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Waverly O'Neal's Home Network

Waverly's Home Network
My ISP(Internet Service Provider) is Verizon. In my house I have a modem/router that connects to a desktop, 2 T.V.'s, and a printer. My wi-fi connects to 4 tablets, 3 phones, and 2 laptops. During this assignment I learned all the components of a home network, such as the modem/router, Ethernet Chord and Fibre Cable, and what it really takes to give the internet connection I take for granted everyday. I think everybody should know what their home network looks like and what is connected to what-that way if something happens you don't have waste time trying to figure it out and you can get right into fixing the problem.
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Art Blog

For my ceiling tile I wanted to start with something simple, but still meant a lot to me. I chose the crown chakra because it's the chakra that I find the most complex and interesting, and also what I connect with the most. Meditating has been something very important to me for awhile, and I'm happy that I'm able to have the connection to the universe and symbol for a larger scheme of life in SLA.

For my drawing, I actually made several smaller drawings. I am a dancer, and love the way that dancers can manipulate their bodies to do seemingly impossible movements. I drew inspiration from Misty Copeland, the first black principle dancer with the American Ballet Theater. Instead of drawing these dancers with hair, facial features, and clothing, I wanted to focus all attention on the body positioning. I didn't want anything to distract from the base of what dance is. 

I'm a huge lover of Alice and Wonderland, especially the Cheshire Cat. I definitely wanted to go to Wonderland as a child. (maybe I still do) I was very disappointed that my pumpkin was ruined before I could get a photo of it, because it was very fun and mystical with a candle inside. Unfortunately, the pumpkin was rotten, and was composted without my knowledge.

I tried to model my self portrait after a photo of myself from two years ago. I had a little bit of trouble with the shading, and making it look how I wanted it. I try not to get discouraged, I'm still learning, and I'm very proud of the self portrait I did create. 
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Logan Smith~Art~ Quarter 1

As an artist I created all my art based off of the things that I like, which range from music to my favorite cartoon characters. My art shows a piece of my personality, I am very child like but I also like the older of things life such as boomboxes and tapes.  I tried to incorporate myself in all of the art so that it would have a personally and passionate aspect to the art. Much of my artwork was inspired by things I would see and think of through my everyday life.

My art used two mediums paint and colored pencils to add more life and creativity to the art. I would like to expand my mediums even though these two mediums are my favorite. I love art I think it is beautiful what a person can create and what that can mean to them. Even when something is perfect it is your creation that can be something beautiful and that's what I learned in the first quarter.

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Q1 Art Portfolio - Gilliam

There is nothing harder than finding your voice in your art work. This quarter I started out by trying to control what the art did instead of letting it take me with it. By the end of the quarter I learned that controlling my artwork restricts it to a point where it doesn't have the chance to represent me any longer. I have learned so much through this quarter of ups and downs and letting the creative process take its toll on my work. 
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Who am I Online?

1. Today we watched a cartoon about bullying, googled ourselves, and altered images from the internet. The bullying cartoon was advertising an emoji that is used as a symbol for anti-bullying. 2. In the video you could click the emoji to make the situation better. This reminded me that anyone can stop bullying with something as simple as changing their attitude toward someone or about something. 3. I appear as a warm, fun, pleasant person online. 4. I think people would probably percieve me as a warm, fun, pleasant person. 5. An internet trolls goal is to anonymously disrupt discussions with negative comments and/or posts. 6. A positive to online anonymity is the fact that you can be anyone you want to be online. A negative is that if the user is anonymous it makes them harder to track if they aren't abiding by the rules of the internet.
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Quarter 1 Senior Art

This quarter I tried to challenge myself with what I drew, I wanted to work on expanding my skills. Everything I drew this quarter was something I struggled with and spent a lot of time working on. I also got in to using watercolors, since it was a medium that I also found very challenging, and really like the results that came from it. I am particularly proud of the ceiling tiles I made and enjoyed working on the charcoal piece since it is a medium I rarely use. I hope to improve my technique as the year goes on and continue to challenge myself artistically. 
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Quarter 1 Artwork

In the beginning of the quarter I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for my pieces or what I wanted my pieces to convey but as I worked through all of the assignments I learned more about myself as an artist. When actually sitting down to work on a piece I found it wasn’t that difficult to be inspired. I would just look around me and see something that inspired me or I would think about something happening my life and would be inspired. I found that I didn’t have to know what I wanted a piece to symbolize before I started working on it but that I would find what it symbolized by working on it.

