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Network Diagram Brendan Hall

Network diagram (3)
Most of our technology was connected to our router. This technology includes our laptops, phones, and Playstation which are connected to our router. Our PC and printer which are not wireless PC and printer are connected to my ethernet. I learned how t the electronics I use connect online from the ethernet and from the router. earned that most of my technology is connected to the router. I would tell people that they need to know how wireless and wire connected devices that connect to the internet work so that you would know how to fix it if something got disconnected. 
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Theater ILP Post #2

This month my for my Ilp we are going to go see a play called disgraced. Before we get there, my Ilp instructor had us read a scene from the play which was very interesting . It makes me excited to actually see the play. We also have been  focusing on the skill of making our own bodies into props. We are getting the feel for  the space on stage . ILp has been very interesting and fun.  I am looking foward to see our skills that we learn in full effect.
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Proyecto E1U1 Sarah, Andrew, Sharron, Brendan

In Spanish we learned about the weather. In our video, we will show you different types of weather and the Spanish word to describe them. This situation is represented with our weatherman Andrew on the Weather Channel.
We also learned about what to say in a restaurant setting. This video shows a typical situation and the phrases used in it while ordering food in Spanish. Sarah is our waitress, and Sharron and Andrew are her customers.
Earlier this year, we learned about the seemingly small, but very drastic difference between Tú and Usted. In this video, we will display the correct situations to use each word. We use tú when greeting our teacher, Brendan, and usted when we greet our friends, Sarah and Andrew.
tA vs usted
In Spanish, we learned how to ask/respond to a person for what day they were born on. In this video you will get an example of what we learned and how to apply it to your life. Sharron is inviting her friends Brendan and Sarah to her birthday party.


For my ILP thus far, I have spent the time at the organization I work for (ARC) and just really taking the time to organize paperwork out. Things can get confusing with so many parents in this program and information can get mixed around. It is my job for a while to make sure that everything is organized and put in the proper places. I also have been shredding paperwork that is not needed anymore so that no ones information is laying around anywhere and not needed. Overall, I enjoy what I am doing this far with helping out the organization and looking forward for more opportunities I will have for being the extra hand. 
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In my ILP I am volunteering at my old school.  At my old school there is this program called Playworks that gets kid outside of class for 45 minutes to get involved in some kind of physical activity.  Quran and I are assistant coaches and we help the head coach with whatever she needs.  We usually work with the younger kids but we work with the upper grades too.  I like it so far and hope to enjoy it for the rest of my experience.
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Ms. Ali emailed me the options for ILP and I emailed her back saying that I was not interested in the options. I had another option open for me that is more convenient for me. One of my friends, Lydia, said she could help me find an ILP where she was interning at which is a radio station in West Philly. She mentioned how the option was open if none of my other ideas worked out. I talked to her and she gave me the host's email, Ms. Renee. I emailed her asking if I could intern there as well and she emailed me back confirming that I could. I was supposed to start last week but Ms. Renee canceled. I will be starting MY ILP this week Wednesday. I am looking forward to meeting Ms. Renee.  
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ILP Progess!

After some searching and e-mailing I've found the perfect ILP for me! I searched the list and came across Philly Aids Thrift. I got in contact with the volunteer coordinator and I we worked out something. On Saturday, we chatted on the phone and I can start this Wednesday! I am really excited about this because I love working with other people. Also, the message behind the store and how they help people is incredible.

This ILP will really help me get a job in the future. I will have a lot of retail experience and working with others. I'm really happy about this ILP because the store is so interesting. On the second floor, the store has an AIDS/HIV testing facility in a non threatening enviroment. I think this a great place and I am super excited to start, THIS WEEK! 
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My ILP started 2 weeks ago. It is at this non-profit called YOACAP. It is for finding opportunities for teens and young adults. They help find things like jobs, shelter, etc. They also do STD testing at schools. They spread the word of what they do on multiple social media pages. They have weekly meeting with kids and mini classes to help teens and young adults. 
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ILP November Update

Over the past few weeks I have sent emails, helped to plan a college information session and am still working on a directory. Through the emails lists I’ve informed the All City Orchestra and Band about various opportunities such as free concerts and workshops. One of these opportunities was a College Workshop. I helped bring the food to the Kimmel Center and set everything up. I also worked on a directory of the musicians in the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM). Project 440 and I will send out emails to ask these professional musicians if they were involved with the All City Philadelphia and whether or not they’d like to share their experience or donate money.
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For my ILP, I've been working on sorting out the boxes. I will be doing this until the competition starts, since there are 72 boxes. Sorting these boxes out requires a lot of focus. It was hard at first figuring out if the pieces of the legos are right, but since I've went through a lot of boxes already, it's become easier.

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ILP Checkin - Month 2

My ILP hasn't happened since I last checked in. Last week most schools besides SLA had a half-day, and since I'm working in a classroom at one of those schools, I had nowhere to go. I hope that what I've been doing continues happening. So far I've enjoyed what I've been doing. I hope that what's been going on so far with this so here we go.
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ILP Month 2

Since the last post on slate about my ILP, I've learned a lot. Even though I haven't had my ILP because of no school and cancellations. I learned the parts of the hardware of the computer. I learned how to re-image a computer, and also how to update something on several computers at once. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn about the different aspects of fixing computers. I'm also looking forward to when I can fix student's computers.
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Nat ILP November Update

Recently I have moved away from the idea of a recording studio, every place I have emailed has rejected me or not replied. So I then decided to work for my dad, but my dad could not provide me with enough work every week. Although my mom is willing to have me as an intern at her office, People Metrics. Here I would take photos and draw pictures for the online blog. I like the idea of the freedom that follows this both creatively and physically. I am allowed to roam around the city and take photos, I would then return to the office and show the photos to the blog manager George. The other ILP offer that came up is from Ms. Giorgio, I would work for AIA, which is some sort of Architecture foundation or firm. There seems to be ideas about redesigning their logo, which interests me as well.
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ILP entry 2

