousness in their face because this one test can determine your whole future. I really wanted to show how “Behind closed door there are a hidden world full of secrets.” I wanted to show how stressful the SAT could be and resulted in life and death for a lot of students. I played off that emotion and kept on playing with it. It helped as I wrote for my other characters and had to change my perspective as a daughter, mother, and an abuser father. It helped because I continually had to change perspective to write for my characters. I had to play their mindset and the history behind their lives. That was one of the greatest time I had ever had to change and use perspective like that.

In another time I had to look at things in perspective but also using art. We had to create a dance for “The Art In The Open” for the Leah Stein Dance Company. I had to use perspective because I had to see how choreography would look through my eyes but also my partners and the audience because “art can be the most powerful language." I had to make sure that the audience could see the choreography at all times and continually changes are positions. We also had to make sure the audience heard and understand out story behind the dancing and why we choose specific moves. That is a time we had to incorporate art into our perspective.

Another piece that I though that would use perspective was my French/Haitian Revolution Role Play. I felt this one also use perspective because we all had to play roles of people who existed during that time because "every character played a role in the revolution." This role play had to use perspective because everyone constantly changed roles and had to speak and think for their character. We had to use perspective because we had to see a situation through their eyes and not their own.

For our English class we had to start a Poetry blog. It was difficult at first because " I would just enjoy reading it but never capable of writing it." At first it was okay because the poems were easy to write about. Then it got really hard because we had to write an ode to inanimate objects. I choose a clock and I had to write about a deeper meaning a clock had. I had to look at it from a perspective in an artful manner, which was hard because it wasn't me at all. But it challenged me to push out of my box and do something more creative. Writing from a perspective of what is the message behind a clock helped my writing become more creative.

 Overall I have learned many things in Mr. Block class. But perspective is one the lessons that stood out to me. It will be something I will use for the future. Perspective is what everyone needs to see life in a different light. Everything I had to do or create in Mr. Block class has taught me that. I am thankful for all the opportunities we had to learn that and everything we got to do. This has been a great sophomore year that I will never forget. 

Screen Shot 2012-06-05 at 2.29.52 PM
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MPyfrom- What If Benchmark

What if Malcolm X died when his Michigan home was burned to the ground?

For this project I wanted to take a prime leader who changed society out the equation. I choose Malcolm X because he played such a huge rule in the civil rights movement. Without Malcolm X in the picture the altered world became more peaceful. So my exact point of divergence is in 1929 Malcolm X's Michigan was burned down to the ground. To change history I am saying that Malcolm X does not make it out the house alive. That incident changes history drastically because now Malcolm X is not able to become a leading African American figure. As the years pass with the new defined history in 2012 I predicted that there will be less animosity between the black and white race. 

One person can have a huge impact on history. I realized that taking a key player out can also have a drastic change. If one person can gather thousands of people to rally for a change in society of course eliminating them will have a different outcome. So in  my project I mentioned Malcolm X being more of a aggressive leader so by taking him out there will be more positive energy to go around. The positivity would eventually lead to a more peaceful solution. 

If I could do this project I would ask more thoughtful questions in the interview. In my interview I talked more about what has happened after because of Malcolm X's death than what lead up to it. That is something I would definitely change next time. Also in my interview I mentioned several family members to Malcolm X but next time I plan to make it more clear to the audience who are actually the family members. Overall I am very happy of my project's outcome. 

History Q4
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Winston Wright- Q4 - What If?

Brought to you by 50 Minutes News, this documentary gives a brief history in the alternate version of the world, where computers are a highly debatable topic. Should they be used for fun, recreational games, or to protect this great nation?

German civil engineer Konrad Zuse, created a series of the worlds first programmable computers called the Z1, Z2, and Z3. His invention was critical in the world of computers. Possibly without his contribution he would have never built a programmable computer, delaying the current technological society we live in. The reason he even came to invent the computer was because he was working for Hitlers Nazi regime in Germany. He was experiencing with calculators, punch-tape computers, etc. and ended up making the Z series. In history, I have changed the fact that he ever worked for the Nazi regime at all. Before he was called up to service the party, he was working in aviation. Surely Konrad would have invented things that were beneficial to the progression of aviation in society. Because he was never called up to service, the programmable computers birth was delayed, also making personal computing in the later 20th century, a very controversial topic. In reality, by the 1960s people were already doing amazing things with the peripheral machines, and computers were also being used greatly for military. But this was because the idea of programming your own computer was commonplace. Without Konrad Zuse, the military were dominant and restricted certain civilian use of computers. We still see the companies like MITS, Apple, and Microsoft try to push the personal computer experience. When I mention the "computational revolution" I am talking about the fight between the military and commercial use of computers.