I collaborated on the ceiling tile with Kiamesso DaSilva. Initially, we wanted to paint steps, which would be inscribed with words in Arabic which would translate to “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” leading up to a golden door. In the background there would be swirls and other similar decorations. We decided a ceiling tile would not be the best medium to create this and decided instead to do ceiling tile inspired by sari patterns. We decided on painting a big pearly white swirl that would take up to tiles and decorate the edges around the swirl with small dots and other shapes to create an intricate border for the swirl. We chose to use cool, light colors for our piece because we wanted it to seem wintery. My favorite season is winter and we wanted the piece to remind people of snow and ice and the winter in general.

For the choose your own drawing assignment I chose to draw my cat. I adopted my cat just two weeks before I started on the assignment so I was feeling very inspired by her and I was very excited to draw her. In my drawing I wanted to capture my cat’s calmness and serenity and inspire a sense of serenity and peace in others. I also wanted my piece to express my love and appreciation for her.

For my jack-o-lantern I decided to carve Hogwarts. When I was younger I loved the Harry Potter books. I thought it would be fun to carve a castle and decided I would do Hogwarts. It was a lot harder than I expected it to be but I enjoyed the process and I am pretty proud of the final result. I wanted to piece to remind people of their childhood and the books they read and loved. To carve the castle I printed out a simple drawing of Hogwarts and taped it onto my pumpkin. Then I used a pumpkin carving knife to cut along the edges until I had the shape I wanted. After that I drew in a few details with a sharpie.

Initially, I didn’t feel very inspired or excited to draw a self-portrait. I have drawn or painted self-portraits before in other art classes but I have always found it difficult. On the day I started the drawing I was pretty tired and that is why my eyes are not fully open in the portrait. My lack of inspiration and motivation to do a self-portrait is reflected in my drawing. I wanted the piece to show how tired I was after working on several projects and staying up late several nights in a row. I wanted the piece to show that sometimes life is easy and fun but there are also times when you have to work hard in spite of being tired. Looking back on the process I found that I enjoyed attempting to draw a self-portrait. It was challenging and that made it more exciting.
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Q1 Art Portfolio - Heaven Mendez

Artist's Statement
There’s something satisfying finally tackling a bigger challenge within your artwork. Maybe you had to do it once, maybe a thousand times until it finally matched your vision. And it's a lovely feeling knowing that all that work turned into something beautiful, even if it doesn’t always feel that way at first.
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Zack Hersh — Quarter 1 Art

My inspiration for art is very random — I can't really track what I'm inspired by and interested in capturing in a piece of art. The pieces I created this quarter in art class all have different stories. 

For the ceiling tile, I knew I wanted to capture something material or pop-culture related that is a large part of my life. After experimenting with several designs, such as different band names or album covers, the logo of Scrubs, my favorite TV show, felt right — it was simple, and captured me.

The drawing of choice began with a doodle — I didn't know right away what I would choose, and I just wanted to see what would come out. A maze unfolded across the paper, so my drawing of choice ended up being two pencil on paper mazes. I often find myself doodling others during other classes.

I found myself very intrigued by construction paper and collaging elements, and my remaining three pieces all explored that medium. For the pumpkin, I had a vision of a 3D pumpkin that I wanted to create, using my interest in sculpting and basic knowledge of geometry. The bats were not as easy to picture in 3D, so they became more traditional silhouettes, but when that didn't feel like enough, I added them to a dusk sky with a full moon over a skyline, not caring about perspective.

The last piece, the self portrait, is probably my favorite piece I did this quarter. It is a merging of all the projects and the elements I began to notice I was attracted to and inspired by: collating, simplicity in the solid colors and lack of detail, and identity capturing. I like how it both does and doesn't look like me and reflect me, and how there are so many more details I could've included. In this piece I see all the pieces that led up to it, and that is why it is my favorite. 
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Mines and Yours

“Hey that's mines!”

I looked over at my squabbling classmates. Without thinking I interrupted.

“Actually it would be ‘mine’ not ‘mines’.”

They stared at me. I flushed and returned to my book, regretting my outburst.

This kind of interaction has happened to me many times throughout my life. As I got older I started ignoring incorrect grammar as I discovered slang. I did not want to be labeled ‘grammar Nazi’ or be considered stuck up. It made me feel like how I spoke was too different and wrong.

When I was younger, I used larger and more complicated words than kids my age. I was shy, so I didn't talk to my peers. I did not have many friends at school because all my buddies lived farther away. This situation made me feel separated from my classmates. Instead, I would sit with the adults and listen to the things I didn’t understand, but gave me a feeling of importance. I felt that if I wanted to talk with the grownups, I would need a bigger vocabulary; I looked in dictionaries and watched documentaries to sound older and more knowledgeable. This detached me from my classmates even more; they did not like how I spoke and I did not like how they spoke. Looking Back, it was not very important for me to correct them, because that was their environment showing through. If I did not want them judging me for how I communicated, then I should not have judged them for it.

