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The Science Leadership Academy is a partnership high school between the School District of Philadelphia and The Franklin Institute. SLA is an inquiry-driven, project-based high school focused on 21st century learning that opened its doors on September 7, 2006.

SLA provides a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum with a focus on science, technology, mathematics and entrepreneurship. Students at SLA learn in a project-based environment where the core values of inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation and reflection are emphasized in all classes.

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Support SLAMedia -- Get a Magazine Subscription!

To all members of the SLA community:

SLAMedia -- the school's student journalism group -- is thrilled to present the first issue of their print magazine! 

The website version of SLAMedia has existed for a long time, but students this year decided to branch out into print media as well. This edition includes reporting and photography on both local and global events. Read the latest student editorial, and check out the photo spread profiling SLA's Muslim community. Don't miss the quiz on the inside back cover!

The entire process of putting the magazine together was a real joy, but to keep it going we need your support. A $20 donation will help sustain the printing into next year and beyond. As a thank you, we'll send you every issue we put out next year, either mailed directly to your home or delivered via your child who attends the school. We hope to put out three issues in the next school year... of course, more donations means more funding for publication! And the first 25 people who donate this year will get a copy of our inaugural issue as well, being distributed around school this wee.

Use the Paypal link below to donate today, and we'll be in touch about which delivery method would be best. Make sure to include your email address when you donate!

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Finney and Co. Shut Out King; Advance to Sweet Sixteen, Face Central on Mon, 5/23

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 4.09.18 PM
​For the past seven seasons the Rockets have been fighting to reach the level where real Baseball takes place every day. After finally earning a win in their 9th attempt (2010), the program has never looked back. Having only lost four regular season games in the past four seasons, SLA's overall record has surged to 66-19, and a 25-game regular season winning streak has secured consecutive undefeated seasons and back-to-back DivisionTitles.

The climb out of the cellars of D and C has been hard fought, and so their seat at the A-Table next season is well-deserved. SLA's magical run to the 2015 Final Four has been backed up by another outstanding season, and a chip has resided squarely on their collective shoulder after politics got in the way of their push to become the first unranked team to ever win a City Title. Earning a Bye and hosting a 2nd Round Playoff game was a perfect way to start another run. But the entire house of royal blue dreams built off blood, sweat and tears nearly came crashing down upon them.  

In standard fashion The Rockets got off to a quick start against their rival King, a team SLA had bested 12-2 early in the season. Sophomore Tony Brown had a patient at-bat, and worked for a pitch he could smack into left field for a lead off single. He quickly stole 2nd and easily scored a heartbeat later after Leon Finney ripped a Triple into the Left Center gap. Finney scored three pitches later on a passed ball as King's starter Johnson tried to stay away from hard-hitting senior Kevin Courtney. 

Both sides expected the lead to grow exponentially each inning as it did back in March, but there it stood for the next five innings- Rockets 2, King 0. Serious chances to change that evaporated each inning as both sides bent, but neither broke.

While King discussed what could have been and reluctantly celebrated the end of a solid season, the Rockets reflected on how they had the skills, passion and collective mind to never step this close to the edge again. 

For the 2nd consecutive season SLA advances to the Sweet Sixteen and faces 4th-seeded, perennial contender Central High. If their 2015 run is any indicator, the Rockets are right where they want to be. 

2016 PIAA Public League Sweet Sixteen
B1 SLA Rockets vs A4 Central Lancers
Monday, 5/23 Central High School
15th & Somerville- 1st pitch, 315pm 


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Rockets Finish 2nd Straight Undefeated Reg Season; Earn 1st Rd Bye, Host Rd 2 Game on Fri, 5/20

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.47.03 AM
The past two weeks have been rough for the Rockets. Multiple rainouts, shuffled games and a shortage of officials led to seemingly interminable breaks in action before the final three regular season games could be played. The waiting was certainly frustrating, but when it came time to play the Rockets outscored their last three opponents 35-6. Freshman Kristian Ramos had his Varsity debut, going 5IP with 9Ks, no walks and gave up just 1 ER. SLA starters racked up another 32 Strike Outs to just 5 Walks, and while pitching has been dominant all season, the offense had it going on too. With each opponent suffering through at least one dreaded inning when every Rocket would bat, sometimes twice, before the defense could record 3 outs. 

Kensington dropped a late season game to Edison, which handed the B-Division title to the Rockets on a day they didn't even take the field. Even though they had won their 2nd straight Division title, which signified the team moving up to the top division of competition, the general energy on the team was, "so what's next!?" They knew they had won the B Division two entire weeks before it became official, but the hunger for something greater tempered the celebrations. The same held true when the final out of the regular season was caught by Senior Shaion Denny out in Left. The team gathered and lightly celebrated another undefeated regular season, but the true goal of a City Title was still five games away. 

More waiting would unfold as The Rockets wondered aloud who they would face in the 2nd round after a well-earned Bye in the first round. 2016 will mark the first time in team history they earned a Bye and will get to host the winner of MLK (B6) and Maritime (C6) from a lower Division. SLA knows a little bit about what it means to be underestimated, so they aren't taking anyone lightly once the tournament starts. 

And they'll channel that "we can beat anyone" energy on Friday in Mt. Airy just as they did against Germantown Friends a few weeks ago. Lots of games and Divisions are still on the line, but one thing is certain. Whomever wins on Wednesday, will have to deal with a Rocket team that outscored their opponents by 111 runs on the season and a starting rotation that posted an unheard of combined 0.58 ERA. A win on Friday will set the wheels in motion for another serious run at a City Title. 

NEXT UP: Either B6 MLK or C6 Maritime. Regardless, come out and support The Rocket on Friday, May 20th and you'll get to say you were there when the Title Run started. 

Home Playoff 1 (Rd 2)
Mt. Airy Playground
7001 Germantown Ave 
(btwn Sedgwick and Mt. Pleasant)
Game Time: TBD

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Art in the Open Performances, 5/13/16

SLA 11th graders have been ​creating site specific dance pieces for the Art in the Open Festival. We began with an intro workshop with the Leah Stein Dance Company where students learned the process for creating this type of site specific work. Then student groups chose sites. Each day we begin class with a short meeting in the classroom to go over the tasks and goals for the day. Then students are on-site where dancers visit them to consult and see their progress. The process is scary, challenging, quirky, and so much fun!

Performances will be on Friday, 5/13/16 between 1:00-3:00. Here is a schedule with sites and times. Schedules also will be available at the front door of SLA. This is a link to the photo gallery of the project. This is a link to a short documentary on the process from 2012.
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SLA Poetry Team Wins East Division!

By Otter Jung-Allen

​Congratulations to SLA's Slam League poetry team for winning the East Division this past Friday! After five weeks of competition, SLA has beaten teams such as Strawberry Mansion, Mastery Lenfest, and Cristo Rey. SLA has earned the right to skip semifinals and the first round of Championships! We are on our way to another citywide championship! Props to all of the poets who touched stage this season and have worked hard to create a safe space for all Philadelphia's youth writers.

Make sure to save the date for March 27, our final showcase before Slam League Championships. More details to come! 

And remember: you can't spell SLAY without S-L-A!
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