The History of Computers
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La Casa Perfecta Del Señor Sanchez

Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 1.34.30 PM
            El Señor Sanzhez es un fantastico hombre y merece una casa fantastica. ¡Es por eso que hacemos su casa perfecto! La casa es en Emerald Bay, California. Está es grandiosa porque tiene mucho intereses y quiere una familia. Está muy moderna, práctica y simple y tiene colores vibrantes. Está cerca de la playa y las montañas, porque le gusta los lugares. Está lejos de la ciudad, porque no le gusta. También, la casa es en un lago porque le gusta pescar y nadar.
Aquí es una foto de Tahoe Lake en Emerald Bay, donde la casa está.
¡Y aquí es una foto de la casa final!
Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 7.57.33 AM
¡Hay TODO en la casa!
  • Un gimnasio enorme y limpio con ropas, pesas, campos, una pista y una piscina para nadar porque le gusta practicar deportes y ejercer.
  • Un sótano comfortable, simple y mediana tiene muchas sillas, un tele y cosas de Lakers porque le encanta los Lakers.
  • Una biblioteca grande y viejo con muchos libros, un escritorio y una lámpara porque le gusta leer y escribir. También, necesita un lugar estudiar porque le quiere trabajar en una universidad.
  • Tres cuartos enormes con colores vibrantes y con una cama, un armario, una guardarropa y un espejo. Hay tres cuartos porque quiere una familia pequeño.
  • Una cocina grandisima, de lujo y moderno con todo: una nevera, estufo, lavamanos, lavaplatos, una mesa y sillas porque le encanta comer y cocinar.
  • Tres baños limpios y medianas tiene duchas, la
E1 U9 Proyecto_ Gabriel y Leah(2)

Jessica Hinton - Q4BM What If?

My point of divergence, was focused on the 2000 Presidential Election. If there was a different ballot system for the election (specifically in Florida), there would be no confusion amongst voters, and there would be no mistake when the votes were being counted. With there being no mistake, there would be no reason for a recount of votes. Thus, the outcome for this election would be that Al Gore would be declared the winner of the election. I envisioned our country with lower taxes, and less pollution. I kind of got these ideas, from things that Gore spoke about in different debates and interviews. These are only two of the things that he was passionate about, and I felt that it would be important to include these. I also believed that our country would begin to become more Democratic than Republican. 

I liked that for this project, we were basically changing history the way we wanted it. I 
thought that was pretty cool. The part of the project that was the most challenging, would probably be finding the three existing sources. I felt that I should focus more on Gore, being that he was the one that was going to win for my project. Since I had to look into what actually happened during the election, I was reading a lot about the number of votes each candidate received, and the popular votes they received. I think what was interesting, was that many people afterwards believed that Gore should have actually won. It was interesting to see how these numbers all affected the outcome of the election. 

The actions of individuals for my topic, was that it changed a whole election. 
The election could have come out one way, but due to the mistakes made by certain individuals, messed up the outcome. I feel that one decision can impact history in many different ways. For this project, the Supreme Court's decision to do a statewide recount affected the possibility that Gore would become the president. However, whether the decision is good or bad, the impact it can have on history is major. 

To improve this project, I think that maybe there should be a little bit more 
time to get everything together. It's not that this was a benchmark that was extremely hard, it's just that it was a very tedious assignment. I also feel that there should be a project description given to us when we start the project. The benchmark contract served as somewhat of a guide, but when it came time to put the presentation together, I didn't know if there was something I was missing. If I had to do this project over, I think the thing that I would change about my process, would be the way I presented everything. I like the way I chose to present my information, but I couldn't decide how I wanted to present. I was going to use Prezi, but that was taking too long. I was also going to use a website named SlideRocket, which is kind of like Keynote/Powerpoint, but I realized that my sources wouldn't fit. So, I decided that pages would be the best way to present the information that I compiled. 
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