I have been told that my West Philly accent is not very strong, even though that is where I was raised. I do not use most Philadelphia slang as my parents never used it. My Mom grew up in Louisiana and my Dad is from New Jersey. They both have subtle accents, and their language style has impacted some of how I speak. I believe my way of speaking is a blend of my parents and the area I grew up in.

This does not mean that my dialect never changes. My location can affect how I speak to others. Like most students, I am more respectful in my speech at home. I do not curse, and I use proper sentences and grammar. At school I tend to be more loose tongued, louder and willing to use slang or inappropriate language with my peers. This also happens in other environments; when I visit my friends in South Philly, my words slur together subconsciously. I adapt to the dialect like Slyar from Heroes or Absorbing Replication. For this to happen I do not even have to leave my house. I have found that if I when I watch a show from a different region, I also pick up a bit of that dialect shown on the show. The first time I noticed it was when after watching seven or more Doctor Who episodes in a row, when I spoke to my sister, I used some of the jargon from the show. This confused me and my own way of speaking sounded strange after.

My dialect is not incorrect because it is not the typical way of speaking for where I live. It can show how I was raised and what influences me. Just because someone else's accent differs from mine, does not mean that one of us is superior to the other. My dialect is mine, and everyone else has their own. You can learn a lot from someone from how they communicate; they may fall into a stereotype or they could be completely different. If your going to judge, do it by who they are, not what they sound like.

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Caitlin's Q1 Art

The style of art that I like to do is very much inspired by my favorite things. This includes music, books, and people who's art I really admire. I just enjoy recreating things that I see everyday in different artistic ways. Two of my favorite mediums to work with are painting and oil pastels.
My ceiling tile is a painting of an album cover by one of my favorite bands, My Chemical Romance. My choice painting/drawings are a painting of another one of my favorite band's logo and a drawing of my favorite musician/author/artist. My jackolantern design is an oil pastel drawing of a character from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Lastly, there is a simple self portrait. 
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Q1 Haisha's Collection of Art

As an artist, I work hard to create drawings and paintings the speak to me about beauty that exists. Every artist has an inspiration mine is just straight out beauty. The word beauty these days is used so easily used, leaving no real meaning. Yet my art is to define the true meaning that lies right beneath our eyes. I try with every finished piece of art to create beauty that all are starting to neglect. I merely do not just want to capture an image but to define it. Each painting has something of mine in it not only that I made it yet that their is something in their that can help define me as a person. 
When I work with a pencil I know that this pencil can create so much. I begin with a image in my mind and soon look at real life examples. I know a piece is done when I know that there is something that hints something about me and true beauty. When my work is going well I am filled with a sense of feeling good and knowing that my work has paid off. When I want people to see my work I want them to see a good job and attract allure.  Hopefully all can see some good in my work, as I do. For trying is also a main key. 

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Quarter 1 - Artist Statement - Brittany Cooper

I must say when I signed up for senior art, I had every intention that this class would be BEYOND boring. I seriously had a change of heart. From the time Mrs. Hull gave the a timed schedule to working on each piece I knew this was going to be a good year. Every class period songs are played to inspires the mood of the room. Having art allowed me to share and express my talents not only through paints but musically as well. 

Having to mix colors for my ceiling tile would be my biggest challenge. The first piece, The Code Name: Kids Next Door. I used vibrant colors to highlight and make each character stand out. The Charcoal Still Life was a difficult piece because I had to create a line a focus to incorporate all of the piano keys. Glittering the pumpkin was pretty easy. I used a light colored paint to insure that you see the pink glitter but also draw attention to the under tone. The self portrait, was a bit of a challenge. I say this because I have such around face and high check bones, that it was hard for me to get every detail. Making it evenly proportioned was also a tricky part, but I managed to get it done. 

My favorite piece of art would be my personal painting, which I did on a ceiling tile. It was a good idea not to prime the ceiling tile because it gave it a natural look. To get the texture of her hair, I dampened a dishwashing sponge. Dipping the sponge in paint, in a circular motion, I created the highlighted curls in her hair.  I must say when I signed up for senior art, I had every intention that this class would be BEYOND boring. I seriously had a change of heart. From the time Mrs. Hull gave the a timed schedule to working on each piece I knew this was going to be a good year. Every class period songs are played to inspires the mood of the room. Having art allowed me to share and express my talents not only through paints but musically as well. 
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Marking Period 1 Art

For the first quarter in Senior Art, we had a couple pieces that we got to create. The most important thing to remember while doing these pieces was that we had to make it our own, put our own spin on it. There was a lot of space for making our own decisions on what we wanted to do. Everything that I made was something that I thought was. I created things that I cared about. I have never really had to do anything like this before, so I think that all of this art that I created was me just having fun.