​My ILP starts this week. On Thursday it will start at 4:30 and ends at 5:30. I will learning who else is in my group and who will be teaching me. After this meeting I will start going to my ILP every Wednesday. I look forward to finally getting to start my ILP and hope it will be very fun.
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ILP - November update

The photography classes have been going fine so far. During the classes, I do activities, like guessing what type of picture we're looking at, trying to figure out how the scope affects the light, and walking outside and changing our ISO settings. I like taking pictures whenever the moment comes. Two days ago, I took pictures with a famous photographer. He takes pictures of people around the world and he complemented my photography skills. I hope to tell my class about what I learned and share my experience. 
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Kopf ILP Update 11/2

So far I have been to two sessions of my ILP and it's really cool. We haven't been doing what I expected, but I'm still learning a lot and really enjotyng myself and my work there. The first session I went, I got lost trying to get there and was 20 minutes late and fairly embarrassed. Then once we got started I felt fairly out my depth, everyone else seemed to know what they were doing and how to operate the power tools a lot better than I did. Yet, after a while I got into a groove and helped hang up a swing and drill holes for the next swing. We were trying to build a playground for this neighborhood in West Philadelphia and I feel like a made a good contribution to building the playground and to the neighborhood.

The next session was far less interesting, but I still had some fun and don't expect the whole year will be like this. The most recent session I went to, all we were doing was packing up and closing down the Department of Making + Doing, obviously this was not nearly as fun as building a playground. We had to pack up all the tools that we got to keep and label all of the boxes that we put them into. It was really cool to see all of the things that students had made at this place, and I wish I could have been here before they had to close the place down. Next week we are starting to move out and bring tools to the SLA campuses. I think that after we finish moving everything out we will move on to cooler and more intellectually challenging things. I'm excited for what is to come.
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Kopf ILP Update 10/23

Today is the first official day of me having an ILP. My internship is at the Public Workshop and Department of Making+Doing. I have been working really hard to set up an internship either there or at the exhibit design department of the Franklin. Yet, I couldn't get connected to the right people until recently, so now I finally have it set up. I wish that getting my internship set up was an easier process, but I do believe that I have learned from the complications that arose during this process.

Although I haven't actually been to my internship yet, I  have heard many good and interesting things about the program and I am very excited to begin working next Wednesday. I think that this internship will really help educate me on many topics that I am interested in and assist me in pursuing my possible career goals. Even if I don't choose to continue on this road I think that this internship will teach me many things that will be useful anywhere, later in life. 

The only issue that I have currently is of my conflicting schedule. I have been doing a program with the Franklin Institute for a year now and have really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, both the internship and the Franklin program are on Wednesdays, and I have learned that the internship I chose starts later and can go later occasionally. Even though I am not required to stay for the whole time at the Public Workshop, I am still concerned about missing or being late to the Franklin program. Hopefully, this will never happen, but it is something I have been thinking about.

I hope everything works out overall and am really looking forward to starting a new experience at the Public Workshop.
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​For my ILP I volunteer in a pre-ballet and pre-jazz class at my dance school. The teacher in the class name is Ms.Kim, what I do is help her out with the class basicaly. Doing demonstrations, playing music and teaching little dances. For the most part it's fun because I love teaching kids, even though they're a little crazy it's still fun. They always listen and they love when I teach them jazz dances because they are fun to do and learn. Hopefully by the end of this they will have learned a lot from me because that is my goal for the end of this. But the kids are great, Ms.Kim is great, and I love what I am doing.
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ILP-Kingsessing Library

Last Wednesday was so ch​aotic! It was fun though. When I first got to the library, there was barely any one there. Then by the time 3:00 came, there were so many kids from both Mastery charter and Mitchell. It was like all hell broke loose! There were books and papers everywhere. I had to constantly tell them to focus! They were having so much fun. I was getting pulled in different directions, because each of them wanted my attention. I feel happy that they look up to me but at the same time, I want to be their example. After their homework, we played games and drew pictures. We played Mad Libs. I was so fun. We made no sense. None of the stories we made up agreed in noun, verb, or adjective. It was 4:00 before I knew it! I had to leave, I was sad but I'm going to see them tommorow. I love my ILP!
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After two weeks of contacting and trying to find an ILP, I finally met with Jeremy and asked him if there's anything I can do since Drexel and Penn didn't get back at me. He said that I would be doing Law Class in school every Wednesday at 1:30. I hope I get to learn more about lawyers and how a courtroom works. The roles in a courtroom and how lawyers get prepared about a case.
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October 19-23
For my ILP I wanted to do something interesting. I thought I'd do something with sports, at Drexel university. I  did not meet with Jeremy that week but I emailed the sports program at Drexel for the third time and also tried to call them. I did not hear back from them. Currently I am looking at other options for my ILP. I want to meet with Jeremy next Wednesday and see if there's anything else I can do.

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Home Network, Jack Sugrue

Tech Assignment 3 (1) (1)
My network has a lot of things hooked up wirelessly. Everyone in my family has a laptop and a cell phone, and my Chromebook makes us have 5 computers. We also have a 3DS and a Wii hooked up to the internet. We also have a printer, but it doesn't use the internet, so I didn't put it on here.
I learned a lot from just observation. I had never put a lot of thought into how my Internet entered the house or how often it's being used in my house, but through this I feel more aware of my internet and how it works. If you haven't ever looked at your internet, go to your router and take a look! It's really interesting and it's not something you really think about.
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