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Senior Art, Quarter One Portfolio

In this class we had a lost of works of art that we had to create, but the subjects of these works were largely up to us. These pieces exhibit a variety of mediums and artistic styles. Creating this portfolio allowed me to step out of my artistic comfort zone. I did some work with pencil like I'm used to, but also worked with paint, charcoal and pastel. i also created things that i was used to creating, but not used to calling art, like my costume and jack-o-lantern.

Any opportunity I had, I included animals in my art work. When I draw independently, I usually draw animals. I feel focussing on drawn people limits myself to just one species. Their's something mysterious and unknown about animals that makes me want to capture them in art. I think my animal art reveals something about animals, more than just what they look like, but other aspects about them. I am proud of my pencil self portrait though, but that's because I have a lot of experience with pencil, and I've drawn myself kore than I've drawn any other person, so it is easier. 
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#6 Reflection

A few days ago we watched a video called I am a witness.  The video was about Jack a little boy who was getting bullied. You had the option of stopping it by pressing the eye. If you did press the eye then the bullies would be nice to him.   He went thought out his day until he went home and they told him was was not worth anything on line.  It made me think not just of bullying in person more cyber bullying.  Since you can press the eye for cyber bullying that was to represent that you can stop it.  It just not being stopped.  The video makes you want help.  If you don't see it then you forget what you hear. Subconsciously ignore what bad. That why trolls get away with it most of the time. Since untill it happens people ignore it. Since they don't want to see it.   

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Online Identity Larrabee

​1) We watched an interactive video about bullying where you could choose whether the kid was bullied or not. At the end, the kid was harassed online as well as at school.
2) The kid has no escape from the bullying he receives at school as he's still bullied online.
3) I never really associate with people I don't know online and I don't do any social media. I try to talk with random strangers as little as possible. When I do, I try to be polite and respectful.
4) Other people hopefully see me as just another random guy on the internet. I prefer to keep a low profile.
5) Internet trolls just want to piss people off.
6) The positive is that you can choose to remain unknown if you wish which is nice. The downside is that people feel they can say whatever they want because no one knows it's them.
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Online Identity Zimmerman

​1. Today in class we watched a video the supported an anti bullying campaign. The video was a cartoon that depicted the life of a child, who gets bullied everyday at school, online, and outside of school.

2. It makes you think about how cruel bullying is and how easy it is to bully.

3. I only have one picture of myself online, and it's a picture for a resume I submitted for a summer camp I worked at.

4. I do not think people have much information to judge me on because it's only one picture.

5. The goal of internet trolls is to make someone feel bad. The troll then feels better because they have ruined the day for the person they've trolled.

6. The positive results of anonymity on the internet is that people have some privacy and secrecy among these large websites. The major negative result is people can troll people online and they will not be caught so they’re in the clear.    
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Accooe, Who am I online

1. In class we watched a video on the abusive effects on bullying.
2. Video exposes you to harmful way bullying anyone and everyone. 
3. Online I have multiple youtube comments, School Blogs and Swimming stats.
4. People may think I am a very active person if they just see the many websites that pop-up.
5. Internet trolls feed off of the negative energy of others, they will constantly find ways to aggravate the victim.
6. Anonymity is kind of like a shield that guards your personal identity but people can abuse that power like an internet troll.
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Who am I ONLINE Reflection- Rivera, Lily

1. In class, we watched a video on about a little boy who was being bullied by people at his school. 
2.I think this video really shows how bad bullying can be for some people and how it can also affect people. The whole 'clicking the eye' thing shows how you can help someone who is bullied and how you can change it by just being nice to them. 
3. On online, I appear not as myself, but as a lot of other people. A lot of famous actresses come up with either the same last name or the same first name. I appear to either be a famous actress or a random person on Facebook. 
4. They probably think that I am an actress or something of the sort.
5. The goals of internet trolls is to get a reaction our of someone or a group of people for their entertainment. 
6. Positive results of online anonymity are a small/temporary feel of reassurance that no one will know who you are when you say horrible things on the internet to other people or post private things about yourself. Negative results of online anonymity are when you find out that someone is smart enough to look up your IP address and figure out who you are, and when someone actually finds your posts and find out it's you who is saying/doing bad things. 
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Who Am I Online

Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 1.51.18 PM
In class, i thought the video that we watched was very eye opening it made me aware of the struggles kids go through noadays with all the bullying and things as such. The activity about the emoji made me understand that in any bullying case, there is always something I can do about it. The video brings to mind back in middle school when I used to get made fun of and it just brings back old memories.

Online, I hope that I am seen as a very classy person. I never post anything inappropriate because I know it can come back to bite me. I think people perceive me like I would like to be perceived because I don't out anything online that I would not want people to see.  The goal of internet trolls is to put people down and bring down there self esteem by ridiculing them based on there appearance online, which is none of there business. Positive result of online anonymity is that no one will get physically hurt but negative effects would be that people's feeling are getting.
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